My Love Race 1

    MY LOVE RACE – 1 I have been in love with Matt for years. While I was studying Mass Communication, he was the best student in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts of Bowen University, same institution as mine. Epitome of Excellence, beauty and Godliness… #gbam I felt tingling in my heart as he proposed to me last week over a meal at shoprite, RingRoad, Ibadan. It … Read More ›

The Quirk of Fate 3

THE QUIRK OF FATE Click Here For Episode 2 EPISODE 3 My heart was as hard as a stone! There was this thing about me since I was young that had kept me going since I was young- Great self-esteem. I was proud of myself and never could I cry because someone ridiculed or insulted me. throughout my university days when the whites in Germany and all over the European … Read More ›

The Quirk of Fate 2

QUIRK OF FATE Click Here For Episode 1 Episode 2 Edward stood arms akimbo at the window side, tears on his face. Sweat also laced his face in beads and he shook his head rhythmically. My Dad on the other hand was seated on a cushion, his head buried in his cupped hands. His legs danced to no song in particular. I was on the bare bed as I had … Read More ›

…Take heed, lest you fall!

Written by: Oyekunle Esther IbukunOluwa   I remember one Sister Rose who was a devotion leader in my hostel in my second year in the University. She was always the talk of the hostel. Her commitment and vibrancy when it came to the things of God was challenging. I was more than surprised on this day that I heard that our own Sister Rose was in a relationship with Bro. … Read More ›

The Devil’s Proposal 1

EPISODE 1 THE BENSON’S RESIDENCE The coffee machine beeped to a halt and I moved over to the cabinet top to switch it off. Zoe loved hot coffee whenever she came back from school no matter the hot weather and I always gave it to her- the apple of my eye! Humming Joshua Bamiloye’s ‘there are forces against my soul’ song, I went into the store, picked up 5 pieces … Read More ›

This thing called Valentine

By: Miriam Moyse Peculiar   It may please you to know that the name “Valentine” doesn’t mean love and the holiday itself isn’t a romantic one after all! Valentine means strong, powerful, loyal and healthy. It is nothing connected to love and the holiday isn’t about romance but its about death and belief. Both the Roman festival and the death of Valentine were beliefs. The roman lupacalia practice was a … Read More ›