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Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle


If it wouldn’t be an exaggeration, I could see my face in the tiles on the floor!


I mean, the tiles were sparkling clean!


I could even taste the sweetness of the lavender scent in the room!


The tunes that flowed from the home theater was so calm and uplifting! It was a love song by popular Christian singer Chris Otodo- Loving love!


The curtains were well draped, the chairs at the dining sections were beautifully set. Some goodies seemed to be hidden under the table net.


I was awed!


As I dropped my hand bag in a cushion, I moved to the walls to touch them!


They looked so perfect!


I looked into Zack’s face and gave him a shocked look. He smiled softly and gave me a high five! We laughed afterwards.


“Things are not the same anymore fa” I said and my husband laughed


“I am coming please” Debbie shouted from inside and we smiled at how beautifully she spoke.


Eventually, I decided to honour my bombom with a seat as Zack had already found his way into a nice recliner


I cleared my throat and swallowed as the air conditioner blew wonderfully scented breeze over my head.


I couldn’t help but convince myself though it didn’t want to be convinced that this was the same house I had visited a month and some weeks back.


“This is a very very great change darling! I can’t believe it” I was almost screaming while my husband smiled and raised his hand to his mouth in a way of telling me to maintain my cool


But I couldn’t be calm at all!


I was enthralled!


I heard some footsteps behind me and turned to see what caught my fancy- oh my goodness!


I felt so warm inside of me!


The Dan’s baby boys!


“Good morning sir” Gideon said and I was thrilled


“Good morning my boy. How are you doing?” I asked and they smiled as they dragged a small ball which was bigger than them anyway.


“Fine, you?” He asked again and my husband started laughing


“…The prof the prof!” Zack exclaimed and I smiled too.


The boys were looking well groomed!


Their hair looked like some real brushes had entered in there to do some wonderful job!


“Gift, aren’t you going to say hi to me?” I asked the other little boy and he shrugged his shoulder and pouted


“I wee nor greet you” He said and I made to hold his small hands


“Why?” I asked
“Shaebi mummy dinor let me wash Nickelodeon again” He said and I couldn’t but laugh


Debbie had done a very good job!


If the kids could speak so well in the English language like this just within the space of like 6weeks, she had done so great a job


“Don’t worry darling. You will watch your Nickelodeon and Disney channels okay?” I asked him and he nodded babyishly as they pulled the bag out of the door successfully.


I was very thrilled.


The children looked just perfectly cute!


Just then my phone rang. I reached for my bag and unzipped. I picked it up and looked into my husband’s face.


“Matt” I whispered and my husband smiled


“Hello Matt”


“This is Meeky. We are just outside your gate” She said and I laughed


“We have gone yawo o” I laughed on still


“Which yawo is that Zee? Where are you jare?”


“We are at Dan’s” I said


“Ehn!” She exclaimed and I heard her whispering to her husband


“Why not come over and then we know its a friends re-union something?” I said and my husband shook his head although I knew he liked the idea


“Would Debbie like that?” She asked and I smiled


“She is not a demon. She is our friend. She is changed” I said and then she sighed and the line dropped


As I placed the phone in my bag, my husband came to sit beside me.


He pulled my earlobe and it was ticklish


“Why would you be inviting people over to other people’s house without their consent?” He asked, his hands still on my earlobes


“They are not just any people. We are friends and its been a while” I said but he wouldn’t stop rubbing my earlobes


“Zack, stop” I said, laughing sheepishly


“Are you not enjoying it? Do you really mean the stop? Or does stop mean continue Mrs. Counsellor?” He teased me and I frowned


“Am I not enjoying what? Go jare. You are enjoying something and you are saying I am enjoying it” I crossed my legs and feigned vexation


“Okay, we are both enjoying it really. What about that?” He asked and I shrugged my shoulders


“Have you quickly vexed ni my one and only? Ehn?” He asked and I kept frowning still.


He came near me and started tickling me on my sides till I could find no way anymore to inhale some soothing breath


I kept laughing and laughing as he continued and that was when we heard the sound of someone clearing the throat.


Zack sat up and I did too, straightening my hair.


