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Does Emmy really love me?



Does he care?



Why won’t Mola stop scattering my head with the mention of Emmy who wouldn’t care about me?



I called Emmy on Sunday to inform him about my parents’ decisions and all but well, even though my phone was seized and I was on ‘house arrest’, shouldn’t he have fought for his love?



Every day as I lay in bed, I wished that my mum could open the door to throw my phone at me saying it wouldn’t stop ringing!



Every day, I would go to the window to look down the gate- if I could see my Romeo throwing stones and sticks at our gate just to see me!



None of these happened!



Could he have been really angry at my parents for saying ‘No’ to him?



I thought and thought on my bed, rolling from one side to the other.



Immediately Mola packed her load and left the house, it felt as if some scales fell off my eyes.



Why would she leave?



Does she love Emmy so much that way?



“Mopelola” I heard a distinct Voice call out to me from the inner depths of my heart.



“Sir?” I answered, tears falling off my eyes.




“Do you not miss me?” He asked and started sobbing loudly.




“I do”




“You do not good Mopelola!” He said and I fell off my bed and started crying out loudly.




I didn’t know why exactly I was crying. I didn’t know if it was because of the pain of falling off the bed, or the pain of having my twin sister leave the house out of anger or the pain of missing Emmy or the pain of having the Lord come closer to speak to me first instead of me doing that.



Since the incidence on Sunday, I had not even gone on my knees to worship God or call Him into the situation. I had only been by myself, weeping, crying and sulking!



“You are angry at me?” He asked and I increased the volume of my cries. I dared not answer!




“That I was supposed to have fought for you but I decided to keep mute. You are angry right?”



“I am so sorry Lord!” I wept so hard as if my rib cage would open and my heart would fall out.




“My son has been calling on me for days, weeping and rolling on the floor, just for you but here you are trying to try on another head. You want to be a monster?” He asked and I paused in my crying spree.








“The husband is the head of the wife, right?”




“Yes Daddy”




“I have given you a head, why do you want to add another head to it? Don’t you know that any human being walking with two heads is a monster?” He said and an arrow-like object pierced my heart.




“Can You have mercy upon me oh Lord? Can you?”




“You haven’t done anything that deserves mercy daughter”




“But You can choose to have mercy upon me Father. I am unworthy, forgive me Lord”




“Why are you angry at Emmy? What has he done to you?”




“Lord, he isn’t bothered about me. I got no call, no text, no Facebook message, nothing Lord from him!”




“Really? But daughter why is your mind like this? Why is your mind this sick?”




“My mind is sick, Lord?”





“Open to second Timothy chapter 1, read verse 7”




I picked up my Bible and started flinging the pages open.




“But God has not given me the Spirit of fear but of Power of love and of a sound mind!”




“And of a what?”




“And of a sound mind!”




“So, what happened to your sound mind?”







“Have you been behaving like anyone with a sound mind in the last few days?”




“Ah Lord! I am sorry”





“Hmmm…let me ask you some questions. Does Emmanuel fear me?”




“He does”




“Does he in anyway tempt you to sin?”




“No Lord. He in fact upholds sexual purity”




“Does he love you?”




“He does Lord”




“Do you love him?”




“I seriously do!”




“So, why did your mind become sick?”




“I don’t know Daddy. I don’t” I broke down like a car that the engine was already 99% gone.




“Have I been the one steer the course of your life in the last few days? Check it sincerely. Have I?”




“No sir.”




“Who did you hand the steering to as you pushed me off the driver’s seat?”




“Ah…Lord, have mercy on me!”




“Who? Answer me!”




“My parents…”




“Your parents are the ones to decide for you who to marry?”





“No sir.”








“I thought I was supposed to obey them”




“Yes, but you weren’t obeying them! You were according to them the honour and obeisance you should accord me!”








“Once I have spoken, you should take it as it is! No other person’s prescription should work! No other! Not even yours! Any other person you say ‘Yes’ to when God has said ‘No’ is already taking my place in your heart”




“I am so sorry Lord. I am so sorry Lord!”




“And you, you are so full of yourself!”




