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I think your heart too has found succor in your newly found love as my own heart has also done. Enjoy your Talitha while I enjoy my Desmond too. Let’s remain friends dear. Have a beautiful day.

My son, I don’t like the way God is also sounding as regards this issue. Take shield but only in His hands.” 

You are fired, Bowen!” 

Daddy, please. Think twice about it dad. Dad!”

No matter how far we as a family have gone on the wrong path, redirect out paths Lord!”

They are maternity gowns. You tummy is becoming like a big big big ball everyday”

You were ashamed of her! You were thinking, what will others say? After preaching to many youths, why would my daughter choose to disgrace me? Why? You kept on thinking right?

I hope she will like these slippers. Her mum loved to wear flat slippers when she was pregnant too”

Dr. Richards, Talitha’s dad won’t be able to come right away. He has been rushed to the hospital”

If that is the case, let me see her please. I have faced a much more aggressive Talitha. Just let me see and pray for her”

My daddy has come!”

That wraps up the content of episode 8.

Kindly go through and if you can remember who said what, I am sure you can proceed to the next one. God bless you.


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Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle



“I have been selfish, Bowen.” My big boss said immediately I entered the boardroom and that was when I realized that all eyes were on me.


It was early in the morning, I dropped by at the Richards’ house and my newly found daughter (as that was what she called me) insisted that I feed her. While doing that, my phone rang and my big boss asked that I come over to see him at the office.


Until I was able to pat Talitha back to sleep was when I was able to leave the house for the office.


Selfish? How?


“I don’t get you sir” I said as I stood still at the door.


“Please sit down my dear. Sit down” He said again and I found myself a chair to sit in.


My big boss stood up and moved opposite me so he could face me squarely.


I was confused.


I needed to look around for Princess and see the evil look on her face if that could tell me exactly why I had been sent for but she was smiling lightly.




“Princess truly loves you Bowen and I really love my daughter. Here is Bowen whose contribution to my organization is inexpressible and my daughter loves him. Why not join both of them together and see my daughter happy and my organization functioning beautifully? That was my thought” He started explaining and I nodded, waiting for more.


“Hmmm” I heard from the back and only then did I realize that my boss was seated right behind me. He was smiling so widely and winked at me. I smiled too as that just told me that something good was in store for me.


“In the past four weeks that we did not set our eyes on you, oh boy, it felt like hell for us. Many of your fans have clouded our website with ‘Bring back Dove!…”


That stopped my heart for a while.




“The four weeks break really was good for Princess too. She has gotten over you. She has healed. God will give to her the bone of her bone and the flesh of her flesh” He added and everyone uttered ‘Amen’


I looked toward Princess again and she stood up, smiling shortly.


“Forgive my disturbances boss. The heart tends to disobey but after enough spankings, it’s healed. Treat me gently sir” She said and bowed before sitting down and I was shocked. There was around of applause from the staff members and some cheers went into the air.




This very lady!




Even though by rank, I was four levels higher than her, Princess had never used ‘sir’ meaningfully for me before. What was the act for?!


“So, Bowen, while we return everything we had collected earlier from you, will you like to come back and work with us in your most indispensable Medium?” He asked and everyone clapped again as some of my colleagues gave me some knowing looks.


I turned back to look at my boss who was clapping too, laughing with glee. As soon as he saw me, he whispered something that I could not understand until he gave me a face. I smiled as I understood perfectly well.


Anytime the marketing department visited my office, it was to come beg me to help them voice a jingle because its client specifically asked for Dove’s voice. At any of those instances, if my boss was around, he would give me a particular face which he later told me meant ‘Shakara’. He told me to carry myself like an expensive egg and then, name my price. If they can pay, fine, if not, au revoir!


Remembering now, I really did laugh out loudly as I faced my big boss again. I laughed till I was sure that the veins at the sides of my head were really obvious


“Dove?” My big boss called out at me and only then did I realize that I was in the middle of a meeting. How could I have made a fool of myself this way, Lord!




Well, I decided not to waste the opportunity and use it to my own advantage as my boss had earlier suggested.


I stood up, looked around and cleared my throat.


“Good morning once again my colleagues.”


“Good morning Dove” They responded and I smiled


“I am really grateful for the opportunity to be invited to this meeting and for the purpose for which it was called. Thank you Princess and thank you big boss” I bowed and swallowed


“But regrettably, I have this to say sir…” I said and all eyes turned to look at me. My big boss looked more confused


“Erm, immediately I was sent off this amiable organization sir, I had started thinking of accepting The Effables’ proposal to come over sir because to me, it is a bigger company with more prospects” I said and my big boss frowned as he readjusted himself in his seat.


I turned to look into my boss’ face and he gave me a thumbs up.


“What betrayal! How on earth could Akande have courted you when he knows you are mine! How on earth!” He raged on and I was confused as to what method to use to kill the fire.


