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The Dada guy wouldn’t stop making us laugh as we dined and wined together as a family.




I would see him sneak a peep at Mo as he joked, smiling with love from the corner of his mouth.




If he doesn’t love Mo, why is he back even after they had insulted him and pushed him out of the house?




I just couldn’t understand why my children hated him so much.




Tall, fair, handsome, hairy, calm, rich, influential and spiritual- what more would a lady want in a man!




“If my stomach can talk right now, it would sing the best song ever!” Dada said and I started laughing.




“What song would that be?” I asked and he stood up.




Jesu mi seun seun Olorun mi seun seun. (Thank You Jesus, thank You my Lord)


Jesu mi seun seun Olorun mi seun seun. (Thank You Jesus, thank You my Lord)


Ma bere mo le (I will bend down)


Ma gbega (And lift You)


Ma gbe Jesu mi genge (I will lift my Jesus high)


Owo mi loke yaya (My hands up high)


Ma ka’leluyah repete (I will shout halleluyah)


Jesu mi seun seun Olorun mi seun seun (Thank You Jesus, thank You my Lord)



As he sang, he danced perfectly. It was so funny that all of us, including my Mola fell into a fit of laughter.




“This guy is a clown” Mola exclaimed as we recovered from our laughter fit.




“So, you can joke like this?” Mo asked as she wiped her teary eyes.




“Oh my, oh my!” My husband too exclaimed, fanning himself.







“Thanks for making us all laugh today. You are a sweet darling” I said and he laughed too.




“Thanks so much for having me. I am so grateful being in the midst of a happy family as this” He said and my heart blessed him. He was just a special person to my heart that I could not fathom why.




“Now, who is the winner o? Mummy said you are the judge” Mola said and we sat right to listen to him as he cleared his throat.





“Deciding who the winning group is would be quite difficult. It is like asking me to choose between my mum and my wife. I wouldn’t be able to do that because each is unique in her own way”







“Wow!” I exclaimed, holding my chest in sweet admiration of such wise guy.




“Mum and Mola, I enjoyed every bit of your meal. It is the best food I have ever eaten in my entire life.” He said and I started clapping, grinning from ear to ear.




“Dad and Mo, Hmmmm…your meal is too amazing. As I ate, it was surreal. Since I have been denied access to your heart, Mo, I will let the taste I have eaten this evening live on in the pores of my tongue. God bless you Daddy and her princess” He said and the coolness in his voice put a smile each on our faces.




“With all your threat that day, no one would believe that you could have a funny personality like this” Mola said and Dada smiled loudly.




“I am so sorry for that day. I let my emotions get the best of me. I am so sorry my fine ladies” He apologized calmly and my heart melted like butter placed in a hot pan.





“We are so sorry too for being rude. Forgive us please.” Mo said and Mola nodded.





“Yeah. Forgive please” She said silently and I sighed.





“I am so happy with this reunion. I had to scold my girls that day. Even if you are not interested in a guy, that should not mean you should treat such as trash. You shouldn’t disrespect anyone like that. They are so sorry my brother” I said and he smiled.






“I was actually at fault too. Who would see perfect ladies like this and wouldn’t misbehave?” He started laughing and joined him too, my girls blushing.




“Men and their sweet tongues though” My husband said out of the blues and we burst out laughing.




“What about you my husband? Was that not what you used to win me over?”




“It wasn’t the Holy Spirit that convinced you again?” He teased.





“Of course, the Holy Spirit did His part but you did your part excellently well too” I said and we laughed out loudly again.




“I realized that what I did that day was not nice at all. I made up my mind that I must come back here to apologize”




“No problem. God bless you” My husband said.




“Thanks for the humility. God bless you” Mo said.




“Thanks ooo” Mola said and I realized, looking into her face that she was still not free towards him.




“We will be travelling to Ghana tomorrow to see one of our fathers. We need to pack up so we will be leaving you, please” I said and stood up. He stood up too.




“Thanks so much for the opportunity mummy” He said and bowed, warming my heart the more.




The more I saw him, the more my heart chose him!




As we got upstairs, I got a message from the egg supplier that she was at the Estate Gate. I came out of my room and looked down the stairs.




“Mo!” I called out and saw the trio seated in the sitting room, seeing a movie.




“Yes mummy”




“The egg supplier is around” I said.





“Egg supplier?” The twins exclaimed together and I smiled.




“C’mon girls! You don’t forget things easily, do you? I asked and Mola gasped.




“Mummy, is it forgettable? Abeg ooo” She said.




“Oh! And I am so tired right now mummy. Ah!” Mo complained.




