1. I love the Lord.


2. I am married to my first love ever! The Lord gave him to me.


3. I am the first child of my wonderful loving parents. I am therefore the second mother after my mum to Esther, Elijah and Eunice. Very wonderful children of mine! Hehe (They are all taller than me now)


4. I learnt discipline and sacrifice from my dad. He first discovered my writing talent.


5. I learnt love from my mum. She gives enough dose to everyone who she daily meets. I learnt giving from her too.


6. I got born again pretty early in life so, while growing up, I wouldn’t tell anyone about my issues. I would tell God first so I rarely tell family and friends. When I do, it must have become a testimony or a lesson.


7. The above affected me a bit in courtship because I wasn’t as open as I was supposed to be. Immediately it was diagnosed, I started to change and learnt to open up. My ‘David’ helped me.


8. I am not a ‘call’ person. I prefer to text and send voice notes to making or receiving calls. I do call more than before now anyway because I have more people around me than then. Yet, people still say I am not trying. (Sobs)


9. I fear heights and water. Ugh!


10. I love sending voice notes. So many people have commented on the impact my voice notes have on them when they receive them and since I give my best when I speak, I love to send them a lot.


11. I get most of the inspiration for writing when busy in the bathroom or toilet. (Eeeww, right? Hahaha)


12. I am a mix of sanguine and melancholy with the Spirit-touch. I am melancholic when writing, cooking, teaching, presenting, learning and doing other creatives. I am sanguine when I am with my family and when people around me seem bored. Haha.


13. People think I am majorly sanguine because that is what my voice says, so, sometimes, I try to be a sanguine when in the public so as not to disappoint them. In other words, I am not as ‘sanguinish’ as I paint myself. (I’m still Sanguine though)


14. I love Korean movies more than any other kinda movies.


15. I desire to get to Heaven and love to tell anyone I come in contact with about the love of Christ.


16. I love to make movies in my head and well, God brings them to full manifestation through my writings! (Have you seen The Voice of Faith: the movie? I starred in it! Make sure you see this highly impacting movie! Your life will never remain the same again.)


17. I am very emotional. I can feel what you feel that same moment I see you feel it. I even cry when seeing touching movies (or even reading touching comments and notes from my readers. Oh my!)


18. Sometimes when I am not able to defend myself, I shed some tears, pray about it and move on.


19. I hate anything bitter but obviously love sweet, but not extremely sweet things.


20. I don’t love pizza plus I am learning to love Shawarma.


21. Strawberry and vanilla flavors are my best


22. Lavender and Chamomile are my best scents.


23. I love Godly home/love stories/couples.


24. I had never imagined getting married to a Yoruba man. First it was Igbo (When people started telling me I look ‘Igbotic’.) Then, Edo (When I met Daddy Sam and Mentor Grace Balogun ) before I landed in the Jukun Kingdom (A decision I will never regret on the face of this earth and in Heaven!)


25. I love surprises so much that I can create a ‘surprise’ for myself and still get surprised. Hahaha. I love to surprise people too.


26. I started writing as a child. (If joys were dollars (A novella), Akeem’s Trial (A short storybook), Angel of Wonders (A short storybook), Educational plays)


27. I love fruits a lot!


28. My best food is all kinda rice. Fried, Coconut, Korean (Lol) etc.


29. I love both Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers a lot.


30. I love to take lemon juice. Grape drink is an added advantage.


31. I used to be addicted to La Casera drink. (Plus Biggie Gala…haha)


32. I love to cook alone so that I can really surprise my ‘eaters’ with my created yummy dishes.


33. My best Youtube Channels are: AGT; The Maury Show; BGT (In this order)


34. I love to pray, teach, cook, write, counsel, go to colorful places, see Korean movies, read (In this order)


35. A.W Tozer, Zac Poonen are my go to Men of God. I am beginning to love Priscilla Shirer too.


36. I sweat a lot.


37. I prefer chiffon materials to any other cloth material.


38. I like to go to colorful places e.g. Shopping mall. Even if I wouldn’t buy anything, I love to just sit there and see things. I am always clear-headed afterwards and strangely become motivated to do well in life!


39. I do not like to explore new foods. No matter how delicious it looks, if I had never tasted it before, I would find it so difficult to go near it.


