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My inside was totally disorganized!

Someone who called himself a reporter had called the day before to say he had an allegation against me and if I didn’t cooperate, he would leak the information in a very malicious way!

He was calling again when he knew I had shut him up yesterday.

In fact, since I knew the call was going to be all about the bastard Earl, I had him released before the said time.

I hated having anything to do with journalists or reporters or just those people who called themselves the fourth estate of the realm!

They pretend to be all righteous and harmless but majority of them are simply dubious especially when dealing with the first class citizens of the nation!

I repeat, Mr. Adeola or what do you call yourself, what allegations do you have against me?” I asked angrily.

I had left home on a good note and coming to my workplace, I would never have imagined that one nicompoop in the form of a godforsaken reporter would be reaching out!

Do you know one Shirley in your school?”

Which school? I have many school. Be direct”

Shirley with whom you had planned to rope your son into an attempted murder and rape assault case” He said and I was irate.

And if I know her?”

Shirley has confessed to all the wrongdoings and her voice is on tape”

What voice?” I asked and I heard faint sound of her voice from the background.

Stupid girl!

Who sent the voice to you?” I asked, my heart pounding so hard.

The message was sent anonymously. The e-mail used to send this to me is not even functional”

So, why didn’t you just leak the information? Why are you reaching out to me instead of doing the person’s bidding?” I asked as if I didn’t know why. I wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth.

He chuckled.

Sir, I thought you are a veteran in this business. It would be the bomb if I release it but I want to save you sir. Only if you cooperate.”

It was my time to laugh.

Save me? Why would you save me? You are my brother or father?” I started laughing again.

I think you don’t want to cooperate sir. Do have a good day.” He said and I knew he would drop the call.

How much do you want?” I asked, tapping the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue. There was a loud silence.

800 million naira” He said and I laughed out loudly.


I thought it would be up to a billion naira.” I laughed some more.

He laughed too.

I don’t mind an addition sir”

I will round it up for you. Make sure you delete the copies you have. I will give you the money. Where should we meet?”

I will be inside a jeep in front of Vegas Frontiers. A black Honda jeep.”

That’s very okay by me. I will see you there.” I said and dropped the call.


I picked up my phone and dialled Afo’s number.

Boss!” He hailed. I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries.

Take a sack of One billion naira to Reporter Adeola Fateru. I will send the address to you. Make sure you get the clip from him and have it taken care of. Greet him for me” I said and hung up the call.

Standing up, I strolled to and fro my office, the sides of my head thumping!

Who dared mess with me?!” I roared. “Who is the person!” I punched the wall over and over again. I hated having reporters hovering roun my head like they are ravenous eagles.

Just don’t let me catch you! If I do, I will either break your arms or shut your life up!” I shouted like the person had been found. I was panting so heavily.


I opened the microwave and evacuated the piece of cake that was inside. I had made some very thick, milky coffee.

It was some weeks to the final exams for the session and I knew I had no choice than to bury my head inside the books. 300Level hadn’t been easy.

As I devoured my meal, I remembered that Big Bro had called while I was praying and I had it in mind to call back but I had fogotten. I picked my phone and dialled his number. It was busy.

He called back.

Hey Smallie!” He called out and I frowned slightly.

Big bro, you’ve indeed left the cell?” I asked, so shocked.

I was so shocked myself! In fact, the commander didn’t say anything to me. He simply stood with an officer who opened the cell and let me out. They even bowed before me as I left” He said, obviously smiling.

I felt the heat of uneasiness run through my veins.

I thought dad said you would rot in there. What made him change his mind?”I asked in my heart, not knowing I had even said it out.

Its a miracle” He said and I nodded. It didn’t sound or look or feel like a miracle to me.

Hey smallie, Beverly has agreed to start dating Cole. I found out yeste…” He was saying but I knew that talk could wait. It could!

Big bro, let’s talk later please” I said and dropped the line.

I opened my laptop in a jiffy and turned on the connection. I clicked my Chrome and typed in the search space ‘Professor Bello of SMC’

It was showing me stuffs on our last convocation and all. No!

I typed ‘Professor Bello Scandal’ It was showing me one song recently released by one Professor Bello titled ‘Scandal’. My heart started racing.

How would my dad of all people release Big Bro just that way?

I couldn’t see it as a miracle!

Instinctively, I felt there was fire on the mountain.

I hid my phone number and placed a phone call to the reporter. It rung for a while and then dropped.

Oh my God! Have we been caught?” I muttered to myself.

I tried the phone number again and he wouldn’t pick.

I went on my knees immediately.

Lord, I am sorry. Were we not supposed to have tried to get Shirley’s voice? Did I act irrationally? Ah, Father forgive me. I don’t want this to turn to a big issue especially when I know Beverly is involved. Father, have mercy” I prayed on. I knew the kind of problem we would enter if my father had heard about the issue. I knew doom had been spelt!


What’s happening to Ava? Why would she just drop the call that way?” I was lost in thoughts.

My phone beeped then. It was Beverly. My heart dropped.

Since I saw the ‘Yes’ message she had sent to Cole, I couldn’t settle down. I had become so weak and apprehensive.

All I knew was it would be wrong for Cole and Beverly to be together. It would be totally wrong!

I clicked on the message and bent my head to read.

Hello my best teacher ever! I am so happy to know that you are out of that horrible cell. Cole told me last night. I must confess that my heart quaked with guilt when we came visiting the other day. I felt like I should help since I knew the whole story. It was so degrading for a respected teacher to be thrown in a cell like that! But I thank God that He used us for your vindication anyways. When we meet, I have a goodnews to share with you. Cheers!”

I sighed for the umpteenth time.

I didn’t know which one I was supposed to reply first. What vindication was she talking about? What goodnews?

I started typing.

Hello dear. I can’t wait to hear the goodnews. I hope its goodnews indeed anyways” I paused to rehearse it. Was it good enough?

Eventually, I ended up simply typing: “Okay dear. But what vindication? I don’t get you”

The reply came in.

I got Shirley to confess on tape without her knowing who it was. Ava sent to a popular blogger she knows. I am so sure that is why your dad released you” She said and my jaws became suspended.

Why would she get herself into such problems?

Oh my God!

I dropped the call after a while and bowed my head in prayers.

Dear Father, You know the end of all things. I am so sure that You know about this too since Your Ways are past finding out. I thank You because You will make all things work. In Jesus’ Name have I given thanks. Amen.” I said quickly, raised my head and started surfing the net for the news for the day as my habit was.

What my eyes caught gave me the chills!

Lord Jesus, what’s all these?

I picked up my phone and dialled Ava’s number.

Meet me in my office now!”

I dropped the call and dialled Beverly’s number also.

Meet me in my office now!”

Sir, I am in the libra…”

Now!” I almost screamed.

I stood up and started pacing to and fro!

The die is cast!

Tears rushed into my eyes.

There is no way we are escaping this.” I thought.

Except through the Lord’s intervention!


I adjusted my collar, looked into the mirror close at the entrance of my dad’s office, pressed the door bell and the door opened.

I met a cold dad and I wondered what could be wrong.

I have the best news to offer anyways” I thought and moved to his side.