“I need to quickly press my uniform for tomorrow sef. Wo mummy, forfeit your egg for this week jare. You are even travelling to Ghana sef, it’s not like you are using the eggs”





“What of you people that I will be leaving at home? You won’t eat…”




“Are we babies ni?” Mola said




“I wonder o” Mo added.




“I can help o” Dada said.




“Never mind. I will go” Mo said.




“Let’s go together” Dada said and Mola stood up.






“No way! You two go together? No sir!” Mola said, standing against it seriously.




“You still don’t trust me yet, do you?” Dada asked, a sad smile on his face.




“Trust? Sorry o. I only follow my instincts and my instinct says ‘Don’t!’” She said and I sighed loudly at her adamancy.




“The woman is waiting at the estate gate with the eggs o. All I need is for someone to bring the eggs in. Thank you” I said and moved into my room.





Few minutes later, I heard the gate open and when I peeped from the window, I saw Mo and Dada walking out of the gate together, though not exactly gisting.




I smiled to myself, raising my hands up to the ceiling.





“Father, let Your Will be done”





My husband was seated on the bedroom settee, watching the TV.




“Pastor Mensah’s programme has started?” I asked and he nodded. He was with his pen and jotter, writing. Whenever the programme was on, he would painstaking write as silently as possible so I knew better.







I took a space on the bed, settled down and started packing our clothes into the boxes.




“Marriage is a big deal! The earlier we get this, the better. It is better for a man or a woman to remain single for the rest of their lives than for them to get married to the wrong person.” Pastor Mensah said




“I will be talking about two different types of evil marriages that we now  have in the church.”




“Evil marriages…in the church?” I exclaimed.




“One is based on revenge and one is based on deceit! Revenge Marriage and Deceit marriage!”




“God have mercy!” I exclaimed again.




“Singles, I beseech you therefore by the mercies of the Lord to please wait on the Lord! Wait on the Lord, again I say unto you, wait on the Lord! He still chooses and He will choose for you!”





“The revenge marriage is vengeful! While one party is thinking that this brother/sister is in love with me bla bla bla, the other party is thinking of how to ensure that the lady/man never enjoys his/her life till he/she enters the grave!”




“Ah! Oluwa ooooo”




“Singles nowadays do not know this. Parents especially mothers are oblivious of this as well! They will push their wards till they find someone to get married to because they want to see their grandchildren and that’s all. Marriage is more than that!”











“My brother and my sister, no matter what they say, your own spouse is available! No matter how men, real men are scarce in the world, my sister, your own is available! Do not let anyone whosoever push you to get hooked to someone the Lord has said ‘no’ to. You can never manage marriage and still be sane!”





“Ah! Baba mi!”




“You can never manage marriage and still joyful! Getting to heaven while in a bad marriage will also be a herculean task!”











“If you know that you cannot pray for God to choose for you, don’t get married! It is rare, very rare for someone who doesn’t trust God or wait on the Lord to have a great home!”










“And some parents have pushed their children away from the right person into the wrong arms because of tribal differences, educational differences, denominational differences and so many others. If they visit the children now, they will wail!”









“Some wait on their pastors to choose for them and I tell them that they are on their own! The Lord might show some things to the man of God but it should never be in his place to give you the final authority. The pastor is not God and would not know everything!”









“I remember one time when a lady came to me, bringing five names of brothers disturbing her. She asked me tell her which one it was out of them and I shook my head. I asked her to go and pray well and she came back with two names of men. She said she was stuck and I asked her to bring the two men to me. Immediately I set my eyes on them, I loved them both. I am a man! A human! A limited bag of bones, flesh and blood. I am a servant of God, fine but I would never do what is meant for God for Him. He wouldn’t even give me the resources for that.”









“Well, I entered into prayers with this girl and she later came to tell me that none of the two was it. A totally different man apart from the five was the one. They are happily married today. When God opened her ears to hear and her eyes to see, she heard and saw for herself! That is how it should be! I, limited, was waiting and watching to see which one it was out of the two but it was none of them! Do not depend on men of God to choose for you! Do you even know what they are passing through in their own marriages? Be a child of God indeed!”










“Yes! When you are a child of God, you know God for yourself! You are a child of God just as a man of God is His child too! I am a father and I have many girls surrounding me. There are some things I would love B to know which I won’t tell A. I would want B to come close to me and ask for herself so that I will tell her!”










“Yes! When my kids were little, the eldest one would send the youngest to come and ask me for something and I would send her back without the thing. ‘Tell her to come and collect it from me if she truly needs it!’ I would shout at her.”





