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I was going to start my car when my phone rung. Looking at the screen, I realized it was my twin.




“This lady is a mind reader mehn!” I exclaimed as I quickly swiped to receive and raised the phone to my ear. I had just read one of her latest stories on Facebook and I was meaning to call her when I got home.




“Molalistic!” I exclaimed and she wouldn’t stop laughing as I hailed her.





“Mo, happy new year o” She said and I laughed.




“Na real new year. See wetin WhatsApp don cause” I said and she laughed too. It had been ages since we last spoke on phone even though we chatted via WhatsApp every day.




“I tell you o. When are you coming to Abuja nah? You don dey enjoy Lagos ba?”





“Lagos ehn! E don dey tire me jare. I just can’t wait to leave. I was in a very bad traffic yesterday from five in the afternoon till midnight! You won’t believe it!” I said.





“What! Lagos no try o. Seven hours!! Abeg, when are you coming back to ABJ?”





“I will come for mummy’s surprise birthday na. I will be there gallantly” I said and she sighed.




“I have so many things to discuss with you. I really can’t wait to meet you” Mola said and I smiled.





“Is all well?”





“By God’s Grace”





“My sister of life. My prophetess, herself!” I hailed and she chuckled.





“Leave me joor. Whiner!”





“It’s not about whining o.” I chuckled. “I must confess that the Lord has given unto you a pulpit on the social media. Your loud, passionate, crying voice can be audibly heard when one reads your stories. Sometimes I just wonder if the popular Mola online is my sister, my own sister” I said and laughed.





“It is so surprising my sister. I started writing just three months ago! It all started with a post which went viral, and another post and then another. When I log in to Facebook now and I see so many friend requests and followers, I am so shocked! How did it happen?”





“I saw it too. 10,000 followers. Woow! Even I that have been writing for four years sef, I am still battling with increasing my reach, wow! Sometimes while reading comments on your wall, my tears wouldn’t stop flowing. I am serious!”





“My prayer every day is that ‘Lord, I will not fail You’. Sis, when God lifts a man up, no one can pull such down. And when God has not pulled a man up, not even a ladder can help the person’s ministry. God is the greatest advertiser! He advertised me. That’s all I can say because of a truth, who am I? Who am I? I have listened to Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu’s ‘Who am I?’ track many times, repeatedly asking myself, ‘Who am I?’”


(Download ‘Who am I?’ by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu here) 





“Hmmmmmm” I exclaimed as every word made a new meaning to me.






“Once one can be totally surrendered to this God, nothing is impossible anymore! I have found this to be seriously true!”





“Total surrender! Hmmmm”




“When one is completely dead to self, Christ is magnified and that’s what He wants. Immediately He sees a selfless soul, ready to die to self, He picks such up, furnishes the person and uses such for advertisement! Heavenly advertisement!”





“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as tears clouded my eyes. “When I am dead to self, not doing anything anymore for self, then, the Lord will pick me up and through me, He would be shown to others. People won’t see me, but Him!” I said too, swallowing hard.




“In the long run, people will even still see you! But they will notice that you are not the normal you. They will notice a huge difference and will come close to you, to know who is behind such radiance and unearthly glory you exude!”










“Mo, look at donkey that carried Jesus na. Immediately he dropped Jesus, it wouldn’t be in any way different from every other donkeys, right?”










“My sister, we need to carry Jesus! Carry Him so high that everyone will bow! Now anyway, we have no Physical Jesus to ride on the donkey. The Holy Spirit now dwells on the inside of us…” She continued and I closed my eyes firmly, speaking in tongues as I did.





“When we carry the Holy Spirit, just like they honored Jesus during the triumphant entry, they will honour God in us! They will go extra miles just to hear us speak to them!”





“Oh Faithful God!” I exclaimed, nodding severally and shaking my legs as the words pierced every part of me.




“We just need to be donkey enough! We need to be donkey enough! We need to be lowly enough! We need to be selfless! We need to give it all to the Lord. Our lives, our love, our talents, our time, our knees, our tears. All to the Lord!!” Mola preached on, her voice ringing on with such vibrancy.




“My Father! I surrender to You! I surrender to You!”





“People don’t consider the distance when they carry their loads and head for Gboko in Benue State, why? Because there is a donkey there, bearing Jesus on his back!”





“Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!” I started weeping as a fire started in my heart, burning and spreading all over.





“What about Zaria? The donkey there doesn’t even have a church, yet every week, people all over the nation and abroad travel down to Kaduna to see God in a submissive, ready donkey!”





“Take me! Take over me Lord! Help me to be donkey enough for You, Lord”





“So, when I see God use me like that online, only because I am exalting His Name and spreading the Gospel, I am grateful that He is seeing me worthy! I daily ask for grace not to mean anything to myself! I don’t even want to see myself in the whole thing, all I want to see and exalt is God!”









“Immediately I am trying to do it my own way, so that people will see how graciously I am talented and skilled and anointed, Mo, I will be gone! That is like shifting my gaze from Jesus- I will sink!”










“What is hmmm sef?” She said and started laughing. I wiped my tears and smiled too.




“I am so blessed this evening my sister. May the ministry prosper in your hands”




“Oh my God! I sounded like a preacher, right?” She asked and I chuckled. “And all I wanted us to have this evening was a sisterly talk o. I am sorry I went too deep”





“No, don’t be.  I am so blessed. See how the story of your past is trending all over the internet. I loved the twists you gave the story to exalt God’s saving grace and power”




“Well, I think the social media likes bad news more. Reading my teenage story, the abortion and all, see how the whole thing is trending, chai, the internet and bad news though!” She said and laughed. I laughed too.




“Well, they love love stories too” I joked and we both burst out laughing. “But thank God your supposed bad news has led thousands to the Lord. Glory be to the Name of the Lord”




“Halleluyah. Thanks so much for your support and for not giving up on me”





“I did nothing. Absolute nothing my dear sis. All the Glory belongs to God”





“I will always see you as my role model. God will…”






“Ehn, role kini? You are the boss o. See the fire you are carrying na. Abeg o”





“Mo, stop that. Where is the fire? Where did I catch the fire from? Who fanned the small fire into a great one? You! Many souls are attached to your destiny and I am thankful that you are winning them one by one. Keep on keeping on my lovely sis”





“Wow! I am literally shivering now at that thought.” I shut my eyes and let out a sigh. “Oh Lord, we will not fail You in Jesus Name”









“Oh what joy fills my heart to have my only sibling and I talk about God! I would never have seen this coming. Thank You Lord. I am so joyful”




“Same here sis. The joy will be unending in Jesus Name”





“Ameeeeen o” I screamed.





“When will you be coming to ABJ?”





“This weekend. I will book my flight ticket today and leave on Friday.”





“Alright. I will be leaving Kaduna too on Friday”





“Great! See you when I see you”





“I love you”




“I love you more Mola” I said, ended the call and sighed with great satisfaction.





I switched on the MP3 and started listening to David’s ‘Teach me to be strong’, praying fervently as I started driving towards my house.




(Do you want to listen to ‘Teach me to be strong’ by David? Listen below.)




I stopped peddling the sewing machine and faced Mola suddenly, my eyes widened.




“There is a brother?” I asked all of a sudden.




When she said there was something to talk about, I never imagined it would be about a man. No! I was surprised to hear her talk about love, marriage or a brother. 





“Yes Mo, there is a brother. Your sister is in love” She said and my eyes widened. I removed the apron I was wearing, threw it on the bed and ran to sit beside her. 


“No wnder you are looking all radiant! I said it! I knew it!” I said and started laughing. She smiled shyly like a new bride.


“What are you talking about?” She feigned ignorance.


“C’mon sisturh! See the way your hair is packed na. See the lovely gown you wore yesterday as you came for me at the airport. See the one you are wearing right now. You are now becoming lady-like instead of the tom-boy thingy” 


“Mo, you can too like to analyze joor” She said, looking really shy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I jumped up and started dancing, singing and clapping at the same time. 


This kain love

This kain love

E dey make me wonder

This kain love

This kain love

E go last forever

I love you 

I love you 

Not another

This kain love 

Na serious love nwantintin


“Mo!” She exclaimed, slapping my buttocks as she did. We fell on each other and laughed on till we had tears strolling down our faces.


“Lord, love is too potent o! Love breaks down every wall of Jericho! Love tears down all impossibilities!” I continued very playfully and Mola wouldn’t stop laughing.


