“Hello Dola, have you found her?” Dr. Mary asked immediately I picked her call. 



“No, doc, I haven’t. I have checked all the parks around UI. I have gone to the parks at Iwo Road, Dugbe, Mokola, New Garage, Challenge, Wema, yet I just can’t find her.”



“You don’t want her to proceed on the journey, right?” 



“No! The coast is not clear. The Lord is not allowing this girl to travel for now” 



“Alright. I trust your judgment sir! I guess I need to join the search too then. Let me dress up quickly and check some parks also. God’s will be done” She said and I sighed. 



“Thanks for your help, Dr. Mary” I said and dropped my phone. 



“Oh God, I haven’t even prayed since this all happened, forgive me. I am so sorry for taking laws into my hands and getting worried and all worked up. Father, I am too stressed to even pray. I don’t know what to say. I am so sad, oh Lord!” I wept like a child, bending my head in total anguish. 



“Father, please keep Blossom safe for me. Father, please have mercy. Father, forgive Blossom, Lord. Speak to her, I know she hears you. Let me receive a call from her very soon that she never embarked on this Abuja journey. Prove Yourself to be God, oh Lord!” I prayed. 



With a new level of hope, I checked a few more parks and returned to my hostel when I couldn’t find her. I called Dr. Mary also to stop her search and just let’s praise the Lord. 



I was so sad and discouraged but I decided to trust God. 



I put my phone beside my bed and watched intently for my beloved’s call.



Minutes rolled upon minutes, hours rolled upon hours but there was not a single call from Blossom. 



I hugged my Bible close to my chest and closed my eyes firm. I felt a darkness hanging down my throat which I just couldn’t explain. 



“Lord, mercy!” I cried. 






How is she right now?



Has she eaten?



Did she take off for Abuja?



Is she fine?




As the plane took off, I sighed as I looked down at the ancient city of Ibadan that I was leaving behind. 



“Why do I feel like I will miss Ibadan so much? I am only going to Abuja to greet my principal, rest for two days and head back.” I told myself. 



I had thought that the HOD was going to extend my leave but he only gave me two days off. 



“You have just been promoted but don’t see it as a green card. This is where work begins” He explained as I told me my intention. 



Immediately I made up my mind about travelling to Abuja, I had to quickly run to the department to see my head and also drop a note for my chief consultant. 



Immediately I received their consents, I had to travel down to Moniya road to board a vehicle going to Abuja. I decided not to use any park close to UCH and UI because I knew how tenacious Dola could be. 



Since this was a revenge plan, I knew I couldn’t risk him catching me and dragging me back to the hostel. I needed to let Dola know that I could do things on my own too. I needed to also get him out of my head. 



“I can’t deal with an unrequited love, man!” I told myself as I alighted from the vehicle that had conveyed me to Moniya. 



I settled in the vehicle, bought a loaf of bread and some groundnuts with a bottle of La Casera drink and waited for the other eight passengers to come. 



After washing my hand and drying it with a clean towel, I started munching at the bread and groundnuts. As was my usual practice, I wanted to start pressing my phone as I ate so I reached into my bag to get it out.



Alas, my phone was not there!



No matter how hard I tried to look for it, it was not possible!



“My goodness, where is my phone?” 



The last time I used it was at the department but after using it, I placed the phone on silent mode and threw it in my bag. 



So, where is it now?



“How can I travel without a phone?” I asked myself. I hissed in total disappointment, put my bread, groundnut and drink in my hand bag and jumped down from the front seat where I was seated. 



“Aunty, ah, the vehicle will soon be full na. Why are you coming down?” Some men came round me in their usual practice. I shook my head, explained what had happened to them and retrieved my travel bag from the boot. 



“So, auntie, what will you do now? You will not travel again?” The driver asked.



“Erm…just go on without me. I will still travel but I need to get a new phone and sim card. E ma binu” I apologized and started moving out of the park. I waved down a bike that took me down to Iwo Road. 



After getting the new phone and sim card, I headed towards Wema Park so I could start my journey. 



“All these stress because you are trying to prove a point?” Something told me. 



“Isn’t this pride?” Another judged me. 



“And all these stresses, are they not pointers to the fact that you need to go back?” Another interjected. I hissed silently as I retrieved a book from my bag and started reading half-heartedly. 



How did I come to love Dola this much?



Why did I fall so cheaply for someone who wouldn’t even look at me? 



Tears gathered in my eyes just then. 



I put the book back into my bag and decided to save some few numbers that I knew offhand in my new phone. 



Mummy Makinde. 



