Written by: Ammeh Eleojo

We don’t always have the Life we Dream…

As a young girl, I had always dreamt of growing into a wonderful woman- a woman after God’s own heart, with all the shapes and curves in their right proportion. I had always dreamt of growing up with no deformity or blemish- just beautifully perfect!!!

No sooner had I grown than I had an accident which affected my right hip bone(my pelvic bone). I was thrown into so much pain and anger. Pain because my bone quaked when I walked and also I wasn’t sure of the aftermath of the event unfolding, then anger because I wasn’t prepared for what I was going through and also my dream was just about to be truncated!!!

At 9…shortly after the accident

Four months in the hospital was no joke… hmmm… but I came out feeling optimistic since I could walk properly without support(crutches or wheelchair), even though I had to learn to walk like a toddler, I didn’t mind- so long as I wasn’t going to be on any support.

Then came the first bomb!.. gboah! gboah!.. About three years from that accident and hospital discharge,I began limping- my right hip bone was really hurting. I went to the hospital (this time, a different one), there I was placed on the wrong medication and then my leg (right) grew shorter and not straight- oh my my!!!!. (you remember my dream?, it just shattered!!!) Eloi! Eloi!(My Father! My Father!). I was in total disarray, I was downcast, my whole world had crumbled in my face (or so it seemed). This time I couldn’t escape being on crutches!

Gboah! came the final bomb.. I had to undergo a surgery to normalize the position of my hip bone that had been dislocated. Oh! I remember that day…

“She’ll have to be scheduled for a surgery”, I heard the doc tell my dad and I cried to stupor.

My young mind had never for once pictured surgery coz I wanted a perfect body with no deformity or blemish, remember?. Of course I went for the surgery, I was left with no choice at least to ease my pain.


Although I still live with the short leg and it pains once in a while, I have learnt to live above the pain and thought of the trauma it caused me. I Live Above my Challenge!

We don’t always have the Life we Dream… life isn’t as rosy as we perceive it to be or as we expect it to be… some people have it all rosy and bloomy from the very beginning of their lives and just when it’s about to get more interesting, everything then crumbles, their dreams fade away and things seem dry. Some others have it all hard, tight and they struggle to live and make ends meet, then just when they’re about to quit and give up, their roses bloom, all cozy and beautiful.

Now the point is, we always have a dream, there’s always this picture of who we want to be. Each of us has a burning desire to be one thing or the other, but as the saying goes “Man proposes but God disposes”, these dream(s) may be shattered or perhaps God may be saying something different from that/those dream(s) of ours. So then what do we do?- do we give up saying “life isn’t fair on me” coz we don’t have what we desire? Or do we even say “God is not good” because He watched or He’s watching some events unfold in our lives?

This is my conclusion:

Because it is in Christ that we live and in Him we have our being, we should seek God, we should seek to know His plans and purpose for our lives, we should seek to know what He has in-store for us. Then, we should prepare our minds for whatever life throws at us, we should see any challenge as part of life, we should not be dismayed but rather, we should “…be strong and of a good courage…for the Lord thy God is with you whithersoever thou goest” Joshua 1:9.


Be encouraged!


God bless you Eleojo Ammeh! . . . May God keep you and be your continual strength. Amen


  1. This is inspiring!!! There’s no perfect really. Our perfect is in what Christ has done for us 🙂

    Thank you for sharing

  2. All things work together for good for those who love God. Because He lives, we can face anything…

  3. Hmm! What a compelling life story. We all have a share of life’s horror. Thanks to Jesus who has promised to see us through the fire.

    I am glad you’re glad Miss Eleojo.

    God will continue to keep you strong! Amen!

  4. Wow! This is touching and encouraging. It’s really hurting when one’s dreams fail to come to reality but in all God is able to give us what He knows is best for us.. thank you for this timely encouragement dear sis God bless you

  5. Hmm nice piece there…its a wow…one of the best piece of the year…keep it up dear, awaiting more write ups… At times when you wake up early to see how bright the sky is, you walk around and as you look up to gaze up, you feel an illuminating sensation through your eyes to the brain, and the body in no doubt get connected with the blooming day ahead…hmm…and all of a sudden all we came across during the days proceed totally negate our hopes and puts us in total disarray… but when life turns out this way, something we didn’t bargain for…then we have to hold on to the last tiny string remaining, which is our last and only hope…GOD ALONE… someone once said, if I pray to God one million times and he does not answer me, then I know He’s preparing something greater, so the pain and disappointment is just for a limited time before His glory will be seen fully grown on you… It is Well with Our Soul… #LivingStone_Cephas

  6. Hmmmmmmm, this is really inspiring, God bless the hand that wrote this.
    Eleojo dear…. Thanks for sharing, you’ve encouraged a sister

  7. hmmm….that’s touching, nevertheless it’s d fact about life. It’s has a lot to offer both Good and Bad but with God as d captain of a believer he will get to a safe shore…..God bless d writer…Thanks

  8. He knows what’s best for us! He knows our end even before our beginning. …. All our dream should start from Him……. we should seek him first and all will be added. ….
    Thanks for sharing ma’am
    God bless you

  9. You’ll think you’ve got the worst story to tell until you hear from others. Quite disheartening, but in God we have the confidence to carry on. Nice piece friend.

  10. My Sister, your story is heart touching and inspiring. But God is always aware of our pains and struggles. We need to trust Him always. I believe with God by your side you can still achieve your dream.

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