“Yeah, thinking of how much I have grown to love Jay in just three months, I must confess that love is the most potent potion for every soul. Every single soul needs to experience love before they die”


“Preach it pastor! Preach it!” I exclaimed, laughing and holding my chest as I did.


“When did you become a talkative, Mo?”


“And when did you become a cool person, Mola?” I asked, raising my nose at her.


We laughed some more, looked into each other’s face and burst into laughter again.


“So, tell me about Jay” I said eventually and Mola sighed, rubbing her hands together, anxiously.


“Jay is for James. He is a child of God. He is a nephew to one of my lecturers at the Police College so we have known each other since about seven years ago but we never spoke to each other. I didn’t know much about him except for his name and his relationship with my best lecturer”


“Alright” I nodded, listening with rapt attention.


“Well, just three months ago, he arrived Nigeria after bagging his Ph.D…”


“Ehn! Tell me something!” I exclaimed happily. “We have a Dr. in our family ooo. Dr. James, my in-law” I hailed again and Mola picked my two hands and pinned them together.


“Just listen first. I am not joking joor” She said and I withdrew my hands from her grip.


“Your hands are too firm” I complained as I flexed my pained hands.


“I am sorry. Oya, let’s be serious” She said and I nodded, listening as she resumed. As much as she seemed to be in love, she looked so worried and I just couldn’t fathom what the problem was.


“We met at a conference three months back and we both served at the prayer unit.”




“He was the head of the unit while I assisted him”


“Hmmm” I said with a coy smile.


“The first day of the programme when he saw me, he exclaimed with so much glee. ‘Isn’t this Mola Ola on Facebook? The lady that wrote ‘My Ugly Past’ story?’ I was so thrilled as he told me how he connected so much as he read my story and even shared with thousands of people online and offline too.” 


“Wow! Are you serious?” I asked, listening with much seriousness than from the beginning. If there was anything Mola feared about getting married, it was her past! And to hear that the Jay guy knew about her past from the very beginning, I wanted to just hear more.


“Well, we faced the prayer unit duties during the programme and parted ways. We didn’t discuss anything personal but my sister, I must confess to you, I fell in love with him during that conference.”


“Wow!” I exclaimed, feeling really good on the inside.


“I would just be praying and suddenly remember him. I would peep at him and yearn for him!”


“Hmmm” I nodded, feeling like hailing her but trying not to disrupt the flow. Her eyes were shut as she spoke, sweat beads on her forehead and under her nose.


“When I felt that I was being carnal, I bound and cast the thoughts but that was when it grew. But this thought was different from crush. It was pure! It was heavenly! I just can’t describe it”




“After the programme, when his thought wouldn’t go away, I started a three day fast. I wanted to know what was happening to me. I had sworn to God never to get married, never to love after all I did when I was a teen. I prayed seriously! Mo, I prayed”




“Yet, it was him I kept seeing! I would sometimes feel the urge to meet with him and see him! I wanted to just set my eyes on him! I followed his Facebook posts and gazed at his pictures all day long.”




“I told God to kill the desires I was having for him but it grew!” She opened her eyes and grabbed my hands, tears in her eyes. “I kept loving him”


“Hmmmm” I exclaimed again, not knowing what to say or do.


“But guilt wouldn’t let me! I felt too selfish! After wasting my youth, how could I look upon such wonderful man and want him? I felt I was too dirty for him! I saw him as too clean to even come close!”


“Oh my! Guilt is so wicked!” I exclaimed, as pain rose up in my chest.


“It was in one of my battles with guilt that my pastor called me to say I should come to the church. On getting there, you wouldn’t believe who I saw, smiling with joy at me”


“Jay!” I exclaimed and Mola burst out crying.


“It was him! Jay was the one! He had come to seek the church’s consent to propose to me! It was the most emotional day of my life” She paused and wept. “I wept so greatly! I ran to the altar and fell down there, Jay beside me. He didn’t know what was wrong with me at first but I was too touched to be sane. ‘Why me Lord?’ ‘Why me Lord?’ was what I kept saying” 


“Oh my! Oh my!” I started crying too, my body covered with goosebumps.