“Sir, he knew you threw me out, it was until that time that he came to me. Not before then sir”


“I didn’t throw you out Dove. Don’t define it as that! Dove, I love you and I appreciate the way you work. How on earth would I have thrown you out, huh?” He exclaimed and I smiled


“Sir, I am still Dove and I can make my decisions myself. If I am to remain in this organization, there are some conditions that should be met” I said and there were some murmurings as my big boss nodded


“Say it. Let me hear” He said interestedly.


“I want a 50% raise in my salary, I want a duplex in Ajah in place of my flat in Ikorodu, I want a 2017 E300 Sedan Mercedes-Benz and I want a new Apple Laptop. When those are done, I am all yours sir” I said and there was murmuring in the boardroom again


I turned to look at my boss and his mouth was wide open, the look on his face saying ‘That’s too much, even I don’t have those’


I smiled as I sat down and my big boss stood.


“I can get you the laptop and the benz but the house in Ajah, ah! Dove! It’s not like it is unaffordable but Ajah is far from the office and coming from there everyday means late-coming so I will give you a duplex in Ikeja instead. Okay?” He asked and I smiled


“It’s okay sir” I said and some colleagues looked at me enviously while some could only wish they were in my shoes.


“And about your salary raise, 50% is damn too much Dove! Let’s make it 30% please” He said and my heart jumped up.


When I asked for those stuffs,  I never imagined that my big boss would even consider it talk less of granting my request but almost all those requests were granted.




“It’s okay big boss!” I said and my big boss smiled


“Ah!’ ‘what!’ ‘oh!’ ‘this is serious!’ ‘for real!’ ‘are you serious?!’ and so many exclamations rang through the air at that.


“Why are you all envious? You have not worked up to half of what this man here has done. He deserves more than I am giving him so no need for any envy. Okay?” He asked and they murmured again


“Sir, we have always been doing our best too. It is just that it is only Dove you are interested in” Jelly argued


“Do something that will make me interested in you too” He said as he started packing his files


“Sir, even if it is 20% rise for everyone, we will appreciate it sir” Sunny C added too


“Yes” The others concurred.


My big boss started moving to the door side


“I will increase your salary by 10%, all of you” He said and everyone clapped happily as the meeting was brought to an end.


Some of them gave me some firm handshakes before moving out through the door.


As I was about moving out, my boss stood before me and hit my chest. I looked into his face and he was laughing


“What did you just do and who taught you that huh?” He asked and I laughed hysterically.


“My boss taught me to do shakara” I said and he laughed for a while, shook my hands too afterwards looked into my face, tears in his eyes


I was dazed


“Sir…” I was saying when he held my shoulders firmly and shook me. I looked deep into his stern face.


“I miss you son!” He said as he hugged me tightly.


I relaxed and could only smile.




As I replaced the empty saline bag with a full one, the phone in my pocket rang and I quickly reached for it.


Mrs. Richards.


“Hello ma”


“Hello Hannah. How is he now?”


I looked over at Mr Bode-Davies on the bed and he just laid in there like a log of wood.


“He still remains unresponsive ma”


“Oh my God! It is a month already! Have you administered the dosage for today?” She asked


“Yes ma”


“Check out for him and in case you notice anything, call me or check on my husband in his office. Okay?”


“Okay ma.” I said and dropped the phone as I surveyed the almost lifeless man in on the hospital bed.


As I mopped his cold feet with a hot compress, I prayed in my heart for him. I had heard so much about the patient and I knew that he must have endured some sort of pains for a long while as he looked really old and rugged for a man who was not even fifty years old already.


I sighed and stood up, straightening my gown. As I bent to pick up his full urine bag, I looked at him again and saw that the little finger on his left hand moved.


I was shocked as I stood up straight. I looked at him closely for some time more and saw that the little finger on his right hand too moved.


“What!” I exclaimed as I covered my mouth. Could it be true that the patient I had been assigned to manage since one month ago; who had been so unconscious and lifeless was coming back to life?


I kept reversing in awe till I reach the door. I opened instantly and started running towards my boss’ office


“Doctor!” I kept screaming and panting!


I was so excited!


It was so gladdening because I was the first person to see and take the good news to the other medical practitioners who had lost faith in his recovery really!




Sincerely, I never knew I could release him out of my heart!


I had not loved any man like I loved Dove so much that I lowered my standard, did stupid stuffs just to make sure he looked at me.


Looking at him behind the mic as he did what he loved doing most gleefully, I could only smile and sigh and surrender that he was not meant for me.


I looked over to his side and the smile on his face was large.


“Darling darling listeners at home, welcome to the radio version of Hard Talk. It’s my delight to be the one riding you to the crest of your morning today. It feels good to back!” He exclaimed into the mic as he pulled up a key on the audio console to put in some music, moving his head rhythmically as he did.


“I am your friend, your brother, your son, your daddy…oh yeah!” He said and laughed as he pulled up the key again. I laughed too


Daddy indeed!


“I am actually a small daddy right? Its Bowen Adameji your darling D to the O to the V to the E. Dove is my name” He pulled the key again and kept nodding his head to the music.


No wonder my dad loved him!


He did his job from his heart really!


