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Howdy! It’s been a while and I must apologize for not coming on air for two weeks. By the special Grace of God, we have kicked off this week and there is no going back! Can I hear amen? Amen! Thank you so much.

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The song you have just listened to is ‘One Day at a Time’ by Lynda Randle and with that I say good evening once again. I am kicking off sharing my life experiences with you and I must start very well. Why not pick up a stool, sit down and follow me as I go? I will be with you for an hour before I say my B-Y-E so let’s make a good use of the time before us.

When did my life really start? That will be the subject of our talk today. Oh yes! When did my life start and how?

Few years after independence, my aunt, Mummy Posi was one of the most influential women and one of the few women in Nigeria who first drove a car. I guess this is as a result of her marriage to one of the cousins of the then western region governor.

She had just opened a very big restaurant near Abaji Military Cantonment, Abuja and you can imagine her excitement when she found out that I had been transferred to the new military radio station in her environs.

I had just concluded the 2pm news one day when the floor manager handed a folded paper to me. I nodded in greetings and walked into my office.

Your voice sounds so good on the radio my niece. Cancel all your engagements and meet me at Appetites’ Solution Joint by 5pm. Iya Posi

My bossy madam! Hahaha. I was so shocked to receive that from her. It was an era where there were no phones so while I knew she was in Abuja; I hadn’t been able to trace her yet. Little did I know that she was right beside me! I was really excited, rounded off my duties, signed out and by 4pm, I was out of the office already.

I entered a taxi and soon enough, we pulled up in front of Appetites’ Solution Joint. I quickly pulled my hair into a ponytail and ran as fast as my legs could carry me to jump at my aunt who was backing the entrance.

“Who is that one that wants to break my back? Who is tha…” She was going to ask again when I turned briskly and knelt before her. Her face broke into a large smile as she hugged me tightly.

“Abike Ade. Omo Oluwa. Omo Jesu. Ayanfe Re. Ogo Oluwa. Iyanu Ife Re.” She kept on hailing and hailing and I kept on doing the smiling and blushing. I had forgotten that my aunt was a ‘spirikoko’ (Overly spiritual) person…Hahaha but all the hailing she kept doing in Jesus’ Name reminded me of what I was in for.

If nothing, I knew my visit to her would revolve round two major topics:  One, how is your spiritual life? Two, where is the lucky man? And to be very frank, I wasn’t ready for those questions.

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Did my aunt ask me those two questions? Of course she did!

“I am sure you expect me to ask you who the lucky bro is but I will shock you to ask if you have become so lucky and blessed to have Jesus has your best friend” That was how she twisted the two questions together and the argument started after a while.

 “Aunty, does it even make sense that you believe that there is a Jesus? Why would you believe such a fantasy cooked up by mere men like you and I?”

“Lizzy! Lizzy! How did you get here? How were you made? Which maker would sit down so perfectly to create you this beautifully? You call it gene and biology? When you open up yourself, you are full of so many wires and cables and systems and organs, neatly and graciously knitted together. Even if you wouldn’t believe that there is Heaven or God, you should think deeply and understand that there is a Person somewhere who cares so deeply about you so much so that He made you so well, you should in turn serve Him!” She said and there was silence. When I realized that the silence was awkward, I cleared my throat.

“What is the guarantee that there is a God up there? One would only waste one’s time being a religious fanatic and eventually…” I was ranting when she cut in again.

“Too much education and philosophy has made my daughter foolish. And well, this gospel of salvation is foolishness to the wise of this world.” She paused and laid her hand on my laps. “Hope you are prepared to spend the night with us sha?” She asked. I nodded and regretted it almost immediately. I knew if I visited, all I would listen to till daybreak would be sermons!

“I won’t have any sermon with you again Lizzy.” She said as if she could read my mind.  “The way God will so catch you ehn, it will shock you sef! I have handed you over to God. Yes, I have. See this glory over your head? It is shining so brightly and a wrong marriage is going to kill it! It will. God has to catch you before it is too late. He will change you, then, He will give you a man, a good man.” She continued and I sighed multiply, scratching my head as I did. I couldn’t say a word.

“Pemi, bring me two bottles of bittercola and two plates of isi ewu.” She called out and we were soon engrossed with eating and dining and laughing and discussing. While we did all of that, my mind wandered severally.

Even if you wouldn’t believe that there is Heaven or God, you should think deeply and understand that there is a Person somewhere who cares so deeply about you so much so that He made you so well, you should in turn serve Him!

