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Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle

MR FIRE: Hohoho….huhuhu…phiam!….bloooo….shiuuuu (It keeps raging)

LIZZY: This is someone’s farm you are burning Mr. Fire. Its his source of livelihood (Frowns and looks shocked)

MR FIRE: What is your business? (Breathes fierily) Ma fi lo mi n da si! See, I have power! Like serious power! (Runs into another farmland and there is more fire)

LIZZY: Oh my! The tubers of yam are roasting! (Pained) Oh my!

MR FIRE: I can kill as I like! I can roast and burn! Like, I have the power! (Laughs hysterically)

LIZZY: Wow! Its an opportunity to stand before you fire! I have been seeing your effect on many people in my class, even in the church. You are really trying o

MR FIRE: (Laughs as sparks ascends the sky) Now you know! Hehehehe I am fire! I leave a trail behind when I visit!
LIZZY: (Shakes head) Hmmm…No wonder! But I wonder why the only things your power can achieve is negativity especially when not controlled.

MR FIRE: (Frowns as he moves closer to Lizzy) What do you mean?

LIZZY: See the marriage of Mr and Mrs Tamedun. Look at the way Sister Lagbaja has become something else, I mean see the way the end of Pastor Something is after so much exploits he had made. (Cries) Oh see how the emotional life of Brother Somebody is going hayfire! Your handiwork! Oh you!
MR FIRE: Do you want me to visit you?

LIZZY: Hehehe…Well, even if you don’t visit, you have visited my neighbor and I am vexed already. But my consolation is that I have a greater power that will kill you!

MR. FIRE: (Stamps his feet on the ground) Me? A greater power? Bring it here! (Breathes out smoke) Phiaamm…

LIZZY: (Smiles confidently) Water! Water will kill you! And you cannot kill Water! Dhurr!

MR. FIRE: (Hisses) Phiaam…(starts running away)….Blooouuuu

WATER: (Smiles as it enters) You called me Lizzy?

LIZZY: (Happy) Fire was here.

WATER: Really? Where? (Looks around)

LIZZY: (Sternly) Follow him and make useless his boasts of an ordinary Goliath who knows nothing but destruction and insults!

WATER: Oh…I see!…I will be right back (Rushes out)

LIZZY: (Looks towards the farmland and sees smoke rising up) Yippee! He is dead! He thinks he can continue to boast when I have a wonderful tool like water? Impossible!

(A girl walks beside her)

GIRL: (Looks confused) Why are you this glad? I can still see smoke.

LIZZY: (Bends before her and pats her shoulder) When you open your eyes and mind of faith, you will understand that the smoke rising up is a sign that the fire is dead. And very soon, it will die down and we can see the farmland again.

GIRL: (Sad) What about the ruins? We won’t see green again but black! (Sobs)

LIZZY: (Smiles) I know how it feels but it depends on far we stay brooding. We can actually stand immediately and with water by our sides and the sun to provide Chlorophyll, we only have to dig smoothly. Our yams will be back!

GIRL: (doubtedly) I seriously hope so.

Yeah, we are here in the interpretation room again.

See the devil has a three-plan agenda as it is recorded in John 10:10; to kill, to steal and to destroy-true!

No wonder some homes are on fire! They might not be able to see the fire as it boasts, in fact, they might not see fire at all but there is one which is killing their joys, stealing their peace and sleep and even destroying all they had gathered for many years making their stories to be like ‘From grace to grass’

Sad as it may that the fire seems powerful and its boasts make it worse, there is a power greater than it!


The Word of God is referred to in the Bible as water!- and the goodnews is that, It is very potent!

Goliath’s fire started, burning Saul in the bum and causing rampage in the land of Israel until the person equipped with the Word came.

After the giant had insulted and boasted, and raged and cursed, just a splash of water from David and he was down forever!

What are you passing through today?

What fire is raging in your family and it seems you are done? Do you know the Word? Are you equipped with It?


I pray for you today that the boastful fire raging in your life, business, family, parents’ business, marriage, emotions, mental life will meet with the more powerful rage of Water today in Jesus’ Name!

Only believe!

Even after you have used the water, you might still see the smoke but be rest assured, THE SMOKE RISING IS A SIGN THAT THE FIRE IS DEAD!

It might take some time but the air will be clear soon, shae you hear?

And when after using the Word, you see black instead of green, kindly hold unto your shield of faith, move to the farmland again because with the Living Water and the Sun of Righteous following you about, surely, your yams shall be back!

Let’s pray.

Concerning this person oh Lord, since You are the Living Water and at the same time a Consuming Fire, show up in his or her life Lord and swallow up all fire, in whatever form it is raging and let all the Glory belong to You God Almighty, Most wise, Most Holy! Amen.

Have a victorious day ahead.


  1. Amen.
    I am actually experiencing the fire in almost all areas of my life but I never understood it in this manner until I read this article today. Thanks for the prayers. Now I know I need and after that, my yam will grow again

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