“Before we go on a short musical break where we will be having Temitope Adara doing ‘A dupe’ Let me be a bit religious right now” I heard him say and I gasped


When had he ever been less religious?!


He drank some water


“God is beautiful, do I have a witness in the house?…” He asked and looked at my side. I smiled broadly and nodded.


“Oh my beautiful producer, Princess is smiling in agreement here in the studio. See, If God says pick up a basket and go to the desert to fetch water, my dear people, just jump down from your bed, pick the basket and start running to the desert o. This our God is past finding out! He is someone who says and….” He continued and I could only smile.


He was just my dream man!


A man after God’s heart even though I might be far from the God.


Maybe I was just too filthy for Bowen and then God couldn’t give a dirty lady like me to his child, right?


When my heart started getting clumsy again, I had to gulp some water and tried to concentrate on the newspaper spread in front of me.


Though my disobedient eyes kept looking at his side!


I was the producer of the programme anyways, my heart lied on to me.



Talitha was just too slim but for her protruding tummy!


I touched her collarbone as they were so visible. I rubbed her neatly plaited hair too yet she didn’t wake up- maybe because she couldn’t feel yet!


I woke up the previous night with the urge to visit Lagos again although I had visited earlier when we heard about the accident of Pastor Bode Davies. I informed my husband and he said he felt that we should all go to Lagos to have a prayer session in the hospital with Pastor Bode Davies.


I was so glad as I quickly packed my load and told him that I would love to go ahead of them so I could have a time alone with Talitha. He obliged.


I got to the house in Lagos when Mrs. Richards was about leaving for the airport to pick her son up. She told me Bowen dropped by and had gone to work.


Immediately she took me to the sitting room where I saw the frail body with huge tummy on a little bed placed on the beautiful tiled floor, I was touched as I rushed to her and placed her head on my laps. I could not stop my tears from falling as I pecked her so many times.


I looked into her eyes again and wished she could wake up, wished she could look into her pastor’s wife’s face, wished she could forgive me once again.


The last time I went over, Bowen said it would not be wise to see her, so after seeing her dad, we had just left but my heart had not left her at all. I wanted to see her, hold her, plead with her, tell her about Jesus and love her again.


The opportunity was in my hands at the moment.


As I looked up to survey the gigantic building in which I was, a small hand touched my chin and looking down, I saw Talitha’s confused face.


“Oh thank You Jesus!” I exclaimed and she frowned a bit as she closed her eyes and opened again. She repeated that act for a while before she stopped.


“Mrs. Adameji?” She asked and her voice sounded croaky.


“Yes darling” I said and she frowned again as she tried to raise her head.


“What are you doing here?” She asked as she struggled still.


“The Holy Spirit said that I should…” I was saying when she covered her ears with her cupped hands.


“Can’t you say a few words without saying Jesus, God and Holy Spirit? Huh?” She said and hissed. I was taken aback as I watched her lean against the cushion behind her.


“I can’t stop mentioning the name. It is the name that heals, the name that saves, the name that…” I kept saying with so much awe, not realizing that she was already on her feet


“Stop!” She screamed suddenly so loudly that I was afraid that the baby in her might just jump out.


“My daddy here and my mummy have been saying Jesus Jesus Jesus to me and the only reason why I don’t get that mad is because they are my parents and they show me so much love but you, who are you? I can’t fix it at all. Yet I can remember this face.I see wickedness and evil as I look at you madam and I….” She was saying but her words cut at my heart deeply. The lady that was having partial amnesia who was calling my son her dad and a good Samaritan woman her mum could still remember my face and decoded it as evil!


Oh my God!


“My baby, I am so sorry that I have painted Jesus in a bad light to you. Jesus is actually very…” I said as I stood up too trying to touch her.


She screamed suddenly, covering her ears. She started running round the whole sitting room and my heart jumped into my mouth.


“I am so sorry dear. Please don’t injure yourself. Come, I should be the one running around in shame. Not you…” I kept saying while she kept running.


“Leave me. Leave me! Go away!” She screamed as she kept on running.


I heard a car pull over and peeped through the window. It was Mrs. Richards. I had mixed feelings about her arrival.


Sadness because the whole scene had just painted me irresponsible; happiness because Talitha was still running round the sitting room and they could at least stop her before she wounded herself.


As I walked to the door to tell Mrs. Richards to hasty and come inside, I heard a great bang and I turned back suddenly as fear gripped my heart. She was flat on her tummy.


“Jesus!” I screamed as I ran towards her. I heard footsteps too and the door flung open. Mrs. Richards ran towards me as I helplessly held Talitha closely to my chest, tears running down my face.


“Oh my God! Oh Jesus!” Mrs. Richards screamed too as she saw the situation.


“Geez! She is bleeding” I heard a male voice and looking up, I realized that a young man actually followed Mrs. Richards- her son probably.


Mrs. Richards stretched her hands to pull her off me.


“Oh Lord! This girl has suffered! This pregnancy has suffered! Ah!” She had started crying and I started feeling bad.


“Andrew, help me. Lets lift her up. She needs to go to the clinic now!” She screamed and I watched as they rushed her out. I picked up my purse and ran after them.


