God bless you my baby!


It was the first day of the new month…

The month was June

And oh, it was a tough year for my family- 1996


The year before, my mum had lost a baby after me due to her poor feeding condition and stress of doing course work up and down.

She wept like never before as the premature baby was handed over to her.

In the mood of making her feel better and consoling her, mummy and daddy met again and tied another ‘load’ altogether. You know woram saying? *winks*

So that day….

It was during those times when there was no much money in the house as my dad’s place of work was on strike for a few years.

My mum said she was going to prepare rice and beans for both of us to eat. I was so glad because it looked like ages since I last had my best food.

As my fair little hands picked the beans with her, her protruding tummy resting on the tray, I noticed she had a frown on her face for a while in pain.

She dropped the tray and moved upstairs to our neighbors.

She came back for me after a while, carried a small ‘Ghana must come’ bag and left me with our neighbors though she made sure I sat down to eat the (was it Eba or Amala) then with them though the neighbor told her there was no fish or meat in their soup.

I wonder how I remembered but I wasn’t really small then anyways.

I was sad as my hope of eat my mum’s specially made rice and beans was thwarted.

I didn’t know that….

“My mum eyaff goan born baby!…”

…..that looks like me!…hehehe

That is the only scene I can remember about that day- June 1st, 1996.


Sisther Bukky…hehehehe

We started growing up little by little and as a sister, you should know that it comes with challenges when you have a girl after another girl, hehehehe- the rivalry though!

“Who wore my shoes?”

“Who took my wristwatch?”

“Can’t you add Sister to my name ni? I look like your mate, ehn?”

“Mummy, come and warn Esther o, she is calling me Bola”

Hahahahaha… Oh my God!

Now, thinking about those times really send cold chills down my spine mehn!…hehehe

We had lots and lots of fight… I can remember this song she sang for me whenever I felt bad that she wasn’t respecting me…Many naughty sisters will know the song…hehehe

Ojo lara ofe su’kun

Ojo lara ofe su’kun

Ojo lara ofe su’kun

Pele o.


Oh my God! I would cry and we would fight till mummy calls us together and preaches to us, not forgetting to top the preaching rounds with some strokes of cane anyways…hahahaha!


Then, we grew past that stage and became friends…

Happy Birthday darling!

I would tell her of all the girlie happenings in my world and she would reciprocate but when we had another argument, we would be right in front of mummy- reporting!




Then, we grew past that stage and gave our lives to Jesus and oh what a change it had been!

We became prayer partners and we go on our knees together doing the needful before His throne of mercy for everyone around us and all situations.

Sisther and I


Then, we got to the stage of Bowenalization…hehehe

At that point, she came to my school and caused confusion because of the similarities.

Then, I had not chopped well like now so she was bigger than me.

When they asked us then that why was she bigger than me, she would laugh and say I was the one who refused to grow up while I would say that she was just but a small, greedy girl who is in a haste to catch us with me. Oh my!

Omo daada


We grew, are grown and are still growing!

Today marks the 21st year in which a Raregem was given birth to!

She is a very strong lady (Though she can worry for Africa when she loves you and she is not sure that you are fine at a point in time)

She is supportive- very very supportive!…I can’t tell it all really!

She is very sacrificial…I remember while in school…

I would have withdrawn and spent all my money and would ask her to share the remaining of hers with me and she would ‘rake’ and ‘rake’ and yet still come and give me some out of hers?…hahaha.. Her bark is worse than her bite really!

She is spontaneous!..Action mama!

She can keep friends for Africa. If she loves you,  you are good to go for a long long time.

She is very shy at this moment and the next moment, she is as bold as a lion.

She is very supportive and I am just very blessed to have her as a younger sister.

My dear sister, seeing you grow into a woman is something that gives me a great delight.

My God will keep you!

I just had to write something about you my dear. But for time constraints, I would have written more.


You are sweet and I love you so much.

My sister, dear Esther… a new name is coined from these two words and I have ‘Sisther’…Hope you love my innovation… Hehehehe

On this occasion of your birthday, I wish you a long life and prosperity in the land of the living in Jesus name.

Happy Birthday!

Happy New day!

Happy New Month!

Happy New Year!

I love you darling.


#Kindly celebrate my sister with me dear friends. She’s been a great support in my career, my work with God, my ‘every thing’ in general!

Have a sweet birthday my love!


  1. Awwwww . …Happy birthday Sis Esther,you are made for the top and you are going there in jesus name! Have a fab day. much love swt sis

  2. Happy birthday dear. May the dew of heaven rest upon you today and always. Great grace and glory uponr all you do.

  3. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady. Esther, your best days are ahead. You will be a blessing to generations to come in nations all over the world. You will make God proud. Amen. Enjoy your day 🙂 Lizzy, where is the venue for the surprise party na??

  4. You just mentioned the name I would have heard ‘wehhnn’ from ooo…..She is absolutely superb. She deserves more!!!

  5. Happy birthday dear Sis. Your Sun will never go down. your glory and honour will keep increasing, shining to fulfil the purpose of your creation. you are blessed beyond borders. this birth day is blessed from now till years to come. enjoy your day dear Sis and have a blast.

  6. Happy birthday dear. You shall soar high and high in all that you do…….enjoy your day

  7. Lines are falling for you in pleasant places this year and beyond….
    Your lifestyle has always been a challenge for me
    Keep basking in God’s love

  8. In the mood of making her feel better and consoling her, mummy and daddy met again and tied another ‘load’ altogether. You know woram saying? *winks*

    Lol. Mama Lizzy you ehn.

    Happy birthday Sistherfreezy *tongueout* thank you for taking care of Lizzyfreezie

    Lol. The memories tho. You guys were definitely something.

    Esther I wish you the best year yet

  9. Happy birthday dear Esther, the Almighty God will cause his light to shine on you in this new year and you sha never be hidden in life. Have an awesome year dear.

  10. Happy birthday darling Esther….age gracefully may God bless ur new year…lots of love

  11. Happy Birthday Sweetheart, Esther is simply an amazing Sisther. God bless you greatly Darling. I lover you gaan.

  12. Happy birthday dearly beloved, may the Lord keep you now and always. Happy new month and happy new year to you. Mama Lizzy thanks for cracking me up as I was just laughing at my phone making people around to be wondering what’s stronging this girl lolz. I love you two so much.

  13. My beloved Esther Ibukunoluwa Oyekunle. I just love you toritorun even though you can be… its just part of what makes your personality charming. Happy Birthday Beloved. May HIS DIVINE LOVE OVERSHADOW YOU AND MAY HIS LIGHT LEAD YOU IN HIS CHOSEN PATHWAY FOR YOU.

  14. Hbd to Ibukunoluwa, new year of progress in every areas of your life in Jesus name. Waiting for cake plssssssss

  15. Happy Birthday Esther
    My wish and prayer for you is that TODAY shall mark the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!
    Age Gracefully 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday to you sis. may God bless your new age and lift you up. your hearth desires shall be met in Jesus name.

  17. Happy Birthday sweet Queen
    Esther. You’re a darling. The years ahead are blessed!

  18. Awwwwn…Happy birthday to you, sweetheart…The Lord bless you greatly! Love you dearie moi

  19. happy birthday dear sis long life. you will fulfill your purpose on earth, may your joy be full here and in eternity. remain rapturable

  20. Happy belated birthday, many more fruitful years ahead. Keep enjoying God’s grace

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