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WRITTEN BY: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle


I was running and sweating and panting!


I didn’t know exactly what was pursuing me but I knew that I was running really well!


“My Prince!”  I heard someone calling behind me but I couldn’t look back. I kept on running, looking sideways with great fear.


Suddenly, there was a great darkness over the earth and lightning too and at the sound of the thunder, I stopped in my track as if a force held me down.


My waist screeched at the suddenness of my stopping and I was shocked at the way I stopped too because if a car had stopped like that on high speed, it wouldn’t but somersault.


Suddenly, I watched as the darkness like a blanket was pulled off the bed of the sky and I was awed.


There was brightness again and I could see. I was drained in sweat and was very hot!


Something made me to look down at my feet and I screamed in fear.


I was at the tip of a cliff!


“Any movement will have you rolling down in the deep!” I heard my mum scream and I turned to look at her.


I was panting so heavily as I dripped very thick sweat. My mum had very huge fear on her face and just behind her was dad- he looked quite indifferent as his arms were akimbo.


“Somebody help!” I heard the scream echoing again the walls of the deep and I turned to look into the deep, the small curvy rock holding my large legs


“Think about me My Prince. Please think about me” My mum cried out loudly and I looked back at her the more, pity enveloping me.


“Somebody help!” I heard again. It was undeniable that someone was trapped in the deep


Mum was right behind me and I felt as her hands landed gently on my bare back.


“Help me!” I heard again


“Who are you?” I cried back into the deep and there was silence


I waited awhile and my mum pulled my arms gently, very careful that I might not slip


“Talitha!” I eventually heard, very quietly as if the person was already very weak.


I wanted to bend and dive into the deep but it was too late for me as I was already being pulled away gently by my mum


I felt such void in my heart as she pulled me away.


“You will not fall my son. Ah, my only son!” I heard her say as she pulled me gently off the cliff.


“Talitha” It kept ringing in my heart as I was being dragged away.




“Talitha!” I called as I felt a great pain in my heart.


I was sweating so profusely and needed to wipe the tears that had gathered so immensely on my forehead.


I reached for my right side and picked a handkerchief and wiped as I muttered ‘Talitha’ again.


“Mr. Bowen Adameji!”


I paused as I heard my name being called.


The voice sounded so familiar but I could see no one.


“Mr. Bowen Adameji!” He called again and that sounded like my boss’ voice but he couldn’t be.


He wouldn’t call me by my full name. He called me ‘Dove’


“Someone please wake him up! What nonsense!” I heard his angry voice and wondered what kind of bad dream it was that I was having as my boss never got angry.


I felt a hand tugging at my shoulder and shook my head


“I am not sleeping please” I said and then paused as I realized I couldn’t even see the person trying to wake me up.


I felt a strong kick at my leg just then and I jumped up suddenly, holding my leg in pain.


After being in pain for a while, I stood tall and looked around me.


I was in the middle of  a press conference and sincerely I had dozed off really bad!….oh my!


I looked around me and felt a surge of embarrassment flow through me.


Some of my colleagues laughed but I turned away, my face burning yet  my fingers were icy cold. I didn’t find it funny at all.


“It is not a funny matter Jelly and Sunny C! A senior colleague of yours was found dozing seriously in the middle of a programme that he was supposedly anchoring and you are laughing!” My Boss reprimanded them, looking very angry.


“We are sorry boss” They said sheepishly.


“Dove!” My boss called out to me and I couldn’t look at him out of shame!


“Sir!” I replied


“Do you need to visit a medical personnel?” He asked and I felt very really bad within me!


“No sir!”


“Who is Talitha?” He asked and I looked up at him suddenly




“Yes, that has been the theme of your confusion for the past weeks now.” He added when he saw my confusion


“You wanna round off programme, you mistakenly mention Talitha,  you wanna call Sade Akinremi, you mention Tali- Sade.” He complained on and I was dazed.


What was happening to me?


Why would I keep on saying the name of the girl that I had not even seen before Lord God?


“I am very sorry sir!” I said and my boss smiled a bit


“I understand how when ladies have pressed the jigijigi button in us we become like teletubbies but please try to separate work from love. Okay?” He asked and I nodded


“I am very sorry once again sir” I said and bowed


“Dove!” He called out again and I looked up at him


“You have been a 3 times award-winning OAP since you came here two years ago and truth be told, not everyone seated here is happy with the new development. The earlier you get that, the better. When I was young too, I was like you and only wisdom brought me thus far”


“Glory to God sir” I said and he smiled


“So, if it is Jesus you want to hold on to, please hold on to Him wella! If na juju, hold am wella. Okay?” He asked, packing his files


“Thank you sir. Jesus will see me through sir” I said and almost of all of them burst out laughing.