“Nice one Dove! Welcome back” Princess said, smiled at me and extended her hand at me.


Her smile looked more real, different from the seductive ones she had always been giving me.


She must be over me really!


“Thanks so much Princess” I said as I shook her hand. She smiled as she handed me a pack of fruit juice which I declined


“Trust me. This is just a well done gift. Nothing more” She said and I smiled


“Thanks” I said as I was about to collect it. Just then, my phone rang and I reached for it.


“Hello ma”


“Talitha is about to be wheeled to the theater” Mrs Richards said in a very fearful way and I knew whatever would make a doctor sound that way was indeed frightening.


“What! What happ…” I was about asking when the call got ended. I looked into Princess’ face and shook my head.


“I will see you later dear” I said as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the park, my breathing seizing intermittently.


“Sign it please” I said for like the umpteenth time as Bowen examined the paper over and over again.


He shook his head as he sauntered to the window, lost in thoughts.


“It’s been three days Bowen! You disallowed us from wheeling this girl to the theatre and bring out the baby to save her life. You claim faith but it seems that you have forgotten that I am not just a doctor but a good child of God and I know when to draw a line between divinity and medical situation” I said almost angrily.


I didn’t want to be rash in signing and having her wheeled into the theatre to avoid personal involvement as I had taken Talitha as my daughter.


“I don’t think divinity can be left out of any issue no matter how hard or simple it seems!” He interjected and made me feel bad that I had talked like an unbeliever.


“Fine, I know! But it’s been three days. This girl is in a coma. Her baby needs to be brought out”


“And would the baby live?” He asked


“See, the chances are slim. The child is weak, its lungs lack surfactant. The chances are slim” I said and he shrugged dejectedly


“We can’t do anything to the baby Mrs. Richards. I am saying that we can’t! I know how much suffering she had gone through carrying this pregnancy. I knew how much she stood her ground that nobody should touch her baby no matter what happened to her…”


“Even if she dies? Can you see how life keeps creeping out of her minute by minute? What are you doing and why? Who is more important to you now? The baby or the mother?” I asked, furiously


“Both of them ma. I can’t imagine losing her. Yet if she lives, she might not be able to bear the agony of her dead child, Mrs. Richards” He argued. His eyes were so red and I knew he had cried and prayed and had done everything to no avail but her life was hanging down the rope.


“What would the essence of suffering like this and losing the baby then be, ehn?” He asked again as he faced the wall and beat it.


“What is the essence of having the baby and losing the mother, Mr Bowen?” Dr. Brown who had been quiet asked and I shrugged


“Are you sure you will be able to bear the thought that you killed its mother when you look into the baby’s eyes in future?” My husband who had been reading her case note over and over at long last spoke. Bowen’s face remained stern still


“Even if we leave her and keep dwelling on his faith, immediately she dies, the baby dies too. Is it a double loss you want for her father who is sick?” Dr. Brown asked again but Bowen shook his head again.


“Let me go and pray to God again. God has to show Himself strong. He has to! I can’t sign any faithless form!” He exclaimed as he squeezed the form and threw it in the bin.


He walked to the door, opened and walked out almost angrily, yet dejectedly.


“I hope you know that you are not the only one who loves Talitha. I hope you remember that I can sign the form myself. I hope…” I was saying when he jammed the door and left.


My heart sunk!


I could not imagine losing this new daughter of mine!


Tears ran down my eyes as I turned my back at my husband so he would not see it but guess he did as I felt a squeeze on my shoulder.


“Doctors are not weak!” He said as he walked to the door.


“Let us know when you have made your decision” Dr. Brown said also and followed him as they marched out of my office.


“What do I do Lord?!” I exclaimed as I was in a dilemma.


I stood up as I saw Bowen coming from the doctor’s office. I started walking to him when I realized he was saying certain things.


“What did the doctor say?” I asked but he didn’t seem to see me standing right in front of him. He kept on walking away towards the exit while I followed, dumbfounded.


“What is happening Lord?” I asked as I followed still


Stop following him!


“Oh!” I exclaimed and stopped as I watched him leave. Then, I noticed that he was tapping and making clicking sounds as his middle finger and his thumb came together


That was when I realized that he was praying in the Spirit!


Looking up again, I saw my husband and the other church leaders approaching- I had called them to tell them about the new development and I could see that they had arrived.


“Bowen” I could hear my husband call as Bowen passed beside them all without greeting them. My husband stood and called on, obviously shocked.


“Darling” I waved at them and they started walking to me.


“What happened to Bowen?” That was the first thing he asked after we had hugged briefly and exchanged pleasantries among ourselves


“I was shocked when I saw him too but on a closer look, he was praying” I said and my husband gasped and shook his head.


“Really! That’s serious” He exclaimed. I shook my head


“But my people, the case is very serious o. Lets come together to pray maybe God will hear our cries and have mercy on the poor girl” I said and they nodded as we looked for a suitable place to gather so we could pray.



The sun shone brilliantly but I found it offensively bright and cheerful!


