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Well, I was really indecisive.


After crying for a while, I dragged myself to the mirror stand, sat on the stool before it and surveyed by red, swollen face.


“Why were you crying Mola? When did you become emotional like this?” I asked myself as some more tears gathered in my eyes.


“Is it my business?” I asked and quickly nodded when I realized the question didn’t make any sense. “It is my business of course”


I picked up some tissue papers from the box, blew my nose and tossed the dirty papers into the dustbin nearby.


I felt hot from within.


“Maybe a cold shower will do” I said and as I tied a towel round my chest, moving to the bathroom, I remembered the AC.


“Okay. Let me put that on so that the room would be cold by the time I come back” I soliloquized and moved to the bathroom.


As the cold water travelled down my body, my heart raced and my head pounded.


“Jesus, this girl trusts You! She would go for days calling upon You! She loved you even when I ridiculed her and made fun of her!” I screamed loudly in the sound-proof bathroom.


I paused for a while.


“What am I doing? Praying?” I whimpered “Is there someone really listening?” I asked silently.


I shrugged as I scrubbed my body with my bath scrub and scented liquid soap.


“There is no harm in trying right? Okay, let’s try!” I said again.


The bathroom was my best room in the whole of our gigantic house. I got to daydream as I sit on the toilet seat, imagining and coming up with plans. I got to talk sense into myself in the bathroom too. I got inspiration there; shout and vent my anger; and of course, sing in there- Yes, my bathroom!


No one would hear me! It was always as if I was in another world as every word I utter would bounce back at me loudly and sweetly. So, I felt if I could start shouting some words to the Lord Jesus that my sister loved so much, He would hear faster from the bathroom!


“So Jesus, I am so sorry for cutting our discussion short. But wait, can You hear me?” I asked and waited silently. When the only sound I could hear was the water dripping from the tap, I shrugged.


“Maybe because I am sinner though” I said and started to mop my body with my bathrobe.


“But all I want oh Lord Jesus that my sister serves, the One that helps her pass her exams excellently when I do averagely! The One that gives her joy when I feel all cranky! The One that helps her take the ‘nonsense’ I can’t take from people! The One that led her to Emmy with evident convictions! I really want You to have mercy on my sister and help her. That’s all I want” I said calmly.


I realized that my headache had subsided and my heart was a beat calm. So, I tossed my bathrobe into the washing machine, tied my towel round my chest and then sat on the toilet seat, supporting my chin with my palms.


“I really don’t want mummy and daddy to push this girl away! I am sure this girl hasn’t prayed since this whole issue started. That is why she is so sad. She is a joyful person and I hide under her a lot but see what she’s become, all because she hasn’t prayed!” I sighed. “Seeing her suffer so much because she wants to please her parents importantly above You makes me ache badly”


I sighed again, washed up, flushed the toilet and washed my hand in the basin before stepping out of the bathroom.


I heard the air freshener go off as I jammed the door. ‘Good boy!’ As I wiped my legs on the foot mat and shivered from the too much coldness that had enveloped the room because of the AC, my phone beeped and I wondered who it might be.


“Is my data connection on?” I asked as I sprayed my body with some scented oil and quickly wore a small evening gown.


I sat in my bed and picked up my phone- Facebook Message from Emmy Brown.


Oh goodness me!


I pulled out some wipes, cleaned my hands with them to rid them of the oil, tossed them into the bin and relaxed against the wall to enter into the chatting world.


Hey Mola!


Hey! Howdy?




I was worried about you.


Oh really! Why? Did Mo say anything to you?


Sure! She’s been in a total mess and confusion since the last day she called you.




Why the ‘Hmmmm’?


Your mum didn’t tell you I came over to your house?


What! When?


On two occasions. I did. But it is well anyway.


Oh my! Sorry, please tell me about it. You sound really down.


The Lord is the Strength of my soul Mola.


Please talk to me.


I thought you said Mo has talked to you?


Well, she did. But not much. Just that mum and dad said they don’t want you guys together.


What about her? Does she want us together? Hmmmm…It is well.


Oh, you think she doesn’t?


I have called her over a hundred times now. Sometimes, she won’t pick it. Sometimes, she would drop it. Sometimes, she would pick it and place it near a radio.


Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this! I am really disappointed now. How could mum do this?




Yes, she seized her phone since that day so she wouldn’t be able to talk to you.


Oh, it’s that serious?


Well, I am as shocked too. I thought you Christians were…well, never mind.


Mola, I do understand the fears of mum and dad. Bible Life Church is a church with great and sound Biblical doctrines. Many churches are springing up these days where the Word of God is being diluted. No parent would love his or her own child to fall into the hands of anyone not eating correct spiritual meal.


So, you are even supporting them now.


Well, I am only being factual sis. I am explaining that the problem doesn’t lie with mum and dad. It lies with Mo.




