My Love Race 4

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Photo credit : Internet

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My Love Race (Final Chapter)

It was a very great day today at the Jogor Center, Ibadan when together with our friends and family members we gathered to celebrate 10 years of God’s greatness in our home.

I got married to Dave three days after Christmas 2005 at one of the ancient looking but treasured halls in the United Kingdom- John Hopkins Tourist Centre

#I recounted that day to the amazement of everyone around. Everyone laughed when i told them this tale and Dave still teases me with it till date.

I got married to Dave with my hymen intact- shey you get? *smiles*
So while In the church, i was sweating under chilling conditioned hall despite the winter season. No one understood why!

For goodness’ sake, no guy has ever seen my nakedness! How then would i cope with Dave and I alone in a room. Some friends said it would come naturally but i waited sha.

On getting home after the great day, we were very tired. We needed to sleep but i didn’t want to- i was shy. So, we started prayer session… Lolzzz

Yes o! We were on our knees praying fervently while i peeped out of my tightly closed eye window to see the innocent guy praying hard. When i realized that it was more like a punishment than a spiritual exercise, i rounded off.

We showered… Separately!
When he came back from the bathroom, i was on the bed fully clad though i knew the lavender scattered over scented beautifully were appealing.
He kept avoiding eye contact with me… Ehyah.. My loving shy husband tho!

Me: Dave, goodnight
Dave: Oh.. Sure. You are tired right?
Me: (heart racing) aren’t you tired?
Dave: Sure. All can wait till morning
#Chai! What all?
Me: Ok goodnight
Dave: Alright dearie, I love you dearly
Me: thanks.

That should suffice so nothing ensues from there- i thought.
He climbed the bed, covered us both with the lovely duvet and there was silence. I laid on my left side facing the west of the room and turning back, he was facing the east.
# what’s this? Doesn’t he love me? Even if i am playing hard to get couldn’t he talk it out with me?

Then i remembered the woman power! I started reversing gently. After like five shifts on the bed we bumped into each other. I screamed and jumped up. He sat up and started laughing. I was dazed
Me: You scared me jhur
Dave: sorry dear but was that scary? You are now my wife o! Touch is allowed
I looked at him like a child drenched in rain seeking shelter. I prayed that he didn’t touch me. He moved close to me, held my two hands together and whispered in my ears.
‘i already told you its not tonight. Whenever you feel confident, tell me. You are not the only virgin here you know.
I have not married a sex driven beast!
i concluded as i saw the pure love in his eyes. I slept in that warm muscular embrace till dawn. I confirmed the ‘weather for two’ saying!

As i recounted the incidence, the hall was in a total round of laughter. Dave laughed the more. Now i can laugh.

I forgot to tell you but Dave now walks! After a major muscular ligament readjustment and other medical jargon stuffs, my hubby walks.

Also, we have two kids now- a boy and a girl- Eyinjuoluwa and Olaoluwa. I am trying all i can now to make sure i have more even if i can’t have up to the 8…*smiles*

We have big event centres in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. We have 3 ultra modern studio for photoshoot, acting and other engagements. In short, we are making it big. We are launching our transport business next week. 50 buses, 10 marcopolo and 20 mini buses have been purchased for the business start.

Lest i forget, I was supervising the goods arrangement in my newly opened supermart when an argument ensued between a customer and his wife:
Wife: why would you say you can’t carry the baby! I am pushing the cart, carrying the baby and holding my handbag. Its not fair o.
Man: Back your baby. Isnt that your responsibility? Why didn’t you drop your bag in the car. Abeg, leave that matter jhur.
Wife: At least we are outside pretend to be the gentleman you are not
Man:(turns to her abruptly) woman, be careful!

I rushed towards them and stepped into the situation. It was Matt! My Matt! Gosh! My so assumed angel has become a Mike Tyson at home. We sat over a meal and I gave them my token on advice. I was with a grateful heart. Thank God I didn’t miss it.

See, Dave loves me so much! Till today whenever i go out for even the slightest meeting, he would check on me. He still sends me flowers in my office. Even, he tells me of every lady or girl that approaches him. He is faithful to me. He notices every change in my body. He is sensitive to my pains. He plans surprises for us. I love him so dearly. He prays and plays with my children and I.

See, i have my advice to give to you. If you are married and you are not enjoying it, you might be out of His will for your life, reconsider your way and find a way to start loving your spouse. Though an alternative can never be like the real, God can still help you.
If you are not married yet, see, God still speaks o. He has your missing rib with him- That’s what Dave calls me. Lol


Don’t choose by sight, wealth or even so called spirituality. Be close to him. The one you think isn’t the one might be the one. Be humble. You don’t need any prophet to determine who you would live with your entire life. You are a prophet yourself.

For allowing me share my story with you for some days now, I am Liza Benson.

NB: This story is half fiction, half reality. From my experience, I developed a story line and decided to share with you. I hope you have been blessed. May we never miss it.


  1. Opeyemi

    06/04/2016 at 1:17 PM

    Amen, amen and amen. God bless you real good. I wish God inspires you more and more. Yea….keep soaring!!!!!

      1. Danjuma saba

        16/12/2016 at 9:22 AM

        Lizzy u are great at your write God bless u and may u stay pure till eternity.

  2. bukky

    03/06/2016 at 2:15 PM

    Love u girl…u r a blessing to this generation….God bless u more and more amennnn

    1. De-Raconteur - Oyekunle Elizabeth Oyebola

      04/06/2016 at 8:31 PM

      Amen in Jesus’ name..

      Thanks so much sis

  3. Akinsanola Bolanle

    09/06/2016 at 3:22 PM

    I noticed:
    You like the Liz and Dave character, why?

  4. Akinsanola Bolanle

    09/06/2016 at 3:23 PM

    I noticed you like the Liz and Dave characters, why?

  5. RUTH

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    09/07/2017 at 11:34 PM

    Great one

  8. Gifted Esther

    16/04/2018 at 11:07 AM

    God help us youngsters to wait on him and not be driven by self

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