I felt that the sun and nature in general had only conspired to show me how the world would go on without her!


But it shouldn’t be!


I felt that everything around me should be as grey and foggy as my emotions; everywhere should be cold and damp with silent air.


But no!


The birds still sang and the flowers still bloomed!


As I fell to the ground, forbidding anyone to come close to me, I felt like a silhouette of myself and I sincerely wished I really was as insubstantial as the shadows so that my insides might not feel so mangled.


The long held back tears began to flow!


I loved her!


I never knew that I had fallen in love with the one who called me daddy for some weeks. I never knew that my heart had given way to loving the lady who almost made life unbearable for me.


I never knew until, standing close to her, Dr. Richards made me to watch as built-up gas pressure within her putrefied body pushed the dead fetus from her dead body.  


I never believed that God could fail me at the juncture where my faith was the largest!


It felt as if a light had been extinguished forever in my heart!


I sat in my silent grief and listened as the pastor conducted the funeral rites.


“Ah, Talitha! Ah!” Mrs. Richards cried as her husband held her so tightly


Struggling to hold back the grief, tears flow steadily, silently down my immobile face.


I felt bruised inside!


I felt numbness and emptiness as I turned to look at the mahogany coffin


The words from the minister, speeches at the service brought a fresh onslaught of tears on everyone’s faces.


“She can’t die! She just can’t!” I screamed as I dug my hands into the sand and threw it at my face.


“Ah…My God!” I could hear my mum exclaim and looking into her face, I knew she had never seen me that grieved before.


But I really did felt like dying!


My lungs rummaged for oxygen and my sobbing suddenly had the same force of someone drowning!


“I told Bowen to allow me save her life ooooo” Mrs. Richards fell to the ground too as her son in dark glasses pulled her up to no avail.


As the coffin was about to be lowered into the grave, I jumped up like I was under a spell and ran towards them, panting heavily


“Don’t put her in there!” I screamed while some men held me tightly.


“Leave me alone!” I screamed but it felt on deaf ears.


“Just give me some minutes. Leave me alone!” I screamed louder as the wailing increased.


“Leave him” I heard my dad say and I turned to look into his eyes. His eyes were stained with tears and I knew he was filled with regrets- regrets of not taking proper action and allowing her to eventually make a hellish decision.


I went close to the coffin and after hugging and wetting it with my tears, I opened slowly.


I wanted to see her face again!


I wanted to see her injection bruised body one more time!- the body that had been invaded by different antibiotics, drugs and injections!


“Talitha!” I quivered as I opened still, her frail body in view.


“Nooooooo!” I screamed again,  as I let the coffin lid fall so I could look into her face well.


As I picked her cold hands, my sweat fell on her body and an idea came to my mind.


“God, I won’t give up now. I won’t say You have failed me now. I will give you one more chance. One more chance to show everyone present that You are Lord indeed!” I cried on as the flesh under my ribcage throbbed and my cheeks burned as my mind created memories and scenarios that made the tears continue.


The graveyard was silent.


“The shadow of Peter healed the sick. I am sweating now profusely and you have anointed me as your servant, that you told me. Hence, let the sweat become power! As it falls on her, let it raise her!” I prayed aloud and pulled the cold, dead body close to myself.


“The Bible says the Lord remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Won’t you come and show that as you supported Elijah, you can support me? Won’t you come and back your name up?” I cried out again but nothing happened to the lady I was holding. She remain stark dead!


“Her mum died and left her behind. She was forsaken and thrown out moving around in search of pasture. Then, Jeff died! Then, the only woman who had shown her love died too! Then, she became seriously sick and then she didn’t believe that You are! And yet, You took her away?” I asked rhetorically, my chest rising and falling in a way that made goosebumps to fill my head.


“Don’t You have some chills Lord? Aren’t You supposed to at least save her so that she would believe? Must you break our hearts like that because….” I kept on lamenting when some men surrounded me, my dad leading the team.


“Let her go and rest son. God gives and He takes away” He said, his eyes very red too. I shook my head on and on as my lips slapped against each other. I watched on as they returned her back to the coffin and some men pulled me away from the grave.


As they closed it, tears started rushing out of my eyes again.


She just couldn’t be dead.


“See, God is God o! No matter what I say with this filthy mouth of mine, God is God o. Can you give me one more chance? Let me ask God one more time. No one can question His authority. He gives and He takes. I was supposed to go to Him as a son. He is not my mate. He deserves to be honoured. Let me try again” I said loudly as I struggled with the macho men handling me.


“Bowen, it’s about to rain. We all have to leave here” The officiating minister said but I shook my head at him.


“Even if it is one minute sir? You mean you don’t have faith pastor?” I asked and it worked like magic as he looked dejectedly at me and shrugged


“Let’s give him one minute” He said and they dropped me.


“But if nothing happens, no matter what else you do, no more chance”


“My God can never be late! He is always on time” I said as I sniffed wetly, going to the coffin again.


People had started murmuring at this point as fresh tears flowed down their faces.


I ran to the coffin and opened one more time. I looked at her face as rain started falling.