Debbie was at the entrance of a room, Gabriel held up to her chest. She was covering face eyes, though a little smile was on her face


“Love birds, I have little boys around please” She said as she removed her hands from her face and walked to the sitting room


We burst into laughter


“And who cares?” I asked and she raised her nose at me


“I do” She said and I stood up to help carry Gabriel


“Oh my big boy! You smell so nice” I said as I sniffed his body while the latter played with my long silky hair, babbling brightly


“Why do you look like my wife?” That was definitely Zack’s voice and I had to turn round to check who he was comparing me to.


Just then, my eyes caught Debbie and I couldn’t help but put the baby in the baby walker while I examined her properly


She looked flawless!


She was wearing a short green gown and a peach waterfall jacket covered it all but I could still see her very milky feet covered in what looked like a vionic Gemma slippers. Her hair was in very beautiful twisty Topknots packed to the middle of her head


She looked angelic and I went close to her as if enchanted and started sniffing her as I would sniff my husband after he had shaved!- I loved the scent of his aftershave.


“Lavanila?” I asked and she smiled as she enjoyed the shocked looks on our faces


Just then, the door opened and Dan entered, carrying Gift and Gideon on his shoulders.


“Oh my darling is back!” Debbie said joyfully and I gently returned to my chair to have a good view of the whole scenario


Just then, I saw Gabriel crawling to his father babbling in a screeching voice “Tatty, tatty, tatty!”


How he got out of the baby walker, I couldn’t but imagine!


Just then, Dan put the children aside and carried Debbie. He swirled her around for a while while she screamed with joy and held onto his neck for support.


I couldn’t but feel glad for them!


It was heavenly!


He placed her down and held unto her neck for a while, looking deep into her eyes


“You look so good! You smell so good! Its good to be home!” He exclaimed and gave her a very tight embrace again while my darling Debbie blushed on, covering her face.


“Hmmmm, oga o!” I exclaimed and Dan looked towards my side. His eyes became widened


“For real! You are both here! Wow!” He exclaimed as he jumped over to our side.


“I don’t know we are as tiny as pins that you couldn’t even see us. Hmmmm” Zack said and I laughed helplessly


“You are not serious!” Dan said as he picked up Gabriel and pecked his forehead.


“Love nwantintin. May God help our eyes today so that we will not be blinded by love” Zack said again and the look on his face though


“Darling, don’t mind them o. They have made me to see different reality love shows just in our cushions here today o” Debbie retorted and the men fell into a fit of bass laughter while I held my tummy as I laughed hard too.


Gabriel wriggled down his arms like an earthworm and started moving towards the mum.


Dan came close to me and pulled me up.


“I hope you can see your excellency ma, that your clients are good students” He asked and I smiled


“Really good students indeed o! I intentionally stopped by unannounced and I am so happy at seeing at this” I said and without notice, he pulled me close and embraced me tightly


“My love tank is full! Like, Zee, filled to the brim mehn! Oh!” He exclaimed and I patted his back as I was just so happy


Zack cleared his throat then


“Erm, guess the embrace is okay now” He said and we all broke into laughter again as Dan disengaged from me and went close to him to give him a manly hug too.


The doorbell rang and Debbie went to check


“Children, it’s time to go” Debbie announced as she picked a very nice, pinky baby bag from the floor and picked up Gabriel


“Where are the children going to?” I asked and Dan smiled


“Its weekend. They go to Granny’s and come back Sundays.” He said and I looked awed


“Why nah? The weekend is the time you have alone with them” I retorted


“Yeah. It might reduce when we are fully healed but now we are recuperating. They have to give us time” Dan said and as Zack and him exchanged glances before bursting into laughter, I knew what they meant


“Hmmm, men!” I exclaimed and they laughed the more


“Lemme see my babies off” He said as he followed his wife and children outside. Zack came close, pulled me up and we followed them too.


“Tell Granny that I said they shouldn’t eat chewy candies this time around. I noticed some holes in Gideon’s gum last week” Debbie said to the driver who nodded


“I love you kids” Dan announced


“Ai your vu tu” Gift replied and we all laughed again as the driver turned the ignition key and pulled out of the gate.
Debbie’s eyes looked on as the car went before Dan went close to her, turned her head towards us and pecked her cheek.


She smiled!


Just then, we heard some honkings of a car and looked towards the gate


Matt and Meeky!


