Death in the Pot
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Who exactly was my eyes seeing?


Could it be some sort of hallucination?


Didn’t the nurse just tell me that she was dead?


Or, is it time for retribution already?


He that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Is that the same thing happening here now Lord Most High?


“You wouldn’t even let someone rest. You noise wouldn’t let me rest!” Mama said as she wheeled her frail body into the ward.


I was glued to a spot.


I needed to be strong more than ever before as I didn’t know what the ghost would want from me


“Are you some sort of Thomas too? You wanna see some holes in my palms and feet before you believe it’s not a ghost?” she asked as she focused her eyes on me


I tried to smile uncomfortably


“The nurse just told me that you were…erm..that you were…” I stammered while she just smiled


“I am not dead. I wouldn’t leave your family in shambles and just go like that.” she said and I sighed deeply


“Really!” I exclaimed as I tried to walk close to her.


She sighed deeply and looked down


“Were you happy?”


“Was living independent of the bone of your bone and the flesh of the flesh really joyful?”


“The self-imposed victimhood in which you found yourself, was it really a recipe for happiness?”


“Well, I decided not to die. I begged God for my life again and it was granted me. God bless Mr. Abraham”


“Mr. Abraham?”


“Hmmm, as I pulled through


“You were caught in the web of feminism right?”


“Mama!” I could only fall on my knees as my broken neck creaked, I let out a squeal


“My daughter, the feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians” she said


I nodded because that was just the summary of what my family and marriage had consisted of


“Feminism preaches sexual liberation and what is that all about? It chiefly accomplishes liberation for young women to pursue married men. Right?” she asked and I nodded so convicted!


“Yes mummy. You are right” I had started another round of tears.


“One Andrea Dworkin said ‘I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig’ ah! Why? Is a man not a creation of God? Isn’t that hatred? Isn’t that wickedness? Isn’t that kinda jezebelle my daughter??” She asked as her eyes bored into mine and I couldn’t but look away as the tears flowed


She couldn’t have been more correct!


“Another one called Mary Daly said ‘If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males’ who is she to say that kind of a thing dearie? Exactly who is she?”


“She is no god mum” I said calmly and she shook her head


She smiled as she looked into my face.


She rubbed my head and pulled slightly at my cheek


“A believing woman, who is seeking to obey God and walk in peace and grace, should remember that she has equal access to all spiritual blessings in Christ. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. That is what Galatians 3: 28 tells us”


I nodded as the realization dawned on me


“We are made equal already and anymore equalization I am trying to fight for would mean nothing but dominance which is against the divine order of God”


I picked a tissue paper and blew my nose


“A believing woman should not allow herself to be used as a pawn in the worldly agenda of the feminist movement.” she said sweetly and I wished I was the one speaking wisely like that.


“Yes mummy” I replied


“Eve believed the lie that eating the fruit would bring her wisdom. She lusted, and she took something that was forbidden. This is the basis for the modern feminist movement. Women have bought into the lie that feminism will bring them the power and freedom they think they want and deserve. However, the promise is empty, for the premise is rooted in pride—and pride goes before a fall”


“Oh my! That’s wisdom mum! I had been very foolish!”


“Yeah, you had been daughter!” she said so realistically too


She didn’t care about beating around the bush or not hurting me. She spoke as it was!


“My dear, feminism and christianity can never ever mix. They are two opposite words” she said again




“So, when you preach feminism which entails fight, hatred, pride, bitterness, dominance and all, you definitely can’t pray or read your bible or tell others about Jesus successfully and when you preach Jesus and His Word too, you can’t preach feminism” she preached on and I noted firmly


I wished I had met her before I was deeply brainwashed


“You can’t be a genuine christian and preach feminism. They are two different gospels and you can’t hold both up high. One is held high while one is held low”


Oh yes!


No wonder my spiritual life completely got destroyed!


No wonder!


“I have read about women and girls and ladies and writers and christians saying “Feminism is a great thing! It fights for equality between men and women.” Or, “You are harming women by opposing feminism!” and all that, but it is gibberish!”


I shook my head in realization that I had been fighting the wrong battle


“You have different camps for feminists now. Some would say they practise Liberal fenimism or Socialist Feminism or Moderate feminism or Postmodern Feminism…..”


I cut in as mummy spoke on


How on earth did she know?


