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Photo Credit: Internet

Written by: Oyekunle Esther Ibukunoluwa

It was unusually hot on this Wednesday afternoon that I was to see my HOD to finalize my project topic.

I was already feeling frustrated at the fact that the man had rejected eight of my topics. So now, he’s asking me to bring another one! It’s also so hot that I could feel fire burning round my body.

I sat on the gossip chair opposite my department chilling for him. I had waited for 18minutes when I saw his white pagero drive into the lawn. I stood up immediately and whispered “God have mercy”.

As I moved towards his car, he sighted me, squeezed his face a bit as if I had come to snatch something precious that belonged to him.

I looked away and continued praying in my heart. He alighted from his car with some books and newspapers which I rushed to assist with, but he honestly turned me down.

I stepped back and saw him moving into his office. I decided to chill for 15minutes to allow him do what he had to do. About 11minutes later, he asked me to come in.

“Good morning, sir”, I greeted again

“The topic” he said curtly

I handed it over to him and he shook his head. When I saw this, I knew what it meant again!

But what could be wrong? I asked in my heart.

God, what have I done to deserve these incessant rejections?

These were topics I had made research on, and one of my best lecturers in the department had been satisfied with. For God’s sake my mates are about proceeding to their chapter one, and this HOD of a supervisor keeps posting me. I prayed so well this time, what could be wrong?

“When you knew you had such a beautiful composition like this in your head, why have you disturbed me to this point?”

I thought I didn’t hear him well. I had to be sure.

“Sir?” I questioned

“Proceed to your chapter one. This topic is okay with me” he answered bluntly

With a broad smile, I shouted “thank you. Thanks. Thank you sir

Many times we face rejections.

We feel frustrated.

We are lost.

But one of my mentors says that tough times never last, but tough people do.

From my illustration, you could understand that my unknown character kept on trying till she was accepted.

Do not give up. You have all it takes to move on. Continue steadfastly in God, even if it seems as if he is not answering you.

It seems as if he’s deaf to your cries.

Do not allow that challenge to take control of you.

You have all it takes.

He’ll make everything well for you.

Delay is not a denial. God bless you!


Its a fictional one by DaMostfavoured- Oyekunle Esther Ibukunoluwa


  1. Damostfavoured! Goddebby likes ds piece. Keep up d gud work. More grace! Lizziefrizze u aren’t forgotten too cos u helped disseminate.

  2. Nice short piece!
    These two sisters are just so wonderful!

    I’m encouraged, I’m not giving up on God by God’s grace

  3. Thank God for your testimony.

    That’s how storms are being overcome. At times we see our selves in storms, whereas its just a compulsory but temporal path that just has to be crossed for us to have more successes and increase us in strength.Delays in various phases of our lives are really hard times to pass through but its always beneficial NOT to murmur/complaint when such times arises.

    The best we can do is to always remember that someone is holding our hands guiding us through tough times.

    Truly, delay is not a denial only if we walk putting our hope on God.

    Such an inspiring piece. God Bless you too.

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