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“Tell me quickly. What transpired there? What happened?” My husband asked me, looking so concerned. 


I started telling him how I had had a very nice time with Grace and how I had promised to seek Blossom’s permission to share her life story with her.


I was not done explaining to Dave what had transpired when we had an urgent knock on our car door. My husband and I looked into each other’s face and he smiled at me reassuringly. He signalled for me to stay in the car. He opened the door and stepped out. 


“Where is the woman that just entered this car?” I could hear a bass voice. 


“I am her husband. I will go with you to look for the missing girl. Leave my wife out of this, please, gentlemen” I could hear my husband plead with them but I was uneasy in the car. 


“Your wife has to come with us. If you want us to be gentlemanly with you, release your wife to us” I could here another voice say. 


I looked into the side mirror and realized that there were almost ten soldiers surrounding my husband. I was aghast. I quickly threw my handbag at the back seat. I removed my shoes, threw them at the back seat and retrieved my comfortable slippers. 


I knew I was in for a long night!


“Where did Gracey go? Oh my goodness!” I muttered with a very heavy heart. The day had been so long for my husband and I and never did I imagine that our night out could be threatened that badly. 


“Bring her out now, ogbeni!” I heard a loud shout and my heart jumped into my mouth.


“And I didn’t want to come o. I didn’t want to see this girl o.” I lamented as I held on to my phone tightly, sweat beads sprouting from my forehead almost immediately.


“We will force her out if you are like this. What is wrong with you? Are you mad?” I heard another one say. When I saw from the side mirror that he was charging at my husband, I opened the car door quickly and walked to them. 


As they saw me, they all turned from my husband and walked to me, looking so fierce. 


“Where is Grace?” The biggest of the soldiers asked. I shook my head. I knew they all saw me as the Golden tricycle dropped me off at the gate. They all saw me. 


“I left Grace in her room” I said, tiringly. My husband pushed through the circle of the soldiers that had enveloped me. He looked into my face sadly and held my hand. 


“Well, madam, it is not time to play love with your husband” One said, as my husband interlocked his fingers in mine. 


“We cannot find Grace in her room. What have you done to her?” Another asked and I couldn’t control my tears.  I burst out crying at that point. 


“Officer, please, let us know what we are doing here! Why are you asking that kind of question? What did she do to Grace? My wife is a child of God and…” My husband was saying when one of them burst out laughing.


“Ogbeni, keep quiet!” He said and I frowned.


“You cannot tell my husband to keep quiet! I cannot take that” I said, looking into the red eyes of the big-tummied soldier. “If you want me to come with you, so be it! But, never should you be rude to my husband!” I said, shaking from my head to my toes. Some of the soldiers burst out laughing. They laughed so fiercely that I thought my heart would break from the shock and ridicule. 


“We are not actually here to watch a love play between a husband and a wife…” Another officer started but my husband cut in. 


“Neither are we actors. We are not here to entertain. This is a very big embarrassment. Can you tell us what you want us to do so that we can get out of here, please?” My husband asked. He looked really sad. I felt so guilty that I had brought him into something so unpalatable. My husband would never be a part of fights and arguments. He would always avoid them but he just couldn’t avoid the one that involved his one and only wife. 


 You need to come with us now!” Another of the soldiers said, a handcuff in his hand. 


“No no no, officer! You cannot wear that on my wife. We are law-abiding citizens. We will go with you” My husband explained calmly.


An army jeep drove out of the gate almost immediately. 


“Please, get inside our van!” One of the soldiers that had the name ‘David Yusuf’ said. He had been quiet since his colleagues started harassing us. 


The name rang a bell and I racked my brain to know where I had heard it from. 


David Yusuf!


I heard that name recently. 


Oh my!


Suddenly, the scene I had with Dr. and Dr. Olagunsoye earlier in the day flashed back in my memory:


“That is a confusion, Dr. Zee. We were talking about David Yusuf, the chief security at our residence estate” Dr. Olagunsoye said and I nodded, quite embarrassed. But I smiled to cover it up.