“I hereby adjourn the meeting” My boss said


“I second it” Laeto said and everyone except Princess left the room.


She walked over to my side, looking somehow sick


The proprietor of the media house was the father to Princess. So, invariably, the company was one of their many family businesses.


She had been on my matter since I was employed in the large media house two years ago. She had written letters, sent mails, sent my boss, in fact, her father had called to meet me before but I had made it clear that it was not possible.


I couldn’t just get married to Princess. Asides the fact that I was engaged, we were two parallel lines that could never meet but I didn’t know why she wouldn’t let me be.


“Who is Talitha?” She asked me, her voice laced with jealousy as if I owed her an apology


I picked my journals and file, smiled at her and moved to the door.


“Never mind, Princess” I said, turning back to look into her face and she frowned


“You are in love so much so that you wipe the minutes of meeting on your face as if it was handkerchief?” She asked angrily and I was actually shocked


“I did?” I asked again to be sure and she shook her head as she came closer to me


“Does she know you are so crazy about her like this?” She asked and I frowned as it got to me really well.


What reputation have I earned myself Lord?


What’s happening to me Lord?


A lot of thoughts ran through my mind but I decided to let it go.


We moved to the lift and Princess entered but as I wanted to enter, I stepped back again


“You aren’t going up there?” She asked and I shook my head


“I want to use the stairs” I said and she frowned a bit once more




“I need to talk to my Lord” I said and turned towards the staircase


“You are very weird!” She called back after me and I turned to give her a warm smile if that would suffice but the frown on her face was like thin fish rolls lumped up together.


She pressed the button on the wall and the door to the lift jammed!



“Lord, what’s up with this Talitha thing please?”


That was the first question I asked as I sank into the recliner in a corner of my office, holding a plastic cup in my hand


I sipped some coffee and then stared into space for a long while.


It was not the first time I would have dreams about Talitha being in extremely dangerous places and calling for help but having those dreams in strategic places like the office, during meetings, was weird!


At that thought, my body cringed!


“Lord, that was embarrassing!” I exclaimed as I squeezed the plastic cup in between my hands and blinked hard as I wondered what ensued while I was dozing really!


I felt really bad!


Have you prayed about it?


That was what came to mind and I sat up.


I hadn’t taken time to talk to God about the many issues I had met myself in.


I placed the cup on the table before me and went on my knees.


“Ah, Lord of my fathers!” I started as I sought the face of the only one who knew well what I do not even know a little.


Go home!


I heard that but I shook my head and concentrated on praying the more. I must have heard wrongly.


Go home!


I heard again and I was almost mad!


“Lord, calm every evil spirit speaking in me in the name of Jesus!” I commanded but the words rang on in my hearing.


I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling


“Lord, what is happening? What is happening dear Saviour?” I asked and instead of hearing anything, I felt that sudden peace in my heart and smiled


“Thank You Lord” I said and was about standing up when I heard it again.


Go home!


I was very confused as it was just about three weeks that I came back from Abuja and it wouldn’t make sense taking some days off again.


I walked to my table and picked my Bible to read so that I would be able to hide my confused heart under the shadow of the Almighty.


As I opened, my eyes became misty as it was not that clear until I saw it clearly


Go out from your land, your relatives, and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.


“Well Lord, what home are You are asking me to go then? My land is Abuja, my relatives are there. I don’t seem to understand” I said as I dug my fingers into my thick hair.


I flipped the Bible pages again and got to Proverbs and rushed past those chapters. I knew God might want to hold me by some of those verses so I stiffened up.


I just didn’t want to go home- I loved my job dearly!


Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.


“Yes Lord! I trust in You alone. Only You!” I argued


Go home!


Lord, my boss wouldn’t give me that chance to go home at all. He wouldn’t!”




“Asides that Lord, traveling by road to Abuja is so killing sir! The pains of driving thro and fro the last time lingers Lord!” I argued still


Go by air!


“Lord, you know the status of my purse for now. I took the building and car loans and the stipend I receive at the end of the month on sees to my upkeep. You know this Lord” I said again.


And there was calmness!


Scary calmness!



I held on to the embalming document that were handed over to me by the doctors as my mum and I walked down down the corridor to the lobby.


