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“Hello daddy, good morning sir”




“Good morning my daughter. How do you do?”




“I am not fine daddy” I said and he smiled.




“Confess positively my friend”




“Okay daddy, I am fine in Jesus’ Name.”




“Amen. How is Nigeria today? Is it raining?”




“Nigeria is just there o. No, it’s not raining. It’s cloudy though”





“Oh…alright! The rain over here has been nonstop since day before yesterday”





“Wow! That’s amazing!”




“It is well. So, tell me. What’s with your voice? Why did you say you are not fine? Is it your mum again?”




“No daddy. She’s not the case anymore o. The Lord has even touched her sef. She is now very changed.”




“Oh really! How?”




“I came back last week from work and found my mum and dad at the dining table with Mola, eating and laughing over a movie. It was like a dream to me.”




“Tell me something”




“Mum apologized to me for trying to rule my life and said that Emmy and I should try to make up if we can. The way she said it still shows she doesn’t like the idea anyway.”




“It is well. Speaking of Emmy, do you know where he is presently?”





“Daddy, I have tried his Nigerian and German numbers to no avail! Even all his social media accounts are not available!”





“I wonder what happened that made him run that far”





“Mum said she cursed him on her knees with hot tears”




“Oh my God!”




“She also said she was the one that sent the message I received from Emmy. That she collected his phone and typed the message”





“Oh, my goodness! This is so serious”





“She said she is sorry for dishonoring you the other day you visited Nigeria. She is planning to come over to Ghana to apologize”





“What! Ah…no o. What for? There is no need for that please. Tell them never to…”




“They have booked and paid for their flights already. They will be leaving tomorrow morning”








“The newest love birds ever of course. Mum and Dad.” I said and chuckled. Pastor Mensah burst out laughing.




“This is serious! The Lord is great! Wow! Father we are grateful” He said so excitedly. “I will be expecting them in Ghana o. We have a lot to discuss. Especially about Emmy. The Lord will touch your mum completely till she surrenders to the Holy Ghost”




“Hmmmm…. It’s well daddy”




“So, what is the problem now? Why are you not fine?”



“Erm…. Dad, I have been dreaming lately. Some strange kind of dreams”




“Dreams? Please share”




“Okay sir. Last Saturday, I was having a forty wink when I had this one. I was on a river brink with Emmy. We were happy and gisting and it was all romantic and sweet…”




“Okay?” He said impatiently.




“Suddenly, a hand came from behind me and powerfully pushed me into the river. Just then, the river suddenly turned to a big ocean. The hand kept strangling me while Emmy kept trying to pull off the hand. Then I woke up”




“Wow!” He exclaimed and sighed.




“Then, on Tuesday again, I dreamt while I was sleeping at night. I was tied to tree and Emmy came around, looking very surprised. He didn’t say a word to me. He simply brought out a small knife and started to untie me. As he did that, a guy appeared in front of me and started throwing pebbles at Emmy. He tried to stop Emmy from untying me and he tried to wound me as well.”




“Hmmmm…did you see his face?”




“No, I didn’t”




“Okay. Anymore dream?”




“Yes dad. Today again, just few minutes before I called you, I was praying o. I was in prayers when I saw this one.”




“What was it?”





“I was like a small doll on a table- a dining table. Then, a guy came forward with baby food, wore me a bib and started feeding me with the food.”




“Oh really!”




“Yes dad. And as I looked towards my side, I saw Emmy weeping profusely”










“I don’t know what to do daddy. Who is this guy? Why is the person frustrating all the plans of Emmy towards me? Why?”





“Hmmmm…. calm down my daughter. Calm down as the Lord helps us to get to the root of this issue.”





“Okay dad”





“Is there someone you are dating behind Emmy?”





“Not at all! No one!”







“And no guy has threatened you recently?”





“No guy! None!” I shook my head but I suddenly stopped in my track. “Someone recently did. Bro. Dada Ariyo. He did…”





“Dada Ariyo? The son of Pastor Ariyo?”






