I see many young people wallowing in self pity and neglect.


They earnestly desire to pour out their hearts to someone they can trust but in their quest for this, many have been abused, rejected and dejected- I am one of those!


I grew up having low self-esteem because of the path I have walked in life. I would always want to confide in someone without finding anyone! Pain and tears characterised my life!


Parents! Parents! Hmmmm… I wish parents know how important their roles are in the lives of the children given to them by God!


I wish many young ones like who are going through what I have gone through can understand how loaded their destinies are. How great the Lord has deposited amazing potentials in them!


I wish everyone understands that we all have a role to play in maintaining a sale community of humans–everyone has a role to play!


This is my story- The Path I walked.


It is a story of hope, of love.


It is a story that tells people, that their story is rewritable no matter how deep they have gone in their crave for acceptance.


I started writing this book since last year and I had a mixture of emotions as I wrote. Should I release this or should I not?


But I made up my mind with the help of God to do this and save other generation coming. Plus it is my birthday today and what other day is better than today for something as beautiful as this?


You can’t afford to miss this read.


Mrs Lizzy Oyekunle Yakubu, the woman I so much admire her writing skill and fear of God wrote that it is a topic so many has avoided. Read her foreword below:


I received a message from Chinyere asking me to read through and write a
foreword for her story.

She had just registered for a writer’s course at our college
(De-Raconteur Writers’ College) so, even though I was very busy, I had to oblige.

This book was originally titled ‘Walk in Purpose’ but I am changing that to ‘The
Path I walked’ because it has successfully told us some palatable and non-palatable
things that Chinyere has gone through in life but the former title didn’t do justice to

The story speaks to children, their parents, counselors, teachers and friends alike.

The writer has delved into an issue that so many avoid. Going back to her
childhood days, she has successfully painted the story of her life in the very
screens of our eyes.

This is her first book and of course, it can only get better. This book extracted a
mixture of emotions from me as I read. It is very educative, challenging, inspiring,
revealing and very corrective.

This is a must-read for everyone who believes in a good life no matter how rough
their past had been. This will definitely change your perspectives of so many

Well done, Chinyere!



This book is worth your money and time.


Here are some excerpts from the novella below:





You can’t afford to miss this.


To have a copy of this book, send a thousand naira only (#1,000) to:

Okpara Princess Chinyere


Afterwards, send a proof of payment via WhatsApp to 08101072891 to have your own copy sent to you.



My name is Princess Chi Okpara and I look forward to hearing from you! ๐Ÿค—



Kindly wish me a happy birthday in the comment box below. And afterwards place your order for this beautiful novella of mine. God bless you all.



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My name is Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. Friends call me Lizziefreezie or De-Raconteur. By the special Grace of God, I am a child of the Almighty God. I represent the Name of Jesus and seek to get to Heaven. Not willingly to go to Heaven alone, I desire strongly to encourage others, inspiring them and urging them sweetly to look heaven-ward. This I do by God's Grace through inspiring Christian stories... Read 'About De-Raconteur' in the Menu above to know more about me. You are welcome!

  1. Mathias

    Happy Birthday Chi Princess. Age gracefully.
    I must find time to go through your book. And drop my comments. I already sense how nice it will be from the title.

  2. Mathias

    Ur writing skill is awesome. I went through word by word in not more than 3 hours I finished reading. Very interesting and encouraging to backsliders and depressed young men and women by reasons of their past lifestyle. I love ur boldness in ur written work details about u to teach the fallen necessary steps to curtail problems of life, spiritually and physically. Bravo Chi Princess

  3. Boluwatife

    Happy birthday dear Chichi (funny how I didn’t even know the full meaning of your name๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… – Chinyere) …. The good work God has started in and through you, he’ll surely complete it. Cheers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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