As Matt parked the car under one of the shades in the garage, the men went close chanting his nickname


“Mattolococci!” They exclaimed together excitedly, giving such a laughter that if an indecisive dead man heard it, he would come back to life!


“Zackconferential!” Matt exclaimed too as he shook the hands and then hugged my husband, stamping his legs on the floor excitedly


“Na your boy be this o my man!” My husband said and they hit their shoulders against each other again


“Dannilologram!” Matt eventually exclaimed as he repeated the same ritual he had when he greeted my husband


Meeky came close to us and I could see the surprise on her face as she surveyed Debbie from head to toes.


Some tear drops fell down her face which she quickly wiped as she hugged Debbie tightly


“My friend is back! You look all good! You smell all nice! So good to have you here darling” She said as she sniffed and Debbie kept smiling sheepishly


“You ladies won’t kill me sha!” she laughed on and on

It was not even as if we were on the dining table as the noise in the house wasn’t like it had just six adults- it was like a party venue.


The spoons were clanging, the teeth were grinding, the mouths were sipping, the ladies were gisting and the guys were laughing hard


“I guess this reunion should be organized very often o” Zack said and the guys nodded


“Yes o, this is like the best time we have ever had together since marriage. It feels good really” Matt said, his mouth riceful and Dan nodded


“Just don’t stain the table cover, it took my wife hours to soak, wash and drain” Dan said as he pulled at the chicken. We laughed


“The over neat bobo!” My husband exclaimed


“That is the Dannilologram for sure!” Matt exclaimed and we all laughed again


“This meeting will never be complete without appreciating my lovely friend Zoe! Zoe, you are an angel sent from God! I really love you! Blessed are you amongst all women!” Debbie said, going on emotional.


The silence was deafening as everyone looked so emotional then


“I never knew my marriage could ever be sorted out again but it was! I had to set my priorities right and take away my pride and see my marriage working! Oh my!” Debbie sniffed as she reached for the serviette box, picked one and blew her nose. Dan patted her on the shoulder


“I thank God for her really! Her gift is rare! I remembered when I went to get the divorce papers for Matt to sign! She just stopped by like that at our place, met the situation and took some drastic steps. Ah, Zee!” Meeky exclaimed and I got some goosebumps as I looked into my husband’s smiling face


“God used her to teach me that in marriage, it is my husband and I before the children. My love for my children should never swallow my love for my husband!” Debbie said again


“Hmmm…She made me understand the importance of understanding my spouse’s love language. As I have started sending flowers to Meeky’s office, buying lovely shoes and gowns and being a gift-oriented man towards her now, she speaks my love language too and we are both full!..Wow! Zee…hmmm” Matt said on


As they spoke, my spirit stretched and I felt it inside of me!


I was blessed!


“I used to look at many christian marriages and shake my head, saying I would make a difference when my turn comes but really, when my time came, my pride wouldn’t allow me. She made me realize that it was pride in action and she axed it down! Completely!” Debbie said again


“She taught me quite a lot of lessons anyways” Dan said as he placed his goblet down, licking his lips. He glanced into space


“Hmmmm” Zack exclaimed as he watched in rapt attention as his friends praised his wife


“She taught me that keeping Christ as the center focus in my marriage is a daily choice! I can choose to or not to. She taught me that as simple as that may be anyways, it is still really difficult!” Dan started


“For me, she made me realize also that love is not blind kankan! My wife loves me, but that love sees my insensitivity. I love my wife but that love sees her inadequacies too. What we choose to do with what our love sees afterwards depend on us anyways” Matt said and my heart was overwhelmed with so much gratitude as they unfolded the many lessons I had indirectly taught them


Thank you Holy Spirit!


“Marriage is a union of two forgivers is another lesson I have learnt through this epitome of God’s grace” Meeky said and they nodded


“You actually will need a great deal of forgiveness for the thing to work!” Dan agreed


“She has taught me the big bang lesson of life!” My husband said suddenly and everyone kept quiet.


They all wanted to hear but I wanted to hear the most. What did my husband feel about me?