It would be the third time that week that I was told about Jesus. And each person that told me about Him linked Him with my marriage and also with my glorious destiny!

Could it just be a coincidence? I wouldn’t lie to you dearest people but I was so troubled at that instant.

Few minutes into our dining and wining, my aunt dropped her spoon suddenly and looked up at me, her eyes full of fear and her lips trembling vigorously. I dropped my spoon and held her hands. They had suddenly gone cold.

“My children! Oh my children! Holy Spirit, my children” She buried her face in her palms and chanted ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘My children’ severally. I wondered what was happening.

“Aunty. What happened? What about them?” I asked and she swallowed and forced a smile. She stood up almost immediately.

“We need to go home now Lizzy. We need to leave immediately. The Holy Spirit just communicated something to my mind and we need to leave now” She said, picked up her bag, whispered some things to her workers and soon, we entered into her old Peugeot 504 and were on our way.

“Have mercy oh Lord!”

“Take charge oh Savior!”

“I refuse to weep over any of my babies in the Name of Jesus!”

She continued to pray and I was confused as to what to do. I raised my two hands to my chin as I waited in suspense, my heart racing so swiftly as she drove. Suddenly, I felt a painful pinch on my lap and I turned to look at her face. She wore a large smile and later shook her head.

“So when you are in problems, the best you can do is fidget and watch? You see now? Join me in prayers my friend! What the Holy Spirit showed me on the bench while we ate was not favorable at all but I know the Lord showed me so we can pray. Okay?”

“Alright. So what do I do?” I asked, so naively.

“Pray. Just imagine a big God with a strong, long Hand stretched down from Heaven to save and deliver. Call on Him to save your cousins and to protect them from all harms. That’s all” She said and I started nodding and shaking my head as she told me that but I couldn’t stop wondering.

How did the Holy Spirit show her something?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

I was right in front of her and I couldn’t see anybody talking with her?

Prayer? As I speak the words, the God will hear and will answer? How?

So many questions kept raging in my heart and I couldn’t just sit still.

My God is a miracle God

My God is a miracle God

He has never failed

He will never fail

He will do what He says He will do

He has never failed

He will never fail

He will do what He promised to do.

She sang that and started dancing and snapping her fingers as she drove. I was perturbed. How could someone who was really disturbed just few minutes ago suddenly turn joyous and more confident? I thought.

She pulled into their compound shortly after and it was as silent as a grave. I looked into her face as she pulled the long gear and realized her eyes were scanning through the whole compound. I was scared as I clutched my bag to my chest. I loved to keep people in suspense but I really did hate suspense!

She opened the car door and hopped out. Soon, she tucked her head in again, looking at the scared me.

“You won’t come out of the car?” She asked and I realized I was still stuck in. I opened the door and followed her as she led us inside. She walked in quietly, removed her shoes at the door and started moving from one room to the other. No one was in the rooms.

She went into the sitting room finally and just at the door, she got stuck, her fists rolled into balls.

“The Blood of Jesus!” She uttered and I quickly entered to see what was happening.

Her four children were on the floor, looking so lifeless!  I covered my mouth, my eyes widening in shock.

“It’s a joke right? Stop this joor” She suddenly recovered and said, walking towards the children. She bent beside them and started tickling them one after the other. There was no reaction.

She stood up suddenly and looked at me.

“Lizzy, we have to do something urgently” She said loudly. “These children seem to have fainted abi what’s all these? Abeg, just go to the kitchen, turn to your right and you will see the freezer. Bring me a jug of cold water, let me wake them. When I soak them in cold water, they will be resurr…” She was saying and almost immediately, the four children jumped up from their ‘dead’ positions and burst out laughing. I was shocked and stuck where I was.

“Mummy can so fear!” They kept on laughing

“Aunty, did it look so real? I might as well start an acting career” Posi said and I shook my head, gasping as I did. The children hugged me in turns and I pecked them accordingly.

“Don’t you ever try that with me again, you these children!” Their shocked mum said after she had recovered from the shock. “You will still serve some punishments for this prank you just pulled on me” She said again seriously but one could easily see the relief on her face. We laughed some more, prayed briefly and thereafter, she turned to look at her first daughter.

“Posi, show Lizzy her room. And yes, Lizzy dear, pour water on your body quickly, change into something simple and let’s come out to talk” She said and I nodded, following after Posi. I was wondering what the change of the atmosphere was.

Just few minutes earlier, we were both scared in the car and shortly after, we are both cool? What a dramatic queen my aunt was!

