Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle March 19, 2019
Candle in the Wind




It is my birthday!


Yes, De-Raconteur is a year older!


Yippee! Halleluyah to the Lord Most High!


To this end, I have decided by the Grace of God to release my wonderfully, inspiring e-novel ‘The Candle in the Wind’ for your reading pleasure and spiritual upliftment.


You might have followed the series on my blog some time past but this time, it’s bigger and better.



In the fierce wind of life, right in the middle of it, sits a woman- a vibrant woman turned ‘vegetables’


As the wind blows hot and cold, slapping and kicking her in the face, she sits still, silently wailing yet hoping.


Of course, what candle can survive the hot and harsh wind?


Who is this woman?


Why wouldn’t she leave the wind when it’s that crazy?


‘The Candle in the Wind’ is a story or hope, faith, love, spiritual growth and much more.



‘The Candle in the Wind’ is available exclusively on OkadaBooks for  ₦1,500 only. It is available for reading online on the OkadaBooks website, or via the OkadaBooks mobile app.


You can find the book on OkadaBooks here: The Candle in the Wind. That link takes you directly to the book on OkadaBooks.


Please rate and review the book on OkadaBooks.


If you are having any issues reading the book on OkadaBooks, please add your comment in the comments section below.

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