This took me like six months to sit down and study hard


“Separatist Feminism and Cultural Feminism and also Eco-Feminism and many, many others.” I said too and she smiled


“They keep evolving as time goes on. All of these titles mean something a little different too. It’s hard to keep up but there’s one common camp I haven’t mentioned yet and which you didn’t mention too. It’s the most widely advertised camp and seems to be the one Christian women tend to join.” she said and I nodded


“Equality feminism?” I asked and she nodded, smiling ruefully


“Good of you! In most feminists’ eyes, equality means women must have the same jobs as men. Same life plans as men. Same roles in marriage as men. Same roles in parenting as men.Am I wrong?”


“No ma”


“Sure! Ask any woman who claims to be a feminist if she is in favor of a wife submitting to her husband in marriage. She will rarely say yes. Why? Because she believes equality with men means sameness.”


“Hmmmm!” I tried to swallow as bitterness hung on my throat


“Equality feminism clothes herself in a charming outfit with a warm smile and says, “We’re just innocent, harmless women…all we really desire is to be viewed as equally valuable as men.” Feminism always puts the “equality” front towards the camera because it’s the most attractive side.”


“True mum! I was deceived too”


“Yes, you were. If all of you could take a quick second to poke your heads underwater, you would quickly see the gigantic mass hiding underneath. They don’t like the idea of the man being dubbed as the primary leader, innovator, and provider. They don’t like the idea of Eve being created as a helper to Adam. They just don’t like these things.”


“Very correct mum!”


“Feminism has rejected God as the ultimate authority for life and instead placed herself on the throne. The god of feminism pridefully says, “I know better than God and will live out my womanhood how I think is best.”


“Ah, Lord God!” I cried out as I realized that as small as I was, I had really fought God’s plan, His will, his purpose!


“As a Christian woman, you can’t agree 100% with God’s Word and agree 100% with feminism at the same time, I repeat! They just don’t mix in most areas. In fact, if we threw all of the feminist ideologies into the same pot, the Bible would strongly oppose 99% of it.”


I coughed as mucus blocked my nasal cavity and tears flowed down my face.


“At its root, feminism is built upon a foundation completely devoid of God. The feminist movement is woven with the same sin Satan committed in the beginning. A rebellious heart that pridefully says, “I don’t need you, God. Thanks, but I’ll do things my way.”


“Ah!” I placed my head on my head as I realized that I had behaved synonymously as Lucifer had!


“Yeah, and when we reject God’s created order and purposes for our lives as women, we will not find lasting happiness. We will not find lasting fulfillment. We will not find lasting peace. Why? Because as C.S. Lewis says, “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.”


Oh my God!


Any other truth being preached outside the Bible should be checked because it is a truthless lie!


That’s for real!


“There was this publication I read awhile ago when I was studying on this subject. It says statistics have shown that “Women are less happy nowadays despite 40 years of feminism. Despite having more opportunities than ever before, they have a lower sense of well-being and life satisfaction.”




Exactly how I felt!


Exactly how I was feeling!


Exactly how I am still feeling!


“1st Timothy 5:14 says I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some are already turned aside after Satan. What would feminist say about this?”


‘Oops’ I breathed out as I learnt in a hard way


“Wives demand equality in the leadership of the home. This is exactly what Lucifer said in Isaiah 14:14 when he said “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Satan didn’t want to be greater than God, he simply wanted EQUALITY in authority.”




“God has ordained that the man is to be the head of the household. The wife is to SUBMIT to her own husband as Ephesians 5:22 says “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord”


“ True!” I exclaimed again


“The Bible angers feminists because it CLEARLY teaches that a wife is to SUBMIT to her own husband. We read that Sarah even called her husband, Abraham, “lord””   


“ Yeah… that’s true!… That’s rhema!”  I said, nodding repeatedly


“The Christian wife isn’t perfect; but, she is a Christ-honoring woman who submits to her husband’s authority. The Christian wife hates feminism because she knows it goes against God and His Word. 1st Corinthians 11:9 says “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.”


“Wow!” I never even knew that exists in the Bible


“Yes! Many wives today are “rottenness” to their husbands health, because of the grief and undue stress they cause for their husbands. They contaminate and rot their marriages until there’s nothing left. Some even kill their babies...I thank God because you didn’t go to that extent” she said and I couldn’t but to start crying


I wasn’t crying because mama didn’t know o


I wasn’t crying because I aborted the baby


I was crying because I knew deeply well that Pelumi loved me!


He loved me so well that he didn’t even tell his mum about the whole thing!


I was grateful!


Yet, I was hurt that I had pushed a gentle dove like that to the wall.


A husband is to love his wife and cherish her. The husband is to protect his wife. If he doesn’t, then he is breaking his marriage vows. A good wife will likely submit to a decent husband who loves her and provides for her. Unfortunately, some women can’t be pleased. “


Some women like me!


