1 A hand grabbed one of my breasts It was masculine- big and strong! It wasn’t Joshua’s hand, so it definitely was…. Oh my God! Dad’s? It couldn’t be…not at all! We were having the morning devotion. We were just five in the sitting room- Dad, mum, Bobo, Sissy and…

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Written by Apapa Kehinde RärèGem “You have a call” Lois called out to me. “You have a call oh” she shouted again. “Who is it?” I asked as I came out of the balcony where I was washing plates. I picked the phone that was beeping from the table after…

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Mara! 1

  EPISODE 1 You are ten weeks pregnant! I fixed my eyes at the newly transferred gynecologist in our local clinic- Nasarawa General Hospital and my eyes dilated the more at the words that had just fallen off her mouth. “Pregnant?” I asked again and she smiled, her well-arranged set…

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