Oh, this is the chief security officer!


As we got into the van, David Yusuf got into the front seat beside the driver. 


My husband threw his car key at one of the soldiers. 


“Drive my car into your compound, for security, please. I am already too disappointed to drive it in myself” He said as the choleric that he was. 


He looked at the soldier beside us and smiled, shaking his head. 


“At the end of the day, if Grace is found hale and hearty, you will all need to apologize to my wife.” My husband said, fearlessly. “I do not joke with my wife! I repeat, I do not joke with my wife!” He said, his voice laden with so much disappointment. 


I pulled at his arm in a bid to comfort him. He looked at me briefly and planted a peck on my neck.


“Just pray she is fine o. You need to pray” The soldier sitting next to us said. 


“Gwarimpa!” David Yusuf called out from the front. 


“Yes sir!” The soldier beside us responded. 


“Alight. Take the car key from Officer Whale and park this couple’s car in one of the garages. Nothing must touch the car” He commanded. 


“Yes sir!” He said and alighted, giving us a weird look. Even we were surprised at that treatment after the ‘Abuja war’ that had just taken place a few minutes earlier. 


“James!” David Yusuf called out again. 



“Yes sir!” The driver responded. 


“Alight. I will drive the van” He said. 


“Sir?” The driver asked to be sure but when he looked into David Yusuf’s face, he quickly gave his ‘Yes sir!’, looked into our faces and alighted. 


David Yusuf moved to the driver’s seat and looked back at us. He smiled.



“I am so happy to meet you. My name is David Yusuf” He said and he turned the ignition key and started driving. 


“I am David. My wife is Zoe.” My husband said, somewhat curtly. 


“I am so sorry for the inappropriate behaviour of my boys. I apologize” He said and I could only nod. I wasn’t feeling life in my legs again. I was too weak. 


“Thank you for your help, officer” My husband responded, rubbing my sore neck. 


“I have some questions, Ma’am Grace. Can I ask please?” He asked and I nodded, my forehead throbbing mercilessly. 


“Go on” My husband responded audibly on my behalf. 


“When last did you see Grace?” David Yusuf asked. 


“Over forty-five minutes ago. I finished my counselling session with her, moved to her parents’ sitting room, discussed some more and then, the Golden Tricycle dropped me off. It should be more than an hour now if we add the time for the squabble between us and the soldiers” I explained, my eyes aching so painfully. 


“How did you leave Grace?” He asked again and I frowned. Our eyes met in the rear mirror and he smiled shortly. “What shape was she when you left her?”


“She was smiling so happily. She couldn’t even bear to see me leave. We had a scheduled meeting for tomorrow. That is why I am so shocked that she can’t be found at this point” I explained. My husband sighed. I looked at him and saw his eyes closed. He was nodding his head repeatedly and rubbing his palms together. I knew then, that he was firing some prayers. 


“Alright. We have checked the control room where all our CCTV monitors can be seen and we are so shocked that none of the monitors showed her leaving her room, yet, checking everywhere in her room, she was nowhere to be found” 


“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, really troubled. 


“And the door to her room was left open. Did you give her the key?” He asked again and I nodded, regretfully. 


“I did. I was trying to make her know how much love her parents have for her and I trusted her with the key. Oh my world, this is a terrible mistake!” I exclaimed as tears beclouded my eyes again. 


As we alighted from the car, we rushed into the main building and right, outside the elevator was a bereaved Mrs. Olagunsoye. Her eyes were sullen and red.


“Thank you so much for coming back, Dr. Zee” She said, forcing a smile. David Yusuf walked close to her, whispered some things and she was aghast almost immediately. 


“Who are they?” She asked loudly and David Yusuf whispered some things to her ears again. “Oh my God!” 


She looked at me and went on her knees immediately. 