“A man once told me once how unhappy he was because his wife bought a new living room set without his permission, placing them into more debt. She is intentionally rebelliously did that.”


I had rebelliously paid the huge fees of my children too and threw the receipt at Pelumi’s face


“Another man told me that he was cutting the grass, and asked his wife for a glass of water, but she refused saying she was not his slave. She is rebellious. Feminism is rebellion. God hates feminism! I could tell you story after story but no time!”




So practical explanation from an experienced mouth!


“Feminism is not the same thing as women’s rights. People oftentimes get these two confused. Feminism is a sin; but, human rights certainly are not.”


Oh yeah!


“Human rights are granted and apply to everyone. In contrast, feminism is rebellion, i.e., rebellious women refusing to submit to their husbands”


So true!


“Some feminists are so “militant” about their rebellion that they are referred to as “Femi-Nazis.” Femi-Nazis like to destroy other people’s marriages. Sometimes they refuse to mary and strongly resent other women who are happily married.”




Just like Dr. Afenifere!


“Feminists are hypocrites who portray themselves as “victims” in a man’s society. The truth is that they’re angry at God, because God created women the WEAKER vessel, you check 1st Peter 3:7”


“This is not to say that women are inferior to men, they certainly are not. Jesus said that His Father was “greater” than He, yet this did not make Jesus inferior in any way.”


“Oh word!” I exclaimed again


“There is nothing “inferior” about submitting to God-ordained authority. The truth is that God created men to be strong, masculine, and decisive; BUT, He created ladies to be feminine, sweet, and lovely. Feminism aims to blur these differences.”


My emotions grew till it burst out so badly!


As she ended that sentence, I couldn’t’ hold my tears again as I just hugged her wheelchair and held her legs


“I should have believed my bible alone! I should have trusted what the LOrd alone said and not what a mortal woman like me says. Of course I could wake up someday being used by the devil to start a concept and seek for disciples who would propagat my gospel and since it is what the women also want to hear, they readily accept it, live it out and together, we all sink into hell!”


“The solution is so easy, renounce feminism and embrace God again and His Word”


“Oh Lord, I am so sorry for placing men above you. For being subtly deceived that what you teach me is wrong and impossible” I cried the more and my mother in law was by me as I renounced the whole devil thing and embrace the prince of peace back into my life, home and marriage.



Pelumi started recuperating and Mama told me emphatically to fight for my home and even though my husband said he wasn’t going to allow me back to his house, I begged him to test me for a month and if there is no change, he should kick me out


“Fight for your home!” Mama cried into my ears


“Except the gunshot scar on my leg is no more there and I can walk without this stick would I forget and forgive you Doris. You are a bitterness in my life! I regret meeting you, miss TRagedy!” He said as he leaped out of my ward after I had been discharged too and Mama just ended a counselling session with us.


“Fight for your home o!” Mama reiterated as his driver drove her away and a hospital cab almost drove me home

As Pelumi’s words rang in my ears, I knew that i was in for a very difficult fight!


I sighed over and over again as I said some words of prayer in my heart.


“I have missed talking to You dear Lord” I whispered in my heart



“I would love to drive the car for us because of your leg. Is it okay by you?” I asked


“Yes ma” He replied with a very serious face and I gasped


We were going to the children’s school for their visiting day and he eventually agreed that we should go together.


But he had been so cold like that.


He had been like that since his mum eventually convinced him to come back home.


He had been quiet, unromantic, unemotional and reserved and I had been the opposite, trying by fire, force and thunder to force him to talk to me.


Whenever I served him his food, he would genuflect and nod with the addition of ‘ma’ as if I was a stranger from somewhere.


On a particular occasion, he was to go for his check up and he had woken up very early to avoid the  human traffic at the clinic because the queue at the general hospital could be very maddening.


Through my half-closed eye, I could see him glide to the bathroom with the aid of his walking stick and forth.


He dressed up and walked out quietly out of the bedroom while I sat up and shook my head.


“That obviously isn’t my husband. That is not Pelumi” I said as I grew all emotional, tears about rushing into my face.


I stood up and went close to the window and I saw a woman helping him out through the gate. My head became so hot.


“Pelumi!” I called out, so aggressively as I felt a surge of jealousy.


“Ma!” that reply of his called me back to my senses and I stuttered


“Honey, I will drop you off. Wait for me” I said and he shook his head as the woman led him out


“Don’t worry. I already contacted the hospital ambulance. Never mind ma, she is just my nurse” He added and I fell into the bed.


So sharp!


He knew I had suddenly become jealous!


But, I couldn’t hold it anymore!