“Bowen, please allow the pastor to finish the rites. It’s raining please” My mum said weakly but I couldn’t be stopped.


I carried her out of the coffin and lifted her high.


“This was not our plan Lord and she can’t die! She just can’t! Save Talitha Lord! Save her” I said weakly. My strength gauge read empty!


I started crying when I realized that no matter how much I did, God had determined that Talitha should die. There was silence as I fell on my knees with Talitha in his arms.


Looking up above as water entered into my eyes and mixed with the salty pool that had formed in them already, there was a urge from inside as if I wanted to defecate and the poo wouldn’t come out easily.


“Talitha Cumi!” I screamed out loud as I fell on my face and, Talitha fell off my hands and rolled away.


There was thunder and lightning as the rain poured out more. Talitha stopped rolling and….


She sneezed!


Talitha Cumi!


Talitha Cumi!


Talitha Cumi!


That was what he kept on screaming on the chair in which he had fallen asleep.


With each call of authority came a different level of fart!


We all closed our noses as Mrs. Adameji walked close to him. She shook him vigorously till he woke up from whatever trance he had fallen into.


“Bowen, wake up!” His mum pulled at him for a long time before he stabilized and suddenly turned to face the chair as if he was sleeping.


“Talitha Cumi?” Pastor Adameji asked as he was obviously lost in thought.


“It sounds familiar really” I said too as I started to think about it.


“I think it is in the Bible” Mrs. Fakunle said and her husband nodded.


“Darling, please pass my electronic Bible please” Pastor said and his wife reached into his bag and passed it to him.


“Oh my Father! Oh Jesus! Oh wow! God is real!” Pastor kept on exclaiming and I had to stand up to pick the electronic Bible up as he had dropped it on the table.


“Mrs. Tade, please read it aloud please” Pastor Fakunle said and I nodded.


“Matthew chapter 5 verse 41 says ‘And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise.


“Wow! He spoke in the language with which Jesus spoke!” Mrs Fakunle said as she looked up in awe.


“Let’s call the hospital. Something tells me that a miracle has happened” Pastor said anxiously as he moved closer to us again.


“You can use the landline” Dr. Richards said from a corner. We didn’t even know that he was around. As I moved to the telephone, it started ringing


“Sir, you have a call sir” I said and he nodded as he had started coming.


“Hello, the Richards’ courtyard…oh dear….Pardon?….That can’t be true!…Hello….Hello…” He said and looked round the room as he replaced the phone.


“Sir, what is the matter?” We all seemed to ask at the same time but he just remained dazed.


Bowen shifted from the chair where he was and stood up, looking so weak.


“Tell me sir. Tell us” He said anxiously and to think that he was hearing all we had been saying when we thought he had drifted back to sleep was funny.


“I need to make some confirmations right now. I will be back” Dr. Richards said as he started to wear his shoes


“Kindly tell us what it is doc. Please do” Pastor Adameji said and Dr. Richards stood up, gazed at Bowen for a while and shook his head.


“My wife called now that she is….erm…” he paused and looked into our anxious, tensed faces.


“Say it doc” Bowen said and Dr. Richards shook his head again.


“Dear, the baby moved and then she sneezed and then she has opened her eyes. That was how my wife put it when…” He was saying when we saw Bowen already at the door, panting heavily.

“Oh God! Oh thank You Saviour! Oh!” He kept on exclaiming as he ran out.


Dr. Richards followed after him.


“Bowen, come and follow this car. Come and…” He said, his voice fading as he went after Bowen.


“I guess we have to follow them right?” Mrs. Adameji asked the obvious as we all marched excitedly out of the house to see if we had not been left behind.





“Let me see you outside Bowen” My mum said as I peeped through the glassy windows to see Talitha being attended to by some medical personnel.


I turned to look into my mum’s face but she had moved to the end of the corridor. I knew there was a serious talk.


“Sweet mum, is anything the matter?” I asked and she paused as she looked into my face for a long time. She sighed and turned her back at me for a while.


“Mum, is anything the matter?” I asked as I held her shoulders. She turned to look at me then.


“It’s good seeing you smile after so many days of tears” She said and I smiled


“Yeah, it was weird seeing your prince cry helplessly. I know mum” I said and hugged her tightly.


“When did you start keeping secrets from me?” She asked and I disengaged from the hug to look at her




“You and Becca aren’t together anymore. You didn’t tell me” She said and only then did I realize that I hadn’t told her. I smiled and rubbed her forehead


“Momma, it’s not palatable for a guy to tell his mum that a lady broke up with him. Is it?” I said and she shook her head.


“That’s sad. I like Becca” She said and I smiled as I held her again


“Mum, Becca has a new sweetheart” I said, smiling widely. She paused a while as she swallowed. I knew she wanted to say something else.


“But, do you love Talitha?” She asked and like in a bomb blast attack, my heart fell down flat


I was never expecting that kind of question at all.