“Lord!” My ‘tears engine’ started again.




“You think you are the most righteous, most holy and you are all great?”




“I am so sorry sir”




“Just listen to me! Learn to listen to me Mopelola! I want to speak but you wouldn’t even pay attention to me! You speak before I speak, stand up from your knees and push me aside when you are done speaking. And when your parents speak, you bow! Mopelola!”




“Ah! Lord, I am sorry. Have mercy Lord! Have mercy” I fell on my face as my heart shattered to pieces!



There were too many things the Lord was saying to me about myself that I just didn’t know.




“When you pray to me, you complain to me, you say something to me, keep quiet and let me speak too! You shouldn’t pour down your complaints, share the ‘grace’, dust your clothes and leave! Sit there! Make sure you won’t let me go until I have blessed you!”




“Oh my!”




“When you check the Scriptures, you will see my servants in there, whenever they offer any sacrifice to me, they wait! They wouldn’t leave the altar until Fire falls! No! Why? Because that is my Voice! That is the sign that I have answered! You talk too much! You feel a little peace, you are satisfied and you stand up from praying!”




“Ah, Father!”




“That is the major reason for your spiritual collapse! I am telling you the reason why you almost lost the gift of Emmanuel! I am with Emmanuel! He is my son! He hears from me! That is the same thing with you. I love you, you are my daughter, you hear from me, well, and tune off when you are okay, not when I am done!”





“Ahhhhh, Father!”




“You did not fall the day you heard a ‘No’ from your parents. You fell a long time before that, that is what I am telling you.”




“Hmmm…mercy Lord”




“Of course, I am here because I will have mercy on you”





“Thank You Father”




“And that is at the request of your sister. Your sister, Mosunmola has asked me to have mercy on you!”




“My sister?”




“That is why I said you are full of yourself! My heart was heavy within me the day you insinuated to Mosunmola that she couldn’t hear from me, because she was a sinner!”




“She can hear from you?”




“I have chosen her! And she will bear me witness to the end of the earth”








“Hasn’t she been an instrument I have been using to insist that you stay in my Will?”




“Oh, she really has!”




“You pray and doubt altogether and you say I am not answering your prayers! You asked me to work on your sister but you do not believe that I am doing that?”




“I am sorry Lord!”




“You have a whole lot to do. You need to get your sound mind back, shut the mouth of the lions, chase away the dogs and win your sister’s soul!”








“You are my beloved! Emmanuel is my beloved too and you both are meant for each other but it’s still in your hands. It was my Will for Adam and Eve to be in the Garden of Eden but well, they weren’t contended with that till I chased them out of the beauty paradise I had formed for them”








“If you like, stay in my Will or walk out of it! But if you decide to keep my boy waiting and sad, I will replace you with immediate effect”




“Ah, Lord! Noooo sir!” I screamed, placing my hands on my head in serious pains.



“Like the serpent went to talk lies into the ears of Eve, so many forces will want to lie to you and chase you out of my Will. That is why you need daily and momentary communication with me!”







“Mopelola, do not allow the lies of the serpent to chase you out of the paradise that I have prepared for you”




“I won’t Lord! I won’t!” I wept on and on, my face still bent to the floor. By that time, the floor was totally soaked with my tears. I had had serious encounters with the Lord but none had been as seriously stern as this particular one.




Still in my bowing position, I shook, my jaws hitting against each other.




“I am still here Lord. Speak on, I am listening” I wept. I repeated that for like seven times and when I didn’t hear a single thing, I knew the Lord was done telling me what He wanted me to know.




With a heavy heart that I had been on a wrong track for a long time without knowing and with a glad heart because the Lord had spoken explicitly to me, I stood up from my knees and moved to my desk.




I opened my ‘testimony journal’ and wept as I read.




How could I have ever been angry at Emmy?”




How could I have ever considered agreeing with my parents to go against God’s Will for my life?




How could I have been so gullible?




I went on my knees, closed my eyes firmly with my two eyes raised to the ceiling.