I was getting really fed up of the whole situation and didn’t know what else to do until I got a text reminder from my children’s school about their visiting day


‘This could be a chance to unite the whole family’ I thought to myself


Since the children started schooling in a boarding school against my husband’s wish to the extent that I paid their fees myself, we had never visited the children together -we went separately!


I quickly drew up a plan, shopped for a very nice ankara print which was cut into very nice styles for my husband and I, I went to shop for very fresh, yellow oranges, some water melons, mangos and guava which I made into very fresh fruit juice.

I also bought some chickens which I dressed up and richly spiced up, made some extra snacks, some rice and a lot of provision for the children.


While watching the Tv in the evening, I cleared my throat for the umpteenth time yet my husband didn’t even look into my face at all.


“Darling” I called out


“Ma” He replied and I was vexed as I banged the table


“Why are you being impossible? What is the ma thing for? Please, can it stop?” I rushed the words  and he didn’t answer




“Ma!” He said again and if I was mad before, my insanity grew much higher


“Darling, why are you frustrating me? Why are you bent on revenging?” I asked angrily and he turned slowly to look into my face. He wanted to talk but then, closed his mouth and faced the Tv again


I stood up and went to stand before him


“Talk. Spit it out. Lets end it once and for all and make all right again, please.” I picked my words because the sourness in my heart was already eating at me and I knew I could do something very rash


He chuckled


As if he was enjoying my frustration…oh my God!


Does it look like there is an end to all these wahala?


I was so confused and went back to sit down


“I got a message from the children’s school” I said and he nodded, still looking at the television


I picked up the remote control and switched the television on


I expected a fight and really, I was ready for one.


At least, let’s fight to finish the fight.


But he didn’t bulge o.


He stood up and started going towards the room.


“You got a message from the school too?” I asked as I stood in front of him, blocking him from going inside and he nodded


“I did ma” I said and I swallowed hard.


If he had determined to frustrate me to the latter, I refuse to be.


“And you didn’t say anything about it. Why?” I asked and he shook his head


“Have you now become dumb or you just feel it’s a waste when you talk to me? Why are you being like this?” I asked, so frustrated and he just smiled


“So, would we be going to visit the children?” I asked


“No problem!” He replied too and was going towards the direction of the room when the doorbell rang

We stopped in our tracks and looked into each other’s face.


We obviously weren’t expecting any visitor.


My husband walked towards the door to open it and I stepped in his way


“I will open the door. Please, just have your seat” I quickly said and went to open the door.


As I opened the door, I stumbled back at what I saw.


“Good afternoon Mummy James” She greeted me as she held her husband so tightly as if leaving him would mean someone snatching him. They were clad in the same type of attire


Oh my!


The headache that followed was huge!


“My honourable IGP!” My husband stood up, spoke and laughed for the first time since he arrived home from the hospital immediately he set his eyes on Mr. Afenifere


I was dumb as my friend and ex-role model hugged me tight, laughing happily


We were all seated on the couches but I could barely swallow.


Everything they were saying, I could barely understand as my mind was clouded by bitterness, hate, resentment


This was the woman that told me matrimony was nothing to write home about as it diminishes one’s right as a woman


She was the one that piloted the collapse of my once peaceful, happy home


She was the one that made me remove a baby and made my husband a slave


She preached equality which never was!


Here she was under the roof of my husband’s house, holding hands with her husband and giggling happily.


“The devil is indeed foolish o my brother! He knows how to deal with anyone that is not under the will of God” I heard her say and my head started spinning


“I really didn’t know things could be this normal again. All thanks to God that all is resolved peacefully. Your family is back and mine is back too” IGP said and my husband smiled and nodded


I had nausea immediately and gasped for breath where I was


“Ah, but the loss of your job was a pain to me because I was at the center of it all” My husband said and IGP smiled


“He was reinstated last night o” His wife said and the pang of pain that laid its hand on my tummy was like the pang of childbirth labour.


“Why, I haven’t seen the news this morning. Congratulations o. I am really happy” My husband said, rubbing his hands together with glee!


“Thank you” The couple replied, laughing happily


“And you were not in the center of it o…it was just God that made everything happen that way” The IGP said and his wife nodded


“Yeah, because on a norm, what would an IGP be doing in the patrol van on an arrest assignment?” My husband asked, smiling


“Yeah, I got to the office that day and the call came to the DPO of the Police headquarters I had visited. He said it was the wife of the man that laid a complaints and that he would love to go and see for himself. I said I would go too. I was warned severally not to go. In fact, they tried their all but my mind was made up. I saw for myself and I loved the so called culprit” The IGP said and they all laughed


“Culprit indeed” My husband laughed in a very funny way


“Love even when your job stood in the line. Wow! That touched me the most. I thought you never had feelings at all” His wife said and I almost stood up to give her a slap


Dr. Afenifere was talking about feelings? About love?