“Yes sir”






“How on earth did you get entangled with that guy”





“He was the one Marriage council sent to propose to me sir”






“Oh my God! Dada was here in Ghana. He proposed to my daughter and five other sisters at the same time. Summarily, he broke the heart of all ladies after forcefully sleeping with them! It was only my daughter that escaped that.”







“What!” I exclaimed, my heart starting to thump immediately.





“How did he threaten you?”





“But tell your mother that she made a mistake making me step into this house because when I have set my eyes on a thing to have it, I must have it!’





“Hmmmmmm….it is well.”





“He also told my sister that ‘The way the Lord will deal with you ehn, you will understand why it is dangerous to put one’s mouth in someone else’s business!’







“Hmmmm…. that guy does not make empty threats! After we excommunicated him in Kumasi that year, he said he would come back at us as a bulldozer! The next week, our church building was in shambles! All our gadgets and seats and just everything was grounded to powder in a terrible fire incident!”





“Oh my God!” My heart threw into my mouth.





“Not to worry daughter. For the Lord to have shown it to us now, he wants us to deal with it. We will pray and the Lord will answer us in the Name of Jesus!”





“Amen!” I said, quite shakily, my hands suddenly turning moisty.





“And you know what daughter?”





“What sir?”




“That might not necessarily be the interpretation of the dream. Most times what we see in our dreams do not necessarily mean what they portray exactly in the dream”









“Yes, my daughter. You might suddenly see yourself getting pregnant n a dream and people are happy for you. Upon delivery, you have a baby that everyone wants to carry. That doesn’t mean that you will be impregnated and put to shame! It might be an announcement from Heaven that you are about to be favored or bring to delivery a source of joy to the whole world.




“Hmmmm. I get now daddy.”





“So, these dreams have some things in common. Emmy was there. A bad man was there, joy was there, attack on the joy was there and a fight was there as well.”









“The interpretation is simple. Emmy is your destiny helper. He is right there trying to help you but there are forces trying to stop him!”










“And you know what?”





“What sir?”





“These powers are not targeted at Emmy but at you! Look at the visions clearly. The power tried to drown you! The powers tried to leave you bound! The powers reduced you to a baby that is being fed. You are the one being attacked here.” He said again and I started crying.







“Why? Who have I offended daddy? I pay my tithe and pray as I ought. I love the Lord and desire to do His Will. Who have I offended that wouldn’t let me go oh Lord?”





“The question isn’t who have you offended o my dear daughter. You have offended the devil! Your prayers annoy him! Your shining glory troubles him! You have of course offended some powers and they will fight!”





“So, even as a child of God, I will still face issues like this?”





“Ah my daughter! Okay, come with me to Luke chapter 8 verse 22” He said and I reached my Bible, my pen and my jotter.












“Okay sir” I said as I located the verse. “Now it came to pass on a certain day that he went into a ship with his disciples and he said unto them, ‘Let is go over unto the other side of the lake’. And they launched forth.”





“Who brought up the idea of going over to the other side?”





“The Lord Jesus Christ.”






“Okay. The Lord Himself has brought up the idea of getting married. He desires you cross over from this single state to the married state and that was why he placed in you the desire to get married and even showed you Emmy”








“He said, ‘Daughter, let’s move to the other side’ Let us! It is not you alone now- it is you with Him! You are carrying Jesus with you to the married life. He instructed it…. Let’s continue reading. Read verse 23”





“But as they sailed, he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake and they were filled with water and were in jeopardy”






“Stop there. Jesus was sleeping; there was a stormy wind; they were filled with water and they were in jeopardy! Problems everywhere! Does this not describe the situation on ground my daughter? It does! It is just like the story of Lazarus. Lazarus and his sisters were a friend to Jesus. Jesus heard that he was sick but He didn’t go to visit him! Ugh! When he was dead, for four days, Jesus felt it was time to visit them. He said it was to the glory of God!”










“I will sing a song to you now dear. I will send the audio to you, download it too and then pray with it”





“Okay daddy”





It’s always darkest before the dawn

Don’t be discouraged but carry on

He’ll not forsake, the sun will break through

It’s always darkest before the dawn.




