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Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle


There shouldn’t be a naming/christening ceremony when there is no baby!



There shouldn’t be a wedding ceremony without a bride and a groom!



There shouldn’t be a graduation ceremony when there are no students!






Christ is the reason for the season!



If all you do now is drink, wear fine clothes, eat fried rice, drink fine wine, share hampers with Christmas cards, you do no well!!



And some take it far. They share sadness, steal, kill, destroy, rape and all sort of abominable things.



And sadly, they call it CHRISTMAS!!!



Stop that Christmas!






*Here is Christmas if you must celebrate it:👇*



Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden of Eden by listening to the lies of the devil!



They submitted their crowns of glory and picked up the curse of gore!



Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Blood needed to be shed so God could look down at man again!



He is too holy to behold sin!!!



Sheep, oxen, asses, were all slaughtered to cleanse those sins away but there needed to be a Permanent Solution!



God, the Son took it upon Himself to reconcile man and the Godhead permanently!



Every man born via egg and sperm is unholy at birth.



The Seed of the Woman that must come must be holy, with no sin!



He entered into the womb of a pure virgin, hence, the normal fertilization was overruled! Sin was conquered! The only man born of a woman without sin was conceived!!!! Hallelujah!



He came into the world, He suffered as a mere man, He preached REPENTANCE, He bore our shame, carried the Cross and died on it!!!



🎵All the way to Calvary
He went for me
Jesus went for me
My Saviour went for me
All the way to Calvary
He went for me
He died to set me free!🎵



Just believing in this Lord Jesus Christ and asking for His atoning Blood to purify and set one free from sins, no matter how grievous, brings pardon one’s way!



Determining to never go back to the sins one left behind and relying on Christ’s Power helps one to live a life of Christ!



I am writing to you now to ask what else could be taking the place of Christ in your life?



Sweetheart, what else could it be?



THE LUST OF THE EYES: (What you see) Pleasing to the eyes.
Movies, porn, sightseeing etc.



THE LUST OF THE FLESH: (What you feel) Pleasing to your body. Food, sleep, sex etc.



THE PRIDE OF LIFE: (What you are) Pleasing to your ego, pride, reputation etc. E.g. money, praises, position, power etc.


Whatever is keeping you from looking at the Grace from the Cross must be under those three👆. An should I be factual with you? They don’t make sense after here!!!



Give your life to Jesus today. Tomorrow might be too late! Jesus is still waiting!


There is Power in Him!
There is Grace in Him!
There is Mercy in Him!
There is Healing in Him!
There is Provision in Him!
There is ALL essential for life and godliness in Him!



Come to Jesus today!!!


Then, I can wish you a Merry Christmas!😍



Quickly say this prayer to have a merry Christmas and a merriest new year!👇


Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. I have heard of Your love for me and how you went all the way to Calvary for me. I am sorry for displeasing You with my many sins. I confess the sins of……. (Mention them).



I trust that these sins are not too much for You to forgive. Purify me with Your Powerful Blood. Make me one of Your children.



Take me off this road of iniquity that leads to Hell. I worship You because I am counted worthy! Oh Glory to You Lord Jesus. Amen!


If you say this 👆prayer, I want to be your friend. Just send me a message NOW on so I can share a Bible Study Guide with you and also teach you by His Grace the art of prayer.



Those👆 are the major practices you need to keep at to be on the Lord’s side and wash off that curse of gore!



I am happy you are now my sister and brother in the Lord!



So, merry, jolly Christmas!



I love you!


Christ loves you most!!!





  1. Christ is the reason for the season.
    Without him, there’s no Christmas.

    God bless you ma’am.

  2. This write- up is a wake up call for sinners and believers alike who have routinized Christmas. I pray God help us all to see the light.
    God bless you Mama Lizzy and give you more grace for his mission, more anointing for visions and more unctions for function in Jesus name. Amen

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