Hey pop!” I greeted him, my two arms raised very straight.

I waved my hands down and pulled a chair to sit in.

Dad, I have a goodnews” I said and he simply nodded, staring into space.

I pushed my phone to him and he looked into it.

What’s this?” He asked coldly and I smiled.

Dad, I had told Beverly that if she agrees to my proposal, she should send a matric pix of hers to me. She didn’t only send it but she also put a ‘Yes’ as you can see” I said gleefully but the frown that was still on my father’s face was deadly. My smile melted away.


Haven’t you seen Earl?” He asked and I let out a breath. Why bring up Earl? Why?

He was in my room last night”

And you are not scared?”

Scared of what?” I asked somewhat irritatedly.

How will you still hold on to that girl now when the bastard is back, huh? The girl you couldn’t even claim in his absence, you incapable fool!” He exclaimed and I stood up at once.

Just kill me! Kill me! I try my best at all time to please you but you never believe in me! Earl is the Mr. Capable yet you never show him love! The incapable fool that you push here and there like mumu, yes, you say you love him but its all a lie! Dad, my conclusion is that you are very selfish! All you care about is getting your own stuff done! I don’t even love the girl but you keep forcing me to get her!” I paused so I could take in some air.

You keep saying Earl loves the girl, how sure are you? Why didn’t he get mad or express jealousy yesterday when I told him about Beverly and I? Stop these insinuations dad! Be real, for once!” I put a full stop, and I regretted babbling at once!

What the hell came over me?

You are mad!” My dad said and I bowed my head before him.

See this ring on my finger.” He said and I looked up slightly. “If I had not resisted the urge to slap you with it, you would be blind by now!”


I am sorry sir!”

How dare you! Cole, I say how dare you raise your voice at me? How dare you call me names! Who are you by the way? You must be a fool!” He kept roaring. It was the first time ever that I would raise my voice at anyone and when I would break the record, I stupidly did it to my almighty dad!

That was surely a foolish move!

You just make sure you don’t get Beverly. I will skin you alive! I am the one! Yes, I said it and I don’t say vain words!” He said, his eyes, very red with fury.

My heart failed a million times, not knowing what to say!


The alarm rung and I knew that they had arrived.

Come in” I said and the two ladies jumped in. They looked so tense.

Big bro, why was that call that urgent?” Ava asked and I forced a smile to calm them down a bit.

I was scared as hell too. What’s it sir?” Beverly asked and I nodded.

Please sit down” I said, still forming calmness.

You won’t even give me a hug?” Ava asked and I smirked.

That can wait smallie.”

What is the name of the reporter you sent the information to?” I asked hurriedly. Ava frowned.

What reporter?” She feigned ignorance.

I told him about it already” Beverly said and Ava shook her head.

It was meant to be a secret between the two of us only! Why would you tell him? I hope you haven’t told anyone yet? Not even your boyfriend?” She asked and Beverly chuckled.

What do you take me for? A talkative? I only told Dr. Earl because the matter concerns him. How is that…” She was saying, little hurt on her face. I had to save the situation.

Who told who isn’t even the issue right now. What is the name of the reporter concerned?” I asked, my heart panting. I hoped to hear a name different from the name I was saying from the net!

Mr. Adeola Fateru” Ava dropped the bomb and my mouth was left suspended as my heart beat started racing.

I turned the computer so they could see what was on the screen.

Jesus!” Ava screamed loudly. Beverly frowned, looking cluelessly.

What’s that? Who is this bloody dead man? Is he the reporter? He seems dead in this photo. Or am I the one seeing it that way?” She asked on and on. With the pace with which she spoke, I knew she was shocked.

Doesn’t this pass a message? The reporter didn’t get to publish the news we sent to him and the next morning, he’s dead!” Ava said, sadly.

He was obviously asking for a brown envelope from the devil himself! How could he!” I exclaimed but Beverly still seemed lost.


I don’t get please. Does this mean that there is a suspect?” She asked and Ava stood up, picked her cructhes and moved to the window side.

Jesus have mercy!” She started. I knew she was about sending fiery prayers to the Heavens. I sighed also as I smiled at shocked Beverly.


Oh my!” I exclaimed as I watched on.

Dad burst out laughing terribly.

Foolish children! How dare they! How dare they bite the fingers that fed them!” He roared.

I started feeling sorry for my siblings and Beverly who thought they were practising criminology. If they knew who they were dealing with, they wouldn’t even be discussing in a room where dad had placed a tracker!

Won’t you say anything? Or do you want to tell me that you didn’t hear all they just said? They just admitted to being the ones who sold me out to that godforsaken reporter!” He roared again and I knew I had to say something so he wouldn’t descend on me again.

They are so crazy! What madness! Oh my!” I said on, not knowing exactly what to say.

I think it worked as he sighed, shook his head and signalled for me to come close again- to watch more.



You simply do not know our father. If you know him, you will understand that it is not difficult for him to singlehandedly wipe out a whole generation that has stepped on his toes!” Ava said to me but I just couldn’t fathom it.

Are you saying your dad could be the one who killed this reporter?” I asked, very slowly. I seemed like a fool, right! But it was amazing to me!

How could that goodlooking man be ruthless to throw his son into a cell for the sin he didn’t commit and kill a reporter because he had information about his misdeeds?

We are not saying he could, my dear because in actual fact…” Dr. Earl was saying, suddenly standing up and moving slowly to the windowside. “He surely did it!” He said as he pulled a small, black stick off the window pane.

Ava jumped up.

We were being monitored?” She asked all of a suddenly and I frowned.

That is a tracker?” I asked cluelessly. I had only seen it in Korean movies.

Oh. My. God!” Doctor Earl exclaimed as he fell against the wall, the tracker falling to the floor.

We’ve been caught!” Ava cried out loudly, her eyes very red at once.

Dr. Earl started stepping on the tracker till he broke it.

What do we do now?” I asked and their eyes turned to look at me- with pity in their eyes!

Why are you looking into my face that way?” I asked at once and they moved closer to my side like they were going to swallow me.


What I can’t understand is what Beverly is doing with them!” I exclaimed when the laptop suddenly went blank.

What sort of a question is that? She is with them! She likes them! How could you have even thought that because she sent you a ‘yes’, its truly a yes? Can’t you feel the chemistry between Earl and Beverly? Can’t you?” Dad started again. He had recently been complaining like a bad woman. What the heck!

Dad, I can’t actually feel any chemistry. The truth of the matter is the bastard is a very good teacher! I mean, he teaches really well! Everyone likes him, including Beverly! She only agreed with Ava to do this to vindicate Earl. Immediately she saw he’d been released, what did she do? She gave me the ‘yes’ which she didn’t want to give me immediately because of her best teacher that was in jail!”

Keep deceiving yourself! Continue!” He said and buried his face in his palms for a while. I settled in a chair too and waited. There was an awkward silence in the office and even the sound of the TV. couldn’t pierce into it!

I had so many thoughts running through my mind. Why was I born into Prof. Bello’s family? The whole house is in dark dread of him! Even mum cringed whenever she heard him talk!

A man who encouraged siblings to hate one another- why on all couldn’t anyone face him and tell him how evil his lifestyle was?

