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Written by : Oyekunle IbukunOluwa Esther



September 20, 2009

The launching of her first novel was a few days back. Her resumption was to be tomorrow morning, and I was having mixed feelings about her going.

I was going to be in SS1 too, and though we had series of arguments- serious ones at that, I could not bare to let her go. She could be a good sister!

But what is the problem?
why is she waking me up right now? I could feel her waking me up so vigorously that by the time I responded, it was rashly.

I turned to the other side of the very clothed matress, and pretended to be asleep.

Just after then, my mum rushed in, and started with some series of prayers.

My sister was wriggling in somewhat serious pain and I really was not just convinced that it was that serious.

I thought she was just being overly sensitive to pain.

We played so well together after church till evening, so what is this in the middle of the night?

Throughout the night, it was hell for me.

She kept calling my name and I kept shouting back at her. The more I did that, the more she cried. But, I was not in the mood to pity anyone.
I didn’t know that it was a serious issue, until I realized that she wouldn’t be able to resume that same year again.

I really felt bad….!
As much as I wanted her to still stay at home so we could continually fight and argue, I wanted her to go to school so that I could boast to my friends in class that my sister was in the university.

Gasping for breath one evening, I thought it was a pretense again.

Little did I know that it was no small issue.

On admission, she was immediately connected to the oxygen cylinder.
Then, the doctors came forward to say different stuffs and jargon, that I up till now, do not understand.
It was that bad!
They diagnosed what I would call a multiplex infection. They said she had osteomyelitis of the right leg, septic arthritis of the right knee. They said also that her bile was malfunctioning, and so she was jaundiced.

Her very fair complexion became very fairer.
She was dehydrated too and THEY said she had low blood level.
Hmmmm….All within how many days?!

Slowly, it started to dawn on me that it could be the last time I would see my only physical twin sister.
And the stories I’ve heard overtime about the UCH Ibadan, as well made me shudder.
Prayers started with full force…
…mum became nonchalant about how she looked, as all she wanted was good health for her child.
And I became the mother of the house…Imagine o!
This is an incident that would forever be telecast in the television of my heart.
Despite all the good memories I’ve had, this incident really brought out the good, emotional part of me.

She went through two years of physiotherapy after then. AND now…

She’s back on her feet, hale and hearty!
…you wouldn’t know she depended on crutches to walk for two good years, until I’ve told you.

It’s 6years plus already!

She can walk perfectly!
She is a graduate!
My elder sis…a mentor, a chief prayer warrior in the family, Mum’s favourite…(I didn’t say anything o), a gifted mama, a communication guru, and a lady with a very strong faith in God… I could not ask for a better sis!

Eli is a living Miracle!


  1. Smiles. What a living testimony and miracle you are. Thanks to God for everything He has done in ur life.

  2. Lizzy I thank God for ya life

    All the days of ya life U will never have reason to cry anymore

  3. She is indeed a living testimony. All thanks to God for His works in her life. He will continue to prove himself faithful on our behalf in Jesus Name.

  4. All Glory to God Almighty , His mercies endures forever.
    God is Faithful, May you fulfil your destiny in Jesus Name. Amen

  5. You nailed the headline Esther.

    A Miracle Child Indeed.She is a blessing to humanity and I thank God for her life and getting to meet her.Honestly, I thought I knew MUCH about her until late last year when I got to know more about my younger sister from another parent …. 🙂 …..Shes been full of love, care and support anytime any day. A miracle child who adds VALUES. I mean great values!

    Liz is a unique gift from God.A blessing.A rare gem.She is a life builder, a source of inspiration, a true friend, a companion, a vessel of change………list is endless.I could go on and on listing from what have shared and learnt from her.Shes made an impact.

    God Bless Eli….I wish her more “rough roads” as she soar to the top. Very soon I will share the stage with you when you’d be celebrated.

    More Strength, More Grace and More Wisdom to you.

    Drive on…………………………………………………………………………………………

  6. This just proves we have a mighty God that we can call upon and He will always hear us! And He is preparing you for a great future, remain tuned to Him coz in him alone will you fulfill this your glorious destiny

  7. Brother John-uuu… take it easy o. This one that you’re sha saying all these to mama Eli alone…
    #feelingJealous small small

    No p sha… thank you. No mind me. God bless you!

  8. Couldn’t hold back my tears after reading this! Mon Amie, you’re indeed a miracle child… God’s love never fails. I’m so happy for you dear… Henceforth, you shall have more reasons to celebrate! God bless and keep you.

  9. Couldn’t hold back my tears after reading this! Mon Amie, you’re indeed a miracle child! Indeed, God’s love never fails… I’m so happy for you dear. You shall have more reasons to celebrate as you journey through… Amen!

  10. I’m proud of you Lizzy. I’m very sure heaven is proud of you too.

    You’ve found favor with God and men so you must prevail.

    May the Lord smile on you.

  11. I’m happy for you…. BEAUTY WITH BRAIN AND You know God. You are a Living Testimony and a Miracle indeed…

    Let me do restitution (if I’m to call it that way), checked you up on Facebook and read those NYSC memoirs, Wonderful experiences with lesson to learn
    … You are *thumbs up*

    My whatsapp no: 08056962103.

    The more I read about Lizzy, the more I see the path she can not but pass through.
    The sameness our different paths took amazes me greatly, more than any MIRACLE I have ever experienced. Yes, I have survived 3 terminal ailments. ALL TO MAKE ME. Anytime I share the cruel parts of my life, I always see a tearful audience. Liz will hear the story soon. Let me stop, i am seeing tears already. BUT GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD.

    I dedicate these few sameness to my SISTER, Oyekunle IbukunOluwa Esther. Thanks and love you, lol. But someone is loved sooo much.

    * Her first published novel at 17,
    His first published poems( in Punch) at 17.

    * Both were attacked by occultic relatives when they were in 100L.
    Those who did it died enmass(my case). It pained me that they died unsaved.

    * Both spent three years in 100L.

    * One used her crutches for 2years, the other took his drugs for 2years.

    * March babies with few days interval.

    * Their love for God and God’s love to them can not be matched by the people’s around.

    * Don’t mention their intelligence, wisdom, understanding, wittiness, naughtiness, and love for others.

    * I may have upper hands in the way I ruled LAUTECH and the way I ruled during my Service years, BUT hers can also compete with mine favourably.

    * I may have upper hands in experiences, no thanks to age, BUT she is not a pushover in key areas.

    I WILL KEEP THE REST FOR MY BOOK ON HER. My first authobiography- WONDERFUL JESUS, will end with all I had at 30years.

    You can not but love Lizzy. God bless you DEAREST Sister.

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