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Oh ye Matchmakers and the Matchmakees….

Written By: Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle

Like Mama alakara, you sit near your big aperin pot frying some well peppered Akara balls.

“Come and buy, fresh Akara is ready” You call to the workers near by.

Famished indeed, one scurries to your side.

“Mama, I want some balls” He cries.

Then, as you wrap the balls in the old newspaper spread, you look into his face and smile.

“What about this fresh bread? It will be fine with the balls” You persuade.

“I actually have a loaf in my bag” he insists as well.

“See brother, touch this one, feel it well, it’s very better. It is today’s bread. Fresh and hot” Mama Alakara insists, standing up.

Are you like Mama Alakara introducing fresh and hot bread to some ladies and guys?

Many Mama and Papa alakara are in the church today. You will think they are doing the Father’s business when they ask…

“What is your genotype sister? Your blood group nko?”

Like God in the book of Job, they will sit under the umbrella of ‘Evangelist’ ‘Deacon’ ‘Zonal Leader’ and say…

“Have you considered my servant Lizzy?”

Hehe… But wait, do you think it’s right?

Has the God who caused a great sleep to fall on Adam to make him a help meet for him dead?

You can’t decide to help God and win! In actual fact, you are travelling down a sloppy path when you do so.

Is this like a jab across your heart and you are like ‘What does this small girl know?’

Hehe… Well, I know the Bible ma and sir.

What is the difference between the match you are making and what Uzza did in the Bible?

He only thought he was helping God. Why would His Ark fall?

He stretched forth his hand to place it well and he was struck dead!

What! Why would God do this?

The Ark was almost falling, the sister is already thirty five, the brother will soon pass fertility period…

I decided to help God then!

Does it sound right? Ehn??

Why are we exposing our youths and singles nowadays to prayerlessness?

Why should they come to you for akara (counsel) and you hand them bread together with it telling them why the bread and akara goes together?

They made you the god-father of the marriage instead of the Almighty God and when they have issues in the future, I mean, when he is about to eat the bread and finds out it has grown mold, you think he will remember God?

No! It is you he will run too!

My Father will never share His glory with any man!

He is a jealous God and you can’t sit down like ‘baba isale’, dictating to youths to do this and that and expect Him to smile at you!

Matchmakers in the church, repent!

When next the lazy youth comes and say ‘Ma, sir, any fresh bread there?’

Just smile, pull such together and say “Let’s pray dear. You must not miss it!”

Also, why can’t you matchmakees, go down in prayer and ask God to give to you the shoe that fits you?

Matchmakees, I mean, come on! What is wrong with your heart, mouth, hands and knees?

Get your heart right with the Almighty God!

Open your mouth wide to ask of Him.

Raise your hands in holy adoration.

Go on your knees and take over!

Don’t think God is too late and you want to yield to the words of that brother and sister, daddy and mummy!

Don’t be too deep in respecting and loving a role model that you believe and accepts all he says wholly as against what the Word of God says.

God is still in the business of helping His children.

A Christian marriage is a union ordained by God in bringing two destinies together to produce a force and probably children that will depopulate the devil’s kingdom.

It is a union that makes the spiritual warfare better and assures more victory! You’ve been chasing a thousand as a single, in a God-ordained union, you start chasing ten thousands!

Marriage is not bread and butter. Let Him matchmake you! He knows the end from the beginning!

Let God find expression in you!

Good morning.


  1. hmmm
    very true ma, I have not been working with my mouth and knees,
    I pray God helps me in Jesus name.
    God bless you ma

  2. Simply dope!

    You couldn’t have said it any better…

    I admire your pen. Keep riding on the pages.

    More garce.

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