“That day, I couldn’t lift my eyes to Jay’s face. Mo, my Jay is too sweet, too handsome, too soft, too meek, too everything! He is like a direct opposite of me!” She said, chuckled and started wiping her face.


“It’s so miraculous! This is too huge for me!” I said, sobbing too.


“Mo, Jay is the best thing that has ever happened to me! He is just for me! He told me never to say anything about my past again because to him, I would always be as chaste as the Lord has now made me.”


“Oh thank You Jesus for Your amazing mercy! But for Your Grace oh Lord!”


“I have a fear now, Mo” She said and I nodded so she could pour it out. “Mum! How would mum take this whole thing?” She asked and I chuckled.


“What do you mean?” I giggled. “Even from the description of Dr. Jay, I know he is a perfect gentleman…”


“He is from Yobe State!” Mola dropped the bomb and I covered my mouth in shock.


“Yo what? Ah!” I exclaimed, shaking my head. Mola’s shoulders dropped as she rested her back against a pillow.


“You see? Even you have an issue with it…” 


“Mola, it’s not easy nah. North East? Ah! That’s too far. That’s too dangerous! That’s like a centre of terrorism in Nigeria”


“But he is the one God has chosen for me” She said with so much affirmation that I had to recheck all that I was saying.


“And you love him ba?”


“I totally do!” She said and I sighed.


“Then, let’s just have a moment of prayers. We will commit Mum and Dad’s heart to God’s hands. One thing I know is that if it is God’s Will, He will foot the bill. If it is His Will, He will touch their hearts even before we inform them.”


“Great! That is all I want from you. If you can agree with me, I know we can do this.”


“Chai! My sister o! All the way to the North East?” I asked again, cringing at the thought of it.


“That is how his own people too are cringing at the thought of him coming all the way to the west na” She said and I frowned.


“His people should better be careful. We from the west are like gods o. Anyone who picks any…”


“My sister ooo! Stop your tribalistic ish joor”


“I am not surprised! This your job has taken you too far into the north that I should have known they will eventually catch you!”


“Na you sabi! Northerners are very wonderfu people”


“I hear you! See how wonderful the news portray them to be na”


“Didn’t we say some days back that the media thrive more on the bad news?”


“Abeg, don’t even try to support your people o. Hmmmm…Dr. Jay has a lot to do though! He must prove to be a great person. When he comes to our family, he has so many questions to answer”


“Mo, I didn’t know you are also a principality I was supposed to have prayed about” Mola said and sighed. “This isn’t just some random guy! This is the guy your sister love. The guy that has proven to me that real men still exist!”



“I apologize” I said calmly. “Forgive me”


“No problem, Mo. I understand. I promise you that you will love Jay. You totally will!”


“Okay! I can’t wait! We have to pray though. Mum especially needs to be arrested by God before we introduce him to her”


“Yeah, right?”


“First, Oh Lord, since it is Your Will that James and Mola be together as man and wife, touch both families to agree to Your Will without any restraint! That will be the first prayer point”


“Okay” Mola said and she jotted some things down in her notebook.


“Cover James with Your Glory oh Lord, so that when Mola’s family see him, they will naturally just love him! And cover Mola with Your Glory so that when James’ family sees her, they will naturally love her” 


“Amen! Amen, Lord! Amen” Mola said fervently, still writing.


“Any discussion from extended family members or friends and friends of friends, or whoever that will want to destroy what You oh Lord have done, scatter such and do not let such communication stand in the Name of Jesus”


“Amen!” Mola threw her fists in the air and resumed writing again.


We soon started praying seriously, weeping and surrending everything to the Lord. By the time we were done, the Lord had filled my own heart with so much love for James and I just knew with so much conviction that he was the one!


Take over oh Lord!


I peeped down the stairs from our room and saw some newsmen interviewing mum. She gesticulated as she spoke, obviously so happy.


“The whole festivity has gone down. It’s just the newsmen that are still talking with mummy” I told Mola and she nodded, fumbing with the ruffles on her gown.


“You are so anxious?”


“Like I am writing my promotional examination” She said and we laughed.


“She is in a very happy mood. Let’s give her like one hour to freshen up, then we will go and meet her”


“You will go with me?”


“Sure. You don’t want it?”


“I do o. I do. Thanks” 


Her phone rang and she picked it, winking at me. I chuckled.


