The Hook Ups 3

The Hook Ups 3

Hook Ups

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Her hands made way to her mouth as tears streamed down her face. Mimi sank into the nearest chair and wept in a bitter-silent manner.

It was hard to accept she would have been one of the victims, that Ife and Farida too would have been victims. The thought of death made her shiver in fright. She longed to say ‘thank you Lord’ but couldn’t find her voice. She wept on.

Not later than five minutes, Ife (she had regained consciousness) and Farida walked into the sitting room only to find Mimi weeping. They both rushed to where she sat.

“Ife, what did he tell you, why did you collapse? Now, Mimi is crying. What exactly is going…”

“At about 9:50 AM this morning, one of the branches of the Rhema Evangelistic Mission Church, at new Nyanya in Abuja was bombed out. It was said that the…” the news coming from the TV had interrupted Farida’s inquisition.

Her face came alight in sheer horror.

“No, no, no…this can’t be true, somebody please tell me it’s not true…no, nooooo, o, o, o o o” Farida let out a loud cry.

“Lord, why are this people so mean and wicked? Why are they so cruel, whyyyyyy…?” Mimi questioned amidst sobs.

Ife didn’t know what to do, she was confused. She wanted to scream, wail, shout, but felt a need to stay strong for her dear friends. However, many disturbing questions made a nest in her mind. “Did anyone survived the blast?, I don’t want to think Pastor Hymar is dead, no. The choir? Oh Lord, please I need answers”

Her thoughts, accompanied by gnawing doubts, became overwhelming, so much that her strength began to fail.

As she lowered her head, her eyes called for the tears, and sorrow clawed at her heart as she wept non-stop.

Few seconds later, there was a knock on the door. It was Akintunde. He had just arrived.

Ko ko ko… He knocked again, but no answer.

He was about to knock the third time when his phone vibrated in his pocket before it rang out.

“I go always pray for you, I go always pray for you. Make the grace of Jesus…” That was Akintunde’s ring tone.

He almost reached for his phone when the door swung open. It was Ife. She had heard his phone rang.

As his eyes met with hers, she threw herself into his arms, uninvited.

“Oh baby…” Akintunde whispered as he planted a kiss on her forehead.


“Oh Lord please, mercy. AK where are you? Please answer your call…oh God…” T.Ben (as called by his friends) paced about in panic. His friend, Akintunde, had left for his girlfriend’s church a little later than 9:05 AM that morning.

Thoughts spiraled into his mind as he kept dialing Akintunde’s line, with no response.

*To be continued*

PS: written by Khemzy Nita.


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  1. Oluwaseyifunmi

    28/01/2016 at 10:01 AM

    Like i was in tears while reading…suspense-filled i love it. May the inspiration from above continue to rain down on you. Looking forward to the next episode

  2. Oluwaseyifunmi

    28/01/2016 at 10:06 AM

    I was in tears while reading….suspense filled; i love it. May the inspiration from above continue to rain down on you. Nicely written!!! Looking forward to the next episode

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