Mr. Adeola Fateru would be the tenth reporter my dad would kill! Why must he do that? Why? Just why?

Cole, you have to do something for me” He said, looking up suddenly.

What’s that?” I asked, hoping it wouldn’t be something that would be evil.

Sleep with Beverly!” He said curtly and my eyes widened.

Sir?” I asked to be sure, my eyes widened.

You heard me! Or why on earth would you have a girlfriend you can’t even sleep with?” He asked and I smirked.

Dad, Beverly is not that type of girl. In my short relationship with her, I have come to respect her! I can’t rape her sir!” I said calmly while my inside boiled with fury.

Then drug her!” He said wickedly and I shook my head, a painful frown on my face.

If I don’t, what will happen?” I asked, breathing heavily. “You will start dealing with me like you are dealing with Earl and Ava?” I asked, not willing to accept his shit anymore.

He started laughing!

Who is teaching you to face me? Just who is telling you not to worry that you can talk to your father anyhow and escape it? Just who? Tell me! Who?” I shouted on and on and I fell on my knees.

Daddy, stop this! You have everything! Money, good children, enviable investments, a great wife, sound health…daddy, what else do you need in this life that do not get? Father, leave the poor people alone and stop hurting them! Stop getting blood on your hands dad!” I wept profusely. He should obviously know that I was the only one who loved and dreaded him so much! He should at least listen to me!

He came close and pulled me up from my knees. He wiped my face with his palm and placed his hands on my shoulders.

Cole, you think Ava and Earl are suffering? They are not. I gave Earl a fine job here, Ava is studying the biggest course here as well. Is that suffering?” He asked and I sobbed on.

He tightened the grip at my shoulders and I shrieked.

If you don’t find a way of sleeping with Beverly, I will destroy you completely! The estate and power bike you are asking for will be gone forever, you will be withdrawn from this school, I will get you admitted in a psychiatric home and eventually get you killed!” He said calmly, with a smile. His terrible eyes shining into my fearful eyes.


And when you sleep with her, do it at home! Bring her home! I must warn you son, don’t fall in love with Beverly! Sleep with her, impregnate her, but don’t fall in love with her! She has to be taught a lesson! Do it well! I give just two weeks to get it done!” He said, pinched my shoulders and walked out of the office.

I fell into the chair and wept!

Sleeping with Beverly had crossed my mind but I didn’t know why I felt so sad that my dad said I should!

I felt that something was going to happen!

Something bloody!


Bailey, its not like I don’t want to come home. Sincerely, I don’t like the way you are talking to me” I said, feeling so hurt.

Don’t you get sis? You left a blind dad, a stupid adulteress mum and a son, a baby son for us to take care of. And what do I see you do on WhatsApp everyday? Post different pi…”

Bailey stop!” I said as tears rushed to my eyes. I would never believe that my younger sister would speak to me in the manner in which she did.

As much as I wanted to slap her across the phone and tell her how crazy she was, I couldn’t- I felt she was just so right!

I had given up on breastmilk squeeze I did everyday so Somto could have something to suck whenever I visited home- school work had been so tedious!

I would leave the hostel by 6am, listen to the lecture till 3pm, stay in the laboratory and cadaver till 6pm and stay from then till 9pm in the library. Talking about a great doctor, I wanted to be one that would find solution to my dad’s eye problem!

Bailey, you know all I do is for the family. I send you people 90 percent of every thing I get from my private lesson teachings, monthly allowance from Glory’s dad and the likes. What exactly can I do to…”

Stop sounding like the victim there! Everyday you try to behave as if you are the best of all us! You are simply someone who slept with a man to get a WAEC result! You are nothing more than…” She said when the heat that rose from inside of me made me cringe. My nose started running at once as the formed tears in my eyes rolled down.

Bailey, are you talking to me? What has gotten over you? Are you mad? Are you stupid? How could you press a very hurting part of me that way? Bai…”

Don’t Bailey me Beverly! I have suffered in this house more than anybody! Do you even care to know how much work I did at the last home I worked for? I cleaned, I farmed, I cried, I tilled, I washed like I was a machine, see, I did so many terrible things than anyone in the Jones’ family. But what did I get in return?” She seemed to pause. I sobbed some more, not knowing exactly what to say.

Beverly, I am 16 years but how do I look? Like a 30 year old woman! I hate life! I hate daddy! I hate mummy! But more than anyone in the world, I hate you Beverly! You are the wrongest sister on earth!” She said and broke down into tears.

My anger and hurt melted into guilt. Bailey must have really suffered to say all these kinds of things to me! She would never even look into my eyes.

You had an opportunity that could change our very lives and instead of sharing that opportunity, what did you do? You kept it to yourself and threw the crumbs at us!” She paused again and I wondered what she was talking about.

The school fees you get every year, can sponsor all your siblings through the secondary school, we would write our final exams and even gain admission into the university but you are proud! Beverly, I say, you are so proud! You want to be known as an SMCian so much that you are contended to just throw some nairas at us every month like we are beggars!”

Ava entered just then and I couldn’t even wave at her as she entered. I was so weak! Every part of me had started shaking.

Does daddy even know that you now have a boyfriend?” She asked and I was shocked. How did she find out?

News fly girl! It flies! You date the son of SMC but your family is in shambles, Beverly, are you crazy? Even if daddy says, he wants to be holy and righteous and that and this, does that include your siblings? You think we are comfortable with the lives we are living?” She asked, weeping so profusely. I was confused.

More than her talking to me in a very harsh way, I felt there was more! There was something happening.

Bailey, what’s happening at home. I understand now that you hate me, that I am selfish and stupid and proud. But what is the matter?” I asked, my voice almost inaudible. I held my warm forehead so my burning skull wouldn’t fall out. I had even started breathing with my mouth as my nose was blocked already.

Papa has been sick for over two months now. The business they opened for us has folded up! Papa’s injection per week is five thousand and how much did we even make?” She said and tears streamed down my face again.

I knew it!

I thought as much!- I had asked severally but noone would tell me anything!

We go to the general hospital every week girl! Every week! You know how much we charter the cab and pay Papa’s bill? What of our feeding? What of your baby? See, this whole matter can be settled by you alone! If you are wise, fix it!”

How?” I asked, so quietly.

Marry! At least, you are on sponsorship, so that won’t stop even when you marry. Marry that SMC guy! Get a lot of money from him, send daddy to India for his surgery. He would even need a heart replacement if another heart attack reoccurs” She said and I became frozen.

Heart attack?” I exclaimed. I didn’t even know that such had been occuring. I never knew.

See this girl! Sit down there! As I was saying, pay for Beth’s GCE and make her enter a school, sponsor me through JSS 3 to my final exams so I can enter the university too. Bethany, Brooke and Becky need to be in good schools too. And mummy has to be arrested for adultery and all the thuggery she’s been doing around the place. Get us out of here too! Take us to where you are!” She almost screamed that in my ears. I sighed and shook my head.

Thanks” Was the only thing I could say.

Abraham was the one that lent me his phone. Don’t ever mention it to Papa that I called” She said like she was talking to her kid. Even though I was about to be infuriated again, I decided to be calm.