I thought she said those are ephemerals!


“Well, thinking about it though, it’s very hilarious o. The head of the whole Nigerian Police Force, descending so low as to allow a suspect roam on the street free, then start chasing him with gun…’s never done! Such is assumed careless and incapable so my retrenchment was inevitable but all thanks to God o. I wasn’t expecting to be reinstated that easily” He said on and my husband smiled


“Honey, let’s get going o. We still have lots of places to go” Dr. Afenifere said and I didn’t know the force that opened my closed mouth


“What!” I exclaimed and all eyes was on me




I didn’t regret it!


This woman destroyed my life to this extent and she is here saying ‘Honey’ somewhere!


Am I dead?


“Is anything the matter sis?” She was holding my shoulders lovingly. Her hands were unusually warm.


I smiled with hate as I disengaged from her embrace.


“I am fine” I said


“Sure?” She asked and I looked away


My husband’s eyes and mine met and he smiled in a ‘You see your life’ manner and then faced the IGP


“Let us be on our way now Mr. Pelumi. It was nice meeting your family. I hope you have both brought Jesus back into the home anyways” He asked and my husband nodded


The couple rose


“I am so sorry for not even offering you water. I am so sorry” Pelumi said too as he picked his walking stick


“Oops, you still use that? Oh my! I shouldn’t have shot that day!” The IGP said


“Then she would have died” My husband pointed at me


And though it wasn’t said in a sweet way, I was touched!


He really did cared if I lived or died.


“How does it feel now? Do you attend physio sessions?” Dr. Afenifere asked as she examined the leg.


I felt like giving her a very dirty slap.


“Its healing. I will leave the stick in no time” My husband said, shaking her hand off calmly, noticing my uncomfortable looks


“Why is my friend so quiet?” She asked as they walked towards the door where I had moved too


“She must be tired” My husband said and Dr. Afenifere smiled as she winked at me


“Is it what I am thinking?” She asked, looking at my tummy.


I was shocked


Was she talking about a baby?


“Are you preggy?”


“What!” I exclaimed again, anger burning in my heart


“It’s not a bad idea o. I also want a baby badly. I have told my darling that already” She said as she leaned against the IGP who in turn pecked her forehead


My heart jumped up, down, up, down, up and eventually crashed into pieces as I burst out crying hard…I ran upstairs as my legs could carry me.


I thought they would follow me


I thought they would beg me but no!

I heard the door opened, then some noise, then two men were talking and laughing and probably crying and by the time I was done crying hard, I went to the sitting room to check but Pelumi was not in view


What had happened?


I called and called his name to no avail


Had he finally left me alone?


I was unconsolable!



My mum’s face was just so bright and she was looking better than the last time I saw here.


While on the way home, we had bought some dry fish, crayfish, yam, palm oil, onions, pepper and beans in large quantity since we have them more in the north.


She was just so gracious and very happy to us.


She had hugged us and almost fainted when he saw both of us together.


She even thought it was a stranger I had brought with me until we explained everything that had transpired to her.


Tears strolled down her face as she looked at us so amazed


“I knew you would both come back together. I knew you were going to be okay. The two of you” she cried and being emotional than even I was, He went close to her and hugged her tightly


Even I didn’t believe it o!


What actually happened was this….



As Doris started crying, I knew my wife was back!


My original very strong yet emotional woman!


Of course, she was going to feel so bad that the one who was over heels in love with her had just grow so cold


I felt she had to feel that way.


The way she ran into the room, crying deeply, I wanted to stop her and cuddle her and pet her but something stopped me


“What could be wrong?” DR. Afenifere asked and I smiled


“She would be fine” I said quickly as I made to open the door


IGP held me from opening the door and I looked into his face. He was smiling broadly


“I have a surprise for you” He said and I paused


I looked into his wife’s face and she was smiling broadly too


What kind of surprise could that be?


I was just so clueless about it all.


“What is that?” I managed to ask and they smiled as they opened the door


I looked outside and saw that guy…


The one from the police cell!


“Wow!” I exclaimed gladly as he came out of the car and gave me a very huge bear hug


He looked as rumpled as he was then


He still smelt of blood, sweat and all smell but I couldn’t push him away. I was so glad to see him


“Congrats bro” He said as he looked into my face


“He was arraigned in court yesterday and was freed” IGP said and I looked into his face.