“Father, thanks for being very strict with me! Thanks for having mercy on me! Lord, I have a request today. I need a sound mind! I need a correct mind, a mind that will hearken to you every single time! A mind that knows what to do at each time. A mind that knows the left from the right. A mind that is totally stayed on You! Father, give me a sound mind! Holy Lord, give me a sound mind! In the Name of Jesus!”






“Ah, Lord Jesus I worship You! I adore You! Because I can hear the voice of my baby again, I glorify Your Name. Because I can sit here and hold my phone and for real be talking to Mo, ah, Daddy thank You! Thank You Lord!” Emmy went on and on while I blushed on, fumbling with my corn rows.




“I am so happy talking to you Emmy. And I am so sorry for the pains I have caused you”




“Ah, you should be sorry o. You should be very very sorry. But it is well. I am glad that the storm is over”




“Amen o. I really pray and believe that the storm is over in Jesus Name” I said in my heart, thinking about my mum and dad and the new Bro. Dada in question. How do I face them?




“Should I tell you something Mo?”




“Please do o. I am learning daily to be a better listener”




“The Lord told you that too?” He asked and I burst out laughing.




“Do you have that issue too?” I asked he laughed.




“The Lord said I should be careful or else I would have mouth diarrhea. And it’s because of you o” He said and I pouted.




“I have caused so many bad things these past few days. I sincerely apologize”




“Mo my darling, we curse the devil! We put him to total shame! In the Name of Jesus!”








“All we need to do is be united! Once both of us agree as touching anything, the Lord will grant it! But once we start getting divided, every puddle of water would look like a mighty ocean before us”




“Hmmmm…My wise man!”




“My scintillating woman! Enough of talking to me on phone o, when are we meeting?”




“Erm…I would have said now but it’s already 5.15 and I have to go help mummy prepare dinner at 6. What of tomorrow?”




“Sure. But immediately after dinner, holla at your boy!” He said and I smiled, my heart cuddling up within me. I simply loved the way he always made me feel.




“Sure, I will my one and only. But I have a question”




“Ask please”




“Why didn’t you try coming to our house or call or text or anything like that? why?”




“Hmmm…mummy deleted all evidences?” He asked, obviously smiling.




“You did, right?” I smiled largely, closing my eyes in excitement. “You did, right?” I asked again, jumping up but he didn’t say anything. He only kept on laughing and I knew he did.




Nothing mummy had done mattered anymore. The real deal was that my love tried to reach me effortlessly.




It made me feel seriously great and loved again!







As I tasted the chicken-veggies stir fry that was cooking on the electric stove, my gaze shifted to my mum who was seated on a small stool, picking beans. She was looking at me with a shrewd smile on her face. I smiled.



“Since when have you been looking at me mum?”




“Since you came down from your room Mo. You danced, you threw your hands up in the air, you have pecked me like thrice, you have been doing weird things girl!” She said and I laughed out loudly. I didn’t know my joy was that obvious!




“Do you know you have sung almost a hundred songs since we started cooking?” She exaggerated.




“Mummy!” I burst out laughing, slapping my laps as I did. She laughed too.




“So, tell me. Which of them did you speak with? Dada or Emmy?” She asked and my brain sat right.




“Erm….Emmy” I said and she nodded severally, resuming the picking of her beans.




“I thought I made you promise not to call him” She said and I sighed silently. I didn’t know exactly what to say. “You love him that much?” She asked and I turned to look into her face, my eyes glittering with excitement. She smiled too.




“Yes, I do, mum! I love him so much! I love him to the moon and back! I love him so much I hate to see him hurt! I hurt him so much that an hour of not speaking with him seems like ten years to me!” I dropped the words as they formed in my mouth. She burst out laughing.




“So, between him and myself, who do you love most” She said, raising her nose at me. I started laughing at that.




“I love you so much as my mum. And I love him so much as my lover. There is no comparison ratio here mum”




“Okay. Okay. Okay” She raised her hands up in surrender.




“Ask him to come see me. Let me meet the guy that is make my daughter’s heart do tolo-tolo” She said and my jaws dropped in amazement as my hands flew off my sides in excitement.




