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I hope you are not so angry with me, ehn. I just dropped the first episode of SMALLVILLE ACADEMY and left it that way…oh my!


I am deeply sorry! I am not sure you know how sorry I am but indeed, I am so sorry!


I have been quite sick. The devil meant it more than what happened but Mercy said No! Hmmm..My people, it pays to serve Jesus o. If you serve Him faithfully, when the devil means cancer for you, He turns it to boil…hahaha.


When he plans cyst for you, He turns it to pimples! When he plans death for you, He makes you feel the heat of the fire but rescues you and heal you. If you don’t go through those stuff, how do you then know that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think?


If I’d never had the problem
I wouldn’t know that God could solve them
I wouldn’t know what faith in God would do


Shae you know the song??


I can’t go into the details but the devil tried to curtail my hands from writing to the Glory of God by stealing at my health but yippeee! I am back! I am healed! The devil is defeated!


And will I stop writing life and encouragement to people? Lie! I am back to refire!


Are you ready?????


Oh yes! 2017 is gone with all its problems. It’s time now to write the stories while you read and stay blessed.

Back to Refire!


Did you miss De-Raconteur?…Hahaha..Don’t lie jooor!


The numerous mails and messages I got to “continue the story please” show you missed me. I missed you too o, I missed your many comments, your calls, your everything!


And oh yes, De-Raconteur is 2, today, 2nd January, 2017. Yippee! Wouldn’t your prayers go a long way? They definitely will. Kindly drop a word or two of prayer for this site if you had or have been blessed by its posts in the past or present.


After all this talk talk, have I wished you a happy New Year???…hahaha…I am sorry!


A blessed New Year to you, friend!

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Its a beginning of a New Dawn!


Key into the Purity Power of the Almighty this year and oh my, His blessings will overflow!


I refuse to lose you this year!


I refuse your sadness this year!


HAPPY 2018!



Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle
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My name is Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. Friends call me Lizziefreezie or De-Raconteur. By the special Grace of God, I am a child of the Almighty God. I represent the Name of Jesus and seek to get to Heaven. Not willingly to go to Heaven alone, I desire strongly to encourage others, inspiring them and urging them sweetly to look heaven-ward. This I do by God's Grace through inspiring Christian stories... Read 'About De-Raconteur' in the Menu above to know more about me. You are welcome!

  1. Ajayi Taiwo Odion

    Happy new year to you too, ma

    May you continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to us all.
    May this site bless and reach out to more souls this year
    God bless you ma.

  2. Alayo Odunayo

    The devil gat no hold on you sister, the devil will forever be defeated!!! No weapon formed against you shall prosper.. Good health is sure your heritage in Christ Jesus

  3. Damilare Stephen

    Hey see she’s back, happy to have you back…. Wish we could call to check on you but no means of contact…. Glory you’re back, better, stronger and bigger. Hallelujah

  4. Ajayi kehinde

    Happy birthday De- raconteur. The lord is taking u places. More inspiring and message filled stories. I love u

  5. Owolabi Oluseyi Ezekiel

    Devil wants to end De-Racconteur at one but God said No, Thanks to God for His faithfulness over your life, Herod sought to look for Jesus in order to destroy Him but God preserved Him and He fulfill that was said about Him. Elizabeth Oyebola, you will fulfil your days and give all you are sent to US. Happy birthday De-Racconteur!!! Keep it rolling it Lizzy!

  6. Bamidele Elizabeth Temilolaoluwa

    Yaaayh. May De-Raconteur always fulfill divine purpose. Cheers to the best year yet.

  7. HannahBunmi

    Happy anniversary to De-ranconteur, this blog will continue to bless lives, more amazing and inspiring stories I will read this year. Amen

  8. Olatundun Olukoya

    Welcome back ma! God be praised for preserving your life ma. Happy new year to you also ma.
    Hurray!!! De- Raconteur is + 1. Happy second year anniversary to De-Raconteur. Zoe (the God kind of life) is in you ma and therefore your light shines more and more, brighter and brighter, unto the glory of the LORD. Greater heights is yours in Jesus’ name. Rejoice!