“Dr. Zee, Grace is very important to me. She is my only child. I love her so much” She said and swallowed. I nodded. 


I knew all those! 


“But I love and respect you too. You are a woman of God. You left all your work and evening for me today and came out of your love for my family. You gave the key to Grace for a purpose, that, I am sure” She paused again and I nodded once more. 


“My Chief Security said some of the soldiers mishandled you. Ah, I am so sorry. I didn’t even ask them to bring you back, talk less of….oh my God” She broke down into tears. “I am so sorry. I am sorry.” She wept on. 


My husband stepped forward and lifted her up. 


“You are Dr. David, her husband, right?” She asked, looking into my husband’s eyes as tears trickled down her face. My husband nodded. 


“You are a man of God! You are the raregem that released your wife to us despite your plans for this night?” She asked again and my husband smiled once more. He reached in his pocket and retrieved a handkerchief. He wiped her face. 


“Thank you for wiping my tears! Thank you for your love. Your children will honour you” She said as she drew my husband into a tight embrace. 


“The Lord bless you ma. He has told me so much about you already” My husband said an Mrs. Olagunsoye smiled as she sniffed. 


“This God! If you know what He told me about you and your wife shortly before Grace was declared missing, ehn! This God is too marvelous!” She exclaimed with a smile. 


I smiled, transfixed on a spot. It dawned on me then, that the Holy Spirit was at work in both my husband and Mrs. Olagunsoye to the extent that He had told them things about each other. 


I sighed as I wondered when the Holy Spirit would start working in me.


“My dear Dr. Zee” She said with a tearful smile as she approached me. She was almost going down on her knees again when I pulled her up. “I am so sorry for the way my security team handled you”


“It’s okay ma” I said slightly. I was glad to know that she had such a warm heart but I promised myself that if and when Grace was finally found, I would never have a thing to do with her anymore. 


It was just too dangerous!


“Don’t because of this experience forsake our home, please” She said as if she knew my thoughts. 


I simply smiled as my husband gave me a knowing wink. 


“God will help me ma. God’s will be done” I said reluctantly. 


“Mummy, don’t worry. We are here gallantly by the mercies of the Lord and His grace shall keep us here” My husband said and I shot him a doubting look. He smiled.


“I guess we need to look around one more time for Grace” David Yusuf said, reminding us of the major reason why we were standing there. 


After over an hour of vigorous checks, we returned to the sitting room to sit. 


I was quite disturbed. 


Where could she be? 


“Please, can I go and check her room again?” I asked out of the blue. 


“We have checked everywhere, Dr. Zee” David Yusuf and Mrs. Olagunsoye almost said at the same time. 


“Can I check again?” I asked and they answered retiredly when I insisted. 


“Should I go with you?” My husband asked. I smiled. 


“I will definitely love that” I said, standing up. 


We had not reached the door when it flung open and my pretty Grace rushed in on her crutches. 


“Mum, dad! Mum, dad! Oh my God!” She was screamed. 


As soon as she saw me, she ran to me, dropped her crutches and hugged me so tightly. 


“I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Forgive me. I am so sorry” She kept on saying. I hugged her tightly as tears laced my eyes. My husband handed her crutches back to her and she collected it gratefully. 


She went to her mum who was already shocked and in tears. They hugged so tightly as Mrs. Olagunsoye cried so loudly. 


Dr. Olagunsoye came in through the door just then, looking so shocked. He had been asleep all the while as his wife didn’t tell him that Grace was missing. 


“Is that Grace?” He asked as he walked towards her. 


“Dad! Oh dad!” Grace threw her crutches away again and fell into the arms of her father. They wept once more. 


“Captain Dave!” She hailed David Yusuf who also hugged her tightly. 


“I am so happy to see you looking so radiant! Oh my, is this my Grace?” David Yusuf exclaimed. 


Grace grabbed her crutches again and galloped towards where I was seated. She sat down beside me and held my hand. 