(Play ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’ below)




As he sang on, I wept profusely. It felt like the Lord had forsaken me. I kept hearing Him say ‘Go!’ but with each going was each obstacle that weighed me down every single time.





My parents were back together in love; they had reconciled with Mola- these should make me really glad but I kept feeling so lonely and alone. I couldn’t reach Emmy and I didn’t know what he thought about my family after the rough encounter with my mother. It felt like the Lord wasn’t doing anything at all for me.




“The Lord said ‘Go’ yet there was storm! A very life-threatening storm! But the disciples did the right thing. They woke the Lord up! And when He woke up, He scolded them for their faithlessness. Ah! The only thing those disciples needed to have done was curse the storm instead of even worrying themselves! They had Jesus in the boat. Simply curse the wind in the Name of Jesus. That was all they needed to do.”











“In our walk with God, the Lord has not promised us a ‘stormless’ journey but He has promised us that we will enjoy His Presence in each storm! We on the other hand should take advantage of the Presence of the Lord God who is in the storm with us to curse each storm!”








“Hmmmm…. daddy!!!!”






“They Lord has been good to you my daughter! You prayed for your parents’ marriage to be sweet again, the Lord has done it. You prayed for your sister’s salvation and it is gradually coming to manifestation now. The girl that has sworn never to have anything to do with your parents again now sings and eats with them! Isn’t this miraculous? Can’t you see the Hand of God?”





“I can Daddy. I can! But I miss Emmy! I miss him so much that it hurts me! And to cut the long story short, these terrible dreams keep scaring me. That I might never see Emmy again. That I might never even get to marry Emmy. And the Lord seems so far away! I am really frustrated sir. I won’t lie to you. It’s been months now! Months!”




“Hmmmm…. It is well my daughter. It seems like that the Lord is too late right?”







“Exactly! He seems so late! How did it take this long for Him to…?”




When He’s four days late

And all hope is gone

Lord, we don’t understand why You’ve waited so long

But His way is God’s way

Not yours or mine

Then isn’t it great

When He’s four days late

He’s still on time.



(Play ‘Four Days Late’ below)




As my mentor sang again, I wept profusely. My best songs were being used as rods to deal severely with me. I was serious emotional as each lyric made new meaning to me.




“You should be happy that you have Christ my dear. It’s more dangerous for those who are not in Christ. We have Christ in our boat so we can simply slap the crisis that come our ways in the Name of Jesus! But the unbelievers have crisis in their boats always and they can’t do anything about it. Sooner or later, the crisis would swallow them up unless they call on the Lord to help them. Every step is a potentially dangerous one for them”








“So, be very glad that the Lord is helping you. All these dreams and visions you are seeing are communications from the Lord! Battles that the Lord has won are those He shows us.”









“Yes! If God shows us all the battles He fights for us every moment, we will be so scared, so He doesn’t show us! But sometimes, He needs to show us some scary dreams so that we can have a taste of what the devil is planning and we can by faith cancel it!”








“Some people won’t fast and pray until they see scary dreams! So, when God needs you to wake up and come close to Him so you do not lose some battles, He would show you those scary dreams that will reset your brain. At those times, you shouldn’t panic much. Just carry your Bible, find a place and rebuke the devil! That was what Jesus did in the boat as they travelled. When you look at that Luke chapter 8 well, you will see the Lord Jesus standing up to rebuke the wind and it obeyed!”





“Hmmmm…Lord Jesus!”





“When you see yourself in a coffin in a dream. It doesn’t mean your end has come. The Lord is showing you some plans and plots against you which He knows you can avert by faith and serious prayers.”





“Wow! Which He knows I can avert by faith and serious prayers”






“Yes daughter! What He shows us are for us and our children. So, my sister, you should only enter into a fight now, fight for your love, marriage and future and thank the Lord for the victory He has given you!”





“Okay daddy. Okay sir” I started wiping my tears.





“I will send you some prayer points now. Take them really personally with God.”





“Okay Daddy! I will be waiting for the prayer points sir.”





As I dropped the call, I tied my scarf, gave a scornful laugh at the devil, flexed my fingers and started singing the Yoruba song that had formed on my tongue.






