Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 20, 2017

THE LOVE TANK EPISODE 4 Written By: Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola As I followed the man, my heart raced and my heart jumped up and down as if it was playing tin-ko tin-ko! Just then, we got to the front of a house and he asked me to stop. I stopped! He told me to look […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 20, 2017

THE LOVE TANK Episode 3 Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle I felt a kind of tickling movement on my cheek. With a frown etched on my forehead, I tried to slap whatever was disturbing me off as I tried to get some sleep for a few minutes more I rolled in my bed severally. I […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 19, 2017

TALITHA CUMI EPISODE 6 WRITTEN BY LIZZY OYEBOLA OYEKUNLE   For as much as it has pleased the Almighty God to take out of this world the soul of our sister, daughter, friend and mother, Miss. Tessie Hollands, we therefore commit her body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 16, 2017

  THE LOVE TANK Episode 2 (Written By: Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola) It stunk really bad! I could perceive pap, used diapers, dustbin, urine and some other concoctions of odour! ‘Who am I seeing?” Debbie exclaimed as she looked into my face with glee! She left her baby on a cushion and ran towards me, planting […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 16, 2017

  THE LOVE TANK (Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle) “Sincerely Zee, as far as I am concerned, I am done with this marriage! I am done!” Dan, my very close acquaintance who had married one of my best friends complained to me bitterly. We were six in our group while in school- Zack, Dan, Debbie, […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola April 4, 2017

  TALITHA CUMI 5 EPISODE 5 WRITTEN BY: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle   I was running and sweating and panting!   I didn’t know exactly what was pursuing me but I knew that I was running really well!   “My Prince!”  I heard someone calling behind me but I couldn’t look back. I kept on running, […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola March 14, 2017

  TALITHA CUMI! EPISODE 4 WRITTEN BY OYEKUNLE LIZZY OYEBOLA   If I could just see her one more time!   My head swam a bit.   We walked out onto the tarmac and climbing the steps that had been wheeled over to the plane.   Heavy clouds passed over as we boarded the plane. […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola March 6, 2017

TALITHA CUMI! EPISODE 3 WRITTEN BY OYEKUNLE LIZZY OYEBOLA   As I swallowed the very soft pounded yam well wrapped in rich egusi soup, it felt like a huge stone in my throat that wouldn’t go down!   I coughed and mum quickly handed me a cup of cold, richly hand squeezed orange juice which […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola February 22, 2017

Photo Credit: Internet TALITHA CUMI! 2 EPISODE 2 WRITTEN BY: OYEKUNLE LIZZY OYEBOLA   I dug my sharp, long nails into my cap as I saw Joe smiling at me from the choir stand where he sat.   I couldn’t smile back!   My heart was heavy, my eyes ached and I felt ashamed as […]

Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola February 14, 2017

TALITHA CUMI!1 Episode One     WRITTEN BY: OYEKUNLE LIZZY OYEBOLA He was directly in front of me!   His eyes bored into mine so much so that I trembled greatly.   Then, he squinted as if the sight of me gave him a bad headache and I ran mad deep in me.   He […]