THE FIGHT FOR LOVE (A Christian Story by De-raconteur)


Another Christian story has landed!


THE FIGHT FOR LOVE is the title!


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It will be airing from September 1st to 14th 2019!





Mopelola, the daughter of Pastor and Pastoress Olawuwo indeed as her name implies is an embodiment of total completeness!


She has all the lovely curves, feminine beauty, the spirituality, the comfort, the character, the meekness, just all that makes her the perfect ideal woman for the coolest man in the world- Emmy Brown.


Suddenly, their love is threatened!


Like a thief in the night, a storm arrives and attacks the love.


You don’t want to know who the fighter of their love is!


You can’t wait to know the reason why their love is being fought!


And you sure can’t wait to know who wins in this love fight- (the storm or the lovers!)


This is a story written to correct so many ills in the church! By the time you are done reading this story, you would be moved from the inside to do more for love!


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This is going to be peppery and inspirational! Yeah! You haven’t read a Christian story like this in a while!


Thank you.


September 1st, come quickly, we are waiting!


Watch out!


Are you as expectant as I am? Let me know your reaction in the comment box below😍

Β© De-Raconteur 2019



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  1. Oh! Who is with the remote control nah? Who took it from the table? 😊… Abi, so we can check if we can fast forward jare to Sept

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