Bailey, I hope you haven’t started sleeping around?” I asked and she paused for a while and hissed thereafter.

The result of your sleeping around is Somto! Whenever I see him, I loath him! Chei! Because of his pregnancy, I had to become a maid again when dad had promised me never to do such again! Why couldn’t any of our siblings become maids? Why must it be me?”

Bailey, see, you can insult me about anything else but…”

Shut up! You fornicated too when you were young and it landed you pity from dad and our other sisters. I refuse to be fooled! If fornication will land me favour too, why not take the path?” She said and my heart dropped.


My sister couldn’t be sleeping around, could she?

Beverly, don’t monitor my life! Just focus on making life better for us instead of being proud and selfish! And come carry your baby before I soak him in the well outside. Nonsense!” She said and I heard a beep. The call had ended.

My mouth turned sour and even when I tried sitting up, my head felt so light as a paper, my blocked nose and reddened eyes ached so badly!

I looked around the room and realized that Ava wasn’t there any longer. Bella had gone home the week before as she had been sick. I felt so alone with my broken heart. It felt like the whole world was resting against my back and if I wasn’t careful, I would lose it!

I hate life!” I cried out at first. I panted for a while and pullled at my hair.

I fell against my pillows and wept some more. It was the saddest moment of my life!

All I had done felt like rubbish! I felt like I was really the worst person that had ever lived!

I felt so lonely and needed someone to urgently talk to.

Yet, I felt that I should be left just alone!

Then, I started hearing a melody. I didn’t know if it was coming from my head or from a player- a melody so strong my father would weep anytime he listened to it.

My sins oh the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sins not in part but the whole

Is nailed to the Cross and I bear it no more

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

Oh my soul!

My head rose like leaven had been applied into its dough as I joined in the chorus!

It is well

With my soul

It is well

It is well

With my soul!

The next verse of the song made me fall to the ground, weeping like I wouldn’t even live to see the next day. I was beginning to feel light.

When peace like a river attendeth my way

When sorry like sea billows roll

Whatever my lot

Thou hast taught me to know

It is well, it is well with my soul.

I sobbed as the song spoke to me. I had never really understood the lyrics of the song. If I had understood, I couldn‘t even fully believe all it said. I was completely not interested in religion whatsoever. Whatever pushed me into singing this song did so right because I felt fresh air! I knew it was becoming better, it seemed God could really be near!

As I started feeling sleepy on the bare tiled floor, I felt a hand rubbing the back of my head and patting my back slowly till I drowned in the cool pool of sleep.

Who was it?

I wondered while I drowned deeper into sleep but I lacked the strength to even open my eyes to check!

The sleep was irresistible!

The peace was from the inside!


Hello Miss Bev” A security personnel saluted me as I entered the large library. I smiled broadly at him and made for the elevator that would convey me to the floor my department used.

I wanted to draw out a plan that would make things work out well for my family. I hadn’t been able to bring myself to calling my dad and asking about the welfare of everyone at home.

The blow I received from Bailey was enough. I would never want to be that sad again in my whole life!

And if being in SMC would make my siblings hate me, I’d rather not attend anymore!” One part of me told me.

You want to drop out and go back to your village? You don’t want to be the great ophtamologist that would cure your dad again?” Another part of me explained calmly.

Just marry Cole and demand for a huge brideprice that will cater for your family.”

Well…I subscribe to that” The gentle part of me said.

From all I had seen so far, Cole loved me so much! Even his father couldn’t get enough of me, though I just couldn’t understand why his children would be suspecting him of murder and things like that!

I had even looked into the issue and realized that the Mr. Adeola Fateru was involved in an accident- that was what killed him! Reports had it that he was drunk, early in the morning! Incredibly careless man!

I have no issue whatsoever with Prof. Bello!” I said.

Dr Earl was my own pal; I was getting along with Ava and my BFF was Bella! The only person remaining in their family which I had not met was the mum- and she had requested that I meet her too!

Do it!” The reliable part of me said and I nodded confidently as I walked briskly to the elevator. Then, my phone rung.

Prof. Bello!

Hello daddy”

How are you my daughter?”

Very fine sir. You?”

I am doing great too. Where are you at the moment?”

In the library sir”

Oh the prof! Professor Beverly Bello!” He teased and I chuckled.

Or don’t you like that?” He asked again and my eyes widened. Who wouldn’t like it? But it would feel weird saying I liked it when I wasn’t a ‘mumu’ (Stupid person)

You don’t want to answer me?” He laughed then and I smiled too. I was so shy.

Can you meet me in my office when you are less busy?” He asked and I calculated it.

Yes I will sir. I just want to get some things done and then I will come sir”

I will be expecting you” He said and I smiled as the call ended.

I had pressed the floor I was going to in the elevator when I suddenly had a change of mind.

If visiting Prof. Bello would put quick finishing touches to my marriage plans to Cole, why not be fast about it too?

I quickly stopped the elevator and jumped out of it. The faster, the better!


Lord, take charge of this room! Let this room be too hot for the enemy to enter! Father, take over the atmosphere of this room in the Name of Jesus!” I prayed so loudly.

When I pray in Your Name in this room, it shall be answered!”

Lord, before I call on You, You will hear me in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!”

Lord I commit Bella into Your Hands, every sickness in her bones and marrow are burnt to ashes in the Name of Jesus” I picked her bedspread and held it to my chest.

Using this bedspread as a point of contact to my sister Isabella Bello, heal her from the strange disease and set her free in the Name of Jesus! Forgive her sins Lord! Lord, in Your wrath, remember mercy in the Name of Jesus!”

I dropped the bedspread and moved to Beverly’s corner.

Lord, I told you about the tears of Beverly! In actual fact, I know You heard her cries Yourself! Lord, I do not know what she is facing but You do! Comfort her Lord!”

If she is in any fix now, I mean, whatever decision she wants to make, lead her Lord in the Name of Jesus!”

Lord, I am not comfortable with her friendship with Cole and daddy but if you have put her in their lives to change them, glory Lord! But if her destiny and shining glory will be truncated in the course of the friendship, start the separstion process now in the Name of Jesus!”

From this day, the secret of the enemy shall not be hidden from me concerning any of my roommates and any of my family members in the Powerful Name of Jesus! Reveal the deep things of the Spirit to me in the Glorious Name of Jesus!”

I started repeating a song that I loved so well. A song that talked about the efficacious Blood of Jesus!

Moving from the east of the room to the west, north and south, I took authority over the works of darkness in the Name of Jesus!

I plead the Blood the Blood of Jesus

I plead the Blood, the Blood of Jesus

The Holy Spirit dropped some more wonderful prayer points in my heart and I did it excitedly as He led me- though I had to miss a lecture to achieve it!

I believed He answered me!


I put out my hand to open the door leading to Prof. Bello’s inner office when I heard a voice from inside. Then another voice.

The secretary had led me to the first office saying the boss was having a nap. But since I had things to attend to in the library, I felt I should wake him up since he was the one who asked me to come over. I never knew there was anyone in the inner office with him.

I sat in one of the recoilers, the second voice seemed to be Dr. Earl’s!

What would he be doing in the father’s office when they didn’t seem to go along?

I sat down and strained my ears to listen. Luckily, the voice started speaking loudly.