40. I am escalaphobic (I am so scared of escalators. Even when I ‘mistakenly’ find myself on it, I would be sweaty and shaky, waiting and praying for us to reach our destination safely. Haha)


41. I do not like to iron- the more reason why I love chiffon materials as in No. 37 above. Since Chiffon materials are ‘wash-and-wear’s, it is so easier for me to wash, spin, sundry and wear.


42. I love to travel by air and sit by the wings. I love the view and would never get tired of snapping it over and over again.


43. I take pictures a whole lot. Even places where people are shy of taking pictures, I would take selfies or even take some photos on self-timer. I remember, sometime ago, I arrived at an airport and I was lost. Who is going to take the picture or even video of my big bags on the trolley and my weird ‘otutu’ (Cold) dressing? Well, your girl placed the camera on another trolley, set it on timer and started moving close to it as if I was being recorded by a person. Hahaha


44. Even though I take pictures a lot, all the hundreds of pictures stay in my phone or at most, my laptop. I rarely post those pictures on the social media. Even when I plan to post it, I would suddenly change my mind. Ugh!


45. I journal my morning devotion in my devotion notebook. I do not just write the points and stuffs like that. I write my devotion to God. Do you understand? Okay, here is an example:

Oh Lord, thank You for waking me up this morning. Yesterday, I told You about how sad I was but Lord, see Your daughter this morning, I am full of joy. Mrs. Adebayo called me to say Aunty Dara has delivered a set of twins. Ah, Father! You are just God! You are God from beginning to the end, there’s no place for argument, You are God all by Yourself…..

That is why it is easy for people who lay hands on my devotion notes to know my mind etc. (I do keep them well but Esther must just lay hold on the notebooks and read them! I think I have caught Eunice going through one of them before too…hahaha)  I am so glad that they have learnt and are still learning a lot from that.


46. I do not like the raw smell of fish, meat and eggs. Therefore, when I fry them, I do so to the extent that they MUST lose that smell! If you serve me slightly cooked eggs, or slightly fry eggs or slightly cooked or fried fish and meat, I will only manage to eat it to please you. I would need something minty almost immediately after.


47. When I was younger, I mummy-zoned many guys and it really did help me. I would keep calling them ‘sons’ till they would accept it and call me ‘Mummy’ too. That way, our relationship never left that zone. I would act like their mum, counsel them and scold them when they go wrong. Hahaha….they were role-plays but they did work for me.


48. One country I would love to visit is South Korea, precisely Jeju Island.


49. The best teacher I have ever had is Moyo Ogundipe. He is gone now, sadly, but this man taught me what a teacher should be! An impactful, giving, kind, accessible soul! If I ever had an alternative career before I met this man, this changed when I met Uncle Mo! I miss that man!


50. Even though I am a lady, I whistle a lot! I whistle when I am in the kitchen, when I am washing, just anywhere! Most people who catch me doing that think it’s strange…haha…but I like it!


Oh yes! I have told you 50 solid facts about myself! Oh c’mon! Tell me which of these facts we share. And which one we do not share but is unique to you. Let’s do that right?


The peace of the Lord be with you. Amen.


  1. Tomi Pearl

    20/02/2020 at 1:19 PM

    Nice read there!
    Interestingly,, 1,4,5,9,11,12,13,15,17,18,23,24,25,29,32,34,36,37,44,48 are the few we share in common.

  2. Ifunanya

    21/02/2020 at 4:56 PM

    1,4,5,8,9,14,15,16,18,19,21,23,29,32,34,40,42,45 are what we share in common. Thanks for sharing with ma’am

  3. Temitope

    21/02/2020 at 5:28 PM

    We share 20,28, 38 and some other ones i can’t remember now but we sure do not share 39, no matter how wierd d food looks

  4. Tife

    23/02/2020 at 4:01 PM

    No 48 or so
    And I love Korean movies

  5. Margaret _A

    26/02/2020 at 10:09 AM

    We share 8,14,19,21,23,27,31,36,44, 46 in common. And 48, I so much love love Koreans.

  6. Uche Grace

    16/05/2020 at 5:19 PM

    Number 25 got me laughing ooo….

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