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Photo credit :Internet


Hello my blessed peepz!

You would say its been a while that something has been posted on this blog.

For the voices that have cried out to me, I say ‘thank you’. It isn’t me you appreciate or long for- its God!

Same goes to my silent friends- I have quite a number of them, you know!

The Yorubas (a tribe in Nigeria) would say the ram that stands aloof watching with determination, has gone to be strengthened and ready for a big comeback!

I am well and able now! All thanks to God Almighty.

And my peepz, the inspiro that has flowed from Him, gosh! You wouldn’t wanna miss.

I am so sorry for the break. 

I will be back  shortly!

Stay tuned.

‘Muchas lovas’



  1. The Lord is your muscle… You have been committed all this while.. He’ll continue to be your strength and the source of your inspiration will never run dry ijn… Love you too sweet.

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