One day in school (High School), my younger self saw some friends sharing some old brown paperback novels.

As the distributor, which was a friend gave a copy out, she would write the name of the receiver and the title of the book at the back of a note. She did it diligently like a local librarian.

I walked up to her and asked to be given one too but as soon as I drew close, they all hid the books like I was a policeman.

“I also want one of those books” I told the distributor but she shook her head.

“It’s not for you. You can’t read it” She said vehemently and as I tried to persuade them that I was human too and should be considered, the receivers of the book told me to excuse them. They said it as if I was a pest when all I was trying to do was just get a copy like they all had done.

All through my day at school that day, I felt so hurt and shocked that my friends wouldn’t share their story books with me. I couldn’t wait for closing time to come so I could disappear to the confines of my room.

Just then, a suggestion came and I brightened up at the thought of it. I moved to my friend’s locker (She was also a receiver) while she was not around and tried to open it but it was locked.

I was disappointed but didn’t leave her locker. For her to have locked the locker, something precious must be in it. I thought.

When she came back and saw me on her seat, she opened her locker to retrieve her notes and moved to my own locker to sit. As she opened, I saw the novels. Like two of them!

My eyes flickered at that and the thoughts of how to pick one of them started flying into my head.

I eventually picked one of the books. I got home and brought it out.

The title, the image on the cover, the ‘about the author’- just everything was lewd! I knew better to drop it but I was curious!

What’s so special in the book that they were all hiding it from me. As I read, I shivered! Page after page, I shook with fear and disbelief.

“And lagbaja was reading this book!”

“And tamedun was reading this book!”

I felt so disappointed in my friends for reading such books! I couldn’t finish it before returning it to my friend’s locker.

I called her after a while to say ‘I saw a book in your locker and as I started reading it, I realized that it’s so bad’

She asked for the title and I told her. She smiled and said that that was nothing. That the book is so mild. That if I read the one she was reading, I would report her straight to the authorities.

I was aghast!

I was so naive but the effects of the few pages I had swallowed lingered for a while before I kicked them out with the good books. Francine Rivers and Taiwo Iredele were reigning then so I got them and shared with friends too.

But do you know that nowadays, almost every student you come across holds a bad book? A book filled with horrible details! A book so defiling and so raw! A book so terrible and corrupt!

They hide in their rooms and swallow books on sex and porn and immorality!

It’s not even students alone that do this anymore. Adults too do!

Christians do!

Leaders do!

Preachers do!

They want to read something but they find the wrong things and bury themselves in them!

Where are the good writers?

Where are the story tellers that can sit down and creatively put words together that would make their readers hunger for more and send them into the arms of the Saviour?

Where are you?

The Lord needs you!

Your world needs you!

Arise to this great demand!

Arise, comrade!

De-Raconteur Writers’ Club in conjunction with De-Raconteur Writers’ College is bringing up an opportunity for you to be a good Christian story teller!

And if you are a story teller, here is an opportunity to sharpen your edges and keep cutting on!

THE CHRISTIAN STORYTELLERS CONFERENCE 1.0 has been strategically brought to you to make you a great, influential story writer for the Lord!

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Saturday, 19th October, 2019 is the day.

7pm to 11pm is the time (Yeah, four straight hours of intensive training)

WhatsApp is the venue so, you can come in from anywhere in the world!

The fee for the programme is just 1000 naira.

You will get intensive trainings in notes and audios.

You will get a certificate of participation too.

Also, you will be chanced to ask those questions burning in your heart as regards story telling.

Send a fee of 1000 naira to 0701105202 and afterwards send an evidence of payment to +234-905-640-4048 to be a part of this conference.

There is one major ingredient that ‘successful’ writers add to make their stories interesting that you do not know about yet. I will tell you what it is.

See you at the conference!

Make sure you share with your writer friends!

The Christian Storytellers Conference 1.0 #De-Raconteur #Christiancourse #Christianwritingcourse #Writingcoursesinnigeria #Storytellersconference #Storytellers
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P.S:  Also, have you been looking forward to having an arena for writers alone where you can meet fellow writers, grow with them, compete together, share writing tips and do lots of writing things together?

Do not look too far. An opportunity to do that is coming up soon! Watch out for it…. COMING UP!


  1. Wow!!!
    This is awemaaaazing!
    You know I won’t miss something like this. *Smiles*

    Let me go and tell somebody sef…

    More grace, ma’am.

  2. On Facebook now, there are suggestions of so many novels popping out… I guess they have realised I love reading stories. I was inquisitive, I wanted to click button INSTALL, but I got a check in my spirit not to follow through. And I stopped. Who knows what those stories are about! I even read a comment later that someone said the stories are violence related.
    I am saying this to buttress your point of the need for children of God who are gifted in writing to learn and wait on God to use them to write inspiring and edifying stories

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