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I cried that night to the extent that the tissue paper on the floor could almost make a rug!

I checked my phone and i had missed Matt’s call for 50 times. As i checked the message folder, i saw his message

“LizBae, I am missing you so dearly. Whats wrong with you? I hope u are safe o. I guess u are praying. Remember that after His love, its mine after. I really love u. I am teary now pls call as soon as you get my message”
My heart missed a beat.
This boy doesn’t know what i am going through right now. I craved for his sweet baritone voice.

My phone beeped again. I picked it and checked the message. It was from Mummy Balogun, one of my favorite confidants.

“Liz, do whatever He asks you to do. He can’t be wrong. You alone can be! ”

#Gbam! This was like fuelling the fire. Who told her about me? I haven’t told anyone yet about my struggles, not even Matt, so what’s this!

As i walked into the sitting room, my aged grandma asked me to sit. She looked into my eyes so deeply that i was weak down in my knees.

“Nobody is too ugly, poor, stupid, disabled to be your husband if God leads you. Dont struggle with Him o ” she said in her deep ijesha accent.

At this point, i fell to the floor and beat it hard. I cried out with a shriek while Mama only watched on with apathy.

“God its you talking shae! I know already. Stop talking. Do you want me to run mad. Its too much. I am not ready for marriage sef, let it stop”

I hit the floor hard with such finality that the blood in my hand ceased from flowing for a few seconds.

I was already sinning. I was frustrated to the extreme. I had always obeyed God’s will, but now, my pride wont allow me!

Carrying my Bible, i set off for Obatayo District where i attended. I made up my mind that i would pray so hard when i get there. Then i promised

“God, i am sorry for my untoward behavior. As i am in church now, its a busy day but the first person to enter this church, i will agree to marry. Either Matt or Davd”

I started praying. I perspired for hours, sincerely crying to God. After about 3hours, as i rounded off, glad no one came, i confidently said:

“For in Jesus’ Name have I prayed”

I heard, almost seven times confident than mine, a resounding ‘Amen’

… Matt…. Matt’s here. That’s his voice.

I turned back with great expectations and wide smile but no!

Why oh Lord! This guy again!

I charged at him with disgust

“What do you want from me? Are you kinda devilish? Please get thee behind me. Must you follow me about!”

I fell to the ground again with great disappointment. God really means this business o!

As i shook under the shock, a very confident, muscular hand reached my shoulder.

Oh how I love muscular men! But who is it?

I turned again to find Dave looking at me with pity. It was his hand.

“You are finding it difficult to do His will right?” he asked, almost childishly.

“yes i am. God isn’t being fair. U are too inferior to me. Me to you?? It can’t work”
I said with hate

“I agree with you. Even i cant stoop so low to marry someone like you.” he replied

“what!” i exclaimed with pride. I was angry to the extent i was shaking from head to toe.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. This lame guy talking to me anyhow, no way! It’s not God’s will, its hallucination.

I tried to stand up but i realised his hand was on my shoulder. I noticed he really had difficulty in bending.

Leaving aside my salvation for the moment, I threw his hand off my shoulders. He missed his step and down, he fell.

He let out a painful sound but i walked away as if nothing happened. He stretched his hands toward me to help him but I was hardened.

As i left the church, i turned back to look at him. He looked at me with a dropped jaw as a drop of tears streamed down his face.

My sanity returned a bit. I shuddered

God, what have i done! What is happening to me!

I quickly dialled Bro John’s number. He is a friend who lived close by.

He came in no time to rush him to the hospital.

As Dave hung down John’s shoulders in pain, he looked back at me with ‘You could do this!’ kind of look.

It wasn’t my fault right? I just got irritated by what he said. Plus… Its a hard thing to do shae!?

Whose fault is it really???


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