“Mum why would you say that? What makes you think that…” I was saying when she shook her head and frowned slightly


“You seem to be free around her. Look at today as I held you to myself when you woke up from your dream, you drew away until that doctor said she was awake” She said and I laughed


“My momma is jealous of my daughter ooo” I laughed on but her face remained sad still.


“Okay mum, let me explain to you.” I said and she looked up at me intently. I smiled.


“Talitha sees me as her dad and dad I am. Moreso, she is a very young girl I can’t take advantage of. Don’t see pity and call it love mum” I said and her face lit up a bit

“Are you sure?” she asked and I stared into space after which I smiled


“Well, maybe I can develop that kind of feelings for her in the nearest future anyways”


“What kind of feelings?” Her eyes shone so widely


“The kind of the kind in the heart mum” He said and she shot me a dangerous look. I laughed hysterically as I hugged her tight


“I was just joking mum! Fear fear mummy”


“Hmmm…Tor!” she exclaimed and I smiled on and on.



“Is that how they cut carrot in the UK where you are coming from? Bush boy” I said as I hit Andrew playfully behind his neck


“Oh mum! That hurts!” He said as he frowns his face. He looked at me childishly and I started laughing


“Why did you spoil your mouth like a child whose biscuit was seized?” I laughed again and he joined me

“Am I not a child mum? I am your last born o. Your baby” He said and I shook my head as I washed the chicken under the flowing tap


“Keep deceiving yourself o. You are a man! A twenty-seven year old is a man! Your mates already have two to three kids” I said and he started laughing


“You are kidding right!” He exclaimed again as he laughed the more.


“Hold the meat for me let me cut jhur” I said and he held for me as we cut. There was silence before he cleared his throat again.






“Can I discuss an issue of the heart with you?” He said with a serious face and I blushed


“Please do” I nodded. He covered his face with the back of his hand and backed me for a while


“I think I am in love” He said and I smiled as I winked at him


“Hmmm, tell me something” I said and he smiled too, shyly.


“Who is that princess who has stolen my baby’s heart, please?” I asked, smiling broadly.


“I hope you will like her” He said shyly again


“Do I know her?” I asked as I added curry to the meat on fire


“Like the back of your palm mum” he said as he licked his lips


“Really! Tell me something” I was excited. I had no problem with any of the choices of my children provided they had prayed and they loved the individual


“Let me whisper it in your ears” He said and he really did.


My eyes shone in delight as I jumped up like an antelope


“Are you serious? Oh my! You love her?” I asked excitedly, my heart, throbbing hard. He smiled as he saw the delight on my face


“Yes I do. Every moment we have spent together have been so wonderful. I am so in love” He said and I shook my body in delight.


“Anytime I held her in my arms, I see something more than a daughter. I had always wanted her for one of my sons but as I christian, I could not match-make. See what God has done now” I exclaimed as I danced excitedly.


“I never knew you would love her so well mum” He said and I gasped


“There is more to that girl my son. She is a star. She is a crown in the hand of the Lord. I love her so much. But you can’t tell her you love her yet o” I said and he smiled as he rubbed his hands together. I knew deep down that he was in love.



“Oh no mum! At least I will give her few months after childbirth” I could hear Andrew say and my heart dropped.


I had instant headache!


I had wished that it was not the same person I was thinking about but hearing the childbirth thing now, it was just so certain that it was Talitha!


“So mum, I have been thinking. The engineering company I want to start, how about using the name Talidrew?” He asked and Mrs. Richards laughed out loudly


“Talitha and Andrew merged together…hahahaha…But what about Andritha?” She laughed on and on while my heart sank deeper and deeper.


I had just come back from work and I felt that before going to my house, I should check on heavily pregnant Talitha. Passing through the kitchen, the discussion that gave me such constipation was what greeted my ears. I couldn’t reconcile the issue.


The air I breathed in felt like I was holding a hot compress over my nose. I felt hot inside of me as I glided back to the main door.


I had to go before my heart got broken the more.


As I entered my car, Paul, the driver ran to me and I looked at him faintly.


“Oga mi sir, where are you going to?” He asked as he had seen me entering barely a minute earlier


“Erm, Paul, I will be back. I need to attend to certain things. I will be back afterwards.” I said as I tried to smile. I turned the ignition key as he nodded.


“But you are very sure that everything is fine with you?” He asked again and I nodded as I waved at him.


I knew he was not convinced but I needed to just get out.


As I drove out,  it felt like confusion, sadness and great sorrow had infiltrated my bones.


My heart was scorched and spasming.


“Ah God!” I exclaimed as I drove down the street.


There were thunders in my head. Despair coursed through my blood, numbness clouded my eyes.


I brought the car to an abrupt end and placed my head on the steering.


I wept like a baby!


It was as if I was going through death helplessly.


I unknotted my tie as tears soaked my shirt. I could feel my chest wet against my cloth too.


It felt like my heart was wrung out of its contents like a cloth about to be spread on the line.


I looked into the rear mirror and saw my very blood shot eyes. I smiled regretfully at my image and shook my head.


“Bowen, why are you crying? Are you okay? Why would you cry? Why?” I asked again and cried the more.