There was such a great engulfing silence between us.


Travelling from the United States was an impromptu thing that we had to do and we had to do it as fast as we could.


In fact, mum had to be supported till we got to Nigeria because she kept up on sniffing and burying her head in newspapers and bags because of her grief


I had to pretend to be strong for mum although with every imagination that all that was happening was actually true, tears ran down my face.


“Miss Mandy!” Someone called and we turned back.


It was a doctor!


“Good morning” He said, his face a bit grim


Mum adjusted her black Nike goggles and pulled the shawl round her neck well round her the more


“Morning” She replied


“How are you feeling today?” He asked again


“For real, I feel blue! I feel so blue!” She exclaimed and I noticed that her nose was going red already. I stepped in between her and the doctor and smiled at the doctor


“Any problem doc?” I asked


“Are you her daughter?” He asked and I nodded


“Then, you must be related to one of our staff members, Miss Tessie?” He asked and I smiled slightly


“She is my aunt” I said and he nodded


“Have you seen her since you came?” He asked and my mum came close again


“Is anything the matter?” She asked, her heart obviously thumping hard


“We just arrived the airport as we conveyed a body here for embalming so we haven’t seen her yet” I said and he looked shocked


“You just lost someone?” He asked and my mum started crying again.


I smiled at the doctor a bit, pulled my mum to one of the many chairs. Our nanny was in one of the chairs. We have called her to meet us in the hospital earlier and she didn’t fail us.


“Aunty Becky, watch over mum. I will be back” I said as I ran back to the doctor, pulled his hands and went to a corner.


“Is anything wrong with my aunt?” I asked and he smiled a bit.


I was becoming a little bit uncomfortable


“Let’s move to my office” He said and I followed him as we walked briskly to his office.



I couldn’t control the tears that strolled down my face as I looked at the phone the doctor had just handed over to me.


“This is my uncle! I know him well! It was his body we brought back home” I said after a while


“Accept my condolence” He said and rubbed his hands together.


“Thanks. This is my aunt’s phone. Why is it with you doc? Is something wrong with her?” I asked, shifting uncomfortably in my seat and he fumbled with his hands a bit before looking at me in the face.


“She had been sick for a while. Did you know about it?” He asked and I shook my head


Could this man just go straight to the point?


I was very agitated as it felt like my bombom was being soaked in very hot pepper on the chair where I sat.


Sometimes her mind remains clear and the next moment, the progression into coma is swift and there is a seizure. Those were the initial symptoms of detecting her brain tumour” He said and I sat up in the chair


“Brain tumour? Aunty Tessie has brain tumour? Oh Lord! Why is this happening oh Lord? Why?” I was going all emotional.


“I felt you were stronger that is why I am talking to you please try to comport yourself dear” He said and I nodded sheepishly


“When she got this image, the shock was too much for her. She just relapsed and despite our trials, erm, we lost her!” He said and I lost my whole senses for a while


I hunkered down for a while, my heart pounding so hard it hurt to breathe.


It felt as if I had just been punched in the gut.


“Lost as in dead or what?” I stammered as I asked and he nodded, looking so pained too  but I couldn’t believe it


“She saw me to the airport few weeks ago. She can’t be dead. We’ve never been close. She can’t die yet! She is not maried yet. She needs children of her own too! She can’t die doctor! She can’t!” I cried on and on


I paused for a while but as I felt the knife cut through my heart again, I fell on my knees and wept sore.


I wondered how my mum would take it – that she had not only lost her kid bro but her only sister too had gone!


How would I break this to her?


How would my grandparents even take the news? How Lord?


I felt the doctor’s hand on my shoulder and I tried to sit up again.


“She was a very unhappy person all her life but thank God for her last moments. She had a loved one with her and so, though it was a painful exit, she died protecting love” The doctor said and I froze for a while


“Aunty had a lover?” I asked and he shook his head


“Her name is Talitha” He said and that was when I remembered that I had a friend in Nigeria


Oh my!


The past few weeks had been very hectic for me. We had gone for court proceedings, been really stressed out before losing Uncle Jeff to a car accident on the highway. We had to start travelling back to Nigeria immediately and I really didn’t have much time to communicate with Talitha


“How is she taking the news?” I asked, sniffing wetly


“Badly!” He exclaimed


“Oh my!” I exclaimed as I rubbed the throbbing vein at the side of my head


“She was almost killing herself over the helpless state of Miss Tessie’s state of health until she saw this picture and then fainted. We had to rush her to the theatre as she bled severely” He said and my eyes tripled


“She saw the picture too? Who could have sent it to aunty in the first place? Who sent the bloody thing to her?” I started crying again.


