Good day, dear lovers of De-Raconteur!


I am very delighted to be here again after some weeks of being off the radar. I deeply apologize, dear fam.


I uploaded an ‘I’m back’ video on our Youtube channel yesterday but I do not know if you’ve got to see it yet. I explained myself better and shared some gists. See it right below. Please subscribe to our channel if you have not done so. Like, leave a comment and share also. God bless you.



I feel really sorry, especially to you who have been following THE BASTARD back-to-back. The last episode was too hooking, I know. I was never supposed to disappear like that. In case you have forgotten, the last episode gave us a picturesque of a gruesome accident that Blossom was involved in. Do you now remember? Gotcha!


We will continue with the story uninterrupted by His Grace tomorrow or next but in the meanwhile, I returned with a gift for you! Trust me, if I have gone for quite a while, I bring you goodies. And the goody I brought with me today is just too glorious!





This is definitely one of the best stories I have written so far! The revelation was too precise, all-encompassing and enthralling. How about the reception? It was wide!


Talitha Cumi! was written in episodes on this blog in 2017 and it was a great success! One of the stories that many of my subscribers chew in their mouths when they talk about De-Raconteur is Talitha Cumi! You just need to read this too and if you have, you need another session.


It is a story about a young girl, Talitha who lost everything she ever had and thought she had. Sad, depraved, crazy and dead, she needed something beyond the physical to give her life! Settle down and prayerfully allow the words of this book travel into your mind. You will never recover from the experiences garnered from this book; I promise!


I am giving you one of my most cherished stories for free now, so make sure you say ‘Thank you’ in the comments o. Haha. And do not forget to welcome me back online…hehe, yes, of course. And also, do you still remember THE BASTARD story? I hope you haven’t forgotten it. Let me know your answers to all these in the comments. God bless you!


Download your copy of TALITHA CUMI here and feel free to share.



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  1. Debbie

    You’re welcome back, our dear Mrs Yaks. More strength and grace. I know you have lots of goodies. May God help you to dish them out in their right proportions. Love you so much and yaaaay, thanks for the gift.

  2. Debby

    Welcome back sis.
    We’ve missed you a lot.
    I can’t wait to read the next episode of The Bastard.
    Thanks for the gift as well.

  3. Blessing

    You are welcome back Ma, it’s great to hear from you after such a long break. Thanks for this gift. I can’t wait to continue reading the Bastard episodes.. God bless and increase you in Jesus name.

  4. Mercy

    Welcome back ma. Thank you ma for the free book. I remember The Bastard story well. And I can’t wait to read the next episode ma. Please ma, we are waiting.

  5. Angel♡

    Welcome back ma. It is great to hear from.
    Anticipating for the Bastard
    Once again welcome ma

  6. Oluokun Victoria

    Welcome back ma, its so Nice to have you back, but ma I’m really looking forwardto read the next episode on the bastard

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