Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle March 19, 2016

Written by my blog reader……………….. (Unedited)

Before the contact:

…… I’ve known Dera and her siblings for many years but I never related with them. We could meet thrice in a week during service days at our district church but none ever approached the other. A Hi or Hello, Good day or How are you? would never proceed from our lips despite the countless messages on Love and Care. Even if we do not associate back then, a smile would have been good rather than the over seriousness we portray and seem not to have time to interact with one another or give a damn to wharrever the next person to us is.

Dera! Dera…………

Dera is elder sister to her other twin Esy; though they are identical twin but I often times couldn’t differentiate between Dera and her immediate twin sister. They always look non-identical to me. Show me Esy and I will tell you she is Dera, call Dera and I will tell you its Esy the same Dera you called.

They are both beautiful sisters, fair and blessed with good figure, nurtured in the way of the Lord, well fed to become challenging for a lightweight fighter to carry them both at once. Dera has a younger brother who is now a computer guru and her youngest baby of the house; Ifeoluwa, whom I once saw giving time to her assignment in church. I had to keep her company for a while. Ife was a very young girl probably just 3-4yrs into her teen. Looking at what she was reading…..Biology! I was puzzled. I had to ask her, “What class are you in and she replied SS2. Hummm! What did you just say? I asked to re confirm what I clearly heard. It was still same statement. I was amazed. I was like thinking within me…”How will this small girl [pardon me Ife oooo] be in SS2”. …”where she dey run go? cos I can remember well, I used to be in Jss2 when I was at her age.
I had to tell her…I thought you were in Jss2 oooo…. and she was like God forbid. Me I’m in SS1 ooo……….I had no choice than to accept. Such a brilliant lad tho.


The contact:
…….. I was surfing through the internet on that fateful day. I was actually on Facebook, and then I saw a side image request….”You have over 8 mutual friends with Dera’s twin Sister”. Click to Add her as Friend. I was like, this proud girl. If I decide to send a request to her, hope I won’t fall my hand, hope I won’t sell of my respect to someone who will drag it in the mud, will she even care to accept the friend request? Several thoughts sprung up. I summoned courage and clicked the “Send Request Button”……….within a space of an hour; I got notified that I’m now friends with Dera’s twin sister.

In less than a week, we’d gone lengths in talks and I got to know much more about her which was so different to what I had perceived her to be. But was so amazed how the flow went all along…….it was a very nice hook up but then I wanted more. I thought within me. So this people aren’t what have always thought they were. The pride, the snub, the disrespectful attitude……. It was all a mirage. They were not such until I began to rapour with Dera’s Sister. After few days I had to navigate my way back on Facebook to search for Dera herself.
Lo and behold, after clicking a number of links and I landed on Dera’s profile; I had to send a friend request. Within minutes after sending my request, I was flabbergasted with the level of humility, respect and welcoming attitude she portrayed within minutes of accepting my request…….. As in I was just amazed. Different questions continued to emerge as we kept on interacting for days to weeks and months until………………..I just had to conclude that I’ve had great friends in my district church for years but I never knew instead, I had a different motive about them…….. as people who were full of themselves

Dera called me names……….

Yes. Dera adds value to lives of people around her. She is well gifted in diverse ways.

Wait a minute oooo. Do you know there are sometimes a true friend could say or do what could trigger you to cut off a relationship? But then, understanding and respect will always make a relationship grounded no matter the tides/storm. I remember a time Dera and I both had a misunderstanding just within the first month we got connected. She confirmed my initial thought about her before I got connected with her. I always believed she was disrespectful, full of pride and dare to give a damn to whomever one is. I mistakenly called an apple to be a pearl all along our chats…. Thinking Ive been talking with the right twin on a certain topic. I later got to realize that the pearl I wanted to rapour with wasn’t the one but instead I always mistook pearl for Apple and Apple for Pearl. In essence, I couldn’t differentiate Dera and her twin sister back then.
After realizing my ills and had to return back to Dera to inform her that I wanted to tell your twin sister all I told you and never intended to tell you but………….Dera began to call me all forms of names……… You are dubious!…..You are a liar!….You are dis you are dat……………… [Just can’t recollect the words and couldn’t fetch it back on past chats on Facebook. I would have love to share them all here]

Though, those statement sounded so strange to me as I read through and tried to reply her bad languages which had already made my awesome night turned sour within a couple of minutes. No one has ever called me such names ever in my life. Never! Only Dera had the guts. Lol……I never expected such from her. I felt sad…I mean, it was really really really bad. Thinking all through the night in pain on how could make her understand this delicate mistake I just did. Why didn’t I confirm who she was before I made my statement to her? How could I convince her that I never meant what she thought? How do I prove to her that I never meant to play games with either her or her sister? Why did this happen……. meditating within me….”So Ive been taking Dera as her the younger one and vice versa…My God!

Hmmmmmmm………………………………It is well………. and ALL became well.

Not my fault though. I couldn’t differentiate between both sisters until months after the regrettable incident. I just knew one was looking big while the other was looking stylish and young in her dressing. sha sha………….. Let’s forget about the incidence. God took control and the friendship was revived in less than a week and it just waxed on for the better and kept on improving daily.

And it became better and better and better……………………….

Days rolled on and weeks made up several months. We got to understand and relate better than ever before. Dera would always sacrifice her time to help out in my troubles, make me understand better on certain topics. She could throw a question at me to get my opinion but she was well able to get answers to it herself.

