Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle


During my days as an undergraduate student, some guys were caught misbehaving at the chapel and the chaplain had asked them to quote five verses in the Bible each but the verses they could quote apart from Genesis 1:1 and John 3:16 were from the Book of Songs of Solomon! The day our chaplain shared this with us, we could only laugh over it.


Today, I stumbled on one of the verses and the nostalgia it brought made me dig deeper until I got another revelation of it.


Songs of Solomon 8:8 says: We have a little sister and she hath no breasts; what shall we do for our little sister in the day when she shall be spoken for?


Let’s break it down a bit.


A brother: We have a little sister and her name is Lizzy. She has no breasts. What shall we do for Lizzy when any man comes to ask for her hand in marriage?


Now, lets wait there.


The verse in another sense does not refer to the twin tower on the chest of a woman. It could mean a lot of things.


You don’t know how to spend or save.


You don’t know how to pray or intercede.


You can only put water on fire and probably boil some eggs but simple Eba you cannot turn.




You haven’t learnt anything about how to take care of children.


You long for marriage but you aren’t prepared for it. 


You haven’t even read through your Bible to check through what the Lord expects of you as a woman in a marriage.


That’s it my sister, you are breastless!


You don’t know how to talk;


You don’t know how to dress well;


You are stinkingly dirty;


Your white undies are brown and yellow already;


The skin between your two laps has become hard and dark;


Your teeth and hair are eyesores;


You are addicted to movies that you can have your three square meal served you before your laptop with the three used plates littering round you at night.


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Mine mine, you are ‘breastless’!


You hate people correcting you;


You are proud, mannerless and you don’t know how to talk;


You are ready to slap/block/write against/gaslight/badmouth anyone that speaks against your views;


You just can’t bend- you are too pretty for anyone to talk to anyhow.


No wonder! It’s no wonder you are still praying and nothing seems to be happening. It could be the reason the brother hasn’t even approached you yet. He probably is still fighting the Holy Spirit as he is just so scared. “How do I talk to this lousy, dirty lady?… Lord, kindly reconsider!” He’s probably praying. 


Or it might even be the Lord making you wait. He keeps giving you a chance to correct those grey areas so that He can present you a beautiful bride to His own who He’s also been preparing for you. 


My sister, if your ‘breasts’ are underdeveloped, increase your intake in calcium, iron and vitamins. Make your meals balanced again and your shape would start coming out.


Your breasts can still grow!


The nutrients are surely found when you sincerely bury yourself in prayer and the Word of God and you make conscious efforts to obey what the Holy Spirit prescribes. Also start working on the physical, emotional, psychological grey areas of your life that the Lord reveals to you; that people around you point your attention to or that you have noticed yourself. 


Learn to pray and put your temperament under control! Stop shouting or looking down on people. Learn to cook different dishes even if you don’t like them because you just never can tell. Learn to take your baths well and wash your parts with care yet great tenacity. Carry yourself with such smartness and dignity and stop with the dragging of legs and all already. If you need a change of wardrobe, at least even if it is a light upgrade, pray to the Lord to provide and start making little changes here and there. You can start with a pair of modest shoes this month and a lovely modest gown next month. Just take all the shabby, skimpy, oversized, short clothes away.


May God help us to be very ‘breastful’ so that our men and children would be gladly satisfied and call us blessed. Amen.


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  1. ……wow this another great perspective..Thank you Holy you Spirit….

    Thank you Lizzy sis..more unaction..

  2. An amazing insight!! I love the how can we help others in the body of Christ take. When I came across this I was faced with the question of how the congregation can help a brother who has cancer to get these amazing cancer reversing products. He is a great asset to the congregation-which is not wealthy. He doesn’t earn much where he works. Now you’ve given me a verse to challenge us with to all give a bit, as we love our dear brother, towards his treatment as his (financial) breasts are presently stunted. But God’s Whom we trust, are never stunted. Thanks so much Lizzy. Stay blessed.

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