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Mara! 3

EPISODE 3 I watched as her lips danced on… The short, curly strands of hair at the sides of her face looked beautiful as thin streams of sweat cascaded down her face. “These are incisions” she said, softly and I smiled “As if I knew” I said in my heart…

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Mara! 2

EPISODE 2 I thought I still had fish in this house o! As I bent down to rack my wooden cupboard for more pieces of dry fish to complete my Egusi soup, I felt a very sharp pain in my tummy. “Jesus!” I exclaimed suddenly as I quickly drew a…

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Mara! 1

  EPISODE 1 You are ten weeks pregnant! I fixed my eyes at the newly transferred gynecologist in our local clinic- Nasarawa General Hospital and my eyes dilated the more at the words that had just fallen off her mouth. “Pregnant?” I asked again and she smiled, her well-arranged set…

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Written by: Oyekunle Esther Ibukunoluwa It was unusually hot on this Wednesday afternoon that I was to see my HOD to finalize my project topic. I was already feeling frustrated at the fact that the man had rejected eight of my topics. So now, he’s asking me to bring another…

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