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Some minutes after my cold bath, I came out of my room all refreshed yet really confused. I was more confused when I raised the sitting room curtain and found everyone seated quietly on the cushions, all staring at me as I entered.

“Welcome my dear” My aunt greeted and I nodded as I settled in one of the cushions.

“Posi, do you know why we are here?” She asked and the young girl shook her head. Her mum smiled and I smiled shortly too when I realized that I wasn’t the only confused person in the room.

“Does anyone know?” She asked and there was nobody.

“Children, have you eaten?” She asked and they chorused a ‘yes’

“What did you eat?” She asked and they chorused another ‘Rice, stew and fish’

“Who cooked the rice for you all?” She asked again. Posi raised her hand and the other children pointed at her as well.

“Good. What did you use to cook the rice, Posi?” She asked and Posi looked confused.

“The Kerosene stove”

“Why didn’t you use the coal stove?”

“I checked the sack and there was no more charcoal”

“Was there kerosene in the stove?” She asked again.

“No mum but there was some in the Kerosene keg so I poured into the stove and used it.” She said and my aunt started waving her hands, tears rolling down her face.

I sighed so loudly, rubbing my aching forehead. What could be wrong or right?

“Posi, go and bring me the stove you used to cook. Emma, bring me the kerosene keg. Wonu, bring me a plate of rice that you people cooked” She said and the children exchanged confused looks as they stood up.

Osuba Re re e o

Osuba Re re e o

Oba ta o ri

Ta n ri’se owo Re

Osuba Re re e o

She started singing again, rolling on the bare floor as she did.

“Mummy, we have brought them” Posi said and she started shaking her head, still rolling on the floor.

“Lizzy, stand up and check the rice for me. Is it done?” She asked and I opened the covered bowl and tasted the rice.

“Very well done aunty” I said and she burst out crying.

“Open the stove and check the fuel in it.” She said, clapping her hands together dramatically and I started opening. The smell of petrol filled the house.

“Petrol!” I screamed and her cry increased.

“The Holy Spirit reminded me that there was no more kerosene at home nor was there any charcoal and that my babies were pouring from the petrol keg into the stove. I used a similar keg to keep petrol in the store for my car so I knew that it was not possible they know the difference.” She cried on, rose to her knees and started hugging her children after the other.

“My children cooked with petrol and they are preserved! Ah, they cooked with petrol and they are preserved! And you say I shouldn’t serve this God? You say I shouldn’t serve Him?” She wept on as she stood up again and started another song, dancing and jumping as she did.

The children were awestruck at the realization of what was happening but I was more shocked.

How did the Holy Spirit minister to her?

How could the children cook with petrol and not be burnt?

Is this God really real?

That day, I felt something deeply in my heart that I had never felt before.

“There could be a God after all” I said aloud, shrugging as I did after a special testimony night organized by my aunt’s husband as regards the issue.

The way the news made headlines on different news outlet was alarming and to then realize that I knew the persons involved very intimately killed it all.

How do I serve this God?

Since that day, my journey to know God and serve Him started. I wasn’t searching for Him because of marriage. No. I needed something much more than marriage. I had become so hungry for the Lord and only He could fill me.

I remember that there were days when I would be seated in my office, buried in my Bible and studying till all the noise around drifted away. If the news room was too crowded, I would stroll to a near-by tree and sit underneath, studying the Bible from the Book of John.

As I read on, I would constantly repeat a prayer point:

God, I have heard that You are really real and I even saw You at work in my aunt’s family. She said You will so catch me that it will shock me. And of a truth, it’s shocking me now. You have called me and I am in search of You already.

She said she has handed me over to You, oh then, take over me Lord.

I was told that there is a glory over my head that is shining so brightly. Lord, don’t let it stop shining. In fact, thank You for this glory. I didn’t even love You, in fact, till now, I find it so hard to know You are there but everything around me and in me shows You are there and that You love me.

I don’t need a good man yet but can You keep me from deceptive men Lord?

I would keep praying those lines over and over again, reading from the Book of John and listing so many miracles that Christ did in the Book- He even turned water to wine! Oh my!

One day, while under ‘my tree’ studying, my boss walked over to me and sat close to me on the mat I had spread on the ground. I stood up quickly and frowned slightly. He picked up my Bible and kept examining it over and over again, smiling funnily as he did. My heart couldn’t stop racing.

“Lord, please send him away. He is here to distract me, send him away” I prayed in my heart and like magic, he looked up at me, shook his head, stood up and started walking away, mumbling as he did.