A fi ti Jesu ko j’iya (Except Jesus has not suffered)

A fi ta ko ba de lade egun (Except He wasn’t worn with a thorny crown)

A fi ti ko ba sise igbala mi (Except He didn’t completely work out my salvation)

Pari lori igi agbelebu (on the Cross of Calvary)

Ni ona abayo ko ni si fun mi (Would there be no way out for me)




After singing that for like ten minutes, I went on WhatsApp and started raising the prayer points in there to the Lord.




“Father have mercy on me! Savior have mercy on me. You said You will have mercy on those You will have mercy and You will have compassion on those You will have compassion. Choose me for Your mercy Lord. Choose me for Your compassion” I prayed for a long time.





I moved to the next point.





“Oh, Thou God that answers by Fire, arise by Fire and swallow up every fire and power that seeks to hinder my breakthrough in all ramifications of my life in the Name of Jesus” I was on the prayer for a long time too.





I moved to the next one.





“Oh, Emmy my husband! The one that the Lord has chosen for me, come forth! I command you to come forth in the Name of Jesus! Everything trying to keep you away from me, I push away by Fire and thunder now in the Name of Jesus! Except you are not the one for me. Except you are a mistake to me. But as long as you are the one, the Lord’s choice, I command you to come to me and that speedily in the Name of Jesus!” As I said this prayer with tears, another song formed on my tongue.




Oko mi ma bo (My husband, come)

Oko mi ma bo (My husband, come)

Ma bo (Come)

Ma bo lodo mi (Come to me)

Oko mi ma bo (My husband, come)





“Every positive thing my dreams offer, I accept them all. But I cancel by the Fire of the Holy Spirit every effect of bad dreams over my life in the Name of Jesus!”





“Every heart that needs to be touched for my husband and I to work to the Glory of God Almighty, begin to touch them all by Your Power in the Name of Jesus” I prayed with fervency mentioning my mum’s name and Emmy’s family too.





“Your Word says ‘He frustrates the tokens of liars and makes diviners mad. He turns wise men backwards and make their Knowledge foolish!’ Whatever plans the devil is executing in the secret and in the open for me to be disgraced, frustrate such plans in the Name of Jesus.”





“Every storm against my marital bliss, I stand against you today and I curse you to a permanent stop in the Powerful Name of Jesus! I enter into my marital bliss in the Name of Jesus”





“Every power trying to push forward what the Lord has commanded to happen now, I break your arms and render you powerless and useless from this day hence, in the Name of Jesus!”





As more prayer points came in, I prayed seriously, receiving more revelations from the Lord that kept pushing me further in more prayers.







I entered the kitchen to fetch myself a cup of water when I realized that the kitchen was seriously very ‘busy’!




Mum, dad and Mola were each wearing an apron. They were all giggling happily. I checked the kitchen table and the cabinet toppings and realized that there were fresh foods there. Vegetables, different kinds of meat, food stuffs, pots of different sizes, pepper, fruits, tomatoes and so many others.




“I think we are set now. Go and call Mo” Mum said and I frowned slightly. I stepped in and their faces brightened as they saw my confused face.







“What’s happening here?” I asked as I fetched some water from the dispenser.





“Mo, we are having a competition now. A cooking competition.” She said and I chuckled.





“You and who?”





“The four of us of course” Daddy said and I laughed silently. “Mola and her mum have chosen each other. So, my dear daughter, let you and I choose each other” He said playfully and I placed my cup down and walked towards them





“What a bad pair. Mum and Mola? What can they cook?” I teased and the duo clapped their hands together as if they had earlier rehearsed.





“The way we will beat you people today ehn, it will shock you!” Mum said and Mola started laughing.





“Let’s agree that you are a good cook. Fine. But what of daddy?” She burst out laughing and mummy joined her. “The okra soup that daddy cooked for us when we were four. You remember?” Mola asked and I burst out laughing too.





“I remember” I laughed the more, tears gathering in my eyes. “The ogbonno was on one side, the okra travelled to one side and…. oh my God! This is so hilarious” I laughed on, the other two women joining me.








