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Written by: Oyekunle Esther IbukunOluwa


I remember one Sister Rose who was a devotion leader in my hostel in my second year in the University.

She was always the talk of the hostel. Her commitment and vibrancy when it came to the things of God was challenging.

I was more than surprised on this day that I heard that our own Sister Rose was in a relationship with Bro. Richard, the head usher of my school fellowship.

“Ehn ehn! Even Sister Rose! So she can also be in a relationship?” I had thought.

There came a Wednesday afternoon that I confirmed my doubts when I found Rose and Richard at the back of our chapel in a serious discussion, there was a bible at the centre of them both.

I was very happy for her!

God forgive my over-inquisitive nature!

After a while, one Brother Solomon of the Prayer unit came into the devotion unit.

Oh no! I had never seen someone who prayed as he did. Many of us were happy that someone like that came to join our unit.

But as time went on, I noticed that Solomon would always peep at Rose during our general meetings. I loved Sister Rose a lot but I liked her for Bro. Richard only.

Bro. Solomon should look for his own woman elsewhere, I had thought.

I started taking it personal to the extent that I called Solomon on a particular day that I wanted to see him.

With his usual big smile, he said;

‘any problem my sister?’

I was so angry that I could not state my real purpose, I only smiled sheepishly and said

‘nothing sir, I only wanted to appreciate God’s grace upon your life’ he smiled wildly and almost gave me a tight hug, but I respectfully turned my side at him. Then I wondered,

‘how on earth?!!’

Later on, I heard from some of my ‘solo-makinde’ roommates that Brother Solomon tried to ask Sister Rose out, and that she humbly declined.

I was very happy!

But things did not end there o!

Solomon would not just stop peeping at my sister Rose during our meetings.

Then this evening came, I was in a tuck shop very close to my hostel when Solomon came in. He looked very dejected and helpless. For the first time in my life, I tried to show a sign of concern to him, I asked for what was wrong.

Then he said;

“its sister Rose. I confessed my feelings for her last week. Actually, if not for her, I wouldn’t be in the unit now. The lord directed me to her. And as soon as the Holy Spirit sent me, I went to her, but she turned me down. She insulted me, and said I was not yet a man. She didn’t talk like the sister Rose people know”

I was shocked!

“Are you serious, Solomon?”

“I would never lie to you. It took me by surprise. I have not come out of it yet.”

Then I started wondering,
‘But this is the same sister that would always counsel me never to insult a man that proposes to me, so what is happening?’

Then, I decided to approach her. I had to correct her too; she isn’t bigger than correction!

“It really hurt me deep down. Bro. Solomon was almost crying. I felt bad for him. You shouldn’t have probably gone to the extent of saying that he isn’t a man. Even teenagers don’t like being called boys. Sister Rose, what really happened ehn?” I said, fumbling with my palms.

She smiled faintly

‘Thank you my dear sister. I really appreciate the fact that you walked up to me. Many would have just buried it, and continued to use it against me, tarnishing my image…”

“So it did really happen?”

“It did my dear, but…”

She was saying when i cut in


“Listen, not exactly. He actually approached me, and communicated his feelings to me. And I explained to him that he had to really be born again…”

“Eh eh! So as he is, he isn’t born again?”

“No my sister, from all what he said, I could see that he was speaking according to the dictates of the flesh. He wasn’t speaking right. He was misquoting the scriptures, and I bluntly told him that he had to put on the new man. And that is the real image of God”

“Hmmm. I see. That was wise of you. But I think he misquoted you. He didn’t stop mentioning the fact that you said he wasn’t a man…”

“Ah. Thanks sister, today is Sunday. We have a meeting by 3.30. I will see him after the meeting. I pray he comes.”

“Yes o. I don’t like all what he said about you o”

‘Thanks my dear, God bless you”

“Brother Solomon… Bro… Solomon….” Rose called after hom after the service.

“Yes, what is it again?” he asked bluntly.

“Hmmm. Nothing much my brother. I just want to say a few words to you.” She replied calmly.

“Okay, I’m listening, but it can’t be here. We can move somewhere forward…” he said

“Is that mango tree over there okay? Or should we move to Mama glory’s tuck shop?” Rose suggested

“Mama Glory’s place is okay” he said, nodding like an agama lizard.

‘Thanks brother…. I will join you soon. I have to attend to somethings now” Sister Rose said and rushed back into the hall.
As Rose left the hall, I followed unknowingly.

“Where is mama Glory?” Rose asked Solomon

“She stepped out” He answered.

God have mercy on me for eavesdropping!

“Okay. But, Brother Solomon. Did I hurt you the last time you came to me? Did I??” Rose asked

“You said I wasn’t yet a man” He said faintly

“No my brother. Far from it! God judge me if that was what I meant. I was only simply taken aback by some of your professions that day. I didn’t mean that….” She explained on.