“She is too cold!” I could hear him say and I held my chest, not at his words but at the fact that God heard my silent prayers. How? Why?

“I will deal with you and I have just started with you! Are you the only beautiful one around? Why do you always feel so pompous?” He suddenly turned back to face me and I sulked in a breath and two.

His eyes had suddenly turned red and I knew beyond all reasonable doubt that he meant every bit of what he had said. By the time I settled down on my mat to start studying again, my heart wouldn’t stay still. I knew how wicked my boss was. He could easily pass the information across to the DG, cooking up some lies against me.

“What to do Lord? Are You really there? Did You really answer my prayers when I asked him to leave or was it coincidental? Can you do one more thing for me to show me that I really have You and that You really have me?” I asked, looking up to the skies, blinking severally so my tears could remain in my eyes and not fall.

“Can he be transferred?” I asked silently, not sure if what I had said made sense.

My lovely listeners, rolling my mat and moving up to the news room, what news greeted my ears?


The Lord didn’t even wait till the next day! He did it instantly!

“Are you for real? It was a silent request! It was a request that I wasn’t even sure of! And You did that! No way!” I screamed as my colleague delivered the message to me. I couldn’t even hold my excitement.

That single request changed it all for me! You know, there must always be a single incident in your life that will make you trust God the more! It will make you want to know God the more!

For Isaiah, King Uzziah had to die before he could see the Lord! For Jacob, he had to experience some discomfort with his uncle and then face a war with his brother before his desperation and hunger for God could come! Hannah had reached a point where she couldn’t even say a word again, she had cried and cried till suddenly, there appeared a hurdle that she must pass to get what she wanted- heir priest from nowhere accused her of drunkenness. She didn’t answer rudely. She calmly explained her plight and that changed it all for her!

Dearly beloved, if you ask me if giving my life to Jesus was a wrong choice, I will tell you a big NO! I will give my life to Jesus over and over again! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

You can’t be genuinely surrendered to the Lord and then miss it in marriage. If you have a failed or failing marriage, you struggled with or disobeyed His Will most probably, ran ahead of Him or your character killed it all for you!

And did He give me a good man? Hmmmm…No! He gave me the best man!

Time wouldn’t permit me to tell you a whole lot about the statement above but by His Grace, I will pick it up from there next week. Why not tune in next week, same time, same station so that we can altogether be blessed?

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My question was: If I got married at 25, conceived at 26, had my first child at 27, have been married for 52years, how old am I? And how old is my husband.

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I am 77years old and my husband David is 87years old.

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She sang that and started dancing and snapping her fingers as she drove. I was perturbed. How could someone who was really disturbed just few minutes ago suddenly turn joyous and more confident? I thought.

  1. From the excerpt above, who had that thought? About who? To you, why would a disturbed person actually suddenly turn joyous?
  • From the show today, when did my life actually start?
  • My aunt had how many children?

The first ten best answers to these questions will have two e-books from me. ‘THE CONQUEST’ and ‘THE CANDLE IN THE WIND’ I will be most delighted to hear from you. Thank you and have a glorious weekend ahead. Stay blessed.

N.B: I understand that today is Saturday. I am so sorry. I tied to make sure you enjoy the show yesterday but technical issues faced my blog like a flood. Forgive me.

Make sure you leave me a comment pleaseeeee. Yeah, I desire to hear from you. God bless.


  1. 1. Lizzy had that thought about her aunty (mummy Posi). To me, she suddenly became joyful because the peace of God had flodded her as a confirmation that all was well with her children.
    2. Your life really started the day you gave your life to Christ.
    3. Your aunty had four (4) children

  2. Answer to today show’s questions
    1.Granny Lizzy had that thought
    2.About her aunt
    3.To me a disturbed person can suddenly turn joyous when she has the assurance from the Holy Spirit that God has intervened in her case
    4.From the show today, your life started when you gave your life over to Christ
    5.Your aunt has four children

  3. 1.Granny lizzy
    1ai.To her aunt who was disturbed over her children
    1aii.A person who is disturbed would be joyous because he/she as total confidence in whom is handling the situation.
    1b.granny Lizzy’s life started when her cousins miraculously got saved from being burnt after using petrol to cook, this made granny Lizzy research more about God
    1c.Granny Lizzy has Four cousins because her aunt has four kids.

