Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 2, 2018


Gleanings: The Anthology


Oh yes! So, this is me welcoming you on board, again.


In the previous blog-post, I had told you that the blog is 2 today, right?


So, I want to appreciate you. Since the time the blog kicked off in January, 2016 till now, it has enjoyed your patronage, love, care and support and to this end we say a big thank you!


To this end, De-Raconteur has a FREE GIFT for YOU!

Another cover sample


You are going to get the gift today by just some clicks and gbam, it would be right in front of you.


Its an e-book titled ‘Gleanings’. I had wanted to release this book since 2016 but God said, ‘No!’ Its going to be January, 2017. May His Name be praised because this is the appointed time.

You will be greatly blessed


I have prayed that you will be blessed by reading this e-book and sincerely, you have to just be blessed.


Follow this link to download your FREE e-book-

May God find expression in you as you read through. Amen.


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  1. Thank you for “Gleanings” ma. May the good LORD continue to connect your heart to His Spirit of Wisdom that comes from above. Shalom!

  2. Oh wow! WOW…

    Wait until I read!

    However, thanks for the free gift, I appreciate. God bless and reward you in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Been blessed by your write ups. May the Lord Jesus greatly increase your ministry beyond this point. Keep up the work

  4. Sis pls I have been unable to download “Gleanings” I had tried to in February but I couldn’t same thing happened tonight is there a way you can help?
    …and thanks for all the stories, may you remain a relevant tool in God’s hands
    We eagerly await SMC 3. Thanks ma’am

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