“That thing that you need from God might just be withheld from you because you are not rising up yourself to go get it! You keep sending people to help you get it and it is not palatable to the Lord! The Lord is not a taskmaster! He wants you to come over and ask Him! Why are you so lazy to stand up to talk to Him? What is making you feel so unworthy to approach Him? Deal with all those things and go close to Him! He will hear you!”










“Just last week, a lady visited our church to tell me of the pains she is experiencing in her home. She had dated this guy for a long time but she broke up with him and the break up hurt the guy so much. The lady got married and the husband died five years after. Well, after ten good years, this old boyfriend of hers resurfaced. He pretended to be born again and he pretended to be a member of their church. To cut the long story short, he got married to her for revenge purpose. He wouldn’t touch her when she wants. He climbs her when he is interested and he stops when he is done!”





“My Father!”





“He says bad things to people about her and takes away all her money! This guy eventually transmitted HIV to this lady and travelled out of the country. He then typed the story of how he had been planning the revenge for a long time and sold the story to so many bloggers who published it on the social media. He pasted nude pictures of his wife which he took while she was sleeping on her company Facebook page! Summarily, she lost everything! The lady lost all her savings, her reputation, her worth, her job and her health! She has attempted suicide thrice!”







“Oh gracious father! This life is full of happenings! Whaaaat!” I exclaimed




“That is the new trend! They would intentionally behave as if they are saved and holy just to get a saved sister of brother who have hurt them in the past!”










“There was one of my church girls who loved money so much. She loved rich guys so much that she would express her mind on the social media that she would never in her life imagine settling down with someone who doesn’t have this and that- naming all of her specifications. This lady was warned several times but she wouldn’t listen. If any guy proposes to her and doesn’t have two cars, a house, a PhD, it would be a serious war! She would insult the person blue black. Well, one of the brothers she had insulted came back with all her specifications and well, they got married. The lady realized the guy was faking it! Everything was borrowed, including all the wedding items presented to the family! He only wanted to get at her and he did. The marriage has scattered now and she is battered because she was already in love with the man that never loved her!”





“Jesus is the Messiah!”





“These are some of the things trending now in this generation and that is why parents and singles themselves have to pull themselves together and be serious! A lot of wolves have entered the church! Instead of frustrating these young ones, dear parents and instead of you to be frustrated, dear singles, wait on the Lord and don’t be blind! Love is not blind! Immediately you can see through your inner eyes who the person you want to get married is, you can tell if he is the one or not. You can tell if she is the one or not.”









“God intended marriage to be blissful! As a parent, I want you to say one prayer now as I round off”





“Okay pastor”




“Oh Lord, reveal the future of my daughter or my son with this guy, or this lady to me. Mention their names. I refuse to lose any of my children to a wrong marriage! In the Name of Jesus!”




“Oh Lord, reveal the future of my daughter Mo with Emmy to me. Reveal the future of Mo with Dada to me. I refuse to lose any of my children to a wrong marriage! In the Name of Jesus!”




“Prayer still gets knotty things sorted out! With prayers, bones would connect to its own bone and the flesh will be joined to its own flesh!” Pastor Mensah rounded off and I prayed on, my husband and I holding hands together and firing on in prayers.




Almost immediately, we heard a shrill downstairs. We opened our eyes and jumped up at once, rushing down the stairs fearfully.




What we saw shocked us to the bones!






Mo stood before the main entrance totally ruffled! Her hair was entangled and full of mud. Her legs were very dirty. Her face was full of tears and she had a sad smile on. She walked with her two legs apart as if she had a huge log in between.




My heart started racing as I ran to meet her. As I made to touch her, she shot her hand at me like a mad man.




I turned to look at Mola who was visibly shaken, panting heavily.




“What happened?” I asked and she shook her head.





“I wouldn’t know but whatever it is, it is not funny. I tried to sleep before going to the spa in the evening but my mind has not been at rest since Mo hadn’t come back”





“You mean she is just coming back from the Egg supplier?” I asked and Mola nodded. “So how did the eggs I just saw in the sitting room get there?” I asked as Mo kept dragging herself into the house, not allowing anyone touch her.




“I was worried about her, couldn’t reach her on the phone and I went out of the gate to check the whole street, I couldn’t find her but I found the crates of eggs outside the gate”




“What!” My husband exclaimed and I swallowed hard. I ran after Mo who was headed for her room and held her shoulder. She pushed my hand off like it was feces.








“Were you robbed?” I asked and she turned to look into my face with a dark smile as tears strolled down her face again. She nodded.





“Who robbed you? Who on earth…” Mola screamed on but suddenly stopped. “What did the person take from you? Your phone is in your hand, the eggs are intact, so whaat did…” She was trying to figure out when Mo gave her phone to her with a smile, entered her room and locked it thrice from behind.