Daddy Indian number



Mr. Iryan dad’s nurse






“Why am I even saving his number?” I asked myself. I deleted it, saved it again; deleted it, saved it again and then deleted it with a final hiss. 



“Hello my dear. Don’t worry, I have bought your fine gown and shoes. Just wait for me, okay?” I heard one of the passengers say and my ears and eyes widened. 



“Am I not supposed to buy something for Mummy Makinde and her husband? Oh my! I almost forgot that she remarried. Oh my! What can I buy for them o?” I asked, racking my brain so meticulously. 



Thankfully, since my travel bag was small, it was on my laps instead of in the boot. That made it easier for me to jump down from the vehicle. I started walking towards the road briskly as my legs could carry me. 



“Aunty, where are you going?”



“Aunty, the vehicle is almost full na. We only need one more person”



“This aunty na bastard o, wetin dey do am?” 



“God knows what He is doing o. Let her just go”



“That is it. May we not enter vehicle with someone that has already been marked for death and evil” 



“Amen o!” I heard a loud chorus and chuckled. 



Agent of death and evil?



“These Ibadan people can use style to curse sha” I said as I waved down a bike and hopped on it. “Second gate” I told the man and soon, I was inside Gbagi Market, sorting out gifts for Mummy Makinde and her husband. 



I knew her children wouldn’t be at home, so I only bought some for the duo. 


“Should I buy stuff for Dola’s parents as well?” I asked myself, hesitating for a while. 



“Well, Dola and his parents are two different people, in fact, three sef. They have been so there for me, so, let me look past everything about Dola and just at least send the gifts to them even if I wouldn’t be able to see them” I concluded and bought some stuff for them as well. 



After arranging the whole goodies in my travel bag, it stretched out fully and became heavier. 



Erm, what do I do now? Should I go to the Wema Park again?” I asked myself but I shook the thoughts off. “The people that are already calling me an agent?” I laughed at myself. 



Checking my wristwatch, I saw it was 9pm. 



“Blossom, does it make sense for you to still travel today? You want to follow a night bus? Is it really safe for you? You need to get your acts together, girl!” I told myself. 



I only have two days off! 



I need to at least get to Abuja to prove some points to Dola!



I have been so drawn to Mummy Makinde. I need to see her!



I need some time off the hospital community! 



I have bought so many gifts and I need to deliver them. 



With all these valid reasons I gave myself, I waved down another bike and hopped on it. 



“The airport” I said. 



I was at the airport for three hours before we eventually moved- at around 12 midnight. 



When we finally moved, I sighed because I knew that it was a sure victory. 



“I should get to Abuja before 1am.” I told myself. 



‘Call Mummy Makinde and tell her you will be coming’ Something said to me. 



‘No. This is a surprise. I will suddenly just appear and you know, just surprise them’ I replied.



‘But now, it is late. Just call first, you know?’



When I eventually did, her phone was switched off. 



“My momma that sleeps quite early! I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach her that easily” I told myself with a laugh. 



‘Maybe you just sleep at a hotel then. It is too late to go to their house now’ 



“Hotel for what? At one in the morning, Apo is still bubbling. This is not the first time I would be arriving so late at Abuja. What is the problem?” I shrugged off the thought, took some La Casera drink and started to doze off. 


I saw Dola then. 



What is Dola doing in my dream again? 



He had tears in his eyes and on his face. His engorged nose had mucus in them. His mouth was in so much bad shape as he stretched his hand towards me. 



“Come back!” He cried with a loud voice and with so much tenacity. 



I sat up immediately and cleared my eyes. 



“What was that?” I asked myself. “Come back, when I have already reached Abuja? Kai, I am going nuts! The guy is most probably sleeping in his room now but na me go dey dream bad dreams about him. Kai, I don suffer. Love don turn me to craze” I told myself. 



To prove myself right, I dialed his number and it rang over and over again- He didn’t pick up. 



“You see? He is fast asleep! He is not even worried about me one bit. Okay o” I shrugged and adjusted my seat in a bid to sleep off. 



Just then, the announcement was made. 



We were about landing in Abuja! 



“Oh my, this journey is too fast, c’mon! I needed to sleep a bit before Mummy Makinde and I will start the midnight gist again. Oh my!” 



I picked up a taxi from the airport to Apo and to the CBN quarters where Mummy Makinde lived. 



“Number 276” I told the taxi driver and soon, we were outside the quarters. I claimed my bags from the back seat, paid the driver, bade him farewell and he drove off. 



One of the security men at Mummy Makinde’s quarters walked to my side. 



“Aunty, welcome o. How was your journey?” He greeted. 