I never knew I had fallen in love with Talitha until I had that dream and I could feel in my heart that what was happening in the dream really defined was going on in my heart.


“Why am I feeling this way Lord?” I asked but the Lord didn’t seem available for a chat with me.


I felt so cold. I felt like going down to a swimming pool and burying my head in the blue water for like an hour.


“Andrew deserves her anyways… he does” I cried further again and shrugged.

I remembered different scenes in which the duo had really been having very great time together.


I remembered on one occasion that Andrew got her a bar of chocolate. Talitha had kept laughing shyly.


“But I can’t eat that now” She said and Andrew frowned a bit.


“Why not? I had you in mind as I paid for this. I bought it for you” he said like a lover to his love and I felt my heart stir in a weird way.


“I am heavily pregnant. I can’t eat that because it’s fattening…” she was saying when I nodded.


“True. You can’t eat it. Your EDD is close” I said and Andrew looked at me disappointedly. I felt bad inside of me.


“But I don’t want him to feel bad. I have to eat even if it’s small” Talitha said and my heart did some few skipping forward and backwards before it stopped.


As she bit at the bar,  she smiled at Andrew and I who I felt was looking at her with some affection in his eyes.


“Thanks for thinking about me Andy” she said lovingly and I had to excuse myself so I could get some fresh air down my throat.


That evening, I made a resolve to find a way of keeping both of them far apart from each other but it kept failing.


I started inviting him over to my house every evening so I could hold him hostage and little but little they could get far away from each other.


One evening, I stopped at the mart to get her some chocolate and ice-cream too for Talitha.


She collected them from me,  smiled respectfully like a daughter would do her father.


“Thanks dad”


“I was thinking about you while buying for you my daughter” I said and she rubbed her forehead. She then laughed


“Daddy daddy. I will keep them so that first thing after delivery, I will devour everything. That’s my daddy.” she said and I was as it convinced that she had anything in her heart for me.




“Yes Talitha”


“Where is Andrew? It’s been a while since he checked on me in the evenings” she said and I couldn’t even explain to her that I was having him in my house getting our dinner ready.


“Oh! Don’t worry dear. He must have some other important things doing” I said and she looked hurt


“Oh,  I might not be important after all” she said silently and it felt like I was distorting the feelings these two were building for each other.


That day, I got to my car and cried as I confessed my action as a sin.


I had prayed concerning how I was feeling in my heart but God had just not said anything to me about Tabitha but my heart had been filled with the thoughts of her.


I went home and found innocent Andrew playing a game on my TV. He stood to greet me but I felt very bad to look into his eyes.


“Bro,  welcome. I made some very nice fries for us. But I was a gentleman enough to wait for you” He smiled and I smiled too.


“You haven’t seen Talitha recently?” I asked. He smiled as he scratched his head


“I get home late when she would be sleeping so, I sometimes just peep through,  pray for her and go to bed. In the morning,  she would still be sleeping while I leave for the office. We have been missing each other that way” He said.


I nodded as I removed my suit and my shirt.


“You love her?” I asked and he frowned while he smiled a bit.


“Big bros, I am trying to sort out my feelings. After that, I can decide if it is love or something else” He said and I nodded many times.


“Please tell me when you sort of your feelings. I want to know as a father would want to know. You get?” I asked and he laughed hysterically


“Daddy indeed! Thanks bro. I will definitely let you know when I am very sure like the sun.” He said and I nodded as I smiled faintly.

“She asked after you today. Seems she is missing you” I said, trying to make my ways right.


As he ran out of my house that day without even devouring the many fries he had made, I sank in my cushion and calmed my stormy heart down.


“If you love a thing Bowen, let it go. If it comes to you, it is yours but if it does not come back, it was never yours from the beginning” I said as I tried to look for sleep.


But it seemed that the lover boy had settled and unknotted his clumsy feelings.


“Bowen, don’t be selfish at all! He loves her, she loves him, the mum loves her, they are fine together. C’mon!” I tried to spank my stubborn heart.


I needed to go and pray harder so I could get the bone of my bones too.


As I was about to turn the car key, my phone beeped and I checked it.


Hello Bros. I have a good news to share with you. I am not going to be able to wait till tomorrow. I am very sure you will be happy with me. Should I come over for dinner?


I didn’t know if it was anger my heart-felt or disgust.


I started typing the reply too


There is no need to come over. I already get. You love her and she loves you and few months after her delivery, you will propose to her. You told your mum too and she likes the idea. I know. Thank you. Kindy enjoy your dinner.


I read and re-read the message and shook my head.


I sounded full of anger, bitterness, envy and resentment.


I deleted it and threw my phone away.


“Oh Lord, why am I feeling this way Lord? Why am I displaying some fruits of the flesh this way Lord?”


I tried to pray as I shook my head numerously so my head could get some sense but tears poured down my eyes.


“God, I can’t believe that I am this bruised because of a lady. A lady that does not even know that I am in existence in her love world” I said and tried to smile, muttering ‘It is well’ for a number of time.


But my eyes kept raining!





Thanks for staying tune.

Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle ~~~2017




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