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Sissy Lizzy’s Delicacy (SLD)

Presents today:


As I pulled into Ajao Estate Junction, so tired and worn, my phone rang and holding unto the steering with one hand, I picked it up.

It was my husband. My heart missed a bit then.

Chei..the Fufu!

He had called me while at work to get some wraps of Fufu for dinner and I had forgotten. I brought the car to a stop and picked the call.

“Hello darling, we are at the Daniel’s” Came his voice. He sounded so excited.

The Daniels usually help take our children to their house from school and my husband would in turn take them home but it was already 8pm and I wondered what he was still doing there.

“The Daniels? Doing what?” I asked, agitatedly

“Erm..dear, don’t worry about the Fufu o. Shae you haven’t bought them?” He asked and I was shocked.

“What are we going to eat then?” I asked but I couldn’t hear what he was saying again.

The network issh tho!

I turned the ignition and started driving to The Daniels’ house.

“He must have bought bread!” I told myself.

They were about entering my husband’s car when I pulled my car to a stop in front of the Daniels’ house.

“Children, say ‘thank you Sissy Lizzy’” My husband said, giggling happily

“Thank you Sissy Lizzy” They chorused so gladly. They grinned from ear to ear.

I was so shocked. They hadn’t fallen asleep at 8?

Then, my eyes travelled to their obvious tummies.

Oh my! They’d all eaten?

Was that why Akin said I shouldn’t bother buying Fufu?

My face turned red at that. I turned the ignition key and raced past them

“Mummy!” My children called out but I was mad.

Even if my children would eat outside, why Akin? I mean why Akin?

Whatever could have Sissy Lizzy prepared that made him eat from her?

I took out pain to prepare Efo-riro, Egusi, some Gbegiri and Ewedu and stored in the freezer so that we would have food to eat at home for weeks but he ate outside?

No! I couldn’t bring my heart to containing that.

I jumped into the bed and covered myself with the duvet. I didn’t even bother to remove my shoes or drop the hadbag hung over my hand.

The door opened.

I felt his warm touch on my forehead and shrugged.

“Darling, what’s the matter?” I knew he was confused

“Leave me alone” I said and shifted further into the mattress.

“Come on sit down bestie and talk to me. Why did you zoom off that way? I didn’t even know you would come to the Daniel’s till I saw your car race past us” He said and I hissed under the covers

“What! Did you just hiss darling. Did I offend you? Come on talk to me” He tried pulling me up when I raise my hand in objection, my eyes still closed

“Akin, just tell me what I am thinking is not true. Tell me that you didn’t even take small water from The Daniel’s. Tell me that…” I was saying when he caught a hold of my hands.

“Darling, the beans was irresistible. Even if you were there, you would have eaten, I trust you. Come on, you are still my wife. Jealo…” He was saying when I sat up and faced him.

“Beans?…Like seriously, beans? Akin, beans?” I asked again, my voice seriously shaky.

I didn’t know when a tear dropped down my face. He looked shocked.

“Emmy, is that tears? Oh my! See darling, I don’t get why…oh my God!…” He was saying when so embarrassed, I stood up and jumped out of the room, my handbag with me.

“Mum, come on, the beans we ate at The Daniel’s, I can’t descr…” Zoe started as I moved to the sitting room.

“It was like heaven on earth” Blossom cut in sharply as she removed her shoes.

My face fluttered then. Not answering them, I moved out of the sitting room, entered the library and shut the door at myself.

I had had a very busy day and I didn’t like what I met at home. I seriously felt like crying.

I didn’t know why I felt that way but it seemed like Akin cheated on me, nay, it seemed worse than that.

All along I was thinking none of my family members loved beans because anytime I prepared beans, they would rather take Cornflakes or Rice Crispies then. I had to stop preparing it safe with rice or yam.

But they didn’t eat Pounded Yam and Efo-riro at The Daniel’s but beans??

I was dazed!

As I sat in the swivel chair and buried my aching head in my hands, my phone beeped.

I picked and checked- a WhatsApp message from Akin

“Darling, it is not what you are thinking. In fact, I didn’t want to eat there at all. When she served the children, I simply said ‘No’ despite the fact that the aroma was great. Eventually, she dished two plates and said they were for you and I. Still famished and when Blossom and Zoe wouldn’t eat fast, I had to eat mine. In fact, yours is still in the kitchen. I have dropped it in the microwave for you”

The message seemed to calm me down a bit as my heart rested well but my pride couldn’t let me get out immediately.