“I wonder who did” He said too


“Where is Tally? Why was she bleeding?” I asked and he smiled


“Good! She is actually two months pregnant and…” he was saying but I couldn’t swallow that at all


“Pregnant? She is a virgin sir” I retorted and he frowned


“She is 8 weeks pregnant and the sad thing now is that she is in serious need of blood and a hysterectomy”


“Blood, no problem but isn’t hysterectomy the removal of the womb?” I asked to be sure and he nodded. I was alarmed


“Ah sir, why would you have her womb removed? That means no baby for her forever sir. Please you have to have a rethink sir. It can’t happen” I cried and he shook his head


“She is anemic and yet she has a hemorrhage which is a serious thing. It has to be done to save her life and about having babies later in life, adoption is there” He said and I jumped up and shook my head


“No sir. She can’t die. She has to keep that baby. That is the seed of my uncle if I am not mistaken. It has to stay…” I was saying when there was a knock at the door and a nurse came in.


“Attention needed at the ICU 3 sir” She said and he stood up quickly


“Follow me” He said and I jumped up quickly and followed him to God knows where…




As I watched the Al Jazeera news channel so I could garner enough points for an editorial I was working on, my mind kept on banging as if some carpentry works were going on in there.


I stood up and went to the water dispenser.


I picked a new disposable cup, took some cold water and walked back to my chair.


“If it is your will that I go home, without stress, make a way for me. Let my boss suggest it, let the company fund it, let me be at peace about it and I will go Lord! It’s Your Will I want to do dear Lord.” I said and sat down


My phone rang and it was my mum


“Maami toh sure” I hailed her and she laughed over the phone


“My Prince the boy!” She hailed in return


“How is daddy today?”


“My husband is very fine ooo. How is work too?”


“We thank the Lord mum. You remember me today because your baby prince has travelled back to his Ukraine right?” I asked and she laughed


“Is  my prince jealous?” She teased


“Ah, rara o, my hands are up o” I laughed too


“I really miss Joe jare. Even the church misses him. The choir unit has been singing that in my ears recently” She said and my heart jumped in a way


“Mum, that reminds me. How is Pastor Bode-Davies? Has he been reinstated?” I asked and she sighed


“He said he needs more time o. He has even grow lean. I pity the poor man personally. To keep the girl, he did not remarry but see the shame she brought upon him. God should just enter these youths for us” She said and I sighed too


“Mummy, have you been  able to reach her since I said you should?” I asked


“Yes I called o but she didn’t pick up. Since then, her number has not been reachable” She said


“What other moves have you taken to ensure she is found and brought back to the fold mum?”


“Ah, I tried my best o. I even sent Mrs. Fakunle to her school but according to her she and her roommate have not been found in the school premises at all since the incidence”


My heart missed a beat!


“Mum, can you send me her phone number?” I asked and I heard as my mum made a deep sound


“What! Her number for what? Didn’t you hear that I said her number has not been going through? Why are you even suddenly interested in this case, huh?” She was obviously angry


“Mum, its no problem at all. I have just been worried over her since the incidence happened”


“Why should you be worried ehn? Do you even know her? Better get yourself together and be fine. That was how Joe said you were asking for her number few days back too. Warn yourself Bow!” She breathed in deeply and I laughed


“My mama the mama!” I hailed but she wasn’t laughing so I changed it


“Mum, I had just been having some series of dreams in recent time. I will see her in problems and would want to help”


“Were you able to help in those dreams? Were you? Dreams could be foolish you know” She said and I smiled


“Hmmmm, I just want to be careful that I am not disobedient to the Lord. That’s it!” I said


“My Prince, you are not being disobedient at all. You are doing the right thing, you hear me? Dreams are very foolish and only a few are from the Lord” She said and I shook my head at that


“Mummy, no! Dreams are from the Lord too, not a few, huh?”


“I know. I am only saying we can have dreams from God, from the devil or even from our thoughts. Yours are as a result of your thoughts. Please let your mind be renewed by the mind of Christ! Please and please my son” She said and I sighed


“Ok ma. But if it is possible ma, try to look for her and draw her close to you” I said


“How is your treasure?” She asked quickly and I couldn’t but laugh at loud. I knew she intentionally brought that up to remind me that I had a fiancee.