I remember lately, just few months back. I had to decide between going abroad to further my study or get my course right here in Naija and do my biz. So I remember a very close friend who was just an Hello away from me. So I dropped my message and later on she made time to thrash it out with me.
…………………………after the lengthy discussion, she said “since, that’s what you want okay lets just wait for the will of God to be done. It took several weeks tho; and as days passed by, and the moment came by. God’s will had already arrived. The best choice I actually wanted came around on the 1st of March without any struggles. It was just unbelievable.
She was really there for me. It was such a crucial moment that I actually found it difficult to share with her but because I know who Dera really is, I had to let out cos I know its going to be for the BEST.



If someone comes asking me today…. “Which of your friend will you want to travel around the world with?. I’d easily pick Dera.

Personally, I’d mention her cos of what I stand to always benefit from her. Every minute I spend with her discussing is never a waste even when its joke time, I still get something from it.

There’s so much to say about her……overtime, I

Dera always show true Love
Dera cares
Dera is just a mum….. [We were once married but now divorce…..she can explain better tho]
Dera understands things.
Dera is a true guardian and adviser.
Dera will help you bring your worries to wonders’
Dera is well gifted to help you pinpoint ways to come out from your pain.
Dera is value
Dera is priceless….worth’s more beyond money.
Dera is em em ………………………………………..

One thing I noticed about her lately is that, she doesn’t know how to use a gun. She’d rather point it to her direction rather than her pointing it to her victim.

One significant thing I can always look up in her is…..when you are through thick and thin and it seems life just seems to be at an end point for you or you seem to see yourself at the end of the tunnel without a door to lead you to light, or you seem to be at a point when you do not know what to do but you just have to make a choice. If you have Dera on your contact list, she should be the friend to seek …..

Dera WILL guide you
Dera will make you see your troubles as an old tale to what God already knows about
Dera will split your problems into a step by step procedure for you to overcome it….She will always say…”Let’s take it one step at a time”.
Dera will illustrates your problems with real life examples on how she or someone close to her overcame a similar cross road.

When you are down, Dera will…………………………………………………………………..

Please, who knows more about Dera?
How well do you know Dera?
How long have you known Dera and how as She affected you?
Please, can someone tell me more of Dera’s secrets
Khemzzy Nita, where are you? Please tell me more about Dera.

The Dera babe you’ve been reading about …………………….Meet OEIL

So if you meet Dera, make sure one of this doesn’t go by without doing:

If you meet Liz, take a shot with her……………. she loves to smile to the camera lens so so much
If you meet IgbagboOluwa, tell her to always remember you in her prayer……… She’s a warrior in prayer matters. She can even fast for you sef…[dunno oooo]
If you meet Elizabeth, tell her to guide you how to start living a life of a virtuous woman
If you meet Oyekunle………… tell her to send you a book from her Dads shelf……… or better still one of Dad’s published books…………………………………cos she grew up reading great books.
If you see Oyekunle Elizabeth Igbagboluwa “Liz”,…………………. ask her to share her best testimonies with you.

Here is my special message and gift to you on your new age…….

PS: Please forgive me if I’ve gotten access to some of your details that will be featured shortly. Please forgive me. I can explain……lol…..And please don’t delete them. Kindly leave all as they are. Thanks so much.

As you start a new phase, always remember the lessons you’ve always learnt all along while you wait prayerfully in worship as you sang in this audio and trust in the Lord. Remember when you couldn’t walk with both legs but now you can do what you used to do before just as you once rode a bicycle. When you are on dark paths to achieving success in your academics, remember how faithful He helped you fulfill your heart desire like this and this. As you strive on, don’t deviate from your chosen path cos your siblings are just behind you taking after you. Have in mind that you are bae to no one else for now except this great people here and here. In whatever situation that may betide your way in your new age and years to come, ALWAYS remember that you are 100% safe in the hollow of God’s hands.Let him continue to choose for you as you confidently sang here. He will never disappoint you because you have always been his true soldier. As you soar higher to attaining more success, don’t forget your great friends here, here and here whom have all been supporting your cause. Don’t forget to remember them in your prayers as they have been praying for you too. They need your prayer seriously but not as much as I do sha.

Your right hand is filled with long life and your left hand with Riches and Honour. In anything you do, do it to the glory of the Lord. There’s a glorious reward for you in HEAVEN.

I pray you rougher roads in your new age and unlimited testimonies as you drive on to more successes.

God Bless you! God Bless Your readers and God Bless me.

Happy Birthday to the story teller here at De-Raconteur.

Happy Birthday to Oyekunle Elizabeth Oyebola IgbagboOluwa Liz


Back to my question.
Please, who knows more about Dera our Lizzy
How well do you know Dera IgbagboOluwa the prayer warrior
How long have you known Dera, the same Elizabeth and what do you know her for.
Has this same Dera, the first daughter of the Oyekunles affected your life in any way

Please, can someone tell me more of more of Oyebola’s secrets

Esther…..IbukunOluwa, I know you’d be speechless but please tell us more about Liz. You know her fronts and back. You know when she drives fast and when she applies the brake.

Khemzzy Nita, where are you? Please tell me something I don’t know about Dera.

Thanks for reading through. May your day of Joy meet you well as well.

Happy Birthday once again to The Raconteur.Keep creating a picturesque of our lives in stories.

God Bless You.


This article was sent in from my blog reader.[Begged not to disclose the name]

Don’t know why he doesn’t want his name disclosed o… Hmmm!

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  1. Hmmmmmm…… Mhen! This left me speechless… The writer has really tried… He has told me more about her… May the Lord bless Dera for us…

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