  9. Patrick Deborah

    May God continue to keep and sustain you. We shall not have course to mourn anyone this new year and De-raconteur will grow massively in all aspects. As souls are being blessed via your posts, so shall your soul be daily renewed and refreshed. More grace sis! The Lord shall feed you with honey from the rocks and will increase you greatly. Amen.

  10. Gbemisola Olaide Akinremi

    Oh my, and De-Raconteur is 2! Glory to God in the highest. Hallelujah! Amen.

    I’m excited to be a part of this family. It is amazing how I’ve been so blessed with the stories from here, indeed rivers of living water is flowing from this belly.

    Elizabeth Oyebola Oyekunle, I pray for you as a seperate entity from De-Raconteur, you will not be a leaky vessel, you’ll not be distracted, you’ll not be misdirected, and the Lord will deliver you from every fatal attraction (lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life) in Jesus name. Because your success is the De-Raconteur success, you will not only be successful but you shall have good success (Joshua 1:8) in Jesus name.

    I ask with faith that God’s work in and through you will become significantly contagious, such that the people you come in contact with (in person and through your writing) will hunger and thirst for the fruit of the tree of life and the rivers of living water that you constantly eat and drink from, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen (Isaiah 61:1-4; 10-11; Zechariah 8:20-23; Acts 16:13-15).

    Happy 2nd year Anniversary to De-Raconteur and Happy New Year!

    • Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola

      Isn’t this too touching???.
      Thank you momxo.
      Amen and amen.

      Oh Lord, thank You for this vessel You have sent to bless me.

      May the Lord cause His Face to shine upon you ma.

      You blessed me, you remain blessed ma!.
      As you have prayed for me, Heaven will not leave you comfortless.

      You are a gem and I love you!
      Thank you!

  11. Erinle Boluwatife

    Happy new year ma’am! Thank God for healing and health! More grace, wisdom and strength to write more inspiring stories that’ll keep touching lives in Jesus name(Amen). Welcome back!

  12. Folasade

    Welcome sis, we really missed u o…. Don’t worry devil is a lair and he has failed woefully. May God almighty continue to be with u and strengthen u.

  13. Okafor Ruth

    Hallelujah!!!!! Glory to God cos he never forsake his own cos he has the thought of peace and not of evil to give us an expected end. Sissy Lizzy, the devil can only brag jare, ko le se nkan nkan. Yes oh…. Happy new year to you and happy birthday to de-raconteur.

  14. Funmi

    God will perfect His healing work in your life, He will sustain you and uphold you to the end. Can’t wait for the next episode of the story ma. More anointing to function. Shallom!

  15. Funmi

    You can also give the devil this song:

    Èsù to bá gbé mi, oò lè là mí mólè o
    Jesu Ti là ó mólè o
    Oò lè là mí mólè
    Èsù to bá gbé mi
    Oò lè là mi mólè o.

  16. Esho Kemi

    Great work you’re doing. Always inspired by your posts, and always watching out for it. Keep writing.

  17. Ogundapo Grace

    Glory be to God she is back o the devil has failed. Happy new year sis. More grace to you!
    Please write on we are waiting to read. Love you

  18. Oluwadare Opeyemi

    Happy new year, dear sis.
    yes, I ve missed you and ve missed ur story. thank God that you r back in good health. may the good Lord keep and protect you.

  19. Adeoye Diamond

    Thank you King Jesus for the Victory
    Battle won… The enemy defeated…
    This is indeed The evidence of God’s love to you
    More of His strength and Grace to keep moving forward in Jesus Name, Amen


    congratulations for victory over sickness and Satan, may you continue to triumph as a Victor in Jesus name. welcome back. more grace to your life.

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