“Fine, thank you” I said, gave him some of the apples I bought on our way to the quarters and started dragging myself up.  



I was so tired!



A lot had happened in the past hours. 



I had a surgery- thank God my patient lived. 



I met with Princess- who changed my perception of things. 



I fought with my bestie and decided not to have anything to do with him again- I even decided to travel against his wish! 



I lost my phone, got a new one and registered a new sim card. 



I hopped from a bus to another before settling down for a flight. 



Flight was delayed for three good hours!



Finally and to the glory of God, I arrived safely. Thank God! 



I rang the doorbell three times before it opened to me. 



It was Mummy Makinde’s husband. He looked so shocked to see me there. 




“Blow blow, this is a lie!” He exclaimed and he helped me pull my bags inside. “Are you for real?” 



“Yes sir. Good evening sir” I greeted. 



“Good evening, my dear. Wow, I am delighted to have you. How have you been?” 



“Very well sir. I am so sorry for barging in so late. How are you and mummy doing?” 



“Well, we are fine. Why don’t you freshen up in your bathroom while I quickly make something for you. Maybe by the time you are done, mummy would have freshened up too, to come see you” He said and I smiled. 



“Okay sir.” I said, feeling so very relaxed to be home, finally. 



I went into the room that Mummy Makinde called ‘Blossom’s Room’, had a warm bath and changed into a short casual gown. After doing my usual hair rituals, I wrapped a satin bonnet round my head and moved out to the sitting room. 


The table was already set: Jollof Rice, chicken, plantain and a cup of juice. 



“I know it is too late for medical people to eat but please manage this for us since you had such a tiring journey.” He said and I nodded.



“Dad, this is even too much. You had all these at home? Wow!” I exclaimed as I sat down. 



“Yeah, I just warmed some of the little things that we have at home and here we are. I only had to fry the plantain, so, no stress” He said and I thanked him. 



“Let me go and see mummy” He said and went into his bedroom. 



Pressing my phone, I started to devour the food. It felt so good to be home at last. 



“Oh my dad! I need to actually inform him that I am here” I said and started dialling his number. When he did not pick up, I sent him a text to call when he was free. 



I knew it was already morning in India. 



Mummy Makinde’s husband came out a little while later. 



“Are you enjoying the meal?” He asked and I nodded.



“Yes sir.” 



“Drink your juice too o” He said, smiling so kindly. I obliged him, drinking the juice and pushing down the meal. 



“Mummy said you should come inside when you are done. She is so tired. You know her health issue na” He said and I nodded. 



I didn’t seem to be hearing what he was saying very well. 



My eyes were blurry and my head seemed to spin.



“Is it the stress? Am I sick?” I asked myself silently. 



My hands were weak all of a sudden, the spoon I was holding dropped. 



“When you are done, come and see mummy in the room” He said, loudly so I could hear since it was obvious that I was blanking out. He went into the room and shut the door. 



I dropped my phone in my bag and tried to stand up but my legs were so light. It felt as if any pressure on them would break them. 



“Blossom darling, I am sorry, I couldn’t come out to see you o” I heard mum’s voice inside. I stood up and started going towards the room. 



“What diagnosis can I give to all these symptoms?” I reasoned quickly. “Paralysis? Stroke?” I asked myself. 



“I need to quickly go and faint at mummy’s feet so she can pray for me. I am under an attack!” I told myself, reasoning and consciousness slightly draining off me. 



As I opened the door, the sight that greeted my eyes shocked me! 



Mummy Makinde’s husband was stark naked! 



He was lying on the bed and looking at me seductively and ferociously. 



“Where is mummy, sir?” I managed to ask. 



“You didn’t call her before coming, right? I am the only one in this house, okay?” He said and my heart started racing. 



“But I heard her voice just now” I retorted.



“Blossom baby. This voice, right?” He asked, feigning her voice so correctly.



“You drugged me, sir?” I asked and he started laughing as he walked towards me, fully naked! My heart dropped. 




I have been trapped! 



“Come inside, baby. You are simply to warm my bed tonight” He said and tears started to roll my eyes as I fell on my knees. 



“Sir, don’t do this to me. I am a virgin. I have kept myself for so many years. You cannot take this gift from me” 



“I love virgins a great deal. You are the most delicious.” He said and my jaws started to gnash against one another.



“Sir, this would really be a great aberration. It is something that nob…” I was saying when he cut in. 



“I really do not know if it is because you are a medical doctor but you were never supposed to still be talking after an overdose of Rohypnol, should you?” He asked and my head sparked some welding lights at once. 



