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Here is where you get to have access to the short stories written under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu (De-Raconteur). We are sure that these Christian stories that are glorifying Christ will bless you. Our commitment doesn’t end here. We’re dedicated to updating this page regularly, ensuring you have a library of soul-stirring stories every time you visit as the Lord inspires. God bless you.


Short Nigerian Christian Short Stories

1. S-M-I-L-E 

2. The Diary of a Porn Addict

3. You are Fasting

4. The Real Man

5. Oh ye Matchmakers!

6. Our Yams will be Back

7. Heart Mender

8. The Man in the Mirror

9. The After-Leap

10 My Heart’s Idol

11. Our Sister has no Breast

12. Incredible Love

13. The Bible Fight

14. Lord, is it Him?

15. The Engraced Beauty

16. While in Labour

17. The Sad Tale of a Sorrowful Mother

18. Before you say yes.

19. My yes- a love story

20. The Children-kinda Love


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