The Hook Ups 6

The Hook Ups 6

Hook Ups

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Lafia, Nasarawa State.
He left his house very early that Sunday morning, not in a bid to go to Church, but rather, to visit his soon-to-be-bride.
The highway was usually free to drive on at weekends, especially on Sunday. And as he drove, nothing could beat the longings in his heart, he ached to see her, and to see her soon. He had set on this journey very early for this reason.
The Young Adult Fellowship’s President of Rhema Evangelistic Mission Church (REMC) located at New Nyanya in Abuja had informed the senior pastor the previous Sunday that he wouldn’t be in Church the next Sunday.
Pastor Hymar, as fondly called by the youth, was clueless about the attack on the Church, he drove hastily enroute new Nyanya as he proceeded to Nasarawa State.
“Sir, pls how…”
“Doctor Bobby, pls. Who are you to the patient?”
“I’m Ife, a friend of the patient, we are flat mate, yes we, we stay, we live together. Doctor pls I’m worried, just tell me, how is she?”. She spoke hurriedly.
“Miss, pls calm down, no need to panic, she’ll be just fine. By the way, what’s her name? I need her details”
“She’s Farida”
“Pls, come with me to my office”
“Alright doctor”
Cece, Hymar’s fiance, indulged herself with a novel. Unlike Hymar, she had given up on religion a long time ago, her Sunday’s were usually spent reading novels.
She lay on the floor reading “The Sex Life of a Lagos Mad Woman” when the shrill beep of the door bell took her attention from the book. She stood up to get the door.
” Hello Pastor ” Her face lit up with a radiant smile as she saw Hymar.
“You’re being ridiculous for heavens sake. You act as if I’m an ordained pastor” said Hymar as he pulled her closer to himself. They shared a light kiss.
“Well, you’re the only Pastor in my world” she teased, the glow in her eyes very evident.
Pastor Hymar studied his fiance as she served lunch. She was a woman of many facet. At 24, she was no ordinary lady but one of uncommon beauty and brain.
“Why isn’t your TV on; where’s your remote” Hymar asked.
“I’ll get it”
The TV came on with the picture of Pastor Hymar ‘s church displayed on the front screen.
He felt his heart skip.
A reporter’s voice boomed out of the 24 inch TV.
‘Today, a bomb blast rocked….’
“WHAT?!” Hymar exclaimed. “Oh my God! Farida! ” He was shocked to his marrow.
“Baby, what is wrong? Who is Farida?” Cece asked. Her expression was a mixture of concern and confusion.

*To be continued*

PS: written by Khemzy Nita and Chinyere Unique Nkemjika


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