“Hey Jay!”


I signalled for her to put the phone on speaker and she did. His rich, vibrant voice spilt out of the phone.


“Hey Mola! How do you do?”


“Tensed. I am so tensed”


“You haven’t seen mum yet?”




“Oh my!” He paused. “Don’t be tensed, huh? Mum will love me! She will hasten to meet me! She will bless our union. Don’t worry, okay?”


“You are so proud” Mola joked and he started laughing.


“Well, it’s a done deal by God. Mola is mine, period!”


“Ehn ehn!” I nodded, raising my nose at Mola.


“Is that Mo? I heard someone’s voice now”


“Yes it’s Mo”


“C’mon, let me talk to her”


“Hey Dr. Jay”


“Hello Mo! What a radio voice!”


“Haha. Your voice is so rich too”


“Oh my! Thanks for the compliment. Mola doesn’t tell me that” He said and we started laughing.


“Never mind. I will teach her how to be romantic soon” I said and he sighed loudly.


“Please do. I will pay the bills. Just name your price” He said and we laughed again.


“You are so funny”


“Yeah right? My mum says but for Jesus, I would have been a stand up comedian” He said and we laughed again.


“I can’t wait to see you” I said and he chuckled.


“I can’t wait too o. I was meaning to come for Mum’s surprise birthday but my Mola said until she tells mum about me”


“Sure! To avoid stories that touch” I said and we laughed again.


“I get. Immediately mum says she wants to meet me, just holla at me, I will be there in minutes!” He said and I nodded.


“Yes, your excellency sir”


“God bless you sis. Thanks for all you are and have been. We will get to talk soon. I gat to go now.  I came to pick a friend at the airport.”


“Oh great! Nice talking to you”


“See you in the evening!” He said and hung up. I chuckled and clapped my hands together severally.


“In the evening? Dr. Jay is too confident, mehn!”


“He is actually a man of faith! He trusts too much in the Lord and He has never failed him”


“Wow! Alright! Why do I feel that this confidence is too…well, let’s get dressed and go meet mum sha” I said and Mola sighed as she walked to her wardrobe. 


I slapped my thighs for being so negative.



I knocked at their room door and dad asked us to come in.


“Dad of life, good evening sir” I greeted.


“Mo of life, good evening o” He said with a smile, looking up briefly from the newspaper he was reading. 


“Dad, e kaasan sir” Mola greeted in Yoruba and Dad replied her in same, smiling so heartily at her. Mola walked to his side and sat on the bed, looking into the newspaper. We all knew that dad loved Mola more and mum loved me more.




“Mum!” I started calling when I couldn’t see her in the room.


“She has locked herself up in the bathroom o” Dad said and I started walking towards the bathroom. Mum was seated on the edge of the bath tub, laughing hysterically as she looked into her phone. 


“Mum! What are you doing in the bathroom?” I asked as I entered.


“I am washing and reading at the same time” She said without looking up to see me. 


I opened the washing machine and realized the clothes she was spinning had completed it’s round.


“Mum, you are done washing. Come out of the bathroom. We have come to see you” I said and pulled her hand.


“Wo, until I am done reading o, I won’t answer yo…” She said and burst out laughing as she moved out of the bathroom.


“This girl ehn!” She exclaimed as she looked intently as her phone. 


She stepped out of her bathroom and I closed the door.


“Good evening mum” Mola greeted but mummy was too busy to reply.


“This Mr. Williams ehn! He is a clown!” She exclaimed as she slapped her thighs and wiped the tears in her eyes. “Ah, ah, ah! You don’t even know you are old already!” She continued laughing, still looking intently at her phone. 


I exchanged looks with Mola and we started laughing as we finally understood what was making her laugh.


“So, stories can make mummy laugh so hard like this?” Mola asked, smiling sweetly.


“You are one hell of a writer you know!” I said and she waved her hands.


“I didn’t even know mum was following the series.”


“When she won’t drop her comments ba?”


“I tell you”


“Chai! It’s when it’s becoming sweet that this girl will say watch out for the next episode. Chai!” Mum exclaimed, somewhat disappointed. 


We laughed some more but mum seemed so oblivious of what was happening in the whole room.


“This boy hasn’t commented today ni” She asked as she scrolled down. “He has o!” She exclaimed and blushed as her eyes ran over her phone.