“The first person he wanted to see was you” DR. Afenifere said and I looked into his face


“I saw you on the television and I realised that you took my words serious and wanted revenge badly but it was when you left that I realised that I didn’t tell you that though revenge is sweet, the aftermath is still very bitter.” he said and I smiled


“Wow! Tell me something…” I slapped my head slightly as I tried to remember his name


He smiled too


“Oluwafemi” He said and I paused


That wasn’t his name at all


I racked my brain the more as I looked up and down as if the answer was there, I remembered it…


“In Love. That is your name” I said, so happy that I remembered and he smiled


“Yeah that is my nickname. My name is Oluwafemi. Does that ring a bell at all?” he asked and I looked lost a bit


Ring a bell?


“Do you have a brother perhaps by the name Olufemi?” he asked and I stepped back about three times


“Impossible!” I exclaimed and he smiled


“I knew it! I knew that it was you Pelumi!” He exclaimed, shooting at the air and I couldn’t shut my eyes as I looked sideways


“We have to leave you together and be on our ways. We are glad to be part of your success stories brothers” The couple said and I could only nod.


We entered inside and my brother looked round even as I sunk in the cushion

“But you died” I said and he smiled


“Yeah, but I lived. I have a very stubborn resolution you know? I just wouldn’t die when I knew there were some paybacks to do” He said and I shook my head, unbelievably


Everything he said while we were in the cell reverberated in my head as I looked into his face


I remembered some scenes…




“Are you a Christian like your mama too?” In love had asked me as he puffed some smoke


I was shocked


“You know my mum from somewhere?” I asked and he released the smoke


“Are all mums not serious Christians? Why would saying that mean I know you from somewhere?” he asked and I nodded that it could be true.






So he must have really known me then!


I remembered more…


“Women are devils! Pure and real devils for that matter!” he had said again again and I nodded


“All women but my mum” I had replied, unconsciously


He looked into my face and nodded too


“My mum too. So unique!” he said and smiled ruefully


I noticed that his sad face grew sadder


“Your mum is dead?” he asked and he nodded

“Since a long time ago. She taught me to love. She taught me to be faithful to my wife no matter the situation. I fell in love and that same woman made life hot for me! Really really hot!” he said again as his eyes became redder.




My ever intelligent mind revealed that it could be some truths he was disclosing to me then but I wasn’t just paying attention to it at all


So, he was talking about my mum?


Our mum?



“Is your mother still alive?” he had asked and I was not too happy with him


“What do you mean? Why are you keen on finding out about my mother?” I had asked, almost angrily and he raised his hand in surrender


“I am so sorry sir. I was just trying to consolidate with you when all you kept in saying was ‘Mum’ ‘My mum’ and all. I felt something bad had happened to your mum!” he said calmly



So, he was only trying to find out more about his mother from his brother





A hand held me suddenly as I was about landing about the tenth blow on the wall.


“Don’t pull the walls of my abode down” he had said to me and turned me to face him.


He pulled me into a warm embrace


His shirt smelt so horribly!


The shirt smelt of sweat, blood, mucus, dirt…different horrible odor!


But his hug was appreciated!


It was life-lifting!


I had relaxed into his broad chest and wept like a baby that day


“Oluwapelumi, the wall hasn’t offended you! The woman might have offended you and she is the one who you should beat. You should deal with her” he said and I looked into his face. He smiled and pulled me back to the floor.






No wonder I felt so relaxed even in jail!


It was my biological and only brother that was the capto!



On another occasion, he had seen me for the first time and I was to introduce myself to him


“My name is Oluwapelumi” I had told him then and he took my face in his huge hand. I felt like a small child as he surveyed my face as if to see if I had any hurt on my face.


He left my face and looked away.


“Nice name.” he said.



I should have known!


I should have suspected!



Then i remembered the negative things about himself that he had told me


“I love revenge! I preach revenge! I seek revenge everyday! I strategize revenge! My head is filled with revenge strategies!” he said to me


“I wasn’t smoking too until my revenge mission. I couldn’t bear to do without smoking. I do drugs, I take ganja, I take lot of things so that the revenge would be really smooth!”


“As I voted for revenge, I travelled outside the country to study criminology not to be a CID but to be a criminal!….I sacrificed my 37 months to do and I graduated” he had said then and though I was listening to him, I remembered how I smoked on as tears ran down my face.


“Then I came back to Nigeria, lured the girl into saying I wanted to marry her again and the bastard agreed! I administered slow poison into her sister and starved her sexually…” he had laughed as I think he relived the whole thing in his head.