Oh my mum!


“Mama, my treasure is doing very fine. She is on the Island working her butt out” I said and she smiled


“Be focused and the Lord will see you through darling” She said and I smiled too


“Amen mum. Have a nice day and say me well to daddy” I said and she replied too as I dropped the call.


As I looked at the screen of my phone, I couldn’t help but laugh again


“Thank you for the answers to prayers dear Lord! I was probably only fantasising” I said and just as that was leaving my mouth, there was a knock at the door and the secretary to the HRM came in.


“The Boss wants to see you sir” She said and I stood up almost immediately and followed her out.



I couldn’t describe how I felt as I felt Happie’s head on my tummy.


Tears ran down my face and I couldn’t even imagine what would become of my life at all. I couldn’t imagine at all.


“When we checked the CCTV, an oncoming car was actually driving above the speed limit and headed for his car.”


“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I tried to relive the whole event in my head as Happie told me. My head kept thumping seriously and as much as I wanted to control it, I couldn’t


“There were uncontrollable collisions before Uncle Jeff was brought out of the car, ruined!” She said and her description made me really cringe as I remembered seeing the bloody remains of the one who I loved on the floor pn Aunty Tessie’s phone


The sight could kill anyone!


“How could he have been so ruined that much? Where did God go to?”; I asked and she looked into my face, looking shocked


“Happie, it’s true! God isn’t really trustworthy! He isn’t that majestical! We exaggerate Him too much” I said and she blinked so hard


“I had always believed and taught that but hearing it from you sounds awful. Like, I feel bad hearing you talk that way” Happie said and I smiled, ruefully


“Well, I feel bad too. But, what to do? See, If truly there is heaven and hell for real, Happie, Aunty Tessie went to hell! And who chased her in there? Church people! And probably God’s unresponsiveness!”


“Really!” She exclaimed and I shook my head


“Let’s forget about it all Happie. You can’t understand how it feels losing two people who have shown you love when you feel thrown away. I feel useless right now!” I exclaimed, a peppery sensation in my chest. My eyes had become swollen from the tears of few days back. The pains lurking in my bones and marrows were indescribable as well.


“I know how you feel dearie but we have lost them already. I wouldn’t want to lose you too” She said and I looked into her worried face and smiled


“Awww, I really wish death took me instead of them. They had lots in them to give the world but what do I have?”


“Stop saying those stuffs Talitha! C’mon!”


“Alrighty! Has your mum known about the newest developments?” I asked and she shook her


“She should know about Aunty Tessie now as she’s been led away by the doctors to tell her. They need to be extra-careful and nice in doing that but about your pregnancy, I haven’t told her” She said and I felt a rush of heat all over me


“Hmmm. Pregnancy!”


“Why didn’t you tell me that you were pregnant?” She asked and I smiled


“Because I didn’t know too! How could I have been so suspicious of that when it was only once Uncle J and I met? How could I?”


“I thought as much! Wow! So it’s Uncle Jeff’s baby! So sad the way things turned!” she said and I was taken aback


“Why? It’s a product of sin, yes but I am happy that I have it and I will keep it! Why are you sad?” I asked and she started rubbing my belly as tears fell her face


“The doctor said you are in a critical position now and to save you, your womb has to be removed” She told me and I watched as her lips moved and as tears sat on top of her upper lip


“Which womb?” I asked, finding it very funny to believe what she had just told me. She swallowed and looked into my face again


“Your womb Tally. Your womb! I wonder why things  keep falling apart for us like this” she cried on and I started laughing seriously


She was shocked and looked into my face, looking so pale.


“What is so funny?” She asked and I laughed some more before replying.


“The only reason my womb can be removed is if my heart, eyes, lungs, bone marrow and in fact all the blood inside of me can be drained! I am keeping this baby and if I die with it, I die! Who death epp?!” I exclaimed with all firmness


“Oh Lord!” She exclaimed and burst out crying the more.


“Oh baby, come here, let’s cry together” I said and pulled her to myself


We had quality time crying really bad!


As the surge of sorrow and thickness of weariness and ill health ran through my veins, I felt some thick drops of haemoglobin fall from my body into what was placed in between my legs that felt so huge that I was thinking if ten yards of clothes had not been used for me as sanitary pad!



I was so shocked and had no idea what was happening.


All I could remember was that my feet slipped from the cliff and then I tumbled for what felt like for ever, hitting trees and branches along the way.