So, you came purposely to my office to say I should leave Beverly alone? Why if I may ask?”

I frowned slightly. Beverly? Me?

Dad, You can touch me and anyone else if you like, but I won’t sit still if you touch Beverly! If you are using Cole as a bait to pull Beverly close to you so you can devour her, I won’t sit still!” Dr. Earl said.

My heart started racing as Prof. Bello burst out laughing.

Mr. Protector! See this bastard o, why are you being too funny? When did I become a devourer?” He burst out laughing again.

I know that you know I love Beverly!” Dr. Earl said and my mouth became suspended! I quickly covered my mouth and bent my head so my throbbing heart would stop it or reduce it at least!

Dr. Earl? Love? Me?

I interlocked my fingers and placed firmly across my chest.

You will never have Beverly! You will never have her!” Prof. Bello shouted and seemed to bang the table.

Ah, Jesus, what’s this?” I muttered silently.

Daddy, make sure nothing evil happens to her! From today, I am no longer sitting still!”

Then, its a battle! The winner gets the prize!” Prof. Bello sounded grim that I shivered.

I had become a game!

Well, noone can battle with the Lord! Just noone! Witches tried it, they failed. Wizards thought of it, they burnt to ashes! You and your…” Dr. Earl was saying when I heard something smashed against the wall.

Out of my office!” Prof. Bello screamed at Dr. Earl.

I quickly encouraged my weak legs to carry me out of the office. Running down the stairs like I were some breeze, I defied the greetings of the secretary and jumped out of the gate, panting like I had seen a ghost.


As I entered my car with mixed feelings, I saw the secretary climbing the staircase to my dad’s office like she had some good gists for him.

I thought for a while for what it could be but nothing came to my mind. I drove fastly away like I was going far but turned the other path from where I could see the office clearly.

That’s her! Bring her here!” I heard my dad signal to two security men. I looked to where my dad was pointing at but could find noone. I stretched my neck at where the guys were headed and saw the running girl!


Oh my goodness!

Was she in the office all the while I was challenging my dad?

I shook off that thought but ruminated over it again.

Why would she be running away that hurriedly?

Was that why the secretary ran upstairs to tell my dad she had seen Beverly run away?

Oh my God!

The two hefty men held Beverly’s hands each like she was under arrest and led her into my dad’s office.

My blood boiled as I watched but I couldn’t bring myself to coming out and stopping them.

That wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

Not at all!

I picked my phone and dailled Ava’s phone number. She wasn’t picking up. I quickly composed a text that she should join in praying for Beverly. I picked my Bible from the next seat and hugged it closely to my chest.

Lord, have mercy!

Saviour, intervene!


Prof. Bello wouldn’t stop crying!

I blinked severally not knowing what to do. I had been arrested by some big men that I couldn’t even resist! A single hand of theirs was twice larger than my two hands put together!

Why would the person who asked them to arrest me start crying so inconsolably in front of me? Why?

Sir, it’s okay. I don’t seem to understand why you are…” I was saying when he looked up at me, tears running down his face. His eyes shone into my eyes like they contained some sharp light. I squinted.

You hate me! My children see me as weird and then, you hate me too!” He said and I brought myself to look into his eyes. They had normalized.

I don’t hate you sir! I don’t!”

What did you hear while you peeped?” He asked suddenly and I hiccuped.

It seems you want me to marry Cole by force even though you knew that Dr. Earl loves me” I said and he looked quite relieved. I didn’t tell him how scared I was when I heard his voice and the mention of battle and game.

Why did that scare you dear? I love you for Cole!” He said and smiled at me, his eyes shining into mine again like it would blind me.

The Blood of Jesus!” I muttered silently but it seemed he heard me. He came close to me and held my shoulders firmly.

Very scared, I looked into his eyes and he looked shocked.

What’s the matter?” He asked. I looked into his eyes then and it shone deeper into my eyes that my head ached! I shut my eyes suddenly, shivering in my chairs.

Sir, your eyes! Your eyes are scary!” I said and he chuckled.

You are a pumpkin. I am simply wearing a pair of contact lenses. The tears in my eyes made it shine like stars into your eyes!” He said and I frowned.

I never said they were shining! How did he know? I only said they were scary!

He removed the contact lenses and looked at me then. They looked okay.

Sir, why wear brown contact lenses when your eyeballs are brown?” I asked and he laughed again.

I have an eye problem.” He said eventually “I prefer the lenses to recommended glasses.” he added and I nodded.

My daughter” He held my shoulder and it felt so thorny I wriggled out of his grip. He walked back to his seat.

Guess I am making you uncomfortable. I am sorry dear.” He said as he sat in his swivel chair.

No problem sir” I said, inhaled some air and then continued. “you sent for me sir”

Yes my dear! Its about your wedding to Cole! I want it done next month, that’s immediately after your exams” He said and I swallowed.

My pare…”

Please, let’s meet your parents. We will be glad to meet them” He said and I nodded.

Sir, the problem is, we aren’t bouyant at all. We feed from hand to mouth. I don’t know if you will be fine, coming over to our place.” I said and he smiled lovingly at me.

Your father is blind and your mother is wayward kinda” He added and my eyes widened.

How did…”

We’ve been to your place, though we stayed afar off so we won’t be caught!” He said and laughed. I smiled too. “We have friends in that area so it wasn’t hard to find out some necessary things about your family. And we love you just like that!” He said.

Did anyone tell them I have a child?

My heart dropped at that.

That should be the next thing to tell Cole!

Sir, no problem. But I am so concerned about something” I said and he nodded.

Sir, Cole is 21 and I am 20. I keep wondering why you…” I was saying when he started laughing again.

Let me explain something to you.” He said and paused. “The first day I met you, I liked you! I was so excited on my own to meet your people. When I found out that you were having some financial issues, I decided to help out but I realized that Earl was already poisoning your heart towards me” He said and I frowned.

That wouldn’t be totally true!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to help your family again. You might even not be free to collect anything from me. So, I felt, let them get married so the help I would render to the family won’t be seen as out of place. Cole loving you made it a lot easier. And the earlier I help your family, the better for us all!” He said and I nodded.

It made sense a bit!

But sir, why did you disregard Dr. Earl’s feelings for me when you knew he…” I was saying when he cut in again!

I didn’t disregard it like you mean it my dear. I just don’t want this shining star to fall into the wrong hands!” He said and I frowned.

How is Dr. Earl wrongs hands sir? Let me understand”

He is just some useless bastard! He is my son, so I know him! Don’t be carried away by his gentle looks. He is a serpent!” He said and I shook my head. I wouldn’t believe that!


So, my dear, get back to Cole very soon so preparations can start. Its not too early to actually marry at 20 and 21. Your mates already have two to three kids” He said like it was so funny, laughing hysterically. I smiled too so he wouldn’t look weird.

I left the office ruminating over so many things!

In fact, I decided to just go to my room to sleep instead of going to the library. My head was already aching again! I needed a cold bath and sound sleep!

Everything seemed so weird!

I wanted to get married so quick so I could get help for my family but the Cole’s family gave me aches consistently.

I wondered why!