Yes! You have the convictions and everything. What else do you need? Why couldn’t she be strong for her love? I have been here praying and fasting and communicating with God while my fiancée who I so much love is out there attending a marriage council meeting with another guy? It’s not funny!


She loves you too anyway. That, I know.


Well, I was sure a week ago that she does. Now, my confidence shakes…


Oh my! I am so sorry. But how did you know she went for the meeting?


Well, I got a message from her phone. Let me even copy and send to you.


Oh my!


This is it- Hello Emmanuel, please check your convictions well as I am checking mine. I will be attending a marriage council meeting today. I just thought you should know.


Mum! Oh my God! What sort of a thing is this? But Emmy, from the tone of the message, you should tell that it wasn’t her doing.


I found it weird too though.


She will call you as soon as she returns.


Oh no! Sis, I want you to keep our chats secret.




Let me see how far Mo will fight. Let me see.


Ah…I am so scared about that.


That the new guy would snatch her away from me?


Hmmm…I don’t even know!


Sis, never mind. My philosophy in life is ‘If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it never comes back to you, it was never yours from the beginning.


What do you think? Do you really think she is yours?


Haha…sure! God has told me she is mine but she could decide to go with what God said or not. I will wait for her anyways.


Oh my! You are a real man!


I miss her….*sobs*


Oh, I am sure you do. But it is going to be alright. She loves you. I can assure you of that. She’s been skipping meals so much that If you see her now, you will think she’s be on diet.


Oh my! Please can you help her eat? Kindly force her. I can imagine how she looks now.


Yeah. She cries anyhow now and has not even left her room in days.


Oh my! I feel so terrible. Or should I try coming over again?


You said you came before.


Yeah, and it was even from the telecoms mum said I should go back.


I get. It is better we get our hands on something over here before you come.


Alright sis. I pray God hastens the whole process. Please pray with me.


Oh sure! I have started praying now. I don turn prayer mama now sef.


Pray more sis. I will be returning to Germany in a month’s time. It’s sad I can’t even spend enough time with her while I’m here.


What! You are going back?


Yeah. You don’t know I work there?


I know but I thought you had rounded off everything with the company.


No sis. I took two months off, came over to Nigeria because of Mo. I had thought I could easily propose, have the introduction before going back but…hmmm


Wow! One month’s time? Ah! I must do something about this.


It is well sis. Thanks so much for your support. Please don’t inform her about our chats yet. Let us see how deep her conviction is and how far it can carry her.


Hmmm…this will be like the first time ever I will keep a secret from my sister then.


It’s just for a while sis.


Alright, deal. Thanks, my in-law


Haha…Amen o! I claim it in Jesus’ fiery Name.




Take care of her for me please.


I will. Trust me.


“Who are you chatting with so deeply that you didn’t know I have entered?” I heard my twin’s voice and I quickly locked my phone and placed it on my tummy.


“Wow, so fast! You are done with the proposal already?” I stuttered. She smiled and winked at me. I frowned.


What’s making her happy?


“Who were you chatting with?” She grinned from ear to ear again. “Do you now have somebody too?” She winked again.


I shook my head almost angrily.

“I have someone before nah. You didn’t know” I forced myself to say, raising my nose at her. She tickled me but I stiffened because it was not funny. I didn’t find the atmosphere interesting.


“Who is the person” She pestered me.


“The name of the person starts with an M. She used to be a sweet human being, sharp, joyful and prayerful but recently, she’s been gullible and daft that I find it really irritating and annoying” I said and as if I had thrown an arrow at her, she calmly stood up from my bed and started heading for her own bed.


“You can be sad for all I care but how was the meeting you went for?”


“Fine” She mumbled as she removed the muffler round her neck and climbed her bed.


“What is the name of the guy?”


“Dada Ariyo” She said calmly and I rolled my eyes. Even the sound of the name in my ears irritated me.


“So, your people in church call him Bro. Ariyo right?”


“No. Bro. Dada” She said and as much as I tried to stifle my laughter, the whole thing exploded into my face. I laughed so much, rolling on my bed as I did.


“You wouldn’t reject a man because of the name, would you?” She said and I calmed down, looking into her face.


“You have accepted him?”

“I didn’t say so”


“But you love him?”


“Love isn’t as easy as it sounds. He isn’t a bad person, but love? No one can be sure of….”


“Mo, shut up your trash for the room smelleth of rubbish and I hate a congested stomach!” I screamed at her, really very annoyed.


“But Mola, what do you want me to do? I am confused myself! Do you think because I entered the room, smiling sheepishly, I am happy? No! I am only doing that to cover up”


“Don’t cover any garbage up my friend! I am very…”


“Mum screamed at you before we left for the meeting. I don’t know how bad you might be feeling. So, I had to brace up and forget about myself to make you happy” She said and I swallowed.


