The Hook Ups (A series)

The Hook Ups 1

Hook Ups

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.

Almost everyone in Church wore an unusual boredom look on their faces (previous Sunday services were not particularly boring tho) But there was something different about this Sunday,
It was just so unusual!

“Ancient words, ever true…”

The hymn- harmoniously balanced and rich-swells forth from the choir and wraps up the entire congregation in a full-bodied suffusion.

Present amongst the congregation were the trio ; Farida, Ife and Mimi.

Mimi in particular was carried away by the lyrics of the hymn, she totally lost the awareness of the next person beside her.

In less than ten minutes, the hymn was over.

Standing, face raised towards heaven and hands lifted up, Mimi was too lost in her own world to even notice everyone was already seated.

Two minutes had passed since the hymn ended. Ife was beginning to get concerned. She tugged at the hem of Mimi’s dress and whispered
“madam in the spirit, the hymn is over”

“Let her be, perhaps she’s in touch with the heavens” said Farida.

“Excuse me, we both know she isn’t born-again, so let her cut the act” Ife replied as she rolled her beautiful bulgy eyes at Farida.

Just then, Mimi ended her act, she looked around and sat down, embarrassment written on her face. In a quiet manner, she turned to her friends and said “you both should know this, God ain’t about giving up on me”

Ife and Farida looked at each other, with a suspicious stare.

” Habakkuk chapter two, verse one to four” the Bishop called out. ” I’ll read from here” he said. “I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart, And watch to see what He will say to me, And what I will answer when I am corrected. Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, it will not tarry. “BEHOLD THE PROUD, His soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by his faith.”

“Praise the Lord”, “Amen”, the Bishop said, and then, continued. “This morning, I will be speaking to us on the topic Pride and Vision”, “PRIDE AND VISION” the Bishop repeated with so much emphasis.

As Mimi heard the sermon topic, with a sense of unease, she shifted in her chair as she patted the tiled floor with the sole of her six inches high heel designer peep toe shoe.

The Bishop proceeded with his sermon, “One of the major hindrances to vision fulfilment is pride. Pride affects a person’s soul in such a way that their mindset becomes twisted and perverse. Proud people have frequent delusions of grandeur, which makes it difficult for them to submit to the principles and inspiration of the Almighty”

Again, Mimi shifted in her seat. She was not still. She kept turning left and right as though she was watching out for someone.

Finally, she turned to Ife and Farida, “I trust God to help me keep calm while I listen to him preach” she said.

Neither Ife nor Farida gave heed to what she’d said. They knew their friend too well to respond to her…, “I just couldn’t help but wonder why she doesn’t like to hear the truth” Ife sounded irritated as she whispered to Farida.

“And who made you her judge?” Farida asked bluntly.

The Bishop who hardly noticed the trio carried on with his sermon, “Proud people are not in touch with both natural and spiritual realities; they only believe in their own exaggerated fleshly ability and intellect. For this reason, they are less likely to humble themselves in seeking God for a vision and usually show a tendency to walk by sight rather than live by faith.

“I should go to the ladies” Mimi said, but to no one in particular.

“Pride is so deceptive that it makes a man or woman who has little or no knowledge believe that he or she knows it all;…”

Just before the Bishop could finish his statement, Mimi stood up, jacked her bag and with the look of ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn­-about-pride-and-vis­ion-or-whatever’ on her face, she walked out of the auditorium.

“Rubbish” she muttered under her breath.

Ife noticed her friend’s strange behaviour, she left her seat as well, and hurried after Mimi.

About two minutes later, Ife was behind Mimi just before she could approach the parking lot, outside the church auditorium.

“Mimi gal” Ife called out and at the same time halted her friend to a stop.

“What was that all about?” She asked.

“I don’t have proud and I am not pride, so why should I be…” Mimi tried to explain when all of a sudden Ife cut her short.

“Just shut up and calm down” Ife said.

“Now could you please repeat what you’ve just said. Could you just listen to yourself? what is wrong with you? why are you speaking English upside down?”

“See babe, all I know is, I am not proud. I see no reason to sit in there listening to a sermon about Pride and Visitation”

“Pride and Vision, Mimi gal” Ife corrected.

“That we came to Church this morning was your idea, you know?” Ife added

“I know, I know. You don’t have to rub it in my face or something, please” as Mimi said that, she hissed and walked off to the parking lot, straight to where their car was parked.

Ife stood still at the same spot Mimi had left her few seconds before, confused as to what to make of her friend’s attitude.

“And why are you standing there like a zombie?” Came Farida’s voice behind her.

“Omo olorire yii lo fe mu inu bi mi ke” (its this fortunate child that wants to get me angry) she replied in Yoruba language.

“I beg your pardon” Farida said, her expression was that of confusion.

“Be there and be speaking English, you better start learning Yoruba o” Ife replied, at the same time walking back to the auditorium.

“Madam blind, I’ve got your bag here with me if that’s what you’re going back in there to get” Farida shouted after her.

“Mtcheeeeeew, olori gbeske” (something about Farida’s head) Ife muttered has she turned back again.
“Hehehehehe, my eyes have seen something, Faridaaaaaaa, come hi u hi hi hi hi and see and hear your friend sleep talking” Mimi shouted while standing beside Ife’s bed.

“C’mon wake up” Mimi gave her a slap on her butt.

Ife jolted up. With misty eyes she looked up at Mimi who just woke her up.

“Why were you sleep talking?”

“Was I?”

Just then, Farida walked into the room. “Let’s get ready now, we are running late” she said.

“If its Church, I’m not going please” Ife said

“WHY?” Farida and Mimi unanimously asked. “I had a bad dream”

” A bad dream? “the duo exclaimed together.
*To be continued *



This  story was written by Olatunbosun Olaide Oluwakemi.

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  1. philseun

    18/01/2016 at 11:35 AM

    So it was just a dream sef! I hope she sha went to church? #chilling4nextepisode

    1. Emmanuel Omenayam Ashibuogwu

      06/07/2019 at 3:09 PM

      What a dream, I love this writing. God bless the author!

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