By: Miriam Moyse Peculiar


It may please you to know that the name “Valentine” doesn’t mean love and the holiday itself isn’t a romantic one after all!

Valentine means strong, powerful, loyal and healthy. It is nothing connected to love and the holiday isn’t about romance but its about death and belief.

Both the Roman festival and the death of Valentine were beliefs.

The roman lupacalia practice was a fetish belief of rome, and the death of St Valentine was also his belief for Christian marriage .

So valentine’s day or February 14 wasn’t exactly about love.

St Valentine was a Roman priest who believed in Christian marriage involving one man one woman.

Back in Rome, a Roman emperor name Claudius the second forbade the marriage of young people because he believed that the unmarried soldiers fought better than the married ones as the married soldiers were afraid of war because of what might happen to their family if they died in the wars but the unmarried soldiers had no fear or worry because they had no wife or kid to worry about.

Polygamy was the order of the day in Rome as the females folks agreed to marry married men. So it was more like one man, many wives. Even fornication was rampant because young men were prohibited from getting married because of the law of Claudius. This was very sad for the Christian churches because they knew that the practice was sinful and ungodly so St Valentine, a Roman priest secretly married young couples together in the church because he believed that marriage was between a man and a woman not a man and many women and vice versa.

In the act of conducting the wedding of young couples, he was caught, arrested, beaten and thrown into prison because he defied Claudius’ edicts.

While Valentine was in prison, one of the judges named Asterius who had a daughter born blind put Valentine to a test saying that since he believed so much in his christianity, he should use his christianity to give her daughter sight adding that if he does that, he would give him anything he asked for.

Valentine prayed and healed Asterius’ daughter and in return he asked Asterius to embrace christianity and also release him from prison which Asterius did.

Asterius became a Christian and was saved but Claudius wasn’t as he refused to embrace christianity. All effort to convince him was abortive that at the release of St Valentine, he gave him an option to stop his Christian marriage practices, renounce christianity and embrace Roman idolatry else he would be killed.

Valentine refused to comply and so he was sentenced to excessive beatings, stoning and finally decapitated all because he stood for – “Christian marriage”.
What Valentine truly means is that there comes a time in a Christian’s life that he has to lay down his life for what he believes in even to the point of death.

So what do you believe in? What can you lay down your life for?…

Let is be something worthwhile.
Lay down your life for the belief that Jesus is alive and that Jesus reigns! He lives! Don’t lay down your life for the laws of Moses or for the doctrine of Mary the mother of Jesus being a gate way to God.

That’s an error, that’s not the belief that can win you heaven. Jesus is the one and only true saviour. No other way but Jesus! I have heard people with the doctrine of Mary say the best way to get things from your dad is sending you mom to him, your brother can’t convince him any better but your mom can. So to get to God you must send the mother of Jesus, Mary.

Please may I burst your bubbles that Mary is not your mother?

Besides, he is not even a wife to God, so there is no connection of dad and mom here . Mary was just the “earthly” mother of Jesus. She was just a vessel used. She was just like everybody else, she just found favour in the sight of God. Jesus is the way of God like John 14:6 says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

He didn’t say Mary is the way, or to get to God go through Mary. That is an error as Mary cannot pray for you, Mary Is not God, Mary is not even the mother of Jesus. Jesus is a God, Jesus only have a father which is God, he doesn’t have a mother. Mary is the “earthly mother” of Jesus- Just the vessel God used to fulfill the prophecy of the better convenant.

JESUS was the lamb, not Mary! So only Jesus can pray for you.

Only Jesus can save you, every other thing but Jesus is an error.

So as a Christian, don’t lay down your life for such beliefs, don’t lay down you life for Mary, or the belief of Mary, lay down your life for the saviour, that Jesus is not dead but he is alive. That he has prepared a place in heaven for you and when he returns, he would take you home. Lay that your life for the things of God, for a genuine belief that Jesus saves and that Jesus is the only way.

To all those who are religiously following the belief that the laws of moses are the ways of truth, Yes! No doubt the law of moses “was” the way of truth in the old testament but now there is a new testament (covenant). Jesus is the new and better covenant so the ways of Moses isn’t valid anymore, we don’t need the sacrifice of ram for the atonement of our sins anymore.

It would have made sense in the old covenant, but the new covenant has come, there is a sufficient lamb for all. The ram you use, you use evry year, but now you don’t need to kill rams anymore as there was already a lamb on the cross, he was slain for our sins, so we don’t need atonement any more. Jesus has atoned for them all.

All we have to do is go back to the cross in our heart with our kneels on the ground and make our sacrifice on the cross in our heart with Jesus on the cross.

He is the lamb of God, the everlasting lamb that was slain, sufficient enough to cleanse the sins of the whole world.

We don’t need to bury blood anymore as the blood of Jesus is still sufficient enough to cleanse all our sins. So we don’t need ram, or cow, we just need Jesus.

The way of moses isn’t the valid way now, the way of moses was the old covenant, Jesus is the new and the everlasting covenant.

Jesus is not a prophet or a servant of God.

Jesus is a son, a SON of GOD.


Any other belief asides the belief of JESUS is not worth your life. Drop it and embrace true CHRISTIANITY.


Written by: Miriam Moyse Peculiar.


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