“Mum!” That was what I could remember shouting as I felt helpless and out of control, like being in a dream.


When would I stop falling?


“Bowen! My Prince!” My mum screamed loudly and her voice echoed so loudly in the deep.


My mother! My heart bled greatly.


Halfway down the cliff, the trees gave way and I was left falling through the air. Before I knew it I was hurtling over grass, earth and rock until the cliff slope became even steeper and I fell farther. A little later I must have hit a rock and blacked out but I didn’t!


I found myself lying by a small river I’d spotted from the top of the cliff \.


I had fallen into the water, which must have saved my life, then I’d been washed ashore by the current. I was incredibly lucky not to have drowned.


“Take the rope and come back up, can you?” My mum screamed and wanted to throw me a rope, but the rope wasn’t long enough.


As I laid on my back, I was amazed  that I had survived.


I heard some sniffings just behind me.


“Any wounds?” I heard a calm voice say and I turned to look back.


I found a very pretty lady with a melancholic face and was alarmed


“What is a young lady doing in a very lonely place as this?” I asked, confused, I asked and she sat beside me.


She took some handful of water from the river and drank before she continued


“I live in a village nearby. We were told not to come near the cliff but remain in the village but I was too adventurous.”


“You disobeyed, you mean?” I asked, for clarification


“Yes I was! And as I was found on the cliff, some village elders saw me and went to tell my dad who is a village chief. He came to see me and was really disappointed in me!”


“Sure you did badly!” I exclaimed


“Then my dad pushed me off the cliff”


“What!” I exclaimed with great shock as I couldn’t believe such cruelty


“But I hung on to the tip of the cliff with the strength of a lion, very afraid of jumping down and breaking my bones until the other village chiefs came and pushed me down totally!” She said and my body cringed


“Thats sad! You will never be able to forgive them would you?” I asked and she shook her head


“They are bunch of liars and an embodiment of evil! Hypocrites and corrupt ones claiming God! I will never go back to that village! Never!”


“But I heard someone shouting for help in this deep. Was it you?” I asked and she nodded


“Yes. I thought I needed help but now, it is too late. One of my eyes has gone blind, an arm also is broken already. I’ll rather remain that way” She said and I examined her from head to toes.


“Please, let’s go with the canoe over there and sail to the other village close by. Will you?” I asked but in a twinkling of an eye, she was nowhere to be found. I was shaken!


“Girl! Why are you running? Come and let’s go together. Come!” I screamed on but she didn’t look back


“Sail alone. Leave me!” She replied as she ran


“Ok, what is your name?” I asked again as I lost power to run after her


“Talitha!” She replied and I paused in my tracks







“I have just asked you a question and instead of answering me, you are muttering Talitha again, Dove!” My Boss’ voice startled me back to reality and I sat up straight, looking very worried


“Sir, I am so sorry. I didn’t know I had mentioned the name again!”


“What is wrong with you?”


“Sir, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I don’t understand”


Go home!


I heard again and shook my head to shake all thoughts off.


I am going nowhere!


The girl even couldn’t be found in school or at home. Who do I go to?


“Would you like to take a break off?” My boss asked and I jumped up and shook my head


“No sir!”


“If my boss should get to know that you are not interested in going out with Princess but you keep singing one Talitha during meetings especially, you might lose your job dear Dove!” My boss said and he was being factual as the Big boss would get really irritated.


“If I were you, I will take a few days off and settle things before things get worse. What do you think?” He asked again and I looked up at the ceiling


“I know. I am only saying we can have dreams from God, from the devil or even from our thoughts. Yours are as a result of your thoughts. Please let your mind be renewed by the mind of Christ! Please and please my son”


As my mum’s words rang in my ears again, I knew my mind was made up.


“I am fine sir. I will be fine” I said adamantly and he smiled calmly.


Go home!


I don’t want to go home now! Not now!


Sail alone. Leave me!


“She said I should leave her alone! Why go then?” I muttered to myself


“You said what?” My boss asked me and I shook my head


“Never mind sir” I said as I stood up and moved to the door.


“Or is it the airfare that you don’t have Dove?” He asked and I turned to look back at him


“I am broke sir” I said and he smiled


“You should have told me then. Should I give you my credit card?” He asked and I thought about it


Should I go?


Should I not?




The voice became louder in my ears but I didn’t want to go.


Mum said no!


Even in the dream that must have been a result of my many thoughts, the Talitha said I should sail alone!


