Here are the list of all my published stories.

Incase you miss any of my stories at any point in time, you can always refer back to this page. I’ll keep updating once a new story has been published.

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=> The Diary of a Porn Addict

=> Let’s Go Cooking

=> S-M-I-L-E – Simply Make Individuals (feel)  Loved Elegantly

=> Before You Say Yes

=> Blossy’s Egusi Saved Me.

=> Where is the Guy I Married?

=> The Devil’s Proposal

=> Take Heed, Lest You Fall!

=> The Quirk of Fate

=> My Love Race

=> I Should Have Said No!

=> The Dera I Know.

=> Matter of the Heart

=> Delayed!!!

=> You Are Fasting!

=> Costly Assumption

=> Watch It!

=> The Candle in the Wind

=> Crushed!

=> Mara!

=> Death in the Pot


Stories by Guest Writers

=> The Hook Ups

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