“Dr. Zee, you won’t believe what happened after you left” She started and everyone sat, looking at her with rapt attention.


“Tell me about it” I said


“A voice told me that all that you had told me was not true. It told me that God didn’t love me. It told me that my parents didn’t love me. It told me that my baby was a bastard. It told me I should hang myself”


“Oh my goodness!”




“Oh Lord!”


“God forbid!”


Different exclamations fly in from different directions as she said that. Grace looked so excited and she radiated with so much purity that I felt like hugging her and making her my child. 





“Then, sadly and which is why I am so sorry, Dr. Zee, I went to my wardrobe, tore out some belts out of my clothes and started joining them together. I was weeping really endlessly, Dr. Zee! I felt so miserable and hopeless” She said, swallowed a bit. She pressed a bell on the stool beside her. 


“Cold water and some lemon press, please” She said and faced me again. “I am so sorry for the interruption, my angel, Dr. Zee” She said and a smile lit my dark face.


Soon, a trolley was pushed in by a chef. Different packs of juice and wines were laid on the table with some bottles of water, a juice of lemon juice and some bowls of ice cubes. 


Grace served herself and gulped down the water in a rush. She touched me as soon as she was done drinking. 


Noone appeared to be interested in the ceremonious servings of drinks and wines. We all wanted to listen to her story. 


“I dragged myself to the bathroom with the long rope I had made. I couldn’t climb into my bath because of my leg, so I filled the bath with hot water. And started to wrap the rope round my neck. See, I was about dipping my neck into the hot, steaming bath when I saw you, Dr. Zee” She said, smiling and clapping her hands together with so much gusto.


The silence was loud! 


“You were seated on my toilet seat, dressed in white, from your head to your toes. You smiled and started to sing, with the most sonorous voice I have ever heard in my ears.” She said and started to cry as she started to sing. 


Does Jesus care when my heart is pained


Too deeply for mirth or song,


As the burdens press, and the cares distress


And the way grows weary and long?


“And then, the way you took the chorus threw me off balance! I couldn’t control myself anymore” She said as she shook her head marvelously. My tears damped my camisole as she sang. 




Appearing to someone, real life and singing?


Oh my goodness! 


Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,


His heart is touched with my grief;


When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,


I know my Savior cares.


“Oh my goodness, Dr. Zee! As you moved to the next verse,  I was stunned! Even if I felt no one cared about me, Jesus does! He cares! He cares! Oh my God, unbelievable!” She exclaimed as she fell to the extoci rug on the floor.


Does Jesus care when my way is dark


With a nameless dread and fear?


As the daylight fades into deep night shades,


Does He care enough to be near?


“Did you hear that? Now, listen to the chorus again. Listen to it…oh my God!”


Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,


His heart is touched with my grief;


When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,


I know my Savior cares.


Her tears turned to deep sobs. I joined her as I started to sing the third stanza with her. The stanza that made the most sense to the situation at hand. 


“Listen to this next stanza. As if it came to answer all of my questions. Oh my God! Oh my days!”  She wouldn’t stop exclaiming. 


My heart wouldn’t stop racing as well. I was too dazed. 


She felt as if it was God that was talking to her but I knew the message was for me as well. 


I had always looked down at myself spiritually despite all that my husband had said to me, of the great potentials inside of me. I had allowed inferiority complexes to get the best of me.




Grace’s voice jeered me back to reality.


Does Jesus care when I’ve tried and failed


To resist some temptation strong;


When for my deep grief there is no relief,


Though my tears flow all the night long?


When she was going to start the chorus again, we all joined, solemnly, emotionally and with a tune of fellowship. 


Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,


His heart is touched with my grief;


When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,


I know my Savior cares.


“And look at this stanza. It broke me. It did” She cried again. I wondered how she remembered all the stanzas. But since it was a divine encounter she had, I knew it was such that would remain forever in her memory.