Why should I be encumbered so greatly with someone else’s matter Lord?


“Sir, I really appreciate your gesture of love. I am staying back. God bless you” I said quickly and went out of the office.


I felt a calmness over my spirit almost immediately!


Such scary calmness!




As the bedside monitor beside her kept on beeping, I kept running round the ICU corridor just to reach her dad.


The doctor had disqualified me as a blood donor because according to him, the malaria parasite was in my blood stream full fledged!


Mum also had a flu and in fact had won herself a bed in one of the wards in the hospital after the shocking news of Aunty Tessie’s demise


The phone started ringing again and I was glad


“Hello sir. I guess you couldn’t hear me well when I was talking the other time sir but Tally is….”


“I don’t know any Tally” He said and I gasped


“Your daughter sir, Talitha Bode-Davies.”


“I heard all you said earlier but you probably didn’t hear me” He said calmly and I was shocked


The last time I had briefed him about the entirety of the issues on ground, the call ended and I thought he would be on his way and when I didn’t see him, I guessed he didn’t hear my first explanation but he actually heard and yet didn’t come!




“Sir, Talitha is dying! If you listen well, you will hear the beeping on the bedside monitor. She needs blood urgently and we do not know why her blood type has suddenly become scarce, can you….” I was saying when he cut in


“You are one of the friends teaching her the wrong stuffs in life, right?” He asked and I was almost getting mad


“Sir, is it because you are a man that you can’t feel the pain sir? Talitha is dying!”


“May God have mercy on you both amen!” He said and the call dropped.


I was so shocked and in my disturbed state of mind, the doctor came beside me hurriedly.


“How far, were you able to get the father?” He asked and I shook my head


“Oh my! We are losing her really fast!” He said as he entered the ICU again. I followed after her and I was perspiring really bad!


It felt like a knife was being slowly twisted in my gut!


Like a hammer was being hit on my head!


I held her hand close to my heart and cried silently


“Her pulse is become so weak! I don’t know why we can’t access any blood bank. I don’t know why. Oh my God!” The doctor exclaimed as sweat covered his whole face


It was the first time I was seeing a doctor being so concerned!- I had always thought they had no emotions at all.


“Let me try Lang Laboratory again” He said and pressed his phone


“Hello Dr. Sanusi on the line. Please do you have the blood type ab rhesus negative?” He asked and a frown covered his face as he dropped the call.


He made few other calls with the same result and I started crying really bad!


The doctor walked out of the ICU and almost immediately the bedside monitor stopped beeping.


I took Tally’s  hand and almost immediately, it fell back to the bed.


Suddenly a tide of bleakness washed over my body!


My soul felt as if it had been torn from my chest


My hand trembled as I slid down to the ground and I whispered like a word but only air escape my lips…


Tears flowed down my face and I grew really weary!




The door opened as fast as light and the doctor followed by two nurses with trays of blood came inside hurriedly


He rushed to the bedside, hit Talitha’s wrist for a while and the monitor started beeping weakly again and almost immediately, a cannula was set and a pint of blood hung.


I slowly stood up from my defeated position and looked into the doctor’s eyes.


“Who donated? Who did?” I asked and he smiled, wiping his sweaty face with some serviette


“He did!” He pointed at a guy just at the door and his face didn’t look familiar at all.


I looked at him from head to toes and ran towards him almost immediately, throwing all my arms round him out of great joy!


“Thanks thanks thanks” I said on as I rained kisses all over his neck.


Only when I realized that he felt embarrassed and the adrenaline in me had normalized did I come down from hanging down his neck


“God bless you. You prevented another loss of life.” I said again and he smiled beautifully


“Bless God!” He said and smiled again


“What is your name?” I asked and he smiled


“Tell me yours first” He said and I smiled, a bit relieved now


“I am called Happiness!” I said although I didn’t see the reason for the name with all the issues that I was surrounded with.


“I am called Dove!” He said


“Dove?” I asked to be sure and he nodded


“Yes, Dove!”



Forgive me for the delay please. I have you in mind and appreciate your readership. May the Lord minister to your heart. Amen



  1. Ashafa tomisin

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    1. Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

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      Sorry for the delay sis. Amen. God bless you too

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      Thanks be to the Lord Himself.

      Thanks for reading.

      God bless you

  3. Olukunle

    04/04/2017 at 9:29 PM

    This one is more scary. I just keep wondering why people are not concerned about restoring those who have fallen. This is a good story with great lessons. More grace to you as we await the next episode. God bless you

    1. Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

      05/04/2017 at 3:59 PM


      It is well sir.

