1. I’ve really been touched blessed and moved to pray as I read thru. This msg is just meant for me at the moment. And I can say I feel my burdens lighter. God bless you tremendously ma.

    1. Thanks for talking to me…I really lost connection with God due to activities here and there…..with this ,I hope to bounce back

  2. Thanks for these insights. I was tempted to assume I know what will be in the message but thank God I read it and I must confess from now on I have no excuses anymore. One of my excuses would have not enough time to commune with my God, however I find going on prayer walks very practicable for me as these days that we trek a lot on our way to and back from work in Lagos, then I can adore my creator from the beauty of my environment. Many thanks for the numerous links to resources.

  3. I am blessed reading this write up,God bless you. It would bless many lives,I would share now

  4. This has touch my spirit and blessed my heart. Thank you very much sis. May your source of inspiration not run dry. God will continue to use you for his glory. Amen

  5. Treasure, thank you for this wonderful, powerful, firing and reviving piece. Not feeling like praying as a believer is a deadly disease that needs urgent attention. Thank you for reminding us on this timeless truth. God bless you and I love you more and more and more and …

  6. With tears in my eyes, i say God bless you for this. U don’t know what it means to me. I almost ignored this post when u sent the link to me on whatsapp, decided to read it this morning, that is when i realized that it was actually for me.
    God bless you ma. God helping me i will be back to my feet again. Amen.

  7. Man always ought to pray and not to faint. Thank you for these powerful tips. We cannot afford to let the flesh determine for us when to pray or not.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

  8. Thank you for the message. I have a lot going on I just ask for Grace to keep holding on

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