“You gave me an overdose of Rohypnol?” I asked, shaking in anguish. My arms were weak. My heart seemed to be so overburdened because in a jiffy, I found myself on the ground, hoping, just hoping in my small brain that I would not die- either physically or emotionally!





I woke up with a start. Checking the time, I saw that it was still 4am but I just couldn’t stay still. 



Lord, where is Blossom? 



Is she fine?



I picked up my phone and saw some missed calls. 



A number that is not familiar, my mum’s and Dr. Mary’s. 



I called Dr. Mary first.



“Hello Presido. Good morning sir”



“Good morning, Dr. Mary. Please help me check Blossom’s room. Is she back?” 



“I am just coming from there now. Even the roommates are worried. She is not back, neither is she picking her calls” She said. 



“Oh, her line is now going through?” 



“Yes, doc” 



“Okay. Thanks so much, Dr. Mary for your help. God bless you” I said and dropped the line. 



I kept on trying the number but she wouldn’t pick it up. After like the hundredth time, the line was picked up. 



I was so broken!



“Blossom, why are you doing this to me? I have called you over a million times today. Why? Is my offence as big as that? Okay, see, where are you?” I rushed all the words. 



“Dr. Dola, is that you?” A male voice asked. 



“Dr. Andrew?” 



“Yes, doc. I guess Dr. Bee forgot her phone here. It was handed over to me by Dr. Zion who was on afternoon shift”



“Really!” I exclaimed. “Wow!” I dropped the line and started to rack my brain.  



I dialed my mum’s line quickly and thankfully, she was awake. 



“Hello Dolapo, how far?” She asked, quite anxious. 



“Mummy, Blossom has not been found o. Her phone was found in the ward yesterday” 



“Hmmm, my husband and I have been praying since we woke up. It shall be well. What should we do now?” She asked. 



“Mum, do you know Mummy Makinde’s house? Please go there to confirm if she went there” I said and she sighed. 



“Let us call her first so that we can know what exactly to do” Mum said. “Just hold on. We will use daddy’s line now”



“Okay mum”



The call went through and soon, Mrs. Makinde’s voice was audible. After exchanging pleasantries, mum went straight to the point. 



“Mama, have you seen Blossom yet?” 



“Blossom? Oh my! Blossom is in ABJ?” Principal exclaimed. My heart could no longer sit still. “I have not seen her. Oh my goodness! I no longer live with my husband. I had to leave my quarters for him and run for my dear life after realizing the kind of man he is”



“What! What kind of a man is he?” I asked as if she could hear me but she did hear me. 



“Hmmm… he is so toxic, my dear! I really do hope that Blossom did not go to that quarters. Oh my! I am at Kubwa right now. Please go to Apo CBN quarters number 276 now to see. I will call a taxi now and meet you there.” Principal said and hurriedly dropped the line. 



“Dola dear, it shall be well. Let us get ready for CBN quarters now” Dad said. 



“Okay dad. I am going to my department now also. I will have to catch the next flight to Abuja” I said and my mum sighed. 



“Okay” They both said. I dropped the line and rushed into the bathroom. 



The rate with which I dashed in and out of offices at the department was so suicidal. I bumped into different people, things and even fell at some points. I was not coordinated at all. 



After filing a report that Blossom was missing, I was fortunately released to go on behalf of the college to look for her. 



My flight to Lagos was the slowest I had ever made! It felt as if the plane was crawling!- in thirty minutes, we were in Lagos but it felt as though it took us 24 hours. 



I needed to catch a flight to Abuja as quickly as possible but there was no early morning flight for Abuja that morning. I had to go all the way to Lagos!








My phone started to ring. 



I thought it was my alarm!



I stretched and yawned for some time and reached my left hand to put the ‘alarm off’ but my hand only picked up a small stone-like object. 



I sat up at once to look around me and I was shocked to my marrows. 



What am I doing on the street?



On a closer look at myself, I only had a camisole on and a wrapper covered my body. My heart missed a beat. 



“What is happening here?” I seemed to ask myself. 



I heard a car horn from afar and knew that it would never be right for people to see me like that. I saw my handbag and travel bag behind me. I picked them up very quickly, held the wrapper firmly round myself and jumped into a bush, where I might not be easily seen. 



I quickly reached into my travel bag and brought out a mirror. I looked into my face and tears welled up in my eyes. 



What are you doing here, Blossom? 



What is the matter?  



I couldn’t remember a thing, neither was I motivated to even think deeper. I smelt my camisole and it stunk- alcohol! 



Did I drink? 



Drink? I would never do that.



“First, I need to get out of here.” I told myself. I mopped my body with some facial wipes and wore a gown very quickly. 