“Mummy, issalie!” I said, holding her shoulders. She started laughing.




“Issatruth o” She said and I didn’t know when I started dancing.




The Lord that answers by Fire

He is my God

The Lord that answers by Fire

He is my God




As I danced and sang on, I perceived my sister’s body spray and turned to look at the door.




“Mola is back! My sister is back” I screamed for joy. Mola looked really shocked.




“Oh well, now, this is the Mo I know!” She chuckled. “Thanks for calling me back to come see the sane you! You have gotten your mind back ba?” She started pouring, a weird smile on her face.




“Yes! I lost my mind before but ehn…” I removed the apron, pecked mum and started walking to the door.




“Mum, rice, check. Beef, check. Sauce, check check! I am done doing all you asked me to do. It’s time for our twin talk” I announced as I jumped out.




“Okay o. Mola, I greet you o. If you have refused to greet me, I greet you” Mum said, kinda maliciously.




“I am sorry o Iya Mo. Good evening ma” Mola threw back at her as I collected the handle of her box from her with my right hand and pulled her hand with my left hand, heading for the room in so much excitement.




“I have a lot of gist for you! A whole lot!” I announced, a whole herd of butterflies dancing excitedly in my tummy.




“Ehn ehn! Tell me something! But you have a lot of apology to shower on me too anyway” She said and I turned to her and started planting kisses on her face.




“Ugh! So irritating! Go and do that on Emmy’s face joor”




“I don’t have a license yet o. I don’t” I said and we both burst out laughing loudly as we entered the room.




Almost immediately as we entered the room, we resumed at the ‘Gist arena’ for the latest information!














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  1. Hmmmm…but for His mercy💃💃
    Am so happy for ‘Mo’😀😀
    Thank God for coming to her rescue and speaking sense into her😋😋

    Lord, Mary needs a sound and correct mind too, a mind that hearkens to your word, one that stays on you no matter the situation🙏🙏

    More grace and unction Mrs Yaks😘
    Anticipating episode 5

  2. Mama Lizzie, this was God talking to me this morning. God bless you for yielding to be a vessel for God. I celebrate you mama. Love you

  3. Hmmmm… Many times we think we are doing the right thing, many times we think God is please with the way we are relating with him. Severally the father calls us for a deeper love but we are too “righteous” “holy” to ourselves to listening to him. Once he has spoken but several times we do not hold on to that once which is not supposed to be so. God help us to follow you the way it should go. Help us to call on you the way we should. Let only you matter to us Daddy.

    Mrs Oyebola Yakubu I celebrate God’s grace upon you. You have all been a great channel of blessing.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww
    See as I’m happy for Mo as if I’m the one

    Nice one… I’m writing the script for episode 5 in my head already hehehe.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww

    But for his mercy!

    See as I’m happy for Mo as if I’m the one

    Nice one… I’m writing the script for episode 5 in my head already hehehe.

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    God bless Mrs Yaks!

    My heartcry:
    “Thanks for having mercy on me! Lord, I have a request today. I need a sound mind! I need a correct mind, A MIND THAT WILL HEARKEN TO YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME! A mind that knows what to do at each time. A mind that knows the left from the right. A mind that is totally stayed on You! Father, give me a sound mind! Holy Lord, give me a sound mind! In the Name of Jesus!”

  7. I’m so happy like it’s about me,God is ever faithful….. Episode 5 plzzz
    Thanks Mama Lizzy😍

  8. Yay!!! Our Mo is back!!!

    Lord, just like you spoke to Mo and she heard you crystal clearly, I want to hear from you too, any way you chose to speak to me. Help me to be sensitive to the Spirit also and never to abandon or turn my back on you.


  9. “That is the same thing with you. I love you, you are my daughter, you hear from me, well, and tune off when you are okay, not when I am done!”

    This is so true.

    God bless you Mrs Yaks. There were a lot of prayer points to glean from this episode.

  10. Your stories had indeed be a source of motivation for me. It has opened my eyes to some missing aspects of me needing to filled up with God. God bless you ma, more grace and anointing.

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