“Then, I refused to take care of her. Then, she was not feeling too well because of the poison in her system. I didn’t allow the poison to take much effect before I took her to Dubai on a pretentious visit. As I slashed at her throat and tore at her back in a house we lent in her name over there, she pleaded with me and revealed that it was not that she was in love with me that she promised to marry me then.” He swallowed and smiled ruefully.


I shook my head and I stood up!


“Revenge!” I exclaimed and he looked into my face as he smiled


“Thank God you remember now” he said and sat beside me


I looked into his face, behind the beard and unkemptness- he looked like my brother really!


My brother became a criminal, a murderer, a drunk, a drug addict, a tout, a capto!


Oh my!



I remembered as I got to the door where the policeman was that a hand pulled me back and it was In-love again!


“Go!” he said and left me again.


I was shocked and looked into his face squarely


“I know you!” he said again and turned back to his floor bed.


I was shocked.


He knows me?


From where?


And though I didn’t understand then, I could see my brother now, sharing a seat with me in fact!


“You need a really warm refurbishing” I announced as I picked up my car keys and checked pocket to ensure that my ATM card was intact.




“Brother Femi!” I went close to him too as we went into a very deep, tight hug



“Mum, your son became a criminal- a very popular and revengeful one! I was running from pillar to post seeking for revenge and preaching it. How I was wrong!” He was on his knees as he cried hard


My mum too was deep in tears as I could only watch on and shake my head


“You were wrong Olufemi! You were really wrong!” She cried too and I looked at my brother’s face.


He had had a very nice shave, haircut and the ankara print he was putting on was really good on him


You would never have known that this was the In-Love guy


“You just have to give your life to Jesus and be converted” I said and he fell on his face.


“I met HIm in jail! He had been knocking the door of my heart in prison for a very long time and I had been so adamant but just as you were taken away, just after the IGP was sacked, he brought Jesus again, and I accepted him. My freedom was worked and the case was settled with the guy that had me arrested for hooliganism and here am I” he said sobbing deeply and I smiled


“I am so so happy for you dear brother. That is just the best” I said and stood up


“Mummy, let me leave you and your son to reunite while I quickly rush home to take care of two or more things” I told my mum and she nodded as she winked at me


“Nothing much o, mummy so don’t even think about that” I said and she nodded


“Except the God I pray to on your behalves doesn’t answer!” she said emphatically and I laughed


My brother and I hugged and jumped behind the wheel to my house again.


I will forgive my wife


Revenge isn’t the best option at all


It is bittersweet but the bitterness even supersedes the sweetness


Enough is enough!


But as I set my eyes on her again, I couldn’t bear to look into her face!



I jumped up as he entered the room and made to help him with his jacket.


He stopped in his track and raised his hand up to wave me away and I stopped too


“Welcome dear. I didn’t know you were going out”


“Hmmm” He responded


“Welcome. I have made some Amala and Ogbonno soup and I grilled some chicken too. Would you mind some morsels?” I asked and looked into his face


As much as he swallowed, he still looked bitter


I knew he was struggling with forgiving me and not forgiving me


“Hmmm” He nodded and I quickly jumped out to get him a tray of food.


I set it before him and he sat down before teh stool, unwrapped the amala and started divulging it.


I bent before him and tried to remove his socks.


I paused and looked into his face and it was not saying anything.


I gave him a very cool foot rub and he sure enjoyed it.


“About the visiting day…” I had not finished talking when he said


“Ok ma. Let’s start preparing”


I didn’t know when I stood up and gave him a very hot kiss which he didn’t resist.


I thought it was the beginning of a new dawn until we were about setting out of the house again and he was still saying ‘Yes ma”



We got to the school hall and quickly found a place to sit on. I arranged the table and set four chairs. I brought out some nuts, juice, snacks, fruits, food and cakes which I used to set the table


“Mummy and daddy are surprisingly around today!” Mr. Edward, my sons’ house master announced as he approached our table.


My husband stood to hug him and I shook him too


“James and Jerry had told me that you wouldn’t be around and I asked to call you but he said no!” he explained to us


“We are so sorry Mr. Edward. We had so many issues arising and if not for God’s intervention …ah!” I said and he looked into my husband’s face


“Is your husband fine?”


Pelumi smiled


“Of course I am” he said and I shook my head


“He is getting better” I said and he nodded, smiling broadly


“They are both in the hostel, reading their books. Should I send for them?”


“Yes please” I said and he started walking away through the hall door.


“Let’s follow him” My husband said and I looked into his face. I brought out a net, spread on the laid table and followed my leaping husband.