She suddenly let out a deafening scream that shook the foundations of our house.





“Check her phone! What is it? Check” I said, shaking on a spot.




Mo unlocked her phone and the Sound Recorder app popped up. An audio was on the playlist.




“Play it” I said impatiently and Mola played it. We sat down and started listening to it. Mo was weeping profusely for like the first three minutes and I joined too, my head becoming too heavy for my neck. Mola suddenly paused the audio file.




“Mummy, don’t cry please. Let us hear first and decide whether to cry or not. You are not the only one that is scared here” Mola said, her chest rising and falling as well.




“I am sorry. Oya, play it. Play it, I won’t cry again oooo… I won’t…Hmmm” I said incoherently.






“I am in the Estate Hall crying now everyone. My life is finished! Where do I go from here? What have I done to the Lord to have this kind of mishap fall on me?” Mo’s voice resounded from the Sound Recorder.




Mo screamed loudly again in her room, slapping the doors of her wardrobes together very loudly. We sat still, looking so scared.




“Mum, thank you so much for being a mother indeed” Her voice resumed. “Thank you for bringing me into this evil world and also sending me away from it” She said and my eyes widened as acid rose from the depth of my tummy to my throat suddenly, choking me.




“You said I should go and bring you eggs right? That was the same eggs you sent me to go and bring when you brought down the walls of my marital life” She said again and I broke down into tears.






“What is she saying?” I asked as the arrows from her words pierced me deeply.




“Mola my sister! Mola my sister, I am done for o” She said again and Mola whose eyes were pepper red covered her mouth firmly with her two hands, her eyes widened.





“Dad, thanks too. Everyone, thanks!” She said again and broke into another round of tears.





“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Mo screamed again from her room and we heard different sounds of things falling and breaking.






“Jesu, saanu fun mi!” I asked the Lord for mercy as I was confused. I seriously was.




“Dada and I brought the eggs back home o. I was going to open the gates to start bringing in the eggs when he bundled me into the car. Mummmmmmmy! That’s Brother Dada! Brother Dada! Ahhhhhhhhhhh” She screamed into the recorder and started crying afresh, her voice thickened by the sorrow in her voice.




I couldn’t believe my ears. It felt like I was dreaming.





“I knew it! I knew it!” Mola started singing sorrowfully, burying her head in laps.




“He took me to an open field and messed me up! He messed me up oooo! He deflowered me! He took away my pride! Brother Dada! Ahhhhhh!” Mo wept from the sound recorder as I slid from the settee to the floor, my heart suddenly losing its grip.




“Iro oooooooo!” I screamed, slapping my thighs as I bit my lower lip. My body had started becoming hot and I just couldn’t handle myself. I didn’t know when I started urinating on my body.





“When he finished, another guy entered. And another guy, and another guy and another guy and another guy and another guy and another guy and another guy! Nine guys raped me! Nine! They covered my mouth and tied my hands and legs. They raped me without mercy. Why? What have I done?”





“Whaaaaaaaaattttttt!” Mola screamed as she jumped up suddenly, scratching her head, very disoriented. She rushed to their room door and started banging.







“I need my gun! Open this door Mo! Open this door!” She screamed. Mo screamed severally and wept to no avail while Mola fell to the ground in front of their room and wept, banging the door as she did.





“I should have stopped him from following you! How on earth did I let down my guard? How?” She wept out loudly. She stopped after some time and ran to my side.





“Mum, you know about this, right? You know about this egg supplier, rape thing?” She asked, pulling my hand violently. Tears rolled down my face.




“No I didn’t. How could I? Dear, how could…” I was saying to my husband when I realized he was motionless. He was seated in the chair with his eyes opened but he looked so lifeless. I jumped up suddenly and ran to his side. Immediately I touched him, his body was cold.





“Jesus! Somebody help!” I screamed loudly as I tried to lift him up.




“Oh Lord!           What is this?” Mola asked, running to our side.




“I will rush my husband to the hospital.” I said hurriedly, my heart really failing me. I couldn’t imagine the ills that had suddenly befallen my family within a short moment.





“Please call some of your friends so that they will bring down the door and bring Mo out of the room. Find a way of bringing her directly to the hospital” I said as we both helped my husband out to the car. My legs were too weak.





“Don’t use your gun please. Don’t” I said to Mola who was turning back into the house.




As I placed my hand on the steering, my breathing ceased and my hands shook vehemently.




“Lord, why? You have scolded me. You have corrected me, so why again did you allow this? Why?” I wept. It was when I looked back at my lifeless husband that I remembered that I had a life to save.