When sisters love each other too much ehn, it only causes commotion!


“I am so sorr…” I tried to say.


“You should be sorry Mola. I am hurting! I am so sad. Recently, you insult me so easily and call me names like I am not your sister! I am hurting too! I am confused as well! But why are you so worried about me so much that you carry my matter on your head like a gala seller?”


“Oh-ho” I whistled. It was the first time seeing her get so angry.


“You love me, I get! But what do I do? How do I choose between a man that comes directly through the church, following the church protocols and who your parents support so seriously? And a long-lost friend who only got connected to you on the social media after a long time and of whom your parents have sworn that they will not have anything to do with? How do I reconcile both and choose?”


“But wait, are you now the one doing the choosing? It is no longer God that does the choosing for you?” I asked and there was silence.


“Well, you do not know much about God to preach that to me” She said silently but my sensitive ears picked up every word!

My heart sunk as I nodded severally.


“Hmmmm…abi nah. Thanks. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks.” I said again, my heart clogged up like a full pipe. It felt really hurt hearing that from her and I couldn’t even tell why.


“I am sor…” She was saying when her phone rang. I sighed as I covered myself with my duvet, sulking.


Her phone must have been be returned to her!


“Hello Bro. Dada….yes I am home…, I am more grateful sir….God bless you too….Erm… I actually want to see if I can rest for a while….Yes sir, would it be okay if we could talk later?…Thank you….I love you with the love of Christ too…bye.”


I whimpered, threw away my pride and turned to look into her face.


“Mrs. Dada, can I ask a question?”


“Hmm” She muttered in response. She didn’t even reject the Mrs. Dada appellation!


“What is the age difference between you and him?”


“18. Why do you ask?” She said and I sat up in a jiffy.


“He is 46 years old, going to be 50 in four years’ time?”


“Hmm” She said as she buried herself in a duvet.


“Ah…Jesus is Lord!” I placed my hands on my head.


“Did mummy and daddy use jazz on you?”


“Don’t speak of God’s servants and our parents that way”


“Congrats, Sister Holy Ghost! But wait, you are really going to marry him?”


“I haven’t even said yes to him o”


“Hmmm… it’s okay. But what will you do with Emmy now? You will break it off officially?” I asked and I saw her hand tightening on the duvet.


“You now have your phone and your freedom I guess, so, please have you checked your phone to see calls and messages from the poor guy at least?”


“No. There is no record of those on my phone”


Mo’s mum though!!!


“So, you won’t even meet up with Emmy and…”


“Mum made me promise not to”


I shook my head as I jumped off my bed. I was burning with hot fury. I reached for my small travelling box which was on the top of my wardrobe and started packing a few things.


I threw in some undies, some blouses, some skirts, some novels, my powder and lip gloss and a scarf. I held them together with the girdle and locked the box.

As I turned to move out of my room, I saw her look at me with tears in her eyes.


“I will be in a hotel. You are the reason why I am in your parents’ house at this point and it’s sad that I am on leave at work for now to be free to witness all this rubbish. But when you wake up from your slumber and when you become sane and normal again, you can call me back”


“Mola, I am…”


“Mo, don’t worry baby. Just get your sanity back first, ehn? I am not angry at you o. Never. But if I stay here with you, I might beat you to stupor” I said calmly with a smile. She looked up at me as tears rolled down her face. I hissed, opened the door and started rolling my bag out of the house.


“Mola, where are you going to?” Mo’s mum saw me on the way and stopped to ask.


“A safe haven with clear atmosphere and lots of love, madam!” I said, bowed a little, opened the exit door and banged it after me.


As I left the compound, I could hear Mo’s cries from our window. My heart was not in the least shaken any longer.


“God, that girl has lost it. If you really love her, let her find it again! She needs to find it again!” I muttered as my clogged throat became really choking!






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  1. Dynamic mary

    Indeed ‘Mo’ has really lost it😥😥
    She needs to wake up and fight for her right through prayers!
    Chai! Her parents ehn!

    More insight ma🙏🙏
    Anticipating the next episode 😀

  2. Oluwaseun

    Christian mothers, start learning…. Don’t manipulate your child into marrying your will instead of God’s will. No denomination in heaven oo!!!!! And don’t castigate any child because he/she is yet to be born again, rather win such with love.
    Well-done momma. God bless your wisdom

  3. Joy Zamdayu

    I am becoming angry at this level of insanity from her mum…. How could she do this?? What’s up then with the will of God that they are teaching us,??? Ma, that reminds me how did you get your parents consent for your husband cause he is a Northerner?

  4. CeleGrace

    Hmmm…This is not only a fight for love but also a fight for faith, cos marriage can make a man loose even the true groom-JESUS

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