I watched as Beverly waved down a cab and hopped into it. Her countenance was dull and I wondered what had transpired between my dad and her.

Lord, keep Beverly. I will try my best to avoid her from today so she wouldn’t feel I just hover round her because of my feelings for her. But Lord, help keep her in the hollow of Your Hands in the Name of Jesus!”



“Beverly, come back! Beverly, stop!”

I heard that from Ava’s corner and wondered what was happeing to her. Was she dreaming about me?

Jesus!” She muttered again. On a closer look, her face was covered with beads of sweat. I jumped down from my bed and scurried to her bed.

Ava!” I woke her gently. She wouldn’t wake up. I walked to the fridge and took a bottle of water. I was about sprinkling some into her face when I looked into her face and saw tears.

Oh Beverly!” She wept, her mouth curved in a pitiful way. I left the bottled on the stool close to her bed.

Ava!” I pulled her up. There and then, she opened her eyes which were so red like tomatoes!

You had a nightmare?” I asked, looking into her troubled face.

Are you fine Beverly. Oh my! Beverly is fine! Beverly’s fine!” She hugged me tightly and I wondered what it was.

Beverly, you need to be more prayerful. I just had a vision about you!” She said and I nodded.

Okay?” I asked, waiting for the narration.

You want me to share?” She asked and I chuckled. What a question!

Isn’t the vision for me? Share it” I said and she smiled, holding my hands.

I will share it so we can pray together.

You walked into a gathering while Big Bro and I watched on. The gathering was for the rich and we were dressed like the poor. Someone gave you a queen’s apparel, so you were able to go while we remained” She paused and my mouth became widened.


You would throw us food from there and we would feed. Suddenly, to get us a mansion to live in, they asked you to eat a piece of cake. We all looked as the person who would feed you extended his hand to you and saw a big snake! A snake big enough that it would swallow your head!” She said and paused again.

I bulped and the gas that escaped my nose filled my eyes as I teared!

I rubbed my forehead and swallowed.

It was the same dream my dad had shared with me few weeks back!


We screamed at you. But you insisted saying ‘This is a big cake I can’t let go!’. We all saw a snake and only you saw a cake!”


So what happened after?” I asked, my heart panting hard.

I started calling your name and praying”

Did I eat the snake?”

No…you held it in your hands, raising it to your mouth, about to eat it when I woke up”


Just when I was considering Cole’s proposal, my dad saw the vision but I had not eaten the snake!

And right after the father talked to me about the proposal again, his daughter saw the same vision, but I had the snake in my hand already, about to be eaten.

Wow!” I exclaimed again!

Hmmmm” I said again as I stood up and started pacing to and fro the room while Ava watched.

The day my dad told me about the dream, I had left Ava in the cell with her brother! So, she couldn’t have been with my father when he talked.

I didn’t record the call, to even say Ava had picked my phone to learn the lines of the vision my dad had told me he had!

How could two visions be the same!!!

Ava, I don’t know what to think of this. I am going mad!” I said when I eventually sat on the cushion before her.

You won’t go mad in Jesus’ Name. We simply need to pray my sister. Let’s pray!” She said and I nodded.

Please pray! Tell God that I…”

No, tell Him yourself! He hears everyone who will call on Him in Jesus’ Name! Tell Him your fears. He will hear” She said and I swallowed.

I should just say it like that?”

Yes, the only thing that will hinder God from hearing you is sin! He hates sin! Just confess the sins this way. Lord, I have seen the sins of this and this and this as wickedness against You, forgive me and cleanse me from all my sins…” She said and I fell to my knees.

I couldn’t believe that such a thing would be happening to me!

Lord, what are you saying about this proposal? Lord, what should I do?” I muttered silently so Ava wouldn’t hear.

After praying seriously with me, Ava showed me round some scriptures and I nodded, though still scared of the fact that two people would have the same dream and even say it the same way without mincing words!

Who does that???


That’s not true Bella. I miss you!” I said as she threw the allegations that I had forgotten her at me.

Why didn’t you call since yesterday then?” She asked weakly.

I am sorry. A lot of things kept coming up. How do you feel now?”

I feel dead! Beverly, my left leg is swollen now. I can’t even walk! I have sent pictures to you on WhatsApp”

You must be kidding me!” I exclaimed.

I am now very lean and dehydrated. I even use catheter to urinate and breathe with oxygen!” She said faintly again and my eyes widened.

Lord Jesus! What! Where are you now?” I asked, not sure what to say anymore.

I didn’t know the issue had worsened.

I am still being treated at home. If there is no change, I would be transferred to the SMC Teaching Hospital.” She said again and I became troubled the more.

You will not die but live in the Name of Jesus!” I said and she obviously chuckled.

Don’t tell me Ava has gotten into you” She said and I smiled.

You don’t think everything happening to us needs prayers? Ah, I do!” I said and she smiled.

My doctor is here. Pray for me then. I don’t want to die” She said and tears rushed to my eyes at the pitiable voice of my ever vibrating friend.

As I dropped the phone, I went on my knees.

Lord, calm the storm of my life! Calm the storm of my family! Calm the storm of the Bello’s family. Calm the storm of Bella’s life…” I continued praying.

The prayer point for the day giving to me by Ava was ‘Lord, calm the storm’ and I had been taking it personally since she gave it to me.

Just as I was standing up from my knees, my phone rung- it was Cole!

I sighed deeply and then picked the phone. It had been three days since I had last heard from him.

We did see in class but I was always quick to leave and as the King of SMC, he wouldn’t run after me, most definitely!

Why is he calling?” I muttered to myself. I was so happy to hear from him anyways. I had missed his teasings.

Baby!! Its been days! Why wouldn’t you even call your boyfriend?”

I chuckled at the way he said it. He always sounded so sweet.

Why didn’t you call either? The past few days have been hell for me!” I said.

Awwww baby sorry. Can we see now? Will you come to my apartment?” He asked and I frowned.

He didn’t even ask what hell I had been passing through!

His apartment? Alone?

I won’t come to your apartment o”


Ah ah, don’t you live alone?”

I don’t get you. Since your boyfriend lives alone, you can’t come over to his place?” He asked mockingly, I knew. I swallowed.

I won’t go to my boyfriend’s place alone!”

Baby, I want to kiss you! I want to make love with you! Show me you love me! Wrap your hands round me. Make me…” He was saying when I dropped the call, my heart beating so fast!

It felt so weird!

Not like I hadn’t thought about being alone with him and all that but it felt so dirty!

Oh my God!

I had goosebumps all over me!

Jesus, calm the storm in my body! Saviour calm the storm!” I cried. I picked my phone and started typing.

Hey Cole! Sorry for dropping the call! I hate those kinds of talks! If you will still be my boyfriend, don’t tell me those kinds of things. If you don’t want a sexless relationship, let’s break up please!

I sent the text and went down on my knees. Ava entered just then. I allowed her drop her crutches and ran to her side.

Let’s pray! There are storms, let’s pray!” I hugged her tightly as she rocked me like I was her baby child!

It felt so so so nice!


Oh my God! Are you serious mum? Where is she now?” Ava asked, holding her phone firmly to her ears.

I thought it was a progress report on Bella’s health.