I started the car and zoomed mindlessly and carelessly to the hospital.





“Lord, I don’t know what you are trying to bring out of this. I seriously don’t. This is more than I can bear Lord. This is too much” I wept on.








I gave the cup of hot tea to my husband and moved to the bathroom to check the clothes I was spinning.




It had been three good weeks of sorrow in our home. We didn’t go anywhere, neither was anyone allowed to come visit us. I personally sent messages to the church to excuse us for a while. The shame was too much for me.





Dada was nowhere to be found and everywhere was silent. We were inconsolable! The twins wouldn’t even go to work!




Mo had stopped crying but she was losing weight drastically as she wasn’t eating well.




Mola wouldn’t stop blaming herself for allowing them both to go out that very day. She had suddenly become withdrawn and they both lock themselves up in their room.





No music was playing in our house any longer. No TV was switched on. Sadness hung in the ceiling like a huge bulb. We practically had no strength for anything else.





I had blamed myself and asked God several questions. I couldn’t even pray. I was spiritually dumb and gone! I didn’t know exactly what the next step was.




My husband was recuperating from the shock that almost translated into stroke. He wasn’t saying anything but ‘Mercy, Lord!’




He would hug his Bible and cry daily, eat, sleep and wake up again.





We lived in that circle for three weeks and as the woman of the house and the main cause of the problem, I just didn’t know what else to do?




Are we going to recover from this?




As I was packing out the spun clothes, my phone vibrated and I moved to the dressing table to pick it up. It was an international number.









“Hi, Mrs. Olawuwo”




“How can I help you?” I said curtly, not enjoying the jocular voice of the man.





“This is Pastor Mensah from Ghana” He said and tears rushed to my eyes at once. I fell on my knees and started crying.





“I am so sorry pastor. Pray for me. Pray for me, pastor” I wept profusely.





“What is the problem? Is all well?”





“No sir. All is not well.”




“I guessed as much. My daughter told me you would be in Ghana since three weeks ago but I didn’t see you. I have been calling her since then to no avail. I just got your number from Pastor Nuhu who told me you have not been coming to church. What is the matter?”




“Pastor, darkness looms over my home! As a foolish woman, I have brought darkness into my home and it has taken over. I don’t know what to do to cast it out. I really don’t” I cried and he sighed.





“Talk to me in clear terms”




“Just the day to our coming to Ghana, my daughter was raped.”




“Your daughter, who?”




“Mo! Daddy, it’s Mo ooooo”




“What!!!” He exclaimed loudly.






“My husband fell into coma, her sister was….” I was recounting when he cut in.





“I hope it was not Dada Ariyo that raped her” He said, very loudly.





“He was ooo! It was a gangrape”





“Ah! You are sure he was part of them?”





“Yes o. He was the one that deflowered my daughter and…”





“Oh Jesus! Oh Savior!” He moaned. “How is she? How is her health? How is she doing?” He asked and I didn’t even know which of his question to answer first.




There was a knock at the door and Mola rushed in.





“Mummy, come and see Mo. Come and see her” She said and I cut the call and started running out. I locked the door with my husband inside so his weak heart wouldn’t faint again.




Getting to the bathroom, Mo’s pant was covered in very thick, white discharge as heavy as a handful of white gel. I screamed as I rushed to meet her on the bed.





“Mo, what is that?” I asked but there was no answer coming forth. She kept scratching her body and her private part, moaning in agony as she did. My phone started ringing.




“Who is this one again?” I asked and checked the screen of my phone. “Pastor Mensah…ah…wo Mola, pick this call abeg” I said and pushed the phone to her.




“She’s here ma” Mola said and placed the phone on loud speaker.




“Hello Mrs. Olawuwo, how is Mo? How is she? Talk to me?” He said hurriedly and I stood up at once.




“She is fine.” I said, trying not to lose my cool. I didn’t know why he was taking the thing personally.




“I am sending a lab attendant to your house immediately to get her sample. We need to run some tests on her” He said and I snatched the phone from Mola, walking out briskly through the door.




“What is the matter sir? D and C has been done in the hospital. Why do we need another test again?”




“Just allow the…”




“Tell me!”




“Dada Ariyo has an STD. We need to be sure that Mo hasn’t contracted it” He said and my bladder started to give way till my skirt was full of my own urine.





“What STD?” I asked, my jaws beating against each other violently.





“You don’t worry. Simply allow the…”





“What STD, pastor?” I shouted when he dropped the call. I was stuck to a spot, shaking like a leaf on water.






“Do I have HIV?” I heard the voice behind me and the world stood still!













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