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Photo Credit :Internet 

By: Oyekunle Esther IbukunOluwa


I bent down and started packing the pieces of my Mary Kay powder that had fallen. I wonder when that time will come, when I will finish a powder pack successfully without it falling off and breaking into pieces.
But come to think of it, I have been thinking.. this is Jide’s 4th message today. Truth is, I’m tired of them.

Does he not understand?


Jide confessed his love to me in my first year.

He insisted that God wanted us to be friends and that he had a greater plan for both of us.

I laughed “scornfully” that day, and told him “no”. I wasn’t ready to talk about him to God.

After some months, we were in our 2nd year when Jide’s mum died. I was really unhappy about the whole thing and felt for him.

Then he called me aside one evening and said that I needed to be there for him at that point. He said he had a lot on his mind and he needed me by his side. I told him it was Okay. I didn’t want to hurt him. He had passed through a lot enough.

Losing one’s mother is a really big deal.

He started getting close to me, and I could not just wave him off.
But the bad came when a gist started spreading round my class that Jide and I were in a relationship!

For God’s sake!

Why would he do such a thing?
Tolu is the new guy I have started going out with. My Church’s marriage committee has even asked us to commence our courtship, so what sort of an hindrance is this?

“God please teach me what to do. I can’t even reply his messages…” I don’t want to hurt him again, But I still want an ongoing sweet relationship with my Tolu, but how do I tell Jide. My God, how?”

This is exactly what happens to many of us. It is not a cliche that it is good to express our minds.

These days, many of us feel burdened to express our minds to the other party all in the name of hurting them. And sincerely, this has brought down many homes.

One should be dilligent and wise when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart and also ask for God’s help especially if it involves rejection.
If you continually play with that brother’s (sister) heart even though you know nothing will eventually take place between you, then you are planning something big for yourself- In fact, something you will not be able to handle by yourself especially after you have given him (her) your wedding card and she (he) locks you up, claiming you have been deceiving him (her).
Be reasonable. Dont waste your time talking all day to a lady (guy) when you know your heart is somewhere else. Stick to where you belong.

Haba! Have you forgotten that we’re all humans?

Everyone enjoys being loved, you know.

Proverbs 2:6 and 9 states:

“For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding… Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path.”

Ask for God’s wisdom over anything, anything!

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  1. hmmmm,thanks ma for dis wonderful story,learnt something from dis…more grace ijn

      1. Going to bed with lessons from de-raconteur at night is just always amazing!.

  2. Telling someone NO IS very hard, when we are trying not to hurt them but we ourselves re hurting too. I made a bond decisions yesterday I broke up with him even though it was difficult but I believe it’s the best thing to do.

  3. Hmmmm Adewumi, Nice step.Twill be nice meeting you.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult for ladies to say “NO” oooo in delicate matters like this except their is a partial feeling/interest within her to make such a relationship work.Its better to let the hunter get hurt by speaking out to him that you aren’t interested cos he will SURELY get over it within a short time sef rather than harboring your “NO” shylishly in fear or sympathy which might have dangerous effect to the guy and you as well if delayed for so long.

    Now that you’ve broken the bond, you need NOT look back again cos the proposal might return and that’s when you need to stay firm on your “NO”.With prayer and trust in God, he will fill your heart with peace of mind to wait patiently for that guy cos he will come knocking soon. 🙂

    Maybe its me sef? Who knows 😉 😉 😉 Wish you a glorious journey on this path……….

  4. Lol very funny olorire, thanks for the encouragement. By God grace I’m not going back to the relationship oooo. Only God that knows the right person for his children. Thanks

  5. Nice write up dear! Its not always easy but u just have to be assertive sometimes, let the person go. Break ups are like wounds, they heal up, some may just leave scars. It is well.

  6. your stories are just too inspiring ma’am. God bless and keep you for us. But we earnestly await episode 7 of candle in the wind. You’re just an expensive gem of Elohim.*kisses and hugs* just for you!

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