“Mo, we are supposed to be on the same side” Dad cautioned and I stopped laughing even though laughter remained in the depth of my throat. I knew I had to remedy what I had spoilt.





“Oh well Mola, that was then. With this collaborative work with daddy, you will bite your hands!” I said and daddy clapped.





“The only thing I now fear is you people saying after the competition that I should be the family cook because after you taste my meal today, your life will never remain the same again. Can I get an ‘Amen’?” He asked and I screamed ‘Amen!’







“Daddy, be feeling yourself o”





“You no be pastor for here joor. Leave pastor matter” Mummy teased and daddy playfully slapped her across the shoulder.





“Mum and I will be making baked okra soup, vegetable and chicken stir-fry, chill mango juice, small eba wraps and some grilled pork cutlet” Mola said and my eyes widened.





“Wow! That doesn’t sound bad” I moved towards daddy as I wore my apron. “We will be making something delicious as well. Let me consult my able partner and get back to you” I said and they raised their noses at us.







“Okay. We will be pounding some sweet yam, wrapped in leaves.” I announced and they screamed.




“That will be cheating o” Mum and Mola screamed. They both knew that that was my specialty.




“Not only that. Daddy, please tell them”





“Okay, we shall be preparing some stewy goat meat ugwu and bitter leaf soup, banana and guava juice with some ice cubes and some big fried ponmo and beef cuts” Daddy announced and they started screaming.







“You people should stop this na” Mummy announced, conceding from the start.





“Daddy, you are glad because of Mo that is your partner abi?” Mola complained.





“Oya stop complaining o Mola. At least it’s not like you can cook well too. You are banking on my culinary prowess” Mummy said we all started laughing.





“Ehn ehn…Mummy, go on o! Just go on! I will show everybody what I’ve got today” Mola retorted.







“But who will be the judge of this whole thing when we are done?” I asked and mummy looked up at the ceiling as if the answer was there.





“God will bring someone to our house who will be the judge” She said eventually.





“And if no one comes, we will judge ourselves by ourselves niyen o” Daddy said and we laughed out loudly.





Cooking together was very awesome. We laughed together, helped one another, took so many amazing pictures and laid the table with the amazing outcomes.







As we were about making a toast, mum’s phone rang and she looked into the screen.





“Dada” She said with a smile and my heart sunk. “What is he doing here?”





“Why do I have a negative feeling about this Dada guy?” Mola said and I sighed. What a joy killer guy!





“Never mind children. Calm your hearts down, okay?” Mum said and the more she said that, the more agitated I became. “I think the person who will help us judge the food competition is here” She said and I shook my head.





The phone started ringing for the second time.





“Mum, don’t pick that call” I said and she frowned.





“Do you have feelings for the guy? You have said no to him and that is okay. Why are you feeling bad about being with him? When one says no to someone’s proposal, should that signal the end of their former relationship?” Mum said, somewhat surprised at my action.





“I am sorry”







“You should be” She said as the phone stopped ringing again. “Or do you feel guilty that you sent him out of here? Then, apologize and forget about it all” She added and I smiled slightly.





“Okay ma”





The phone started ringing again- for the fourth time!





What is this guy’s problem?






Why is he so persistent like this?





As mum tried to convince me, the more my inside became knotted.



“You people should behave well when he comes in. Be good to him and apologize for being rude. Okay?”




Mola and I nodded. We didn’t say a single word.





“Thank you for the understanding”





“But tell your mother that she made a mistake making me step into this house because when I have set my eyes on a thing to have it, I must have it!’




My heart dropped again and perspiration broke out on my skin.





“Hello my son. Sorry, we were having a family time… outside our gate? Oh, sorry dear. Knock the gate so that the gateman will open to you…okay. Welcome dear”





“We do we all except you have a bad feeling about this guy?” Dad asked and mum frowned slightly.




“You too?” Mum asked, looking somewhat shocked.














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  1. Those prayer points were too powerful not to be prayed.

    Dada again?
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  2. Now I’m scared, do I say Dada Ariyo is diabolic or……….??
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