I held his hand and he didn’t resist me


“Bro, but we are supposed to go greet Sola’s parents if they would give us some delicacies too” we could hear James telling his brother as we stayed at the window side eavesdropping


“They are not happy” Mr. Edward said and my husband whispered to him to stop talking so loudly


“We are not going anywhere. They will soon ring the bell for lunch and we will eat well.” Jerry said, authoritatively


“But I really wish our parents too would always be around during the visiting day” Baby James said again and my heart missed a beat as goosebumps appeared on my hands


“Stop mentioning their names here, will you!” Jerry shouted, threw some books down and we heard some thing like a slap


“Do you hate them that much now?”


“If you say anything about those wicked parents that only know how to give birth, push one from home despite being under-age and never visit to see how one is faring, I bet it with you, I will slap you!” Jerry said angrily


That couldn’t be my son!


Not at all!


Tears flowed down my face as I held onto my husband and fell on my knees


“It’s all my fault honey. It ‘s my fault” I started saying while Mr. Edward left us and went inside


My husband looked into my face and shook his head


“You don’t want to be the boss again?” He teased me


“Not at all. I give up!”


“Really! But it could be fun though, slapping your husband, calling him names, sex starving him, shouting and bossing him around. It all could be fun right?”


“No dearie. Please forgive me. I was deceived. I want my home again. A home where Jesus rules!”


“Where Jesus rules?” He asked again


“Yeah. I kicked Him out before, unknowingly when our family devotion started dying. I unknowingly kicked him out when I put the Word aside too. I have to bring Him back. I will bring Him back.” I said and he smiled


“You eventually figured it out my wife!” He said and pulled me up in all his strength.


He placed a sweet peck on my forehead and smiled broadly




That was definitely Jerry!


“This is definitely a lie!” Jerry said again and I turned back to look at him


My boy was looking so handsome but sad


“Mummy and daddy!” James screamed as he jumped down from the porch and came near us.


He hugged me and then his dad carried him and kissed him.


“It’s a lie!” Jerry exclaimed again as he fell to the ground and started crying.


As I was about going to meet him, my husband pulled me aside and gave James to me.


I wielded his walking stick well and started moving towards our first boy who looked shocked.


“Is this why?” he asked, standing up and walking to meet his dad


“Is this why you haven’t been coming? You have been sick? You were in an accident? Your leg got broken or something?” he rushed the words in a very beautifully designed accented way


Pelumi carried him in a hand and staggered as he tried to gain his gait and balance and I quickly supported him


“Oh good, I got a very nice shot!” Mr. Edward screamed from upstairs and that was when we realised that he was with a camera waiting for  a nice family reunion thing


“So, what happened to Daddy’s legs?” James too asked and I looked into my husband’s face


“It was an accident” He said and I shook my head


“It was a kinda poisoning!” I blurted out and my little children covered their mouths and widened their eyes


“What! Who did that?” Jerry asked and as I wanted to speak, my husband pulled me close and bent my head to show the children the  scar on my neck too


“She was poisoned too” he said and the duo screamed again


“The person is wicked o. Shae, you didn’t pray on the food before eating ni?” Jerry asked and we both nodded


Of course we didn’t!


“But you taught us to always do!” James also chipped in


“We slept off!” My husband said and my children exclaimed together again




“So, has the poison been neutralised?” Jerry asked and I nodded


“The thing is there was a death in the pot and then, because we were asleep, it was easier for the enemy to force it down our throat. God came to our rescue and neutralized the poison and He is set to start the healing process too. He broke the pot!” my husband explained and I could only nod


“As that enemy bene arrested now?” James asked and I nodded


“Good! How many years imprisonment?” Jerry asked


“Life imprisonment!” I replied and my children clapped happily


“And where is the enemy now? I wanna give him  an everlasting pain with my boot” Jerry said and I looked around


“Well, that’s so easy darlings. He is under our feet” I said and they looked shocked


“How is that possible?” Jerry asked


“The judge actually sentenced him to life imprisonment under our feet and as long as we live, we have him under our feet to give him as many blows and kicks as we want”


“What! That’s interesting. I would want to do that again and again dad!” Jerry exclaimed


“So anytime we remember what he had done to our parents, we can easily step on him?” James asked and I nodded


“Yeah, in the name of Jesus!” I said


“Yippee!” they exclaimed almost together


“Mummy as set the table for us and the delicacies there would be getting cold, let’s all step on the devil’s head as we march to the hall” My husband said as we placed the children down


“Ehhh!” They both exclaimed as they marched and angrily stepped on the ground wanting to break off the neck of that devil who fed their parents from the pot of death!









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