Does Jesus care when I’ve said “goodbye”;


To the dearest on earth to me,


And my sad heart aches till it nearly breaks,


Is it aught to Him? Does He see?


“Oh my God! I said goodbye to the US that I so loved! Yet, He cares! I said goodbye to Millo who I so loved, yet He cares! My leg had to go, my dearest leg, yet He cares! Oh my goodness!” She said and wept sore. 


My husband conducted the chorus again and we also sang with tears. Only my husband and David Yusuf remained dry-eyed even though they looked so emotion-laden. 


Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,


His heart is touched with my grief;


When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,


I know my Savior cares.



Listen to the song ‘Does Jesus Care?’ below:





“In the long run, all that matters to God is my soul! Kai! Jacob’s hip had to go for him to have a divine encounter!”



“Hmmmmm”  Some of us exclaimed.




“Job had serious wounds, his children all died! His possessions were all gone! That is even worse than my leg going off! Oh my goodness! He cares for me! He does! The later life of Jacob was better off in God. No more living in deceptions and lies! The end of Job was better as well. His light shone brighter in his generation. Oh my God!” She cried. 


My husband had started speaking in tongues, quietly, yet distinctly. 


“After all the songs, do you know what Dr. Zee, said to me?” She asked and we shook our heads. 


“God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream.” She said and I continued to nod, blowing my wet nose in my handkerchief. 


“That is true.” David Yusuf nodded. 


“Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns. Nothing worth having ever comes easy or without opposition. Storms will come, lions will roar, and our fears will be confronted.” She continued, shaking her head as she did.


“Hmmmm…Kabiyesi!” Mrs. Olagunsoye exclaimed, running her hand over her wet face. 


“God allows the path to be difficult because He intends on refining us and preparing us for our place of promise. He is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would love to leverage against us.” She said and I broke down into tears. 


“Oh my goodness! Oh, Lord!” I cried out as my husband held me tightly. 


“Then, she said, God loves us too much to promote us before we are ready.” She said and I fell on my knees. The whole thing was talking to me. I bowed my head and wept.


“Oh my God, this statement, I need to find meaning to it.” Grace said, shaking her head. 


“Hmmmm….God is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would love to leverage against us” My husband re-echoed and there were outbursts of emotions again. 




After weeping and praying from different corners filled the whole room, Grace spoke again. 


“It doesn’t still make full sense to me, Dr. Zee. It doesn’t! I guess there are some heights I need to enter into now. I need more of this God. I need to ascend into the realms. I have the joy of salvation! My heart feels like singing all through the night. Dr. Zee, thanks for coming into my life. Thank you for making me avoid hell. Thank you for making me preserve the life of the Gift of God that lives inside of me. Dr. Zee, thank you!” 


I crawled to her side and hugged her tightly. 




If only she knew what she was doing to me! 


If only she knew how much my heart wanted to break forth and speak in tongues.


If only she knew how much experience I had had that single day!


“I want Blossom’s story. Please, I do” She cried, patting me so sweetly. 


“Ok. I am sure she will say yes. She will” I said as I pecked her severally on her cheeks. 


She started singing, with me still in her bosom. 


Oh What A Wonderful Wonderful Day

Day I Will Never Forget

After I’d Wandered In Darkness Away

Jesus My Savior I Met

Oh What A Tender Compassionate Friend

He Met The Need Of My Heart

Shadows Dispelling With Joy I Am Telling

He Made All The Darkness Depart


“Please, sing the chorus with me, everyone” She said and a choir was created in that sitting room that day as we sang with so much joy.


Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul

When At The Cross The Savior Made Me Whole

My Sins Were Washed Away

And My Night Was Turned To Day

Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul


There was a revival that night in that house. We sang, prayed, cried and fellowshipped together as one body. 


We were so busy in the rhapsodies of the Spirit, that we forgot about the date for which we had so greatly prepared for!







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