I can’t hear Brother Solomon’s voice again o

“I am so sorry, should I go on my knees? I don’t like offending people o”

Now I could only hear whispers..

“Don’t let us do this. You said you were a new man already now! Don’t touch me like that. We can’t do this, please” I heard Rose’s voice.


Trouble is looming. Don’t let us do what? Why has the volume of sister Rose’s voice reduced? Holy Spirit! The Sister Rose I know would never talk daftly like that. She was a stern and blunt individual. Jesus… what do I do?

The whisperings went on….

I moved back a bit, and started doing as if I was just walking into the place at that time.

I didn’t know when I started shouting;

“Sister Rose… Sister Rose, Sister Rose o, where are you?”

I shouted more…… I was very afraid!

“Sister Rose, the President is looking for you!!! Where exactly are youuuu???” I was almost crying

“Yes… ye…sss… who-at? Where is he? W-ho?” She asked as she rushed out.

I was startled!

“Sister Rose, what happened? You look like a lion is almost devouring you?” I said

“No-thin-gg dear…. I’m okay. Where is he??” she asked adjusting her ruffled shirt

“He’s not here. I was only joking. I wanted to see you, so I had to use the president’s ermm…name” I formed a fake smile
Her face brightened up.

“Ohhh… ah… are you serious? Thank you… th-ank you… [almost sobbing] thank yo-u…”

“For what?” I asked

I didn’t want to believe it

“I was al-most…” She started

Oh… thank God! It was only almost!!

…almost devoured” she completed her statement.

I didn’t ask anything further. I pretended like I was never there.

She fled away from my sight when no words were forthcoming from me… I felt bad for her.

But thank God, nothing happened. I was sure of that.

I moved closer to the tuck shop and heard Brother Solomon hissing and talking to himself, I heard him say;

“how could I have missed that tiny thing? I wanted to teach her a lesson!”

Jesus! The same Bro-ther Solo… no, the same Solomon! Oluwa o!! Thank God for my Rose. She probably thought she could handle him, so she went in to him, alone, all by herself. She wasn’t too careful. Thank God she didn’t lose it on the way.
O ye sisters and brothers alike, who all in the name of person to person evangelism visit that particular brother or sister in his/her house, please be careful!

Peter, Jesus’ closest disciple was used by the devil. Before the devil used him, Jesus knew it, and told him, he said: “Simeon, the devil has asked to sift all of you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail. When you have turned back, strengthen your brother”- he vowed allegiance and all, but he fell still o!

In fact, our own Jesus was tempted!

Please let us all be careful.

And to you brothers, wait for your own sister right. Do not join a particular assembly because you want a sister.

Don’t swallow the devil. Don’t allow your feelings, thoughts or Satan’s lies to dictate your actions. When you live after the dictates of the flesh, the devil is openly in control of your life. Gal 5: 6

More importantly,
“Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed, lest he falls!”



Its purely fictional. God bless you

Oyekunle Esther IbukunOluwa 


  1. Wow!!! This is a great piece… Watchfulness is one of the keys to avoid temptations. Nobody is too spiritually sound to be tempted.
    Keep it up sis, More inspiration.

      1. Bro, there is nothing like Mrs. Right until marriage. The Lord God who chose Saul also chose David to replace him. SOMETHING ACTUALLY WENT WRONG.
        As Liz said, if the EVE is meant for your ADAM, go and sleep as you allow God to do the needful on both of you.

  2. Hummm… this is nice and I love it. But na true talk ooo, God go order our steps. keep it up dearie.

  3. hmmmm nice story wonderful teaching. keep the good job up.may God keep us away from temptations

  4. hmmmmm. wat a nice way to teach
    using such a nice story. keep the good work going. more grace to ur elbow

  5. Thanks for the wake up call.Many so called christains are far drifting away from Gods kingdom cos they have yielded to the devils proposal thru various ministries…..drama, music,prayer….
    Like Adam, he got his help meet while he was in a deep sleep
    Isaac got his without struggles as well.
    Thats why God created both male n female.
    Bro Solomon just needs to wait patiently.His own Sistr will come at due time.

  6. This is a great lesson for me. I will not recount my experience here. This may be fictional but it is the pure truth. Brothers and sisters of marriageable age need to fully trust God for their partners. No need to struggle or strategise, leave it to God. Thanks

  7. A great lesson learnt. No one is immune to temptation. Indeed, let us take heed.

    More grace, more inspiration.

    Keep the ink flowing.

  8. double thumbs switty#winks#…

    anticipating moree blessed write-ups from you.

    Much Love#hugs.

  9. Watchfulness is key, sensitivity too is not left out. The place gan where we often think we are strong is where the devil will use against us. May our so called strength not be used against us. God bless you farmer!. I pray you won’t be a victim of this yourself. Amen!

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