Oh my God! Mummy, just keep calling the Blood of Jesus. Bella won’t die in Jesus’ Name.” She said and I sat up. I was right.

As soon as she dropped the call, she went on her knees, tears on her face and started singing.

The winds and the waves shall obey My Will

Peace be still!

Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea

Or demons or men or whatever it be

NO water cab swallow the ship where it lies

The Master of ocean and earth and skies

They all shall sweetly obey my Will’

Peace be still! Peace be still

Thay all shall sweetly obey My Will

Peace, peace be still!

I moved to her side and held her hands. She smiled at me tearfully.

Bella has been rushed into the ICU. A part of her brain has collapsed. The right part of her body too is paralyzed” She said, her voice really shaky. I arched my brows.

Was she hypertensive?”


Oh my God! What’s all these?” I asked, so dumbfoundedly.

Exams was fast approaching, yet a lot of things kept happening!- a whole lot of black, terrible things!

God, save us!


I looked into the screen of my ringing phone. It was my dad calling- for the tenth time in three minutes!

What was the matter?

Did he want to ask about the Beverly issue?

Well, I hadn’t be able to see Beverly talk less of touching her or sleeping with her.

I wondered why my dad was particular about Beverly!

Hello dad!”

Are you mad? You didn’t see my calls since?”

I was in the bathroom. My phone was on silent mode.” I lied.

How is Beverly?”


Who is asking you about fine or unwell? Have you brought her home yet?”

Nope” I said curtly again

Hey bastard! Have you heard that your sister is unwell in the hospital? Won’t you do all I ask you so everything can return to normal?” He asked and I frowned slightly.

How is the two related father?” I was so perturbed. There was a pause.

Bella went ill because you people won’t marry.”

How? Like I don’t get what you mean? The Bella I know di…”

Get Beverly laid down anywhere now, either at our house or any premises of the SMC! Get her laid if you love your sister!” He said and dropped the call.

I looked into the screen of my phone as if the answer to the puzzling circumstances was written in there!

How would sleeping with Beverly heal my sister?

Or is daddy going crazy?”

Is he heart pumping too much blood?”

I was so dazed!

A message entered my phone- from Dad.

Get it done tonight!

Ohhhhh!” I screamed, picking up a vase from my table and smashing it at the wall!

I was going crazy!


I paid the cabman and he drove off.

Dr. Earl had called me to meet him at the fellowship centre so after my library session, it was okay to meet him.

Hello doc!” I greeted him. He was sitting in one of the chairs and signalled for me sit in the one adjacent to him.

Hello Miss Bev.” He said and I frowned slightly.

When did that start again Doc? You removed Miss from my name since a long time!” I said and he chuckled

My bad!” He said and I smiled.

You sent for me” I said and he nodded. He was obviously avoiding my face. I chuckled and decided to save the situation.

For how long have you loved me?” I asked and a mix of emotions flushed through his face. He smirked shyly and bent his head.

Doc, its actually not a crime to love. I love you too” I said and he looked into my face questionably. “As a brother” I concluded my hanging statement and he nodded, looking quite embarrassed.

Sir, I am seriously in love with Cole. I don’t know why but he has won me over. The more he does silly things, the more I get attracted to him” I poured out my heart. Dr. Earl’s head remained bent.

I get confused sometimes especially when he makes weird requests but I think it won’t be a weird idea to settle down with him. As a good brother, please support him.” I said again, willing to put an end to the nonverbal brawl going on in their family.

Your heart was trained to love, you can train it to unlove me as well” I said further and he nodded, raising his head. He had a weird smile on and his eyes had gone red.

That is why I have called you Beverly. Kindly forget all you heard. You say different weird stuffs when you are angry. I was just concerned about your safety.”

No problem sir. There is no need to be overly concerned. I am not as scared of your father as you people are, so you can be rest assured that I will take care of myself.” I said, somewhat too harsh.

No problem Beverly. I don’t want you to avoid me because of that. I won’t love you again, I promise!” He said and it felt weird. Even if I was asking that he should kill his love for me, must he say it that way?

Deal! You are just as close to me as a brother is!” I said and he threw his arms in the air.

Yeah!” He exclaimed. I shrugged then.

I loved Dr. Earl more than I would love a brother but how weird would it be to have dated two brothers! Plus, he hadn’t even expressed his love. I only heard by mistake.

How is Bella now?” I asked and he sighed.

No good sign of improvement. I wasn’t allowed to see her anyways. Just dad and some friends see her daily” He said and I smiled.

Because she is in the ICU?” I asked and he shrugged.


That reminds me. I have started praying now! Ava has taught me to pray!” I said excitedly. His face broke into a very nice smile that made my inside skip.

Awesome! That’s the best news today dearie.

Yeah, I am happy myself”

That’s beautiful Bev. Now, holiness is very important. When your heart cry to God is ‘Lord, make me holy! Lord, purify me! Lord, help me to be like You’, little by little, your words will be transformed. What of your thought life and way of life? They will all be changed.” He said and I nodded. I was just hearing that for the first time.

Okay, so after confessing my sins like Ava made me do and praying everyday, I would still need to be constantly asking God to make me holy?” I asked and he nodded.

Noone can be too holy. We daily ask for more of the Holy God in our lives and through that, we become holy more and more till we all get to Heaven!” He said and I nodded.

“I saw this somewhere one time and it applies. When you pray, the devil will resist. When you persist in prayer, the devil might still insist. But when you are consistent in prayers and the Word of God, the devil cannot stand it! He hates consistency!” He said and I nodded.

His words were so deep!

“By consistency, you mean every day, every time, every now and then?”

“Yes dear. Every 4am in the morning, I will rise up to pray and study the Word of God and one continues with it without getting tired for two day, a week, one month, five months, a year! Consistency!”

I will start doing that but I have a lot on my mind in recent times. Ava says I can tell them to the Lord in prayers but I really don’t know how” I said and he smiled at me gratefully like I had presented him a multimillion nair cheque.

Just tell Him the way it is. Open your mouth and talk to him like you are a gisting with a friend. The Holy Spirit was a witness when you confessed Jesus as your Lord! He will convey your prayers to Heaven as the Bible says “The Spirit knows our infirmities for we know not how to pray as we ought but the Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings that can’t be uttered” He explained and I nodded repeatedly.

I was getting really blessed.

I told you I have a son, now, my dad is sick and…” I was saying when he cut in.

Close your eyes” He said and I obeyed.

Say, Lord Jesusand start saying everything you desire to say to God” He said and I nodded.

Lord Jesus, I am so sad, I have just been wearing fake smiles everywhere! My son is a burden to my family and my dad might need a heart replacement even in his blind state…” I explained on and on.

Okay, so that is like complaining. All you are saying, God already knows. He wants to hear you say them to Him and then tell Him when you want Him to do for you! So, Bee, tell Him what You want Him to do for you!” Dr. Earl said.

Lord, intervene in the affairs of my family! Jesus calm the storm! You always answer when I call, do same again Lord…”I continued as I felt the fire of revival sparked up in me!

I could see the cross, afar off, in my head!!



So, tell me now, how do you feel?” I asked Beverly as she mopped her beautiful milky face with a pink handkerchief. She smiled.

