Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle February 3, 2016

“Wiiiiiieeeeeeennnn, wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, wieeeeeennnnnennnn” my baby’s cry geared on and on. “Jesus, please stop her. Please calm her down. What do I know is wrong with her now?” I kept muttering to myself as I sat up and held my three month old baby in my arm. She was crying profusely. Tears dotted her face like […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle February 2, 2016

The Hook Ups 6 Click Here For Episode 5 _________ THE HOOK UPs 6 . Lafia, Nasarawa State. . He left his house very early that Sunday morning, not in a bid to go to Church, but rather, to visit his soon-to-be-bride. . The highway was usually free to drive on at weekends, especially on […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle February 2, 2016

The Hook Ups 5 Click Here For Episode 4 _________ THE HOOK UPs 5 “Me? Sarah? 90 years? AK is…wait o, na him be sey I go turn father Abraham…hahahaha, who won born many nations for naija, hehehe…my faith no reach. AK go come meet me for here, badass. I dey wait” T. Ben said to himself. […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 29, 2016

“Darling, I am in the airport now. I will be home in couple of minutes” My husband’s voice ranged out of the phone. It was a bombshell! “Dear, do you mean you are already in Lagos?” “Ah ah!…darling, of course. The plane landed few minutes ago” “Oh! Welcome. I will be expecting you” my heart […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 28, 2016

The Hook Ups 4 Click Here For Episode 3 _________ THE HOOK UPs 4 T. Ben stared into space for some minutes. He thought of what to do next as no answer came from Akintunde’s end. His gaze shifted to the phone in his hand. He decided to dial AK’s line for the umpteenth time. ****** “Its […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 24, 2016

  “Liz, would you marry me?” Dave said as he dropped on his knees. I looked up from the bowl of ice cream I was eating. What date is it? It’s not April, most definitely, so it can’t be April fool! My smile vanished… What’s wrong with Dave? Marriage! Me? Dave and I have been […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 23, 2016

The Hook Ups 3 Click Here For Episode 2 _________ THE HOOK UPs 3 Her hands made way to her mouth as tears streamed down her face. Mimi sank into the nearest chair and wept in a bitter-silent manner. It was hard to accept she would have been one of the victims, that Ife and Farida […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 19, 2016

   2 It looks like heaven but it smells like hell… The journey to where we were being driven lasted for over four hours I presume. It was tiring and rigorous that my legs ached. Dinner of sandwich and tea was served for everyone in the bus by some weird looking waitresses that looked like […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 19, 2016

The Hook Ups 2 Click Here For Episode 1 _________ THE HOOK UPs 2 “Oh, c’mon Ife, that you had a bad dream shouldn’t stop you from going to Church, you know” Farida sounded concerned. “Yeah, I know but, …wait a minute, Mimi did you say I was sleep talking?” Ife asked “Yes, you were.” Mimi […]

Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle January 16, 2016

    1 THE PREMONITION Everything is so unusual today… The evening sky is unusually very black and red as if the sun is struggling to have itself covered in the black clouds. My twin sister and I had a row that attracted a surprised crowd of students in the dormitory over an issue that […]