After about thirty minutes, when the worms started demanding their rights, I opened the door and moved out.

The whole place was silent meaning they had gone to bed. I slipped to the kitchen and it was until I downed the whole plate of food was I able to sit down.

No, as Blossom described it, it was heaven on earth!

No wonder Akin fell for it..chai! I was jealous.

As I fetched water from the dispenser, I was pressing my phone also.

“Aburo, you bewitched my family with your beans today and I am jealous o, kindly send the recipe and direction. Thanks love”

And almost immediately, she replied. I smiled as I moved to the sitting room. I removed my shoes, dropped my bag and my blazer and moved to the kitchen again.

Mine will be better than Sissy Lizzy’s!

I flexed my arms as I awaited my beans to parboil, its been five minutes.

Soon, my blender was singing as it crushed the peppers, tomatoes (I couldn’t even wait for them to thaw *covers face*) . I poured out in a bowl and set aside.

I washed my parboiled beans under the running tap, slicing in it a big onion and I set on fire again adding more water.

“Beans? Is it beans you all want? Hehehe…You will have it, in fact, everyday sef” I said to myself as I grounded my crayfish also.

I checked my phone again – dry fish, ponmo

“Issokay” I said to myself.

I turned the knob of the second burner of the cooker and set a pot on it. I put in some palm oil and fried my grounded pepper, tomatoes and onions. I watched as it turned to very nice stew and smiled to myself.

I added my diced ponmo, more onions, my deboned dry fish, the grounded crayfish, two cubes of seasoning and salt. I stirred for like three minutes.

Opening the pot, I realized the beans was already very soft.

Something dropped on my mind then and grinning, I ran to the freezer and brought and some fluted sliced pumpkin (Ugwu).

I washed and put enough quantity in the beans and then poured my fried stew. I stirred well and even my tummy jumped at the green, yellow and red colours I could see.

I covered it and then rested against the cabinet.

“Or should I add some carrots?” I asked loudly when I heard a very loud clap and chuckle from the door.

It was Akin. I smiled shamefully and turned my back at him

“If someone had told me my wife is a jealous wife this morning, I would have beaten such to stupor but what is this?” He laughed so hysterically that I couldn’t help but join him.

“Even me!” Zoe exclaimed.

“Chai, mummy!” Blossom said too and I turned to look at them then.

My husband opened the pot and inhaled the steam.

“Wow! Indomitable! My wife is so on-point and….erm…lend me an adjective please children”

“Jealous!” Blossom said sharply, raising her nose at me. She ran to hide behind her laughing father afterwards.

“Its not your fault” I said eventually, smiling happily

“Children, hope you still have some spaces in your tummy. We are going to eat some sumptuous delicacies tonight” He said and I shook my head

“Its for tommorow honey. I want to pack it for lunch for us tomorrow”

“Well, even if its a spoon each mum.” Zoe said

“Oh…Its nice eating beans when its fresh and…” Blossom said, waiting for a completion

“Hot!” My husband helped her complete it, sealing it with a high five.

“When did you all start militating again me in this house? Even you Blossy!” I said finally

“Mum, we will be in the dining room” Blossom said and I was dumbfounded

“So, your maid should come and serve you huh?” I called after them but they had giggled away so excitedly.

I dropped my arms, shook my head and then smiled.

“Oh you beans huh, gerrarahia!” I exclaimed as I served.

“Oh my teeth just crush some fish” Zoe said, her mouth beansful

“I can’t count the number of ponmo my teeth has crushed” Blossom said too, picking her teeth with the pick.

“The pumpkin killed it darling!” My husband said and planted a kiss on my forehead

“Mummy!” My children exclaimed suddenly

“What’s that?” My husband asked, shocked

“Well, there are kids sitting down here folks.” Zoe said and I shook my head as my husband laughed out loud again.

“Yeah kids!…and we are eating beans!” Blossom said too.

“You babes are unbelievable! C’mon” My husband ended the whole scene while we only smiled on.




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  1. Nice one again…. God bless you!

    Please I need your help on something really important.

  2. Omoh, I hope this kind of beans will be prepared in heaven o…… I think my wife will have to come and read this when it is time and you know i fell in love with beans coz I thought it will make taller…… But this your campaign against iya abules beans might not work coz theirs is cheaper to prepare and affordable for very single bachelor’s like me.

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