Its so refreshing! It felt like someone actually heard me!”

Of course He hears you dear. He does!” I said and her phone rang. She gave me a knowing smile as she picked it.


Hello baby…Yes I’m fine…what time?…Its alright then. See yah!…Love you too” She said and I sighed silently.

It is well!

That was Cole. He wants us to meet up for dinner in the restaurant at 8pm”

Okay. Please be safe! And don’t do what Jesus won’t do!” I said, really meaning it. She burst out laughing.

Nothing will happen! I am a supergirl!” She said and I smiled.

I never said anything would happen. I only said to be safe” I said and she laughed again.

I promise” She said and gave me a thumbs up. Her phone rung again.

Dad!” She exclaimed, looking troubled at once.

Hello papa…Oh Beth, how are you?…Come home for what?…Is daddy okay?…what of Somto?…What of all you girls?…And your mum?…so why do you want me to come home?…I will see what I can do girl! My exams start next weekend. I have to prepare” She said and ended the call, looking so angry.

Just calling me out of the blues to come. Of course, I would be going home, but after exams!” She muttered.

It is well!” I said to calm her down.

Amen! I am confused here too since I received Bailey’s call. I am making plans! Why should they kill me before my time?” She muttered again.

Her muttering hadn’t ended when her phone rung again. She looked furiously into the face of her phone and her face relaxed a bit. As she raised the phone to her ear, she must have mistakenly pressed the speaker as I could hear all the caller was saying.

She was crying.

Talk to me. Stop crying”

“Daddy collapsed. I am leaving the school now. Are you in your hostel?”

No! I am at the fellowship centre. You know what, just go on.” Beverly said and started packing her things into her bag. “I will join you at home very soon” She said and dropped the phone.

Is that your sponsor’s daughter?” I asked and she nodded.

Dr. Oladejo mustn’t die! He must not!” She bent her head and sniffed wetly.

Bad things keep happening!” Beverky said and I muttered some words of prayers to God.

Lord, have mercy on Beverly and let there be a calm Lord!

You understand why all is happening but Lord, have mercy!

Let me book a flight for you. Travelling to Cross River state by road will be too hectic” I said and quickly logged in to my flight app.

Soon, I saw her off to the cab.

I should be in school before you leave dear. Please don’t be late to the airport. Its been scheduled for 9pm. Bye” I waved at her as the car zoomed off.

When a genuine Christian passes through what looks like fire, God might in fact be shielding such from the great tornado!

That was what the Holy Spirit dropped in my mind as I walked to the altar to pray!

Such deep words!

Let there be a manifestation Lord!


As I pulled inside SMC, a cab hurriedly drove past me. The person at the driver’s corner looked like Beverly.


Where is she going to?”

Speaking of the devil, my phone rung.

Hey Cole. I am so sorry, something came up. Let’s meet for dinner some other time” She said and my inside burnt as she hung up the phone.

Does this bitch want to kill me? Daddy will kill me if I don’t do his biddings tonight! Oh my!” I brought the car to a halt and started reversing. If she was the one I saw in the cab, she must be at the next bus stop. SMC cabs wouldn’t take one so far out of the school.

I kicked off and started pursuing them. I had to catch her to avoid my head being roasted by my monstrous dad!

I could see his call coming in but I couldn’t even pick! A great dread fell over me!

I had to catch her, rape her if she proved stubborn or I die!


Yes, the cab just left now. I am waiting for another cab to take me to the airport” I said to Dr. Earl on the phone.

Oh suddenly, I see Cole. Guess he traced me here using Google Maps” I said.

Nice one. Please be safe.” Dr. Earl said and I smirked. He was already fond of that especially whenever I mentioned Cole.

Cole came close to me and quickly planted a peck on my cheek as I dropped the call.

What was that?” I asked, smiling sheepishly. He ignored me and collected my small travelling bag. He dropped it at the back seat and opened the front seat for me. The inside of the car was heavenly!

Sparkling white, every seat had a television set. The lights were white and the roof was golden!

Wow! Your car is great!” I said and he nodded sharply.

Thanks. Where are you going to?” He asked and I remembered I hadn’t told him where I was going to.

My sponsor collapsed. I have to be with the family” I said and he nodded.

And you cancelled our dinner because of that?” He said weirdly that I bulped.

You probably didn’t hear what I…” I was beginning to say when he put his right index finger against my lips. I pushed it off.

Its okay. I will miss you anyways. Had dinner yet?” He asked and I shook my head.

I brought you a bottle of Lankir Wine. Check the fridge at the back.

Wow! The car even has a fridge!

As I reached for the back, I felt Cole’s hand against the buttons on my blouse. I hurriedly pick the bottle, sat down, holding the bottle of wine and frowned at him, arresting his right hand and twisting it till it shrieked. He screamed.

You shouldn’t touch me that way! I have told you that before!” I said and he pulled the car to a stop.

I will be late if you keep pulling up. My flight is for 9pm please” I said, on top of my voice. The look in his eyes was so lustful that I began to shake.

Don’t try anything stupid, Cole! Don’t!” I said, so weakly. I looked around and realized that outside was dark but for the streetlight. The windows were tinted too. I tried to open the door and it was firmly locked.

Let’s have a drink and then I’d let you go. Am I asking for too much?” He asked. I shook my head.

Deal?” I asked, still scared. He brought his knuckles against mine. He brought a cup from the rack just above the driver’s seat. Wow! A rack in the car too! I smirked at the fact that I could still notice that in the present condition.

He poured some wine into the cup and gave to me.

Aren’t you drinking too?” I asked and he smiled coyly.

I want us to share a cup!”

I gulped down some of the sweet wine while he watched on with a smile.

Satisfied?” I asked. I had started feeling funny.

Pour me a glass too” He said and as I started to pour, I realized that I couldn’t see the glass or the cup I was holding properly.

What did you put in the wine?” I slurred and he started laughing.

You were so stubborn. We would have done this a long time but you were so adamant! See yourself now? Almighty Beverly!” He said and laughed too.

Tears rushed into my eyes as I tried to keep my eyes wide open to no avail!

Cole, don’t do anything funny! Let’s marry first and then…” I was saying when I felt his hands pulling at my skirt.

As he moved closer to me, I remembered the way I had sworn never to watch any guy molest me without digging into his face and bringing out his eyes since Boma raped me!

I raised my hands to plucked out Cole’s eyes but my hands fell back to my side weakly.

You’d love it baby! You will!” Cole said into my ears as he rested fully on me.

I could hear my phone ring faintly from afar but I was gone!

A lustful man was trying to eat me up!

The Lord God of my father, are You really real? Why didn’t you help? Why?”

Hot tears ran down my face.


Watch out for the next episode!

PS: The story is 30% Non-fiction and 70% fiction.

I hope you have learnt a lesson or two. Stay tuned for more lessons by the Special Grace of God!

By the way, I am really sorry that this came late! I have so many engagements that need my attention. I would not intentionally keep you waiting. For those who sent me angry messages, I forgive you…haha.

For those who craved for this and wondered why it took long to be here, I love you. Muah! And please forgive me.

The next episode won’t take too long. In fact, it will come this month, I promise.

I love y’all!



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