The Hook Ups 5

The Hook Ups 5

Hook Ups

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“Me? Sarah? 90 years? AK is…wait o, na him be sey I go turn father Abraham…hahahaha, who won born many nations for naija, hehehe…my faith no reach. AK go come meet me for here, badass. I dey wait” T. Ben said to himself.


“Farida, I think you’ve seen enough of that news already. We better change the channel or turn off the TV altogether” AK suggested.

“I’m just hoping I would see Pastor Hymar somewhere behind the reporter. I just hope someone survived” Farida replied without looking away from the TV.

“I’m not trying to discourage you from being hopeful but, if Pastor Hymar happens to be the one to preach, he definitely would be in the building, probably on the pulpit at the time of the blast”

“No. He wouldn’t be. He isn’t a pastor per se. He’s our YAF president but, we are just fond of calling him pastor. And he truly should be anyway, he has it in him.”

“Oh! I see. But, what’s YAF?”

“YAF is an acronym. It means Young Adult Fellowship”

“Alright. But, still, maybe he was in church. Don’t you think?”

“We should’ve been in Church too. Don’t you think? But, we were not, thanks to God and thanks to Ife. Maybe he wasn’t too. Maybe some other persons were not too.” Farida said as fresh tears flows down the terrain of her face.

“I’m sorry I got you upset, I didn’t mean to”

“No, you didn’t. I’m just being too emotional, that’s all”

“No, you’re not being too emotional. I mean, this is a great loss, to loved ones, to the body of Christ, even to the nation at large. So, it’s okay to cry. Your feeling about the blast is understandable. I may not know how you feel exactly but, I can imagine. It could have been a lot worse for me if you ladies were to be involved”

“Oh, Akintunde! My heart is heavy, so heavy” Farida professed as she wept uncontrollably.

Akintunde couldn’t be more gentlemanly when he stood up, offered an handkerchief and pulled her into his caring arms. Farida didn’t hesitate, rather, she let herself weep freely as she was held in his comforting arms.


“Ife, please hand me my body spray…erm, the hair brush too”

“Just a minute please” Ife said as she put her bra strap into place.

“Miracle” Ife called

“Now, when you call my name in full, I should be worried”

“I am worried…”

“I know. Me too. Farida, right?”

“Yes! You know, if she hadn’t told us by herself, we would never know”

“I really fear for her. Let’s keep hoping he is still alive… I dunno. We can only hope, right?”

“Hmmm… As much as I don’t wish him dead, I’m indifferent about it.”

“But Ife, why would you say that?”

“Because he is blind! Well, he might not be blind but, he has refused to see how much she’s in love with him. So, what difference does it make, alive or dead?”

“Oh! Ife…”

“But, it’s true. I know he can’t be so daft not too know. Moreover, …oh, really, my adrenaline is rising!”

“Ife, don’t be so quick to judge”

“Why would he do that?”

“Do what?”

“Get so close to her, too close and then pretended not to see. Isn’t it said that “action speaks louder than voice”?. Lord, please keep him alive. I just must find out.”

“Pastor Hymar is a gentleman. Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt her. It could be that he’s not even ready for a relationship, who knows?”

“Oh please Mimi, I don’t buy that excuse. Between you and I, who doesn’t know Farida is hurting, suffering in silence? If he is not ready for a relationship, why would he make it look so and feel so? All the calls, the outrageous ‘I care’ text messages, the overly long gist after Church service… I can go on.”

“Okay, okay. I agree with you but, let it be for now, at least, let’s be hopeful he survived the blast.”

“I hope so, because, I must find out”


“I think you should sit, Farida.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Erm… Farida, I don’t mean to pry but are you sure nothing else is bothering you?”

She raised her head, surprised at Akintunde’s question. “How does he know?, Could he see or read through me? No, I think its just a guess” She thought.

“Farida, are you alright? You didn’t answer my question”

“Oh, sorry. I was only surprised at your question. Yes, I am alright and nothing else bothers me. Thanks for asking, AK.”

Akintunde was about to say something when Farida stood up sharply.

“Just a minute please. I’ll be right back” She said, without making eye contact with Akintunde.

She had just taken a few steps when the ground gave way under her feet.

“Oh my God! Farida” That was Ife. She had just stepped into the sitting room when she saw her collapsed.

As both Akintunde and Ife rushed to her, Mimi also came out just in time.

“My God! What happened?” Mimi asked in panic

“Really can’t say, I only saw her collapsed.” Ife replied

“Baby please give way, let me lift her unto the sofa” Akintunde said.

Just as Akintunde tried to lift Farida up from the ground, it was Mimi who saw it first, the blood. Mimi screamed in fear.

“WHAT?” Ife shouted

“Blood” She said and pointed to Farida who was now in Akintunde’s arms.

Farida was bleeding from her nose.

“Jesus Christ! Ife, get the door. Mimi, my car keys, on the table. We need to get her to the nearest hospital fast.”

*To be continued*

PS: written by Khemzy Nita


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