“In a christian marriage, communication is key!” He said and we looked into his face for more as he loved picking his words wisely


“Its an equilateral triangle. God is on the top, the wife and the husband at the other sides of the triangle”


“Ok?” Matt said, listening with rapt attention


“If the husband and wife talk together, it is a horizontal discussion. It is discussion between partners. It is very essential to note that we are meant for each other and we need to tell each other of the silent pains, discomfort and other important or even less important stuffs we feel”


“Hmmm…the place where a word can break and silence can crush!…Marriage!” Dan exclaimed and shook his head


“As in!” Meeky exclaimed in agreement


“But most times in our communication process, we forget the person at the top of the triangle. And communication with that Man really changes it all!” Zack said and I smiled


Such wisdom!


“It is a vertical kinda communication because it is an up down relationship. The husband on this angle, gets instruction and strength and wisdom from Him on this side and the wife does same on the other side. With their different stuffs gotten from above, they run things at the ground level but they do not forget to daily move above to get the means of successful running of the marriage!” Zack landed and we all clapped


“What a perfect family!” Matt exclaimed


“As in, angelic wife, wise husband. Wow!” Debbie exclaimed too


“From what you have said now my Zackconferential, I can deduce that the notion that the wife prays and the husband preaches is very wrong! The husband also needs to pray. He shouldn’t expect the wife to do the prayers for him” Dan said, nodding and I smiled as my husband replied in the affirmative.


“Wow, I am very elated to hear you say sweet things about me. I am so grateful to the Almighty but contrary to your views, I had not always been a perfect wife too. Even till now, I am still growing by His grace. I want to thank my lovely husband. He has been able to manage and condone my differences..” I said and saw my husband looked into my face, looking so dumbfounded


“But you are the communication mama! You taught me to communicate with you well” He said but I wouldn’t allow him say such. I had always felt indebted to him!


He had been such a blessing!


“If you had not been very humble, then would I have been able to communicate anything to you?” I asked defiantly and everyone started laughing. Just then a leg touched me under the table.


It was Debbie’s!


I looked into her face and she had a small frown


I laughed and sipped some more juice


“Hello friends, if you look into Debbie’s face well, you will see a pool of knitted flesh” I said and all eyes became directed to her as they laughed


“I guess she wants us to leave now” Meeky said and Debbie smiled


“You guys have actually tried now. Two hours!..Chai!” She exclaimed and we laughed again


“Are you pursuing us out of your house ni?” I asked and she nodded


“I can pursue anything out as far as my marriage is concerned. If I can pursue my precious children, who are you people?” She said and started laughing. We joined her too


“Sweetie, I am insulted already, let’s leave” Matt said as he pulled Meeky’s hands. We laughed loudly



“At least, now we know where we stand in your heart” Zack said too, feigning anger and Debbie smiled


“Yes, you guys should vex and go!” She said and Dan pulled her close.


“Don’t mind them darling. If they don’t want to go, we can do what we want to do in their presence. Come closer love” He pulled her close to himself and pecked her.


He reached for her jacket afterwards


“Abomination!” Zack said as he pulled my hands and we stood up, laughing sheepishly. Dan burst out laughing


“Why are you going nah? You should have sat still and watch your friends loved up nah” Dan said as he stood up, his

wife by his side, laughing uncontrollably

As both of them stood at the door waving at us after saying they will not see us off, I went close to them again and looked into their eyes


“In one word, describe your love tank” I said and they smiled as they hold each other’s hands lovingly


“Full!” They exclaimed together as if they had been expecting the question and I laughed gladly.


“I am so so happy for you” I said, gladness overshadowing my heart


“Darling, are you gonna have to watch them do that?” Zack called out and that was when I realized that both of them were already engrossed in so looking at each other’s eyes with affection that I had to go.


They pushed the door shut and we all burst out laughing


“They are love full!” I said


“No! Love drunk!” Zack said and we laughed as we approached our cars.


Just as we were about opening the car doors, we heard that loud voice from inside


“You guys ate and left the plates for me right?” She screamed at us and we burst out laughing again as we entered our cars


“What an unserious girl!” I exclaimed as I sighed with great glee and gladness.


“Can I have a peck please?” Zack asked and I smiled.


I knew everything he had seen tonight would tell on him!….hehehe


“I love you so much!” He said into my mouth as we went deep and deep in God’s ocean of love!




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