      God should just come and help His church ni o … Hmmmm

      1. Owolabi Oluseyi Ezekiel

        06/04/2017 at 7:31 AM

        They have not read Galatians 6:1.

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  6. Treasure

    04/04/2017 at 10:50 PM

    How can people be heartless, your daughter is dying and you don’t care. She sinned against God,so God should be allowed to fight

    1. Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

      05/04/2017 at 4:02 PM

      That’s it o.

      I wonder what some people do and why.

      The evil they perpetrate.

      The hurt they cause…hmmm

  7. David

    04/04/2017 at 11:30 PM

    Oops! So sad at those loses recorded… I’d thought we’ll loose Tally also.

    But i tend to wonder why if secret groups could go extra length to bring back a derailed member,
    How much more we Christians.

    Really learning a great deal from this, personally.
    Thanks as always mummy, more inspiration from above I pray

    Looking forward to the next episode

    1. Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

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      Awwww…. I AM seeing my son’s comment and I am happy!… Hehehehe… My naughty son *yinmu* where did you go before.

      Hmmm… True talk ó my dear. They church just needs too wake up I am telling you. Enough of the sleep!

      Hmmm… Talitha Cumi!

      It is well!

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    Thank God Dove came at the right time.

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      God bless you too sis

      1. Dorcas

        08/06/2020 at 11:24 AM

        The song that keeps ringing in my heart while reading this episode is ” may my struggles keep me near the cross
        May my troubles show that I need God
        May my battles end the way they should
        May my bad days proof that God is good and let my whole life proof that God is good”
        Thanks a lot ma, God bless you….more grace in Jesus name

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  15. Peter LivingStone Cephas

    06/04/2017 at 11:15 AM

    At times, I get really angry against the so called church of God filled with callous people, selfish and hypocritical fellows who called themselves leaders in the house of “God’s Love”… I don’t know why some people has used church to cover their face when the inside is as wicked as lion…
    Yes, she has committed an atrocity, a felony in the body of Christ, if we can call it that, but at the same time, the Lord is not happy for the death of any sinner, she has sinned and ask and pleaded for mercy, why not give her chance, why turning people against her as if many of you don’t do some and hide them under the cloth of hypocrisy, u leave them to wither away and even go deep in that evil… God will demand their blood from ur hand…God bless you my dear writer, God will grant you more wisdom and unction from above so that the church can be cleansed of hypocrisy and real holiness with sincerity, discipline and love of God will return to dwell among us…

  16. Ozioma

    06/04/2017 at 11:40 PM

    I pray God will help His church and help me too so I’ll not push people down the cliff because of my zeal without knowledge. Thank you Lizzy dear, More grace.

  17. Akanbi Comfort

    07/04/2017 at 9:53 PM

    This message is very timely, at a time when we run after service rather than love… Forgetting the Samaritan story… There is a need for love in the church! Imagine pastor Bode-Davies, Dove’s mum… May God help the church… First time of commenting… Covers face.

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  18. Oluwatosin

    08/04/2017 at 4:28 PM

    Teary Eyes..Thort We Hav Lost Tali Also.Hmmm..This Is Too Much For Ur Young Heart Tali..Tanx Dove For Coming In Time..God Helps Us To Love One Another As One Body And Be Sensitive In The Spirit..God Bless You Ma. Learning Greatly Here

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  22. Aliakot Ekwere

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  23. Wuraola Iyanuoluwa Olaiya

    25/04/2017 at 10:49 AM

    Hmmm…Rick Warren says “the love our parents have for us sometimes is a selfish kind of love” (paraphrase). That kind of love that will always make them show us to their friends whenever we make them proud, but come to think of if…how many parents will still feel proud to show up their children whenever they misbehave? No wonder the Scripture says “though a mother may forget her sucklings but God will never forget us”
    Imagine the number of times we err, yet he still reach out to us like the prodigal son’s father…while we are yet sinner Christ love us. We need to let him teach us what the true love is.
    That’s what I learn from this episode.
    God bless you sis,more inspiration for u I pray

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  25. Khemzy Nita

    11/05/2017 at 6:29 PM

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    Thank God for Dove’s obedience eventually, I was almost loosing hope.

    It’s indeed a great tragedy for Jeff and Tessie to die like. Did they get any chance to reconcile with the Lord? Oh how sad…

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