“Which guy, mum?” I asked and she looked up suddenly.


“You ladies are here?” She asked and started laughing.


“Mum!” I exclaimed. “You entered so much into the story that you didn’t know when we came into this room, you didn’t know when I came to lead you out of the bathroom, huh?”


“I am very sincere. I didn’t know o. E ma binu” She apologized and shifted her gaze towards Mola. “Ah, so you can become a wonderful vessel in God’s Hands like this Mola? You can?” She asked, smiling so heartily. “I have been graciously blessed by your wonderful stories. God bless you greatly”


“Amen!” Mola replied.


“But there is this guy that is always commenting on your post. Who is he to you? James Bello abi what is his name?” She asked a smile still carved on her face.


I exchanged looks with Mola and she smiled uneasily.


“He is my friend, mummy” She said and mum started shaking her head.


“I follow him on Facebook too. That guy is on fire for God! What day was that that I was emotionally down, kai, I went to his wall, saw a musical piece he recorded and listened to it. ‘God can do it again’ is the title. As he sang sonorously and played the guitar, I could only weep! It was too wonderful!”


“Wow!” I exclaimed. I waited patiently trying to see what was about to be unfolded before my very eyes.


“He is a vessel in the hands of God actually” Mola said.


“Ah, God bless him o! And you know what?” She asked again, with so much interest. “He is a northerner! I wouldn’t believe such talent and spiritual guys exist in the north o” She said and laughed. “God should sha have mercy on me!”


“You must have really followed him o” Mola said with a slight smile.


“Ah! On Facebook, after reading from Mola Ola, I move to Mo’s Touch and then to James Bello. Those are the only three people I read from”


“You don’t read Emmy’s posts?” I asked, already feeling jealous. Mum started laughing.


“Is Emmy a writer? The last post on his wall was posted three months ago” Mum said and we all laughed.


“But wait, why did you suddenly bring up Emmy when I spoke of you, Mola and James?” She turned to Mola and squinted. “Are you sure you are just friends with James?” 


Mola looked into my face, finding it really hard to breathe, obviously. She blinked severally.


“Erm…we are friends but you know, we would love to take it a bit further if you agre…” Mola said carefully, picking her words. Mum jumped up and started dancing.


“My dear, what did I say? I knew it! I just knew it! There is no post on Mola’s wall you won’t see his comment ‘My Mola this, my Mola that’ I knew it o! They are taking my daughter to the north o, ghen ghen!” She started dancing.


I was stunned!


As easy as that?


Mola burst into tears all of a sudden as dad pulled her into a tight embrace, patting her as he did.


“Why are you crying?” Mummy paused.


“We thought you would say ‘No!’” I said and she started shaking her head.


“So that what happened during your own will happen again ba? God has dealt with me o my daughters. As long as we all believe in Christ and the Whole Word of truth, we are one! Whether we are yellow, black, white, asian, african, we all are one! I have learnt my own lesson o”


“So, you are saying ‘yes’. Like seriously, you are…” Mola burst out cryin again.


“The Lord had spoken to your mum and I before this time and we had waited for the day when you will come forward to share the goodnews with us.


“Unbelievable!” I exclaimed, holding my thumping chest out of excitement.


“Wow! Wow!” Mola jumped off from the bed and ran to mum. They hugged tightly for a long time.


“Just looking at you, I see Grace! I see the Mercy of God!” Mum said as she rubbed her back. They both wept together as I shook my head continuously in total disbelief.


“Do you want to know the church he attends?” I asked after a while and mum shook her head.


“That is not necessary. Whatever church it is, I am sure my daughter has found the best of…”


“He attends Bible Life Church!” I ropped and mum started jumping so high that her head was almost banging the ceiling.


“It is a lie! It is a lie ooo” She jumped on, so excitedly. Dad couldn’t hold his laughter too.


“This God ehn! He knows how to withdraw something from His children just to teach them lessons and still pamper them with their desires thereafter- He does just as He wishes!” Dad said and I blushed on at the sight of the glee on mum’s face.


Mola walked to my side and picked up my hand.


“I think we can have our twins wedding then. We really can. Will you wait a few more months for us?” She asked and I smiled.


“Say please” I said proudly and she started smiling.