  4. Lizzy had the thought from the extract above and it is about her Aunt called mummy Posi, and to me a disturbed person can suddenly become joyous because of an assurance you’ve got in God and a sudden peace of God.
    Her life started when she discover that God is real and he answers prayers
    Lizzy’s aunt has four children.

  5. 1. Granny Lizzy had the thought about her aunty – mummy Posi. A disturbed person can suddenly turn joyous when there is an assurance from the Holy Spirit, realising that the battle has been won.
    2. Your life started when you gave your life to Jesus.
    3. She had 4 children

  6. 1. Granny Lizzy had the thought about her aunt – mummy Posi, The HolySporit’s assurance can suddenly make a disturbed person joyous.
    2. When she gave her life to Jesus Christ.
    3. 4 children

  7. 1. From the excerpt above, Lizzy had that thought about her aunt called Mummy Posi. Today’s show made me to understand that disturbed person can actually become joyous because of the peace, joy, comfort and relief God gives his children who call upon him concerning any situation whatsoever.
    2. Lizzy life actually started when she began her journey to know God and serve him.
    3. Lizzy’s aunt had four children

  8. 1.Lizzy had that thought. About her Aunt – Mommy Posi. A disturbed person suddenly turns joyous when he or she has an inner joy engineered by the Holy Spirit.
    2. Your life actually started the day you gave your life to Christ, which was the day you met with Aunty Posi.
    3. Your aunt had four children.

  9. 1. From the excerpt above, who had that thought?

    About who?
    Her aunt – mommy Posi.

    To you, why would a disturbed person actually suddenly turn joyous?
    A disturbed person suddenly turns joyous when he or she has an inner joy engineered by the Holy Spirit.

    2. From the show today, when did my life actually start?
    Your life actually started the day you gave your life to Christ. Which was as a result of your meeting with Aunty Posi.

    3.My aunt had how many children?
    Your aunt had Four children.

  10. Answers to this week’s questions
    1. From the excerpt above, Granny Lizzy had that thought about who her aunt, Mummy Posi.
    To me, a disturbed person can actually suddenly turn joyous when he/she is assured of divine and unquestionable deliverance or breakthrough from the same thing that disturbed him/her.

    2. From the show today, your life actually started the day, “you felt something deeply in your heart that you had never felt before…” I imagine it’d have been like an eye opener… your heart feels like it just woke up…the day God saved your cousins from death by fire accident miraculously.

    3. Your aunt had four children; Posi, Wonu, Emma and one other fine girl

  11. 1.a. Grandma Lizzy had the thought
    b. It was about her aunt,mummy Posi
    c. It was because she had confidence in the God she had prayed to,and he had given her peace and assurance of answered prayers

    2. Your life started when you encountered and had a relationship with Christ and it was as a result of your meeting with mummy Posi.

    3. Your aunt,mummy Posi had four children
    Posi, Emma, Wonu,the last child’s name was not mentioned

  12. Hmmmmmmmm this is really amazing
    Granny lizzy more auction to function effectively in Jesus name
    A,Granny lizzy had the thought
    B.lizzy aunt mum posi
    C.hmmmm she felt God’s omnipresence in all Areas
    She has 4 children

  13. 1. Granny Lizzy thought about her aunt
    2. A disturbed person could suddenly become joyous though the infilling of the Holy spirit, as He is a gossip to tell us things to come, lead us aright and to give is utterance in certain situations.
    3. Granny’s life started the moment she surrendered all to Him, old things are passed away, and all things become new.
    4. Granny’s aunt has 4 children

  14. 1. Granny Lizzy had the thought, about her aunt, Iya Posi. A disturbed person can suddenly turn joyous at the wave of good news regarding the matter of worry.

    2. Your life actually started the day you felt a deep stirring to seek God, that was the day of the mighty miracle in the life of your cousins

    3. Your aunt had 4 children.

  15. 1. Granny Lizzy had that thought.
    2. About her Aunt (Iya Posi)
    3. A disturbed person can suddenly turn joyous when the issue disturbing her had been taken care of and resolved.

    4. Your life started when you saw the miraculous way of how the Holy Spirit ministered to your Aunt about your cousins who cooked rice with petrol and how the children were not burnt.

    4. Your Aunt had 4 children – Posi, Wonu, Emma and the last whose name was not mentioned.

  16. 1. Lizzy had the thought about her aunt- Mum Posi
    A disturbed person would suddenly turned joyous once she sees the miracle that God has done as a result of answered prayers
    2. Her life started when she saw what God did in the home of her aunt..and she started seeking God.
    3. She has four children..

Kindly leave me a comment below.