“Should I change my underwear or should I just manage it?” I asked again but I decided to change it. I bent down, quickly removed it and saw some blood stains. 



“C’mon, this menses should not start now, I still menstruated two weeks ago. I am already crazy as I am now. I have so many questions in my head that need answers. I do not need you menses now” I said to myself as I washed my inside with some water from the water bottle in my bag and quickly wore a new panty. 



I styled my hair and dropped the bonnet in my bag. When I checked the mirror, and realized that I was good to go, I picked up my bags to go. 



I paused at once. 



“Where am I? Where am I going?” I asked, looking around. As I moved to jump out of the bush that I was hiding, I felt a dull pain in my insides and a jab in my chest. The events of the night before started coming to my head. 



“It’s a lie” I covered my mouth with my hands. 



“The blood in my pant, the…. oh my!” I exclaimed as tears started pouring out of my eyes. “I have been violated? I have been defiled? I was raped and dumped?” 



All the strength in my legs were drained at once. I fell back to the bush and wept. 



“No, Lord! No, Lord, this was never the agreement. Nooooo, Lord!” I cried out as my heart quaked violently. 



It felt like my whole world was collapsing right before my eyes. 



My phone started ringing again. I reached into my bag to bring it out. 






“No, Dola, I can’t pick your call right now. I am….oh my God! My future is gone!” I wept with all the strength that was remaining in me. 



Then, the phone rang again. 



Mummy Makinde!



“No, mummy, I can’t face you right now! I have done what I am never supposed to do to you. I am destroyed.” I wept again and again. 



Come inside, baby. You are simply to warm my bed tonight



“Jesus, noooooooo!” I cried. 



I love virgins a great deal. You are the most delicious!



“Noo way!” I screamed, covering my ears firmly so that the evil words wouldn’t come into my ears again. 



My phone started ringing again. 



I wept, slapped myself, cried and tore at myself for a long while before I checked who the caller was. 



Daddy Indian number



“My dad is calling. Oh my, what do I say now? Where can I hide? Where do I go?” I wept. He wouldn’t stop calling, so at the fifth time, I had to pick it up. 


“Hello, please is this Blossom Fries?” Mr. Iryan, my dad’s nurse in India asked. 



“Yes. Is all well?”



“I have been calling your line for a long time. I saw this missed call on your dad’s phone now and thought you might be the one” 



“Yes, it is me. What is the matter?” 



“Yes, I want to give you the feedback of the heart surgery of your father” He said and I sat right, swallowed and held my chest tight. 



“Yeah” I managed to mutter. 



“Erm…we are so sorry, Blossom” He said and I smiled. 



“Sorry for what?” I asked, my head suddenly tripling its banging. 



“We lost your father. I am so sorry” He said and tears fell off my face uncontrollably.



“Lost? What is the meaning sir?” I asked, my mind proving to be off. 



“The surgery was not successful. He rejected the match we got and had some complications. What should be done to the body? Should we…” He was asking when I threw the phone right away into the bush!



I threw my bags into the bush! 



I threw stones into the bush. I threw my arms into the bush as I eventually let out the cry in my throat. 



It was loud, it was sorrowful, it was full of madness. 



“My dad is dead!” I cried, beating my chest over and over again!



My life is over! 



My destiny is destroyed!



The devil has won!



“Oh God, You are so unfair!” I cried as I started staggering out of the bush. I started going towards the road, not knowing exactly what to do or where I was going. 



I didn’t even know that I had started climbing the Apo bridge. My breath was seizing yet I couldn’t stop screaming. 



“Oh God, You are so unfair!”



“Oh God, You are so unfair!”



“Oh God, You are so unfair!”


As I sang my dirge on and on, I heard a screeching sound behind me and soon, before I could even look back, I was rammed into the side of the bridge. There was a loud screaming from people at once. 



I struggled to bring my two trapped legs out but I couldn’t. My head to my waist hung down the bridge. 



“God is so unfair!” I finally let out with all my strength, hot tears rolling down my face. 



I blacked out. 






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  1. But why was I expecting good news in Blossom’s story when it was even to encourage and inspire Grace? I was really hoping…but…Blossom, ehhhh…this is too much!

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  6. Wow!!! This is really sad, I just pray she doesn’t give up on God… Sometimes we should be careful of who we listen to because their words can be destructive.. if Blossom didn’t listen to the advice her friend gave her and she went to pray to God for Clarity and Guidance, she might not have ended up this way… God help us to always depend and listen to Him always… Thanks for sharing ma, God bless you. Really learnt a lot from this episode… More Grace ma.

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