“Please” Mola obeyed.


“You have it!” I replied and she carried me up so high, planting kisses all over my face.


“I love you! I love you to the moon and back!”


“But well, I have to inform Emmy o” I added and she smiled. 


“Emmy is in support, if you are” Mola said.


“What! You people have been planning behind my back?” I asked, feigning anger. She pecked me again as she started dialling a number on her phone.


“Mum said ‘Yes’!…What? You are at the gate already?” Mola asked with shock written all over her face as she moved to the window. We all followed.


My suspended mouth wouldn’t come together no matter how hard I tried. I was too shocked! 


Emmy and a handsome guy walked into the compound, dressed in the same attire.


“That’s James and Emmy” Mola exclaimed so excitedly.


“Do you love him so much?” Mum asked. “Do you love James?”


“Mum, I seriously do! I love him so much!”


“How much on the scale of 100?”


“1million, mum! I million” Mola exclaimed and we burst out laughing.


“But when did Emmy arrive Nigeria? Oh my! How do they know each other?” I kept asking.


“Oh! James said he wanted to escort a friend from the airport earlier. That was Emmy?” I asked, quite stunned.


Just then, a fully ballon-decorated car with ‘Happy Birthday Mum, from your sons’ drove in with some instrumentalists playing some nice birthday tunes behind it.


We all turned to look into mum’s face and her eyes had doubled in size.


“Tell me I’m dreaming! What! This is a dream. Dear, wake me up” Mum screamed as Dad held her shoulders, planting some pecks on her forehead.


“You now have sons! The sons you never had, you now have!” He said, smiling with glee.


“After all the surprise that you this children have done, why did you ask these guys to still…”


“We didn’t know about this o!” My twin and I exclaimed at once.


“Mummy wa ati daddy wa. E kaasan o” James said loudly, so fluently in the Yoruba language that we just couldn’t hold our laughter. 


Looking downstairs, we saw the two guys lying on their faces in prostration.


“Omo rere! Omo rere! (Good children!)” Mummy exclaimed. “What a birthday! What a great birthday!” She said as she started running towards the door.


I stayed glued to the window side with my sister as daddy ran after his wife.


“Doesn’t this seem like a fairytale, Mola?” I asked as tears rolled down my face. “I feel so jealous of how greatly the Lord is dealing with you” 


“I am telling you! This is too surreal! This is too blurry!”


“Mola, I am so happy for you” I said as I drew her into a close embrace, weeping together as we hugged.






“Hello Pastor Mensah, abeg can we shift the wedding from next week to this weekend, already?” Mum asked Pastor Mensah on phone and we all looked at her with shock written all over our faces.


“What is the matter, Mrs. Olawuwo?”


“These girls of yours ehn, chai! Pastor, the way they are looking into each other’s faces now ehn, I fear o.” She said and we started laughing.


“Mrs. Olawuwo, let them look at themselves o. Is it your look?” Pastor Mensah asked, jokingly, his voice full of laughter.


“Thank you, Pastor!” We all shouted at once as if we planned it.


“That look on their faces is heavenly! It’s the look of the champions! Of lovers made from Heaven! Let them look very well till they become ‘Lucases’” He joked again and we burst out laughing again.


“After fighting serious fights for their loves, you think they wouldn’t look at one another and thank God for the goodness they see?” Pastor joked again and I stood up and started coordinating a round of applause from my ‘congregation’.


We laughed and laughed, while mum looked on at us, with obvious gratitude to the Most High God for us.















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  1. Wow
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    Don’t relent on that soul you’ve been praying for, He/she is a dynamite being made ready to explode (help me Lord).
    A heart which is ready & yearning for God will not miss out of His visitation.
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  4. Hmmm…..

    When you are indeed in the center of God’s Will, He calms all the hiccups that comes with it. i.e no matter what happens if you are sure it’s God’s will hold on to it.

    Don’t relent on that soul you’ve been praying for, He/she is a dynamite being made ready to explode (help me Lord).

    A heart which is ready & yearning for God will not miss out of His visitation.
    (Lessons learnt)

    Song of Prayer
    Lord I surrender all, my talents, hopes and dreams, though the price to follow may cost me every thing, I surrender all .

    Thanks Mama Lizzy

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