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Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle

When I was 16years old, I met a guy who my heart told me was my soul mate.

He was a corps member in my school and he taught me Maths so well that from being an E student, I rose to a B student!

It was a year experience but the memories of the time we spent together then wouldn’t let me go.

How he called me a ‘Star’

How he told me ‘Greatness is in you! Unlock it!’

I remember the day he was sent forth- the day after his passing out parade. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t hide my pain. I could only cry!

I cried as I hid myself under my locker. Would my soul mate just leave me this way?

Suddenly, I looked outside through the window and saw the bus conveying them stop immediately.

Corper Mike as so was he called jumped out.

He looked like the Mr. Right undoubtedly. His curly hair jumped up in holy adoration, his muscular body followed him as he ran.

Where was he going to? I watched still on my knees close to my locker.

“My star!” I heard from the entrance of the class.

He was there!

He was fully there.

My tears fell at that. I shook my head and let out the cries then, throwing away all my pride.

He smiled oh the set of teeth!

He walked close to me, bent before me and wiped my tears.

Oh the feeling!

“Celine, I wouldn’t know what you have been feeling all this while. But the truth remains that I will always remember you as my best student” He said and brought out a Book, a pen and an handkerchief.

“Celine, I must confess that you are breaking my heart with your tears! You are a big girl! You are a bundle of talent! You are a lady that guys should pursue and cry for! It was never meant to be the other way round”

” I love you uncle!” I cried and he smiled as he patted me.

“Jesus loves you more darling. I have to go now. This book will lead you to Jesus. I will always pray for you. I am sorry for never being able to face you to tell you about Christ. He is the only friend who will never forsake us” He said as he stood up.

I caught his legs.

“So…you mean we will never meet again?” I cried on

“We will if God is willing. If not…”

“Stop uncle! I will hold on to that. Go!” I said vehemently, picked the items he placed beside me and ran out of the classroom.

For over 30years, I held on to his words that we shall meet again.

I searched Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I mean all the social medium you can think of but I never found him!

Pascal came for me, I said no!

Andrew came for me, I said “I am taken!”

Collins said he was my sweetheart, I spat in his face.

Many other men came but no!

I couldn’t bring my heart so low to contain any other guy for Mike dwelt therein!

Jesus came, I told Him there was no space!

He knocked again, I said “No!”

I picked up the Book Mike gave me then. I had only been hugging it but never read it.

I picked it chapter by chapter and Jesus felt real.

I decided to give Him a room in my heart while Mike maintained the larger part.

“Send Mike away. He is not yours” He told me.

“Be careful Lord!” I screamed as I covered my this morning when I decided with two pillows.

It was either Mike or no one!

I was in Abuja for a programme this morning when i decided to visit the mall. As I was paying the cashier, I saw a baby boy going near a treadmill which was for sale.

And then, gbam! He fell.

Bending down, I picked the crying boy up. As i looked into his face I saw my soul mate!

I was shocked!

“Oh papa! Sorry. Thank you ma” the voice whose memories had made me go sleepless many nights rang in my ears.

I stood up to face reality and there he was!

“Corper Mike!” I called out so sourly.

He burst out laughing and an elderly woman standing beside him laughed too.

“You know me?” He asked, sweetly. My eyes had started to well up again.

His smile disappeared

“My star! Are you for real!” He called out as he pulled me into a close embrace.

I was weak in my spine.

“Meet my wife, Agnes. Its her birthday tomorrow. She will be fifty five. I blessedly, I will be sixty tomorrow too” he said after we were seated. He was quite blind to how numb my face had become.

“C’mon Papa, say hi to mummy. Meet my first grandson, Jason” He continued excitedly.

As much as I wanted to hide how distraught I was, I couldn’t help myself at all. He was married with kids that are old enough to be married as well!!

All along, I was thinking he would be back to me!

I had heard people say they waited for seven years or more. I wanted to go an extra mile for my love to come back to me and what was I seeing?

“Hope Jesus has been good to you? Hope you met Him?” he asked, obviously shocked at my sullen face.

I faked a smile and nodded.

“He’s been good. I met Him. Good for you that you’re happy sir. Nice meeting you ma’am. God bless you Jason” I said as if there were pieces of hot yam in my mouth as I scurried out of the mall into my car to weep my heart out.

I wept like it was the last day I would weep.

I understood why some people commit suicide at that point.

As I dropped my bag on a cushion, I walked to and fro my balcony as I held the Book (Bible) he gave me then to my chest.

“I waited in vain Lord! My crush has crushed me! I was foolish! Oh my God! 30years plus waiting for the man who was never mine!” I cried the more.

“I will yet have mercy!”

That was definitely the Holy Spirit ministering to me.

“I have businesses Lord. I mean, I control a conglomerate! I have cars! I have maids, I want love! That is the major thing! But I will be fifty next month. Fifty Lord! Where will love come from? Where?”

As I fell on my face and wept again, I felt Him touch my shoulder.

“Seek ye first My Kingdom and Its Righteousness. All other things shall be added unto you daughter. Deal with your heart’s idol and I will come in”

My heart’s idol???

“Yes my daughter. You idolized a mere man and dedicated years, your talents, your life, your youth to finding him, to pleasing him, to loving him while I waited in the Book he gave you. While I waited for you to work for me and find Life!”

“Oh Lord Jesus! I never knew I was wrong. I didn’t know it was an idol. I confess I didn’t love You enough Lord. I confess my crush as a sin Lord. Its taken a lot from me than I ever bargained for! It has!”

My phone beeped then but I decided not to pick it.

“Check it” I heard Him tell me.

I picked it and it was a Facebook Messenger message from…


“I didn’t like the look on your face today my star. As I got home to pray for you, the Holy Spirit ministered to me about the whole issue and I had to search you up on Facebook to still find your maiden name just as the Holy Spirit told me…”

I read on as tears dropped down my face.

The Holy Spirit was just the best deal!

He could reveal what was happening in my heart to another person leaving far away?

So incredible!

“My wife and I have decided to have a prayer meeting with you before we travel back to Ghana where we reside. We need to chat, pray and play together my star! Kindly text me your address as soon as you get this message. Mike”

I dropped my phone and looked up at the sky.

“I can’t believe this! I can’t believe that Fifty has met me unawares, unprepared. I chased away all my suitors, not even taking time to take them to God in prayers first just because of my heart’s idol. Ah! Lord, forgive me!” I cried the more.

“Daughter, I will yet have mercy on you!” I heard Him again.

At that time, I fell to the ground and shivered with anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

“Hug me Lord! Embrace me Lord! Show me I am not alone and wrap Your arms round me.” I cried still. My head banging!

“I am the Love original! When you find me first, genuinely with your whole heart, you can’t miss love! He will come!”

As soothing as His voice felt on my ear drums, I felt His touch on my forehead as he rubbed it fondly – gloriously!

My God of a second chance!

(Based on a true life story)

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  1. Here is the massage.. “The Holy Spirit was just the best deal!”.

    The lord help us to take away every idol in our heart and let the lord rein in us. God has a special purpose for everyone, only if we let him have his way.

    I pray we don’t go too far before we reconcile back to the beginning.

    Thanks so much for this.God bless you.

  2. So many ladies find it difficult to move on when they are faced with disappointment. All u need is Jesus who will mend d broken heart.It is well

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