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What really came over me!!!

I asked myself different ‘why’ questions. I was shocked at my behavior. I was not the kind of person to cause people pain, especially people with disabilities. I was always so conscious of them while dealing with them. But why this sudden behavior of mine?

As i laid on my bed, the scene of the whole incidence unfolded again. Tears welled up in my eyes and I knelt down to pray.

‘Lord i am sorry. I don’t want to regret it please forgive me..’

The room was blank! God wasn’t saying anything. I was so sad.

Then my phone rang…

It was Matt!

#*I hissed*#

Me: Hello

Matt: There hasn’t been any call from you since morning

Me: (irritated) If i didn’t call, you couldn’t?

Matt: Gosh! Lizzy, do you realize its me?
Me: (angry) who are you by the way? “”

Matt: wow!

Me: (coming to my senses) Matt, i am not in a good mood. When i am, i will give you a call.

Matt: Nice one! Nawa o! Hehehehe, Lizzy! Wonders shall never end. (he cuts the line)

I threw my phone on the bed, then i picked it up again. I dialled Bro John’s number

Me: Bro J, thanks for the other time.

Bro J. : No probs. He is in the hospital now tho. He has been admitted.


Me: Is it that serious?

Bro J.: No. He was placed on some powerful painkillers. He is being observed now. He will be okay.

Me: I hope he isn’t angry with me?

Bro J: He just woke up few minutes ago. He asked after you when he did

Me: He did? Does he want to come? Are ladies allowed to enter?

Bro J.: Sure. But its late now. Prob you should come tomorrow morning


I was so so happy! It was like very cold water poured upon the hotness of my heart. So soothing!

He isn’t angry with me. He wants to see me. Yipee!

Wait! What’s wrong with you Liz? Everything isn’t normal right? Why are you being this joyful! Better call Matt now.

#That’s true o

I call for almost ten times and Mattt didn’t pick the call. This has never happened. We had never exchanged words in anger and he picks my call.

My phone beeped

‘For these years that we have together, i trusted you. But Liz, If you can’t submit to me, then, what’s the union for? I guess we have just been infatuated to each other. I know i love you but i am not convenient with us anymore. Lets end it. Matt.

I didn’t cry!

I heaved a sigh of relief that follows every movie that ends well. God is at work.

I slept so well that i dreamt. I gave the ring back to Matt over a meal. We laughed together and he introduced one girl to me. She was so beautiful.

‘lets see if something good comes out of the two of us. She is Rita’

I was so happy for him. I woke up from the dream with smile. I knelt down and cried so well. I hadn’t loved anyone like i did Matt. We have our plans for the years ahead. We had a note where the plans were written, what the names of our children would be was there. He wanted just 2 kids, i wanted 8.

I cried so much that by 6am when my devotion started, i was too weak. I gathered up courage and strength from on high came upon me.

I got to the hospital at around 10am. As i entered the ward, i muttered some words of prayer.

I looked up and saw Bro David. He looked at me and smiled broadly.

Very white and well arranged set of teeth! I thought.

I smiled back!…. #Faintly

Me: Can i call you Dave?

… Was the first question that left my mouth. He looked lost.

Me: except we don’t have to be friends.

He smiled again.

Awwwnnn, so nice!

“The devil is a liar. Call me Dave tho. That’s my name.”

We started talking. I helped in rubbing his knees, i told him i had been in a similar situation. He was happy with me. He told me of his accident which claimed the the lives of his parents who at that time had just come back from a vacation in Dubai.

We left the hospital together. He to his house and i to mine. #we exchanged our phone numbers…(smiles)

As i wanted to climb my bed, my phone beeped. I ran for it.

‘If this is what an illness could do for one, then i should probably start falling sick regularly. Twas fun talking to you today. Tell me when to call so we can pray together before we sleep. #grateful heart’

I smiled happily and hugged my phone tightly.

‘I will do God’s will come what may’ i told myself.

I started typing a reply.

‘I am the happiest tonight too. You made my day. If illness wouldn’t cause you pain, i would ask for you to be ill but i don’t want pain for you at all. You can call me now. I am available. #Icare

Gosh!!! What am i doing for goodness sake! Isn’t this too outrageous!

I deleted it

Then i typed

‘Really, no problem Dave. God bless you. Call anytime’

Guys have really suffered o!

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